Checked Off the Weekend List

I did not want to get out of bed this morning.  It’s been cloudy, raining, dreary, drizzling, or overcast for a few days and rainy weather, alarm clocks, and Mondays don’t go together.

I went for a run and narrowly avoided getting downpoured on, which I consider a success.

Over the weekend I did a little thrift store browsing for some dishes, photography props, and various things I just can’t live without.


Unfortunately my kitchen storage space is already maxed out.

And I do mean, maxed out.

Every single drawer or cupboard has something in it.

Nothing like a 100 square foot kitchen.

So anything I buy, I really have to love-love-love or else I skip it.

As much as I hate feeling like I am letting potential great finds that I see when out and about slip away,

I have to remind myself of the cute things I’ve recently bought that I can use.

Better put those cute plates to use with some cute cookies on them.

Or make new cute cookies which sounds like fun, too.

Over the weekend I also tackled a baking project that I wanted to check off my list.

A big bowl of love: Melted peanut butter, butter, my new favorite baking chocolate, and vanilla extract.

Then I added a little bit of this, some sugar and two other kinds of chocolate, a little bit of that, and came up with a winner.

I just got done taking pictures of the finished dessert and it’s even better as a finished product than chocolate peanut butter soup was on its own.

Taste-testing as I go and sampling the goods was also on my weekend list.

Next up will be to sample one of these

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Marshmallow Stuffed Rice Krispie Bars (No Bake)

The winners of the Cascadian Farms Cereal Giveaway are:

Angela / Canned Time

Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries

What did you do this weekend or check off your list?

What was the best thing you’ve taste-tested lately?  Any cute housewares or dishes finds recently?

41 comments on “Checked Off the Weekend List”

  1. I’ve been itching to go thrift shopping lately. But, I behaved this weekend and got tons knocked off my to-do list. I still have tons more to do, but at least I made some progress for a change.

  2. oh man, i can totally relate to the feeling of laziness lately with the cloudy, dreary, and COLD weather we’ve been having this past week. every once in awhile the sun will peek out, but it’s rare. boo. nice job on still getting a run in though!

    yay – so excited i won! thanks for hosting the giveaway! :)

  3. Monday morning’s don’t go with anything :)

    The best thing I have taste testing recently would have to be my first jar of Barny Butter….. I need another jar already! YUM

  4. I just purchased my first container of chia seeds……….. I’ve never had them before- just flax seeds!

  5. I’m almost done with our “parent profile” book for our adoption in case we end up doing domestic! Yay! I know I say this every darn time…but I LOVE that mixing bowl of yours!


  6. Those Stuffed Rice Crispy Treats look amazing!

    Amazing I won the Cascadian Giveaway, I never win anything…………thanks so much. Looking forward to the next treat you come up with to put on one of those beautiful plates too, thanks again.

  7. I can completely relate to your small kitchen and lack of storage issue. I am constantly finding adorable and fun things that I really want, but if I don’t n e e d them, theres no room for them. Also, those rice crispy treats look delicious!

  8. Ha! My drawers look way worse than that. Plus I have a box of random dishes stuffed into my closet. That’s sketchy dish storage right there. Looks like you had some great finds!

    • Girl that’s just the “okay to be photographed” drawers and cupboards. I have dishes in every nook and cranny from hall coat closet to underneath the stairwell to my master closet…you name it, I have kitchen stuff…everywhere!

      BTW, when you comment reply to me (and I’m assuming to others), I dont get an email from you — like this one will show up in your inbox from me to you. So I try to remember to go back to your old posts and re-read comments to see if you replied but sometimes I forget and I fear that your comment replies are getting lost.

  9. LOVE the finds. We cheeled. Worked, relaxed, drank, rested, it ruled!

  10. Oww! That sauce/soup sounds fantastic! I got a lot done today!! Taught, cleaned bathrooms, dentist, drs apt for kay, walk with kay and my aunt, made dinner!

  11. The weather was awful this morning too, got to drive to work in a down pour and crazy wind, always fun with a mix of rushed and over-cautious drivers. Cute prop dishes, I don’t have a lot of space in mt kitchen for a collection of props, but probably should refresh mine at some point.

  12. I checked some thesis work off my to-do list this weekend … that’s about it!

  13. That’s why Garfield didn’t have Mondays (in the movie -love it!). I hate Mondays too, sigh… But I did check off my list a big scrapbooking sale. I am downsizing my hobbies, so almost everything must go. I am glad it will be put to a good use.

  14. Haha…our kitchen space is totally maxed out too. Which is a shame, because you KNOW how much I love kitchen stuff!

  15. I received some cute little strainers from C&B for Christmas. One looks like a fruit pint so it’s perfect for storing fruit for a few days (ceramic).

  16. i want those adorable confetti mixing bowls you have! i see that they are available on amazon.. i just haven’t bought them yet! love how cute they are in your pictures.

  17. I want to take a swim in that bowl of chocolate!!

  18. I got a lot of things crossed off my post-vaca to do list this weekend, but I still have some serious kitchen organizing to do. I was able to fit my new kitchen aid mixer into a cabinet, but I have no idea where all the attachments I now want to purchase will go.

    I just discovered the HUGE POUND TJ’s chocolate bars after a patient recommended them. Do you just melt them like regular Baker’s chocolate? I love the dark chocolate one…yummy!

  19. Haha your kitchen looks like mine! It’s so hard to find space, especially when I’m addicted to buying new dishes any time I’m out! Ooo and your cookies look deeeelicious, perfect for Valentine’s Day coming up! :)

  20. I live in a nyc apt, your cabinets look GIGANTIC!!

  21. I successfully avoided the thunderstorms this weekend! That literally was what I wanted to do – get over a cold and avoid the weather. I stayed in like a hermit and loved every second of it, so relaxing!

  22. Hey Averie. It’s been gloomy and rainy up here as well. I am happy that the sun will be shining for the next 7 days :)

    Your cookie pies look divine! Love all the colors.

  23. hey, i think you might need to change your blog name! when i first start reading it really was veggies and yoga, it’s now almost only baking projects with often lots of dairy. what happened? i really liked the raw food emphasis and yoga poses. i still make some of your ‘older’ recipes and enjoy them.

  24. I love your new plates! You always have great finds. I reorganized the cabinet under my bathroom sink and felt incredibly productive!

  25. The weather has been so gloomy lately I haven’t wanted to do much of anything. But I definitely have some ideas as to things I want to experiment with in the kitchen – like your pb&j thumbprint cookies!

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  27. Love the thrift store stuff. I’m an addict and need to learn to STOP! I am bursting out of cabinet space too. LOL!

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