Happy Valentine’s Day & Friend Meetup


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Over the weekend I got together with my friend Amber!

Two women with sunglasses standing smiling

We met at a juice and smoothie bar

Inside juice and smoothie bar

Smoothie menu

It had been ages since I saw her.  Our last coffee meetup was ages ago.

And our champagne happy hour night out is a distant memory.  Sadly.

Two women standing inside room at happy hour

So it was especially fabulous to catch up with her over the weekend!

Woman sitting outside drinking smoothie at tableScott had Skylar so I was able to fully focus on the girl talk at hand while we sat outside and drank smoothies.  A perfect time!

Later on today I am taking Skylar to her Valentine’s Day party.

We have our bag of Valentines made up and stuffed with candy and ready to hand out.

Finished Valentines on desktop

She’s excited to see what she’s going to receive!   The concept of an exchange is registering.  It’s so fun to re-live my childhood through her little eyes.

From my last post about Date Surprises, it was fun to hear if you’ve been surprised recently.  Or this weekend.

And thanks for letting me know if you like dates.  Of any kind.

Earlier today I got in a nice workout.  20 minute run + 20 minutes of yoga/core/pilates moves in my garage.

And now, it’s time to get things done around here before I go to work.

But first, if you have chocolate chips and peanut butter on hand, you can make these if you need a quick treat for your Valentine’s Day Sweetie.  Or just for yourself.

Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cups

Nooch optional, if you don’t have it.

Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cup split in half layered on top of itself
White Chocolate & Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup on plate
One split White Chocolate & Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup


1. Do you remember receiving Valentines with candy in them?  What kind of candy?

I remember those little candy hearts.  They taste like chalk and are stenciled with the words “Be Mine” or “You’re Cute” on them.

Or these say “Awe Some” or “Soul Mate”

Box of Valentines Hearts with sayingsDeep thoughts are stenciled on those hearts, for sure.

I would gladly take a Butterfinger or a Crunch Bar, instead!

2. When was the last time you met up with a friend?

It had been too long, for me!  Since the last time I saw my friend Jenny.

And previous to that, one of my meetups with Amber.

Far too long and it’s so necessary to have girl talk, to get together with our friends, to connect (in the flesh, not just online) and to laugh and relax!  It’s my way of recharging my batteries.

3. Valentine’s Day Plans?

I don’t have any other than working.  We did our Valentine’s Day “festivities” already.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Heart made of rosesP.S. If you’re just catching up on posts from the weekend, here are mine since Friday

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  1. Glad you were able to get out for some girl time, and some girl talk.

    Never received Valentines with candy in it. Just the Valentine card.

    I meet up with my friend every Monday evening – with the exception of last night ;)

  2. looks like a blast you had!! i always LOVED V-day for all the candy!! at our school we used to have goodie bags and do the whole exchange thing like Skylar! SO FUN!

  3. Recently found your blog and wanted to say thanks for all the recipes you post.As a recently turned Vegan and pretty newbie to Yoga as well I find it I spiring.


  4. I remember mostly having suckers taped to Valentine’s as a kid. My kids did chocolate hearts with their Valentine’s, but got their share of suckers. ;)

    I met up with some friends before Christmas but will be seeing them again this Friday b/c one of the girls just had her second baby. Can’t wait!

    BTW, I made 2 of your recipes over the weekend and posted/linked about them last night. Thanks for the yummies!!!

  5. Those cups look so tasty! I love the look of the black and white one- so professional! Happy Valentine’s Day :)

  6. I never was a huge fan of Valentines day when in school and younger, it was stressful figuring out which card to give to each person because of all the different sayings! The candy was great, though. I especially loved Lindor white chocolate truffles. I haven’t met up with friends in a LONG time!! Not specifically GIRLfriends, that is. I’ve just recently moved and have yet to find anyone! :/ I had no Vday plans since I had to work, but my bf surprised me with some marshmallow-less rice krispy treats! Karo syrup, rice krispies, peanut butter & brown sugar with some chocolate on top. They were SO good! Happy Valentines day!!

      1. haha I used to be obsessed with that place in hs.. I know a robecks cup when I see one ;)

  7. Happy Valentine’s! Hope Skylar has fun at her party.

    I made something for A I think you’ll like, but I don’t want to write it down until I give it to him so I don’t spoil the surprise!

  8. Happy Valentine’s Day, Averie. I hope Skylar’s party was a blast. :-)

    And hey, I’m with you: I’d prefer chocolate over those heart candies any day!

  9. Girl time is fun!! U look so beautiful Averie : ) Love the sunglasses too!!!!

    Happy Valentines Day to you, Scott, and Skylar! Hope she has a fun time at the valentines party!!!!!

    Mwah! xoxo

  10. Happy valentines day! I am going out for a chill dinner with my bf. I remember the valentines with the candy were always the best! Candy hearts and the red heart popsicles were the best. Cute pics!

  11. It seems like forever since I met up with a friend. I am going to change that soon! Although, I consider hanging out with Tony as hanging out with a friend. Have a great night Averie!

  12. Those juices look great, and I need to remember to make those peanut butter cups! :) No plans for tonight, but we went out for Ethiopian food on Saturday…it was fantastic! I remember the cute little parties we had in elementary school. We had to decorate shoe boxes and bring them in as our Valentine “mailboxes”. It was fun!

  13. When I was little exchangeing V-day cards with all my classmates was the best! I looked forward to that day every single year :) Oh the good ol’ days!

  14. Girl, why are you so gorgeous?! Your meetup looks so fun, I LOVE smoothies and juices! You’re so lucky you actually get to enjoy them in the sunshine:)

  15. My bf gave me a lotus necklace handmade from Bali with my birthstone in the middle. this was made and shipped all the way from indonesia!! I love lotuses!! gosh he just knows me so well. :) we’re going to thai food tonite after my yoga. Hope you have a lovely day!! <3

  16. I love peanut butter cups…or almond butter cups…oh goodness. So delicious looking! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  17. I remember Valentine’s Day when we’d all pass around those little candies. :) My favorite were the suckers..my least favorite being those candy hearts. They were fun to read but I realllly didn’t like that taste. :P

  18. Aw, sounds like fun girl time! The peanut butter cups look amazing, I have a few recipes for raw dessert cups – I just need to make them!

    1. Yes, but nothing like today! I was lucky if I got a few conversation hearts stuffed in the kiddie card envelope!
    2. A couple of weekends ago, but I don’t do it nearly as often as I’d like.
    3. We’re going out to dinner tonight, a surprise location he picked out.

  19. Those chocolate cups are calling my name. Planning a chill V-day with my boo, the best way to celebrate!

  20. I love coffee/smoothie/happy hour dates with friends! I used to be way more regular about them, but life gets so busy, and one of the first things to go are these “frivolous” things. That really aren’t so frivolous, and are so important!

    I remember Valentines in grade school – getting tons of candy and cards and trying to figure out if there was any hidden meaning behind the ones from the cute boys (when I was older in grade school, obviously). Then in high school, if you got a candy gram, you were “cool”. I just got back from teaching and there were so many girls walking around with flowers and chocolates…one even had an ENORMOUS helium balloon tied to her backpack, and was walking hand in hand with her boyfriend. I had to stiffle a giggle. It was cute though.

    1. omg the memories of walking around jr high and h.s. with (or without) a valentine’s day stash…i never had one. I still shudder at the memories!

  21. chats with girlfriends are THE BEST esp when you have no distractions. what a lovely valentine’s day outing for you!!
    loved valentine’s day at school when i was little, and receiving the valentines from classmates…such fun!
    have a great rest of the day, averie!

  22. Ughhhhh……those candy hearts were terrible – especially the green ones!!!!!!!

    I always liked getting lollipops in with my Valentines…especially the super cherry flavored ones…completely artificial…lol.

    I hope to meet up with a friend on Wednesday…we had a falling out about 10 months ago so it will be good to catch up and make up :)

    We don’t have any plans…honestly, I can’t stand Valentine’s day…just too commercialized. My mother will be coming over to give the kids some gifts.

    Glad you’ve had a great day!

  23. Yes I remember getting those awful chalky hearts, or sweeties (smarties? I can’t remember the name). And I agree with you: give me snickers or butterfingers any day!

    Last time I met up with a friend — it has been a while. The last weekend in January I went up to Duluth and saw my dearest friend — that was fun. Jason stayed home so it was just us girls!

  24. What a fun meet up! Smoothies & girl talk- good stuff!! I LOVED Valentine’s day exchanges as a kid. I’m a sugary candy fan :) I’m hoping Josh comes home with something sweet for me ;).

  25. I asked my boyfriend what he would like me to make today, and he mentioned your peanut butter cup recipe I made awhile ago. And here you post it, I think it’s a sign!! ;)

  26. Looks like a lovely day for some girl time! I got to meet up with a friend (well, it was her hubby too and my hubby) for a bit on Saturday. Enjoy your sunshine!