Chips, Dips, & Trips

Happy Labor Day Weekend to everyone celebrating!

This weekend should be about chips

Raw Vegan Cheezy Kale Chips

Chocolate Coconut Kale Chips

Vegan GF Crackers (Homemade Mary’s Crackers, can make sweet or savory)



“Spicy Doritos” Cheezy Dip

Sweet Corn Salsa with Mango, Lime, Red Pepper

“Cheater’s” Guacamole

And maybe some Trips

Mexico City: Themes from a Photographic Tour of Mexico City

Food & Light: Favorite Images & Judging

Aruba Vacation Highlights, May 2011

And of course, time with your friends & family!


1. Fave chips?

I’m going with Doritos!

And homemade raw vegan kale chips as a close second!  You can make them in the oven, too.

2. Fave dips?

This is hard because I love dips, sauces, dressingsI’ll take a little food along with the big bowl of dip.

Guac, spinach and artichoke dip, any kind of dips that you can bake and get sort of thick “top layer” on them, raw dips, cold dips, hummus, you name it, I really never met a dip I didn’t like.

But, easy on the added sodium, garlic, and onions.  Not a fan of those things.

3. Taking any trips or doing anything special this weekend?

No trips for me.  I am happily staying put for awhile.  I had a really crazy July and August was plenty busy, so I am glad to be hunkered down this weekend in San Diego.

Finding Some Calm, I hope.

And Finding Some Happy, as my friend Marla blogged about.

We’ll be avoiding the beaches, though, since the traffic and commotion on holiday weekends on the beaches here is just insane!

P.S. Here’s a link to my 4th of July Holiday Recipes Post in case you need any inspiration

And here was my Labor Day Weekend Recipes Post, 2010

 Including Fresh Vegan Spring Rolls and 2-Minute Peanut Sauce Recipe
Be safe everyone!  Don’t speed, buckle up, and don’t drink and drive!

27 comments on “Chips, Dips, & Trips”

  1. enjoy your at-home long weekend, averie!
    i’m not a fan of onions, either – keep them away! favourite chip is probably a corn chip, like fritos, and dip would be french onion dip with a regular ripples potato chip to dip in (haha, that totally contradicts my onion statement, above, doesn’t it?! – > ok, it’s the exception to the rule).
    i like to clean, organize, declutter on the labour day long weekend – it’s the kick-off to the fall season – like new years!

  2. My favorites are by far homemade chips and salsa! Yummy! Put a basket of those in front of me, and they will have magically disappeared after a very short amount of time! ;)

  3. Enjoy your long weekend (hopefully relaxing!). You deserve it! My “special” thing is working this weekend ;)

  4. Hey I love all the chips girl! Lets both find happy this weekend together OK?! xo

  5. Hope you can find calm this weekend and spend lots of time with your family!

  6. I’ll be going to Orlando, FL today!! my whole fam will be there. It’s my nephew’s 1st bday tomorrow!! so we’ll be there celebrating his bday at a resort and going to magic kingdom! yahooo!! have a lovely weekend!

  7. Love all types of chips. They are my weakness.

    Dips – If I’m eating corn chips, I really like gauc & salsa.

    Happy weekend:)

  8. Those beautiful kale chips just caused me to start singing Richard Marx tunes to my family.


  9. Cool Ranch Doritos definitely rock, but the best chips I’ve had in a long time are Food Should Taste Good chips the best flavor is The Works! and my next fave from them is Sweet Potato. Sooo good.

    Dips – I agree, too many awesome choices. How to pick just one or five for that matter? Love them all!

  10. I love mary’s crackers and kale chips!!!! But my favorite chips are pita chips!!!

  11. Your new logo is FAB!!! Who did it???

    Ok, this is tough……Chips are my weakness…I love potato chips, but I also love doritos and pretzels. Of course I never eat the dang things, but in my mind or “perfect” world I would :)

    Happy Weekend!

  12. Cute post, so happy the long weekend is here!

    1. Spicy or sweet kale chips.
    2. Hummus, Kristen’s nacho hemp dip, Gena’s cheezy chia seed sauce, and so much more!
    3. Possibly a day hiking trip to Tahoe.

  13. I love kettle cooked salt and pepper chips with Hellevu dip from Costco :-)

  14. Cute post! With lots of great recipe ideas for the weekend! Favorite chip? tortilla! Favorite dip? owww..guac or hummus (jalapeno cilantro). No trips this weekend- glad to be staying right here

  15. I have re-followed you, and am testing to see if my comment will show up. Please let me know if this works! I can’t believe I have been commenting and commenting and none of them have showed up! I wonder how long this has been going on!!!??

  16. I was at the store recently and there was a ‘buy this, get this free’ deal going on and the freebie was jalapeno flavored tortilla chips. Oh my goodness they were good! I tried making the baked version of the kale chips, but couldn’t use the cashews because of a nut allergy and they didn’t turn out great. :/ I’m going to tweak the recipe a bit and try again. We’re car shopping/buying this weekend. Not great fun, but necessary. Hope you have a great one!!!

    • cashews really help make the chips go from so-so to great. if you have a nut allergy, I’d try sunflower seeds or even pine nuts (but they are expensive)…so use soaked sunflower seeds would be my tip

      And also with does take awhile. You have to flip,turn, repeat… and be diligent about it but worth it in the end :)

  17. 1. favorite chip: stacy’s sea salt pita chips dipped in my…
    2. favorite dip: baked spinach and artichoke dip


    no plans this weekend except relaxing at home which is 100% perfection for me after a loooong and packed summer!!

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  19. I had some fab spinach and artichoke dip the other day. Baked and yummy!

    I’m a huge fan of your kale chips recipe. Got me started on them many moons ago! I have a question about your cheezy hemp dip: do you think the recipe would work with hemp protein powder in place of the ground hemp? I have plenty of the former and am currently out of the latter, heh. Thanks!

    • glad you like my kale chip recipe!

      hemp/cheezy dip…you could use more sunflower seeds, less/none hemp seeds..really whatever you do will be “fine”. I never use hemp protein powder b/c I personally think it ALL tastes very earthy and I am not a fan but if you can get paste the taste, then go for it :) Just keep blending/using ratios of things til you get a taste and texture that you like.

  20. loving the kale chips!!!!!!!!!! they are the best. just takes awhile to wash the leaves and spread out-it’s so much easier to throw in a smoothie!

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