I did not want to get out of bed this morning.  It’s been cloudy, raining, dreary, drizzling, or overcast for a few days and rainy weather, alarm clocks, and Mondays don’t go together.

San Diego Palm trees and cloudy skies

I went for a run and narrowly avoided getting downpoured on, which I consider a success.

Over the weekend I did a little thrift store browsing for some dishes, photography props, and various things I just can’t live without.

Thrift store shelf of teacups

Unfortunately my kitchen storage space is already maxed out.

And I do mean, maxed out.

Kitchen drawers filled with baking supplies

Every single drawer or cupboard has something in it.

Nothing like a 100 square foot kitchen.

Kitchen cupboard filled with pans

So anything I buy, I really have to love-love-love or else I skip it.

As much as I hate feeling like I am letting potential great finds that I see when out and about slip away,

I have to remind myself of the cute things I’ve recently bought that I can use.

Floral Designed plates

plate with floral design

plates with gold accents and floral design

Better put those cute plates to use with some cute cookies on them.

deep dish chocolate chip cookies with peanut butter cups and m&ms

Or make new cute cookies which sounds like fun, too.

Over the weekend I also tackled a baking project that I wanted to check off my list.

A big bowl of love: Melted peanut butter, butter, my new favorite baking chocolate, and vanilla extract.

bowl of melted Trader Joe's PoundPlus chocolate

Then I added a little bit of this, some sugar and two other kinds of chocolate, a little bit of that, and came up with a winner.

I just got done taking pictures of the finished dessert and it’s even better as a finished product than chocolate peanut butter soup was on its own.

bowl of melted chocolate

Taste-testing as I go and sampling the goods was also on my weekend list.

Next up will be to sample one of these

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Marshmallow Stuffed Rice Krispie Bars (No Bake)

stack of chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Marshmallow Stuffed Rice Krispie Bars

The winners of the Cascadian Farms Cereal Giveaway are:

Angela / Canned Time

Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries

What did you do this weekend or check off your list?

What was the best thing you’ve taste-tested lately?  Any cute housewares or dishes finds recently?

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