Makes Me Tick

The weather over the holiday weekend and past few days has been absolutely gorgeous in San Diego.

The kind of weather than makes you say….ahhh.

High 70s, no humidity, no bugs, an Indian Summer weekend in almost December.  Can’t beat it.


I had a couple glorious runs.

The lemon trees are bursting with fruit even in the ‘winter’.

That’s what I call locally grown and fresh.

We took Skylar to the park over the holiday weekend.

She rode her new bike.

The sky was blue.

The world was right.

Sunshine, warm weather, being outside.  They make me tick.  There’s nothing better for me.  Without sunshine, fresh air, and the ability to go outside, I get moody and cranky.

I could never again live in a cold-weather climate or a place where winter means snow and gray skies and wind chills for months on end.  I grew up in Minnesota, spent years in Chicago, but could never handle that again!  I will gladly pay the Sunshine Tax, i.e. a higher than average cost of living to live in San Diego.  It keeps me sane and happy.

Ok, Peanut Butter Marshmallow White Chocolate Pillowtop Bars make me pretty happy, too.

This and This made me happy too


1. Did you have Thanksgiving food this past weekend?  Are you done with the leftovers yet? (hope so!) Anything you ate that you absolutely loved?

The food I cooked is here.  I don’t “love” Thanksgiving Food.   Stuffing, turkey, gravy, not my thing.

I’d rather have a Fresh Vegan Spring Roll & 2-Minute Peanut Sauce.

And then wash that down with dessert.

2. What makes you tick?

Other things that make me tick and happy:


My daughter and husband

The internet.  For as much as it can be a curse, it’s a huge blessing for me.   Everything from forging the most meaningful friendships of my life to great recipes to amazing knowledge have all been gifts of the internet.

And these cookies also make me tick!

P.S. The winner of the $50 Clothing Giveaway is:

lauren@spicedplate November 26, 2011 at 2:58 pm  “OH my. I want every dress! The Riley might be my favorite, though. Or the Olive. Wow. And they’re all so reasonably priced, too!”

Congrats, Lauren!


  1. Thank you so much, Averie!

    Those lemons are making me want to bake with them! What a different climate than here in Maine, although it was 60 yesterday, which is quite warm!

    I’m with you on the “typical” thanksgiving food — not for me! I tried to sneak more healthy foods into the thanksgiving table while, luckily, my husband helped with the more “traditional” fare.

    Yoga is definitely making me happy, lately — yesterday I did my first headstand! I had never been taught how in the 10 years that I’ve been practicing, and now it’s all I want to do!

  2. Congrats Lauren! Enjoy! I am glad no more leftovers for me. I loved the Old Henry bars I ate, yum! My family makes me tick and keeps me motivated, I have such an awesome one! But food, learning, books, and health as well. I am so jealous of your weather it is snowing here in TN right now!

  3. Sunshine Tax, LOL. Love it. We have Cali prices here in NY, minus the perfect weather. :(

    I would be so giddy to see a real life lemon tree! So awesome. I want one. Not going to happen in NY! Unless I can grow one in a greenhouse, haha. I might, I might. :)

  4. The last of my leftovers will be my lunch today. Trying new healthy recipes and cooking for my husband and family makes me tick! :)

  5. Oh look at those lemons. Yum. Yes, crazy but I love super sour things like lemons. Running, lifting weights, my husband & family….they all make me tick

  6. I cannot live without sunshine either. That is why I moved from the cold, dreary midwest to Sunny Florida! I was getting sick every winter up there, and now I feel great. What a difference the weather can make.

  7. I’m pretty sure those cookies would make anyone tick! hehe what makes me tick… my workouts and my kitchen. I was going CRAZY when I was away last week. All I wanted to do was make myself some food and cuddle up on my couch.

  8. I joyously dumped the Thanksgiving leftovers down the drain first thing Monday morning. I was so tired of seeing them and even smelling them when I opened the fridge!

    I’ve never been to San Diego but it positively looks and sounds like paradise. The hubby and I hate the cold winters here in Baltimore (admittedly JV in comparison to Minnesota or Chicago), so we fly the coop and head to paradise on the east coast – Florida! That’s what makes us tick :)

  9. My brother had a lemon and an orange tree when he lived in Pasadena. I LOVED pulling them off the tree and eating them when I would visit!

  10. my dogs, a long run, uggs, ice cream, date nights + trashy tv… to name a few :)

    your pictures are beautiful! i miss the sunshine and warmth of california these days…

  11. Your pictures make me want to go back to San Diego soooo so badly (I’ve only been once). My husband has a golf connection out there and I’m dying for him to pull that card out already! I must admit, I’ve never seen a lemon tree, but your picture has me convinced…I want one now!

  12. I really do love Thanksgiving food, but I am also ready to get back on track to healthy eating! Your gorgeous photos make me want to head outside for a run :)

  13. Haha…so crazy to me that this is your “winter”– I must admit, with rainy days and gray skies here, I’m jealous!! :-)

  14. I love living in California as well. My husband grew up in Minnesota and I lived there for a few years before moving out here. Where did you grow up in MN? He grew up in Wayzata which 20 minutes west of Mpls.

    I am sooo over Thanksgiving fare that is why I baked my sinful black forest cookies yesterday. I needed some chocolate and normal food back in the house :)

  15. *sigh* I am clearly living in the wrong part of CA. Foggy, chilly, and graaaayyyy up in the Bay Area this week.

  16. The weather has been super nice! I was wondering where the winter weather went, and then I remembered where I live :-).

  17. i’m SO with you! don’t LOVE traditional thanksgiving food! much more prefer peanut, asian, vegetable and tofu characterised dishes! so happy for your running experiences in december! SO inspiring and enlightening! thank you for a lovely post! x

  18. I could sure use a little sunshine right now…it’s snowing here!

  19. I am so affected by weather too, I’m a sunshine girl through and through. I’ve grown up in New England so I’ve learned how to ‘handle’ the winters but I really hope to move somewhere warm as soon as possible. I felt pretty down this past week while I was traveling and I attribute a lot of it to the constant gray skies.

  20. I am done with leftovers! I enjoy that food for one day and then it’s back to eating healthy!

  21. My puppy! It amazes me she is so tiny, yet filled with so much love :)

  22. I live in Santa Barbara and we’ve had a few truly gorgeous days up here. It’s funny to see bare trees while the temps are 70ish. Happy Tuesday.

  23. No more leftovers here. All I took home was pie and it was gone within two days. Sweets definitely make me tick! But also getting plenty of alone time. I always used to hate being alone. I wanted to be surrounded by friends, but then I usually felt alone in those circumstances. Now, I like hanging out with people, but I need that time alone to think, breathe, and recharge.

    I would totally pay the sunshine tax if I could afford it! Although leaving Oregon means leaving a place where there’s no sales tax and where I don’t have to pump my own gas… Hmm…tough choice!

  24. I took zero leftovers home! I didn’t want to deal with them. As for sunshine, I haven’t seen much lately. This time of year in New England is just plain depressing. Must. Get. Out. Except for the fact that all the other things that make me tick are here: boyfriend and family.

  25. So gorgeous!! I love CAli, you are lucky to live there :D
    We just have leftover cranberry sauce and apple crisp left. Thank goodness the rest is gone ha!

  26. I haven’t commented before but I just love your blog! Things that make me tick in a good way: dancing, yoga, working out, and spending quality time with my husband and family!

  27. I live in SF, so its foggy a lot (like right now) but boy do I cherish the sunny days. Things that make me tick in a very lovely way: a good, sweaty Vinyasa Flow, a new running playlist, family hugs, Hershey’s chocolate, and almond butter (last two can def. be combined!).

  28. You capture the warmth and unexpected sun of this moment so beautifully in these photos! Yes, we have an odd little Indian Summer going on — even in DC, I’m wearing flats and cropped pants. Very odd. Very OK with me.

  29. Good weather makes me so happy, too!

    We finished up our leftovers almost immediately.. but I’m ready for round 2!

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  31. Gorgeous weather for you and great pics, reminds me of Florida. Our weather hasn’t been so warm, but foggy and chilly. But that’s okay, I’m loving the fall colors.

    We are finally finished our leftovers, I’m not a fan of traditional Thanksgiving fare.

  32. My hubby, friends and family make me tick … as well as cooking and entertaining :-)

  33. I live in SF, so its foggy a lot (like right now) but boy do I cherish the sunny days. Things that make me tick in a very lovely way: a good, sweaty Vinyasa Flow, a new running playlist, family hugs, Hershey’s chocolate, and almond butter (last two can def. be combined!).

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