Fat Tuesday, Shenanigans & Stories

Are you doing anything for Fat Tuesday?

Any of this?


Beads + Alcohol can make people do crazy things.

Just ask Kitty.


I will not be going out to celebrate Fat Tuesday because I will be working.  The thought of going out and having drunk 22 year olds slam into me in a bar, while spilling their cheap beer all over me, as I fight for parking, witness a few bar fights, and get asked to flash someone for a string of 3 cent beads doesn’t really sound like a good time to me.  How about to you?

Ok, that makes me sound like a party pooper, doesn’t it.  I promise I am not!  Need I remind you about?

Gay Pride Parade 2010

Gay Pride Parade 2011

Sex on the Beach, Aruba

Buttery Nipple Shots

See, I can channel my inner wild child streak.  It just isn’t going to happen Tuesday night.

What is going to happen is that I’m going to make some Coconut Rice with Garbanzos & Veggies (and Peanut Butter)

It’s a One-Pot Meal.  I have lots of One-Pot Meals that are ready in less than 30 minutes

And I’d like to make some No-Bake Rum Cake Balls (Vegan, GF)

Rum + Fat Tuesday = Just go together, right?

I also have a Caribbean-Themed Recipes Post so even if you’re not in the islands, not going out for Fat Tuesday, you can still bring the island fever into your kitchen.

From my last post, on Phobias & Fears, thank you for sharing what gives you the eebee-jebee’s.  <—-Never typed those words before.

At least we can talk about what we’re fearful or phobic of, right?  No shame in admitting what creeps me out, that’s for sure.  Like some of the neighborhood animals I saw.  It seems the post struck a nerve with you all too and the most frequently mentioned fears were: spiders, insects, big (unleashed) dogs, birds, snakes, worms.

Moving on…

I’d like to snack on one of these bars tonight.  Rather than be in a bar.

No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Energy Bars (with optional coconut oil +protein powder; Vegan, GF)

Or maybe one of these bars.

Creme de Menthe Bars (Vegan, GF, No-Bake)


1. Are you going out for Fat Tuesday?

No, I’m working.

As an aside, I used to love the slushy drinks at the bar, Fat Tuesday.  I lived near one in Minneapolis (inside the Mall of America) and also in Myrtle Beach, SC and their 190 Octanes were always fun.   I only needed one.

2. Would you describe yourself as Love to Go Out and Party or Love to Stay Home and be a Homebody?

I am a mixture.  When I was younger and before Skylar, I loved going out.  But I also loved coming home, closing the door, taking off all the makeup and the smelly, smoky, going-out-clothes, and having quiet chill time at home.   I have a strong desire to have calmness, order, and peacefulness when I am at home and I do love being a homebody.  But it’s also fun to go out and whoop it up.

But with a child, working 50 hours a week, running a household, keeping up my blog, my workouts, cooking, cleaning, errand running, and life’s day-to-day tasks, there is very little whoop it up time for me these days.  At least I have the memories. Wouldn’t trade them for the world.

3. What are you craziest going out stories, bar stories, or fun shenanigans?

What Happens in Vegas, Comes Out in the Comments Section

Here’s one of mine…

My friend Amber and I went out for sushi years ago.  We were minding our own business when a man sent over a bottle of wine and offered to pay for our very pricey sushi tab.  The lushes that we were The smart women that we were, we didn’t say no to the lovely bottle of wine and a free meal.  However, nothing in life is free.

The man wanted our phone numbers, he wanted to date us, and we gave him the old, we need to use the restroom story.  Once out of sight, we hightailed it out of the restaurant and across the parking lot (who says you can’t run in heels) and we were outta there!  Thanks for the wine and sushi, sir.

What are your shenanigans and stories?

If you are going out Tuesday night, don’t drink and drive.  And ladies: make sure your friends know where you are and stick together!  Be safe out there!


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  2. Gosh, you must be crazy – having rowdy 22 y/os spilling beer on you isn’t your definition of fun?!
    …okay, mine neither :P
    I think maybe I’ll celebrate turning 21 (soon) with some of your rum balls instead of getting plastered, though. Sounds like a good idea, right!? Right.
    I am definitely a homebody now. Maybe it’s a little sad that my party days are (mostly) over before I’m even of legal drinking age (seriously – when I was 17/18/19, I can’t remember how many times I would complain “IIIII can’t waiiiit until I’m 21!!!!!!!) but that said…I’m okay with it :P

  3. john’s mom makes pancakes and other breakfast items on pancake/fat tuesday…so i’ll be going there for the company, as i can’t really eat that fatty stuff…

    i am such a home body…although i do love going out sometimes…but bars are definitely not my thing…

    all of your goodies sound like food that i would love to consume tomorrow…


    have a beautiful evening.

  4. Once upon a time I used to go out and have crazy shenanigans. I always went out with girls, so we never had trouble getting into clubs, and we totes used that to our advantage. Guys would always ask us to act like we were with them to help them get into the club, nine times out of ten they would also pay our cover charge, and 10 times out of ten they would buy us a drink. And hey, we already did them the favor of helping them into the club so we had no obligation to hang out with them … usually we’d go in, do a shot with whoever we helped get in (ahem, Grey Goose, and at $25 a SHOT in some clubs, damn those guys were stupid), and then off we would go to dance and get more drinks sent to us haha.
    Now my idea of a crazy time is skipping washing dishes. Now a typical Saturday night is spent at home with my man and my cats. Really scandalous. Call the tabloids immediately.

  5. In London, it’s Shrove Tuesday, aka PANCAKE DAY! We get out of classes too late for Pancake Day restaurant activities, so we’re throwing a pancake party in our flat.

    Then Lent. A friend and I are giving up sugar and bread…our waistlines are demanding it. Yes, I am a terrible self-serving Catholic with my Lentan resolution, but I’ll be a hotter angel because of it a few decades down the line, haha.

    I was at a raw food stall in a market the other day. I thought of you! Instead of the ultra dense, poorly spiced stuff that can come out of some raw food restaurants, this stall had all of these vibrant, delicious salads. Everything was so bright and fresh! This is it:

  6. I did even remember that mardi gras was happening, so I guess I’m not a crazy party animal. Well I’m not anymore ;)

  7. hahah that 22 year old is most likely someone I know doing such things at this very moment! Hey, whatever floats their boat!

    Love the kitty pic. Hilarious!

  8. Gosh i’m such a home body… And I love it! The rare occasions I go out late are fun though :)

    Those rum balls look so good!

  9. hahaha wait girl you made my DAY. Unforch I am not celebrating fat tuesday (school..boo) BUT next year I will defs be celebrating!

  10. What is fat Tuesday?

    I have never heard of it.

  11. Haha I love your story!! I’m such a homebody and I hardly have any stories like that… However for my friends 21st her mom rented a pink hummer limo (!) and we went bar hopping! So much fun. That’s really all I got… My sister is turning 21 this year and she loves to go out, maybe we’ll do something crazy then!

  12. I am a home body 100% :)

    Tomorrow is Jason’s bday, so we are going out for dinner and drinks but thats it. I would go out and celebrate Fat Tuesday when I was in college (and could stay up until 4am drunk and then get up for class at 8 but no more!) but I work on Wednesday morning so no thanks!

  13. I didnt even know it was fat tuesday tomorrow! I am getting old : p lol!

    When I was younger I worked for coors a a promotional model and worked a couple Fat Tuesday things, crazy!

    Have a great night love!!!! Muah! xoxo <3

  14. Yea, fat tuesday doesn’t mean much to me. I don’t drink so I suppose it would be super boring for me anyhow. I honestly love staying in. I just get uncomfortable wearing heels and tight clothing. I find whenever I go out I’m always looking at the clock wondering when I’m gonna get home. Jeez I’m anti-social!

  15. How old am I that W said “is tomorrow fat tuesday? is that the same as mardi gras?” seriously-we are old…but i’m ok with it. I’d rather be in sweatpants eating some of that yummy food you post!

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  17. ahh i totally didn’t even realize tomorrow was fat tuesday! haha ummm for fat tuesday i’mmmmm going to work and writing my thesis? hahaha crrrraaaazy i know right?

    haha i bet you’ve had some crazy fat tuesdays though ;) i know it girl!

  18. Mmmm… that coconut rice recipe looks so good! Haha, I say that about a recipe you post on every single one of my comments.
    I’m only 19, but I’m a homebody. I have to be at work at 5 am so it’s turned me from a part-time homebody to a full-time homebody, haha. Which kind of sucks, since I live in a college town where partying is the norm, but I accept what I’m given and try to be happy with it.

  19. I love your No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Energy Bars .. O my goodness they are fabulous and I cannot wait to make them…seriously added them to my ‘To Make’ list and very excited. Love your tasty recipes and posts. Have a great night.

  20. Dude. Stories abound, but nothing I’m sharing on the internet. :)

    Not going out for Fat Tues, no. I actually forgot it was going on. I was in Key West one year for it though….THAT was crazy. ;)

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  22. I will not be going out tomorrow… to be honest I didn’t even realize it was Fat Tuesday until today… sad story! I’m much more the stay at home and be a homebody type, though I do go out and get crazy from time to time!

  23. I am such a homebody! I got all of my craziness out when I was in high school. Now I’m a boring 21 year old :)

  24. Ugh school all day! But hopefully I’ll be able to have a belated celebration this weekend ;)

  25. I live right outside New Orleans but have to work, so no celebrating Fat Tuesday for me either. I like being home, but in the sense of doing things close to home. Like going to the store, cooking, hitting the gym or laying outside. I do like to go out, but I’ve gotta be in the mood for the bar/club scene. I’m not sure of my craziest story! Sounds like you had a clean getaway from your shenanigan ;) ha! I’ve gotta try those creme de menthe bars SOON

  26. We don’t have Mardi Gras here, but we do celebrate Pride!! As a queer person, I really would like to thank you for your support, and for educating your daughter, too! It is so bothersome to always feeling “on edge” or like the world is against you. Hopefully one day the feeling of being “on edge” 24/7 will stop feeling like the norm for us queers!

    • thank you, crystal, for this awesome comment and i have major respect for the G/L/TG community and tons of friends and friends who are parents raising kids in non-traditional homes and ways.

      our ENTIRE neighborhood is gay. like, our neighbors on all sides are gay, male couples. skylar doesnt bat an eye, nor do we. it’s 100% common and normal. We are the minorities, actually :)

  27. I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t even know what Fat Tuesday was! I do know, though, that I love your coconut chickpea rice :)

  28. Haha, you made me laugh. No, that doesn’t sound like a good time, does it?
    I have to work, too. Yaaaay.

    The coconut rice looks delicious!

  29. I just found your blog and was pumped to find your recipe for peanut butter cups! I’m definitely going to make those tomorrow. I have a question for you though, what is the nutritional yeast for and is it absolutely necessary? I noticed you stir it into the pb so I was wondering if it was just for the texture or something.
    Thanks Averie! (Such a gorgeous name by the way)

  30. OMG it’s already Mardi Gras here in New Zealand! I guess they don’t celebrate it, because I forgot all about it! I am going out for traditional tuesday karaoke and trivia!
    can’t wait to try a one-pot meal!

  31. Oh man… I haven’t participated in Mardi Gras activities in years… and that is ooookay with me!! :D

  32. Gotta make that creme de menthe chocolateyyyy yumminess!!!

    I am also a mixture of party pooper or party starter. :) when i go out, i go all out!! drinking and dancing!! and i also love to stay home…to just watch a movie with the indian. :)
    also depends on our $…we haven’t been out in awhile bc we are saving for a trip next month…to…dum dum dum..buenos aires!!! :))

  33. In the Orthodox Church, lent started today, so Fat Tuesday would be a moot point. However, I wouldn’t go out anyway because (and this brings me to question number 2…) I am absolutely a homebody. I LOVE to be at home. I love to hang out with my family and cook for them and clean and play my piano and just lounge around. I would much rather be home than out – ANY day! Even when I was younger before I was married, I loved being at home hanging out with my parents and watching movies. Although I did go out then sometimes, I always looked forward to coming home and putting on my sweats and just being home!

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  36. I’m a totally homebody! I like hanging out and doing fun stuff at home! Although I have gone out before. I’ve been to Vegas twice, but didn’t do anything I couldn’t write home about :)

  37. wait? what is fat tuesday? must be an american thing…
    I LOVE TO GO out and party! im such a party gal!!!!!!!

  38. I used to go out all the time… ALL THE TIME. But I think I’ve mellowed out a bit. Now I enjoy spending a night in or relaxing with friends at a neighborhood bar with a drink or two – not 10.

    As for a crazy story… My friend and I talked our way onto a 60 euro bar crawl in Rome for free! I’m sure you can imagine what all it entailed. We ended up back at our hostel at 5:30 am with a 7:30 wake up to walk the entire city on foot. It was a rough day, but one of my best memories!

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  40. Nope, we’re boring people on Fat Tuesday – hard to celebrate when we have to get up so early for work the next day. True, as I get older, I just don’t appreciate crowded bar scenes like I used to. :-P

    1. Nope, unless shopping at Trader Joe’s is considered going out. :-P
    2. Somewhere in between, partying too much gets old fast as well as expensive and disorienting for work schedules. But I like a good night out once and awhile.
    3. We used to go to South Beach and Key West for party weekends with friends while living in Florida where I’d see drunk and passed out girls using LV purses as pillows on the beach and stumbled into a few “clothing optional” bars in Key West.

    • I know you used to live in Fla but every time I think of you and South Fla…It just doesnt fit as well as you and N. CA Then again, there are niches to each scene. I know after living in Myrtle Beach that I am way more a West Coast/CA girl than that scene, though!

      LV bags as pillows – CLASSIC

      Clothing optional in Key West. Shocker :)

      Sprouting vote of confidence..thank you!

  41. I haven’t been drinking coffee lately because I’ve been making most of my meals at home, and I prefer to drink soy lattes….when they’re made for me :) I could probably use some caffeine in my life!
    Mardi Gras is no big deal here at my college. I was thinking about making something special for dinner, but I have rugby practice until 8 pm, so maybe jambalaya will happen on another night, when I have time to cook!

  42. Definitely not going out!! Homebodies, we are, LOL. Well, like you, I like to have fun, but better fun than the sloppy bar scene. I’m so over that phase! I was probably over it by the time I was 18 because I was already partying too hard by then, hahaha. By 19, I was home every night and working, supporting my mom and surplus of cats. But I always enjoyed it, and that’s what’s most important, right? :D

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