Valentine’s Day Date Surprises


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This morning we opened a few Valentine’s Day surprises that Skylar’s grandparents sent her in the mail and that I had picked up.

Valentines gifts on countertop

I gave Scott the card I got for him.   As I mentioned, we decided not to exchange gifts for Valentine’s Day.  Or any holiday.

Skylar scored though!

Young girl holding a bunch of new clothes

A cute new outfit from Grandma

Two outfits for young girl on countertop

She loves getting cards.  More so than the actual gift, I think.

Young girl reading a Valentines card

I was happy that she enjoyed a few little surprises. She’s clutching the card I gave her with chocolate in it.  She is more into the card than the chocolate.

Woman and young girl on couch smiling while girl holds card

The Date Surprise that I am referring to in the post title would be a few of these…

Hand holding split Date with peanut butter and chocolate chips

….Medjool Dates with Surprises in the middle:  Peanut Butter + Chocolate Chips

Chocolate chips, dates and peanut butter

And you thought I actually had a hot date. That would be Madeline.

Dates with peanut butter and chocolate chips in middleIn my Being Thankful for & Grateful post, both Chocolate and Peanut Butter made the cut of 7 items.  So you’d better believe these are right up my alley.  And you thought I had a hot date surprise.  Wrong.

From my last post and recipe for Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat Cakes, I am glad those looked good to you!  Anything that takes less than 5 minutes to make is my kinda recipe.  I hope it’s yours, too.

Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat Cakes

And it sounds like there are some major blueberry fans reading.  Me too!


1. Did anyone surprise you with anything for Valentine’s Day weekend so far? I realize Valentine’s Day isn’t technically until tomorrow so maybe there’s hope if you haven’t been swept off your feet, yet.

For me, no surprises.  And I’m not holding my breath for any.  I told Scott until Item #1 is handled, no spending money.   And I am so close to having it handled!

2. Do you like dates? The fruit or the event, take your pick.

I love medjool dates so much.  They are like nature’s candy and it wasn’t until a few years ago that I really got into them.  They are the foundation for all my dessert balls. I have an entire post dedicated to all my dessert ball recipes.


Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

Close up of two Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls
or use sunflower seed butter or almond butter instead of PB
Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Vanilla Balls in container
So yes, I am a fan of dates because they’re in all my Ball Recipes
Are you a fan of dates?  Feel free to tell me about all your hot dates, too!
3. Are you a fan of surprises?
Good surprises, yes, of course!
Bad surprises, i.e. car repairs, home repairs, pop quizzes, etc., not a fan of those kind of surprises.  At all.
Happy Valentine’s Day

P.S. If you’re just catching up on posts from the weekend, here are mine since Friday

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  1. Skylar is adorable its awesome to see kids get excited about things other than candy! I love dates, who doesn’t?

  2. hi averie!

    surprised this weekend? my husband got me some tulips (my favorite flower). i like surprises because I usually plan everything out and know what’s going on, so to have something happen that hasn’t been planned – that’s really neat to me!

    dates (the food) are a little too sweet for me so i don’t snack on them. i can deal with their sweetness if they’re an ingredient to a recipe, however!

    the other kind of dates – I haven’t been on one in a long time, though date-night with my husband is something that i look forward to.



  3. I love dates, I could eat them all day, though I try not to because of the sugar content.
    My boyfriend surprised me yesterday by taking me to a Valentine’s Day event at Animal Acres, a farm sanctuary outside of LA. He was sneaky and told me we were going hiking. It was awesome!
    Skylar is so sweet, I was literally just thinking 5 minutes before I read this about how as a kid I was taught to open the card before the gift and how I always had to pretend to care more about the card than the gift. I guess some kids actually do! I care more about the card and the thought behind it now, of course, but as a kid it was all about the presents for me haha.

  4. I like both kind of dates but these days I get more of the edible kind. You know how it is with kids…haha! As for surprises; I’m kinda neutral with them, but lean more towards not liking them. The control freak that lives inside me likes to know what’s going on at all times. :)

    PS….Skylar is getting SO tall!!! And what a great smile she has….

  5. Think it is great that Skylar is more into the cards than the gifts. And she got some nice gifts.

    Very tricky with the “date surprise”. Looks like a great combo though :)

    Valentine’s day surprise: I’ll be using my Laura Secord Groupon tomorrow to buy discounted Valentine’s candy and then surprise my hubby with all the chocolate :)

    I only really discovered medjool dates about 4 years ago. Since then they have become a staple in the house. Also got my hubby and my parents on to them :)

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Scott & Skylar.

  6. I love those kind of dates. Delicious! Definitely my favorite way to eat them.

    No Vday surprises for this girl. I’ve had a BF for 4 of the last 5 years, and yet I’ve never had a surprise! Hrumph. People don’t like to surprise me because I’m 1) super nosy and 2) say I hate surprises. So I either find out beforehand, or get annoyed if the surprise is too surprising…but I wouldn’t say no to flowers :)

  7. happy valentines day to you and your family!!! skylar DOUBLE scored!! wow such cute clothes!! I remember valentines day was so fun in school and my mom always got me something cute like pajamas or some candies! :) its so nice to feel loved :)

  8. The picture of you and Skylar is beautiful! You both look so happy. :) The microwave oat cake was delicious! I made it with raw cacao powder and it turned out nicely. I did get a surprise from my husband – a Kindle for Valentine’s Day! It was so nice of him. Have a great day! :)

  9. i am the same way…i love cards more than i love the gift it is attached to…especially if someone has taken the time to write me a little note…

    skylar is so precious!!!

    happy love day to you and your family…

  10. I love medjool dates — and yes, TJs are the best, although my grocery store has some really good organic medjool dates. They taste amazing on their own, but even better stuffed with PB. I’ll have to add choc chips next time — those look so good!

  11. Jason and I don’t exchange gifts either. I like surprises as long as they’re good surprises ;-)

  12. I’m waiting for Rob to leave the house (it’s his day off, but he has an appointment this morning) so I can do a fancy wrap-up of some heart-shaped granola bars I made yesterday. When he gets back we’re having a lunch “date” at our favorite cafe.

    I love dates, but I always seem to forget about them! Which is surprising, because they are like an instant dessert.

  13. For some reason dates kind of give me the creeps–they look so wrinkly and funny. How’s that for a grown up response?!

  14. Hahaha chocolate + pb + dates = the best! Skylah is adorable, I’m so glad you had a fun Sunday! And yes, I LOVE surprises:)

  15. happy heart day averie!
    we only exchange cards, too….and speaking of, my mom got my niece the same card your mom got skylar!! great grandmas think alike!
    never tried a date (the food one, of course!) – pb and choco chips could convince me! (not a fig/raisin etc fan…)
    enjoy your day!

  16. YES, I love dates!! I love eating them just as you’ve depicted, too. Nothing else quite measures up.
    Happy Valentines Day!

  17. I love dates – had TWO this weekend, which meant eating out twice, so seeing friends plus eating out=very, very special weekend, haha :-)

  18. Happy Valentines day! Love those dates–look yummy! When I lived in CA, I used to buy dates by the 15lb box from Bautista organic date farm, who are located not that far from you. They’re sweet people and their dates are delicious and well-priced.

    Nowadays, I’m hardly eating dates (until I’ve dealt with the yeast thing completely) but they’re from the same part of the world that I am and they’re a wonderful food.

    I love ‘good’ surprises too…

  19. Good to know that Skylar appreciates a good card. I like to give those out still.

    I like dates but not plain as much as with other stuff. Stuffed with nut butter is a good quick treat.

  20. Aw, cute Skylar pics – she did score! Yum, I’ve been seeing a lot of stuffed date treats lately and yours look great.

    1. Not yet, but a relaxing weekend without surprises was nice too. :-)
    2. Yes, I’ll usually eat two or three for a quick dessert and have been trying to use them in place of agave nectar and honey for sweeteners.
    3. Yes, but only the good kind.

  21. I love dates (both varieties), even if our dates these days consist of a trip to the laundromat with some Persian food for dinner afterwards, or shopping at the Asian market. Just spending time together is the name of our game! :)

    I made some PB cups inspired by you today (and link loved ya)… you can see em in my newest post! ;)

  22. Love dates (food and event) and surprises. Love chocolate. Love getting and giving gifts. I’m just all full of love right now.

  23. I always preferred cards to gifts when I was younger. In fact, when family members would give me a card with money in it for a birthday or other holiday I would always toss the money on the floor and treasure the card! Looks like Skylar knows what truly matters in life! Hope you have a Happy Vday!

  24. I love surprises … as long as they are good!!!

    I love dates (the event), and like dates (the food).

  25. I totally get you and Scott not exchanging gifts. The material things tend to lose value as we get older, but the joy in watching a child get gifts is priceless! I love surprises but I’m not expexting any for Valentines Day. Well see though. It really would be a surprise!

    Have a lovely evening!

  26. hahaha, thanks for the shout out! and yes, my dating life has been kinda fun recently!

    I love what Grandma picked out for Skylar! That little hoodie is adorable! She is seriously growing like a weed. I remember how little she was when I first met her!

  27. No surprises here for Vday! But I looooove Skylar’s happy grin! She could not be any cuter. I like dates if they’re in something. I find them too sweet by themselves (weird, huh?)

  28. I love a good surprise!

    Nothing exciting for me this weekend, or tomorrow.
    Just me, myself and I and maybe a couple of those “dates” :)