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The weather over the holiday weekend and past few days has been absolutely gorgeous in San Diego.

Palm Trees

The kind of weather than makes you say….ahhh.

High 70s, no humidity, no bugs, an Indian Summer weekend in almost December.  Can’t beat it.

Flower Field

I had a couple glorious runs.

San Diego Street

The lemon trees are bursting with fruit even in the ‘winter’.

Lemon Tree

That’s what I call locally grown and fresh.

Lemons on Lemon Tree

We took Skylar to the park over the holiday weekend.

Green Landscape

She rode her new bike.

The sky was blue.

Blue sky

The world was right.

Sunshine, warm weather, being outside.  They make me tick.  There’s nothing better for me.  Without sunshine, fresh air, and the ability to go outside, I get moody and cranky.

I could never again live in a cold-weather climate or a place where winter means snow and gray skies and wind chills for months on end.  I grew up in Minnesota, spent years in Chicago, but could never handle that again!  I will gladly pay the Sunshine Tax, i.e. a higher than average cost of living to live in San Diego.  It keeps me sane and happy.

Ok, Peanut Butter Marshmallow White Chocolate Pillowtop Bars make me pretty happy, too.

Peanut Butter Marshmallow White Chocolate Pillowtop BarsThis and This made me happy too


1. Did you have Thanksgiving food this past weekend?  Are you done with the leftovers yet? (hope so!) Anything you ate that you absolutely loved?

The food I cooked is here.  I don’t “love” Thanksgiving Food.   Stuffing, turkey, gravy, not my thing.

I’d rather have a Fresh Vegan Spring Roll & 2-Minute Peanut Sauce.

And then wash that down with dessert.

2. What makes you tick?

Other things that make me tick and happy:


My daughter and husband

The internet.  For as much as it can be a curse, it’s a huge blessing for me.   Everything from forging the most meaningful friendships of my life to great recipes to amazing knowledge have all been gifts of the internet.

And these cookies also make me tick!

P.S. The winner of the $50 Clothing Giveaway is:

lauren@spicedplate November 26, 2011 at 2:58 pm  “OH my. I want every dress! The Riley might be my favorite, though. Or the Olive. Wow. And they’re all so reasonably priced, too!”

Congrats, Lauren!

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  1. I live in SF, so its foggy a lot (like right now) but boy do I cherish the sunny days. Things that make me tick in a very lovely way: a good, sweaty Vinyasa Flow, a new running playlist, family hugs, Hershey’s chocolate, and almond butter (last two can def. be combined!).