Being Grateful & Thankful

Are you glad it’s the weekend?  I sure am!   I’ve been working a ton, being the breadwinner, being mommy, being pulled in so many different directions.

It’s time to stop.

And give gratitude and thanks. Because that is centering and calming and puts things in perspective.

1. Beautiful weather.  70s, sunny, not a cloud in the sky.  Blooming flowers, plants, and palm trees.  This is why I live in San Diego.  I made sacrifices and chose to live here and can’t imagine my life anywhere else.  Especially in the winter!


2. Skylar.  The joy, meaning, and purpose of my life.  Period.

3. My new camera bag

4. The ability to do yoga and to have the gift of yoga in my life the past decade.


5. Anything with Peanut Sauce

Raw Vegan Spring Rolls & 2 Minute Peanut Sauce

6. Anything with Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Chex Mix (Vegan, No-Bake), i.e. Puppy Chow

7. Anything with Chocolate

Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Tip: Free Valentine’s Day Recipes from Vega

I noticed that lots of them call for their Macasure bars, and I’ve posted about those and Maca uses and benefits in general.   I am sure you could simply use regular baker’s chocolate, or chocolate chips, in place of whatever their recipes call for.


From my last post on the Valentine’s Day stash I picked up and my thoughts on the holiday, it was fun to hear what you think about the Day.  And what your plans for Valentine’s Day weekend are!


1. Any plans for (Valentine’s Day) weekend or the weekend in general?

Working, being with Scott and Skylar, and possibly getting together with a good friend!

2. What are you Grateful For?

Could be something as simple as hot coffee in the morning or a hot shower, or as deep as having a wonderful relationship with friends or family.

I’ve posted in the past about other things I am grateful for.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Love this! I’m incredibly grateful for my health, support (family & friends), and opportunities in life.

  2. Lately I’ve been super grateful for my health. I always took it for granted, and unconsciously tried to destroy my health but now every day I wake up and think: I am healthy! and energetic! and happy! and it feels SO good.

  3. i am grateful that i will be spending this aft with my two little nieces (4 and 18 months) – they are SO FUN!!!
    also very happy for my family, my home, my lifestyle. thanks for reminding us of all the positives in our lives, averie! happy valentines weekend! (we don’t go out, exchange gifts either – a card is all, and that is cool with me!)

  4. Aww this is a lovely post Averie! It’s really important to remember what we’re thankful for, and not get too caught up in little negativites. It’s all about perspective! :)

    I’m grateful for friends and family, who are always there to love and support me no matter what! :D

  5. Im Making homemade whole wheat fettuccine noodles, homemade marina sauce, stuffed zucchini boats with corn salsa, roasted roma tomatoes, and homemade brownies for the fiance!

    PS. I think its really hip you stopped and stepped back to reflect on the good things you have in your life and really appreciate the little things in life. Its a great way to get things back into perspective when life seems to have you stressed or down! Have a great weekend!

  6. We’re going out for dinner with his mom and dad. Nothing big. I don’t eat chocolate and he knows they jack up the prices on flowers that day since he buys them for me throughout the year :)

    I’m trying to cut back on coffee..pray for me.

    I’ve also decided to go vegetarian…didn’t see that one coming did you? My stomach feels so much better with veggies only in it.

  7. So many things to be grateful for! My health, having the most supportive family,ability to quit my previous job to follow a passion, getting married to my best friend….list can go on and on!

  8. I always love post like this! It is good to reflect. I am thankful for my amazing husband and that the freezing weather is gone!! ahh!! Its gonna be 70F today. WOOHOO!

  9. Hi Averie

    I’m grateful for being healthy and happy. We’ve celebrated valentines day already we had a lovely lobster meal at whole foods with freebie gifts. We try and avoid getting sucked in to the whole hallmark celebration and believe you should be loving and nice at all times !!! rather than making a special effort for 1 day.

    Can I ask if your blog re the iherb discount is still available as I’ve just realized they do international shipping and would like to order some items.

    Have a great weekend with the family


  10. I love taking the time out to stop and just appreciate everything and everyone around me. It is so easy to get caught up in a busy day. I don’t know what my boyfriend has planned for Valentine’s Day (if anything! lol), but I plan to cook him a nice dinner and do some baking. He actually has off on Monday so I am just looking forward to spending time with him! Enjoy your weekend Averie!

  11. It is so beautiful there! I am so grateful for my family! I have the best boys in the world!

  12. This weekend we’re spending time w/ a friend before he leaves for Atlanta, and Sunday is going to be our observed Valentine’s day, full of good chocolate and delicious meals.

    I’m thankful for my health, my husband, and my job. For having a roof over my head, food in the fridge, and books on the shelf.

  13. hi averie,
    i don’t ever comment, but i’m an everyday reader. i thought this was a good post to ‘de-lurk’ myself on!

    i’m grateful for clean water, healthy food, my ability to think for myself…and the chanel counter at nordstrom!! and, my weekend will be spent wrapping up my thesis and defense presentation!

    hope you have a nice weekend!

  14. Wow, Skylar always looks gorgeous but that top picture of her is beautiful!
    I’m grateful for great family and friends, my health, a job I love… and chocolate :-)

  15. My husband will be working on Valentines Day so we have decided to go out on Wednesday evening instead. We will be going to a fabulous little vegan/partially raw restaraunt near to our home. It is both of ours favorite place to dine out when we do which is basically once very couple of months. Did I mention my hubby is not vegan nor does he ever plan to be? The food there is just that good!

    I am so very grateful for my family and the love we all have for one another. I would be lost without my husband or son! They are the reason I make it through everyday filled with joy and love. I am also grateful for the abundance of fresh inexpensive local produce I have been finding in the awkward Florida winter :)

  16. I could not be more grateful for my daughter and husband. Great post! And yay for chocolate and peanut butter!!

  17. Awe, Skylar is precious! I am so thankful for the lives of all of my loved ones, the fact that we are all healthy and alive and can be with each other every single day.

    Thank you for the reminder to be grateful, girl! Sometimes I forget to pause and remember how lucky I really am.

  18. Lovely post! I’m grateful for my friends and family, the chocolate cake I’m just about to make, my college education, and the warmer weather.

  19. I’m greatful for my health, my boyfriend, my family and my new healthy lifestyle~ Im thankful that I can run each day and cherish my legs as a gift from God!

  20. Great post Averie – I am grateful for my friends, family and of course Jason! They support me and love me and just bring joy to my life.

    Skylar is so adorable in her purple crocs!

  21. i would love to have your weather! i am so grateful for this new place we are living and for the opportunity to start my new job on monday! this weekend we are relaxing and continuing to get our lives in order so a very chill vtines weekend indeed! not even going out to dinner!

  22. this nearly brought a tear to my eye! Hmm, something I am thankful for is my legs, which allow me to run. Running provides a mini vacation for me– a chance to zone out and just be alone and enjoy my own company

  23. What? No coffee? :D

    I’m grateful for the chance to interview and the help and support I’ve gotten from you and all my friends!

  24. I’m forever grateful for my husband and children. :-)

  25. This weekend will be about hiking, catching up on sleep (I already failed on that this morning), and grabbing dinner with a friend. No V-day plans, my boyfriend and I veto that holiday and remember to be sweet every day of the year ;)

    I’m ALSO so thankful for this weather. California is the place to be!

  26. What an inspiring post. My mom tells me how grateful she is for me like you are or Skylar.
    Last night my friends and I celebrated one of my girlfriend’s 21st birthday with food, drinks, games, music etc. my boyfriend is coming for the weeked and tonight my college is having a semi-formal. should be fun!!
    i’m grateful for my parents, friends, boyfriend, and animals (cat and hampster and i’m getting a turtle today)
    <3 Michelle

  27. Your daughter is so adorable! :)

    I’m thankful for some me-time these days. Since quite a busy week lies behind me, I didn’t have the opportunity to get to my own things (thesis, piano, walks) so much, and currently I just enjoy the silence and absence of fix appointments.

  28. I’m grateful to have an apartment with a heater and fridge full of healthy yummy foods :) And of course, for my family and friends!
    Your talk of warm weather always makes me wish I was in Cali! I’m totally applying for PhD programs in every warm state there is. If I end up near you I hope we can hang out :)

  29. Something kind of sad (or just funny)– I TOTALLY forgot that it was Valentine’s Day in a few days!! Things have been so hectic lately, I thought I had another week!!

    Taking time to think about gratitude is always so beneficial to the spirit… :-)

  30. Great post! :-)
    Those raw spring rolls looks so good!
    I am thankful for the unconditional love and undying support I receive from my family and true friends.

  31. Beautiful post Averie, it made me smile. I’m grateful for my lovely family and friends and for getting some great news. I went back to the specialist and I now have 20/20 vision in my right eye again, very very happy about this. No plans for Valentines, still waiting for my proper prince to arrive. I’ll be having a girls night out later so will be fun. Hope you have a fun Valentines.

  32. I’m grateful that your beautiful pictures have inspired me to get outside and go to the beach today! Thanks!

  33. That camera bag is ADORABLE. Jealous :D

  34. I am so grateful for my family.. My kids, my dog, my brother, sil and lovely nieces.. I’m grateful my mother and I have worked on our issues and are close now. I’m grateful that my X husband and I are really good friends and we work together as a team to co parent out children. I’m grateful for my camera and lens and photography and blogging and this wonderful world of support and community online!

  35. i made spring rolls today filled with carrots, celery, and mixed greens. so delicious! i am grateful for the little things in life that normally i wouldn’t think of.. like having heat and a roof over my head during this freezing cold winter we’re having, and feeling so blessed as to how lucky i am :)

  36. I’m so grateful for my health and my family’s as well. Everyday that I roll out of bed, it’s a blessing :)

  37. I am grateful for an easy semester … It is nice to have some time to myself.

  38. I am grateful for my animals, my amazing boyfriend, friends, family, new business, ditto on the chocolate!, farmer’s markets, my wonderful home on the lake, WARMER weather!!, and lovely women like you who are out there inspiring others to be the best they can be everyday! Thank you!!

  39. While the family and I aren’t vegan (or even vegetarian) we do try to minimize our consumption of animal products. Today I baked my very first batch of vegan cupcakes and you can bet that I will be trying that chocolate mousse at the very next opportunity. It looks just to die for.

  40. Agreed on giving thanks. And the weather is actually beautify here too – in the 60s and not a cloud in the sky either. Gotta enjoy that before the rain starts up again this week! Such a cute pic of Skylar.

    1. We’re going out on Monday and doing a fun gift exchange.
    2. Being a live and having many wonderful blessings – too many to list. :-)

  41. I found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later.

  42. I’m grateful for being surrounded by loving friends, and also for the opportunity to expand my education and pursue a new career!

  43. Interesting idea but I’m not sure it would work

  44. Interesting idea but I’m not sure it would work

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  46. *Love* all the sunny Southern California pics you post! Freezing in the Northeast here this winter and your nature/outdoor/flower shots are always so beautiful and uplifting… almost like a teeeeny, tiny vacation. :) (More please! Hehe.)

  47. Weekend plans: family time celebrating my youngest brother’s 34th birthday

    Grateful for: my health, my family, my husband, my pets, my friends, the snow, the sun, a great boss.

  48. Saturday: spent time with family celebrating my youngest brother’s 34th BDay. Also included a 2 hr snowshoeing outing. Fun!

    Weather: we had a wonderful snow squall while we were out snowshoeing. Couldn’t see more than 10 ft in front of us. So beautiful :)

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