Christmas Day Pictures: Santa Came!

Hi Friends!  Santa came to our house last night.

He ate some of my homemade microwave Cinnamon & Sugar Popcorn and left Skylar a note…

…and dropped off The Loot!

She was so happy and excited when she saw what he brought her!


But I think I was happier than she was just seeing her joy over the magic of Santa!

She hauled all her play food over to the couch to set up for a picnic

Try homemade Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Softserve instead, honey.  I promise it tastes better!

Skylar gave Scott plenty of cheezeball grins and goofy faces while he tried to get some pictures of us

It was a great Christmas Morning for us!
From earlier today, I’m glad you liked our Holiday Card

Dessert: High Raw Vegan Sugar Cookie Dough Balls 
In the spirit of sugar cookie season, these are vegan and GF and perfect if you don’t want to bake anything.   Because I think even the most die-hard bakers are “baked out” by now, right? 

This is the dough.  And yes, you can roll them into shapes or do cut-outs with them.  

I just happened to roll them all into balls, but you can get creative and roll them out into cute shapes
High Raw Vegan Sugar Cookie Dough Balls 

1. How has your Christmas been?
Ours has been very low key after Santa this morning.  It’s raining here and there is no way we were going to be able to hit the beach or the pool.  So instead, we took a nice long family walk on this path, and got drizzled on, but we survived. 

2. What are you doing this evening or tomorrow?
I am going to fix dinner and clean out the refrigerator best I can since we’re headed home on Monday.  Tomorrow I pray it’s nice out so we can go to the beach as a family.  Otherwise, I will be playing lots of Picnic Time with Skylar’s new plastic food while Scott goes and watches the Bears game.

3. Did you receive any awesome gifts?  Or give someone something they truly adored?
I know Skylar loves her new Santa gifts and that’s the best present of all for me.  But my new DSLR camera ranks right up there!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Bye and see you back here tomorrow!

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