Barbies & Bailey’s


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Hi Friends!  I know I mentioned that I was done with my Christmas Shopping, but I lied.  I forgot that Santa needs to come.  Whoops!

So I scampered off to the only store on the island that has an abundance of pink plastic children’s toys.   And it is a gross place.  It’s not air conditioned, it’s hot, there are industrial-sized fans blowing hot air, dust, and dirt everywhere.  It’s the size of a Walmart, sprawling and disorganized, without a/c, and it’s crowded and dirty.  You get the picture.  But it’s the only game in town with toys.

So this is what Santa got

Christmas presents not wrapped in pile


Barbie Tea Party
Barbie tea party set


Pizza & Ice Cream Play Food.  Hey, Barbie will love it.  I like Vegan Peanut Butter Soft Serve better.
Pizza Parlor toy set


Cash Register Set + Plastic Cosmetics
Cash register toy


Close up of cash register toy
The Cash Drawer is Empty.  I spent all our money on a new DSLRSorry, Barbie.


Disney interlocking foam mats
 These are foam interlocking tiles.   About 12 x 12 with Disney Princess.  16 lifesize puzzle pieces.  Actually, pretty cool.

But wait, there was a huge silver lining for me being Santa’s Helper and scoring this loot in a gross, hot store.

Remember my post this morning about scoring free or low cost things, well it was foreshadowing…

…At checkout, they gave me (randomly) a 20% discount bringing my bill to $41 US Dollars.  Score!


They gave me 2 Shots of Mint Chocolate Bailey’s on the spot.  For free. 


I have mentioned how expensive the drinks are here.  And so by my math, I’d like to think that basically I got $20 worth of free shots and the toys only cost me $21.  Guess that dirty, hot place was worth it after all.

I love Baileys!  Buttery Nipple Shots, anyone?

Bottles of Buttershots Burts and Baileys

Glad you all enjoyed my Pool Pictures and the Winter Solstice info from this morning and I appreciated your thoughts on if you pay attention to natural world phenomenon Or not.  Sounds like lots of you have had interrupted sleep from the full moon like I have the past few nights.

It was fun to hear if you want to try your hand at 108 Sun Salutations.  I did about 50 this morning.   I didn’t keep real good count, but I did about half the recommended dosage.  haha!

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Dessert:  Drink your dessert tonight.  Sex on the Beach!

Woman at outdoor patio table drinking Sex on the Beach Cocktail

1. Have you had a good day?  What’s made you smile today?
I have had a good day.  From the Bailey’s shots of course.   hah! 

Seriously, playing Santa was fun.  I can’t wait to see the look on Skylar’s face when she sees her new toys!

2. Would you prefer to drink your calories or eat them?
Hard call for me.  Drinking everything from sugared up doctored up lattees and specialty coffee drinks to wine, liquor, and mixed drinks can add lots of empty calories and sugar to one’s diet.  But gosh, it’s so fun!  haha!

Vegan Homemade Caramel Macchiato anyone?

Vegan Homemade Caramel Macchiato with almond milk in background
Coat your cup with Carmel Sauce
Caramel drizzled in mug
Vegan Homemade Caramel Macchiato in mug

This one really is as the name suggests.  Drink your dessert tonight.
Vegan Guiltless & Fast Vanilla Hot Cocoa 

Overhead of Vegan Guiltless & Fast Vanilla Hot Cocoa in mug 
See you in the morning! 

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