Thanksgiving Thursday & Black Friday Things


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Time for a few Thursday Things.  A few eye-catching and noteworthy items this include:

1. The meal I cooked for Scott.  He and Skylar raved about it so that was a success.

Plate of thanksgiving food

I mostly followed the Thanksgiving Recipes I intended on making.

Orange, ginger, and rosemary roasted turkey with gravy (photo taken before gravy explosion), ginger roasted carrots, stuffing, Cranberry & Orange Ginger Mango Chutney

Plate of thanksgiving food

And Caramel Apple Bars for dessert

Caramel Apple Bars

We didn’t end up with too many leftovers so I consider that a success.  Nothing says foodborne illness like still working on that Thanksgiving turkey and those leftovers next Wednesday.

A day or two of leftovers is plenty I think.  Then again, I don’t ‘love’ Thanksgiving food as a general rule and I could do without the meal or the subsequent leftovers but I know there are entire online sites devoted to what to do with all that leftover food now.  Good thing we don’t have that problem.

2. 20% off your entire purchase (not just one item) at BB & B on Black Friday.

Bed Bath and Beyond Advertisement

3. And a reminder to save your coupons for BB & B.  They never expire.  Even though there is an expiration date printed on them, they really don’t expire.  Save and hoard them like gold.  Or like bloggers save and hoard cans of pumpkin puree.

4. Reminder to set the pumpkin aside now that Halloween and Thanksgiving are over.  And pick up more mint and chocolate.

 Mint Chocolate Coconut Snowballs (No-Bake, Vegan, GF).  Melted chocolate, coconut, melted coconut oil, and mint.  Scott loves these things.   I love that they’re one bowl and easy.

Mint Chocolate Coconut Snowballs
Mint Chocolate Coconut Snowballs

5. How to Take Better Pics With Your Phone.  One additional tip I have is to edit the pictures if you plan on posting them online or sharing them with others.

Try Lightroom 3, Photoshop, iPhoto, anything is better than nothing and even taking 5 seconds to bump up the clarity or sharpness and brighten them bu increase the exposure or brightness levels tends to help volumes.

6. Christi’s Roundup of Black Friday Deals for the Kitchen, Cooks, & Bakers. Normally I think most “deals” I see advertised are over-rated and often a thorough google search tends to yield similar results but that’s not the case with these deals.  Christi found some true gems that may make me a little lighter in the wallet.  Thanks, Christi.

Love from the Oven Black Friday Deals

7. Reminder to enter the Enjoy Life Giveaway. Winner announced tomorrow.

8. I’m so glad the dishes are done.  I am really thankful for that.

Kitchen sinkBowls by ZAK.  Someone always asks.

9. I’m Thankful for my Family, my friends, my blog, my health and the fact that we’re done with Thanksgiving now.

Suffing and gravy could never compete with Christmas and the Holiday Baking Season!

10. Now if you’ll excuse me.  My couch and a drink are waiting for me.  Or a cookie loaded with rum.

If you can’t decide if you want a drink or dessert, you can always have both.  I suggest Dark Rum Oatmeal Raisin Cookies as a good way to test out that approach.

Dark Rum Oatmeal Raisin Cookies


1. Have you seen any things lately that have you excited?  Food, products, people, places, trips, tips?  What are your things?

2. How was your Thanksgiving?  Are you doing any Black Friday Shopping?

I had said before that I wasn’t going to do any more in-store shopping this year.  But there are some stellar online deals I am seeing.  Someone take my Amex away from me.  My fingers are about to do the walking…

Have a great day and Holiday Weekend.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving if you were celebrating!

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  1. Great list and glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. There is not too much on my wishlist now sadly other than saving money and focusing on simplifying our house. And I didn’t see anything in the black Friday ads that tempted me – I know, right? But I truthfully have everything I want.

  2. Glad your Thanksgiving was calm, and that you’re excited about upcoming holidays. I love BB&B coupons! Now that I have a dehydrator I have my sights set on a juicer…

  3. Had a great Thanksgiving dinner last night. Although I think dinner pales in comparison to dessert! I made your pumpkin bars and brought those and they rocked! Although, I don’t think I cooked them as long as I should have to they never quite set up. But they were so awesome it didn’t even matter!

    1. Hard to tell what’s ‘too long’ or not long enough…the risk of things cooking longer is they get dry and being that those were vegan, no ‘harm’ in undercooking them…that’s how I prefer things anyway :) Thanks for writing about them! And hope you and the fam had a great holiday !

  4. i’ve never been a black friday shopper, but somehow i find myself on the way out the door to lord & taylor. guess a girl can’t deny a good shop at her fav store, plus the fact that i was emailed a coup may or may not have been an enticing factor :)

  5. Oh my word your Thanksgiving dinner looks incredible! I’m not much of a Thanksgiving foods lover either but I’d totally devour your meal! :)

    1. Lindsey ALL your food ALWAYS looks incredible. As a vegetarian non-turkey eater, I try my best once a year at turkey but desserts are my real passion :) I’d love to have a baking afternoon with you one day…it’d be so fun!

  6. My car has a whole compartment dedicated to those BB&B coupons. No expirations dates is the best. Too bad pumpkin expires… :)

    Happy (day after) Thanksgiving! Looks like a wonderful meal!

  7. What a great looking meal, lady!! I’m actually dreading the leftovers today… but hopefully they’ll be gone after one more meal. I’m so tempted to get a new kitchenaid mixer…


    1. Some online sources were sold out of KA Stand Mixers at the super cheap prices :( So far…I don’t have one…

  8. I worked yesterday and a great time serving a delicious veggie Thanksgiving meal to the staff at the hospital and of course, a special meal to the patients. Heading out to Banana Republic soon for a pair of shoes for D and I’m sure I’ll be forced to purchase something, too :) Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  9. Some day I will cave and get Lightroom, but I’ve been so on and off with my photography recently. Once I’m back to carting the camera around all the time, I’ll have to take the plunge!

  10. Today is the day of all days to AVOID the malls. Working this morning from 5:15-10am will help me stick to that resolution!
    Looking forward to a copy of our Thanksgiving meal for lunch today, with a fresh batch of mashed potatoes. I lurve me some turkey left-overs!

  11. Looks like a wonderful meal you prepared for Scott and Skylar. You are an awesome mom & wife. I hope they are truly grateful…I am sure they are. Not touching on Black Friday…think i’ll stay home blogging & internet shopping ;)

    1. I know your family feels the same way about you…you are smart to stay put at home and NOT in those stores. No trampling needed to save 2 bucks on a spatula type thing :)

  12. You are welcome – hope you get yourself a little something special. :). As always your desserts (and meal) look amazing!!!

    1. I actually went to some of those links you sent and they were SOLD OUT. Possibly for the best..but I was really hoping I’d score!! :)

  13. Those carrots sound fantastic. I have the urge to add them to tomorrow’s menu but know I need to stick to my current plan LOL. I have no intentions of hitting up BF tomorrow. I’ve done it in the past – hit the mall by 8 and it’s fairly dead b/c everyone is hitting up Target, Walmart, Best Buy. But I really don’t “need” anything. Sigh… ;-)

  14. I was going back and forth about doing some BF shopping, but in the end I’ve decided not to. I’m exhausted and really nothing that exciting is pulling me out of my house. I was looking at a deal on a Kindle for my neice. but I’d rather pay the extra $$ than sit in line at Target for hours! There was already a line at Toys R Us at 5 pm today. people are nuts.

    1. that’s just insane. i don’t get it…to save, what fifty bucks, ten bucks, 33 bucks…whatever it is…if you need to save the money that badly, they could get an hourly temp job rather than standing in line for 10 hours…they’d be money ahead AND they wouldn’t have to stand in line on a holiday?! I could go on and on :)

  15. That turkey looks beautiful! Ours got overcooked so I made a nutritional yeast sauce to moisten it up. Kind of weird (to some) :) but it totally worked.
    I probably will run some errands tomorrow and just see what’s around, but I have no specific Black Friday plan of attack.

  16. I finally caved and bought Lightroom. I can’t wait for it to come in so I can start shooting RAW and editing more. Something tells me that’s only the tip of the iceberg of things being bought this weekend.

    1. You are going to love it. It blows all other programs away that are free, i.e. picnik, iphoto, etc..And it’s a million times easier to get the hang of right off the bat compared to Photoshop. I have the entire PS pacakge on my computer and every time I try to use it, I am just…overwhelmed with all the layers and ways to save files and it’s just too much for me for the every day pics and I love LR, what can I say. And yes, shooting RAW and manual is so key to the clarity the food sites like. :)