Over the weekend I got together with my friend Amber!

Two women with sunglasses standing smiling

We met at a juice and smoothie bar

Inside juice and smoothie bar

Smoothie menu

It had been ages since I saw her.  Our last coffee meetup was ages ago.

And our champagne happy hour night out is a distant memory.  Sadly.

Two women standing inside room at happy hour

So it was especially fabulous to catch up with her over the weekend!

Woman sitting outside drinking smoothie at tableScott had Skylar so I was able to fully focus on the girl talk at hand while we sat outside and drank smoothies.  A perfect time!

Later on today I am taking Skylar to her Valentine’s Day party.

We have our bag of Valentines made up and stuffed with candy and ready to hand out.

Finished Valentines on desktop

She’s excited to see what she’s going to receive!   The concept of an exchange is registering.  It’s so fun to re-live my childhood through her little eyes.

From my last post about Date Surprises, it was fun to hear if you’ve been surprised recently.  Or this weekend.

And thanks for letting me know if you like dates.  Of any kind.

Earlier today I got in a nice workout.  20 minute run + 20 minutes of yoga/core/pilates moves in my garage.

And now, it’s time to get things done around here before I go to work.

But first, if you have chocolate chips and peanut butter on hand, you can make these if you need a quick treat for your Valentine’s Day Sweetie.  Or just for yourself.

Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cups

Nooch optional, if you don’t have it.

Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cup split in half layered on top of itself
White Chocolate & Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup on plate
One split White Chocolate & Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup


1. Do you remember receiving Valentines with candy in them?  What kind of candy?

I remember those little candy hearts.  They taste like chalk and are stenciled with the words “Be Mine” or “You’re Cute” on them.

Or these say “Awe Some” or “Soul Mate”

Box of Valentines Hearts with sayingsDeep thoughts are stenciled on those hearts, for sure.

I would gladly take a Butterfinger or a Crunch Bar, instead!

2. When was the last time you met up with a friend?

It had been too long, for me!  Since the last time I saw my friend Jenny.

And previous to that, one of my meetups with Amber.

Far too long and it’s so necessary to have girl talk, to get together with our friends, to connect (in the flesh, not just online) and to laugh and relax!  It’s my way of recharging my batteries.

3. Valentine’s Day Plans?

I don’t have any other than working.  We did our Valentine’s Day “festivities” already.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Heart made of rosesP.S. If you’re just catching up on posts from the weekend, here are mine since Friday

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