Disappearing Acts

If I mention a product on my blog, it’s because I really like it and most of the time, it’s because I love the product or item.

Unfortunately, many of my favorite products have recently pulled a disappearing act.  All I need to do is blog about something, profess my love for it, and then poof.  It goes out of stock, becomes sold out, temporarily unavailable, or permanently discontinued.

These White Chocolate Chips

They’re seasonal in San Diego, although I have been told by readers that some Southern Trader Joe’s stores carry them year-round.


Now that I know the seasonal situation, I buy a dozen bags or so in December because by December 31, and many times sooner, they are gone for the year and they’re my favorite white chocolate to bake with and the price is also a steal.

Hot Pepper Jelly is gone, too.  I’ve been told it’s seasonal.

And I’ve been told they’re just having a hard time keeping it in stock.

Either way, they’ve been out since before 2012 at my store and in surrounding stores, because I’ve checked.  Hot pepper jelly and cream cheese makes a great dip.

My next plan was to make a hot pepper jelly and cream cheese stuffed puff pastry appetizer like the Avocado, Cream Cheese, & Salsa-Stuffed Puff Pastry, but that plan is on hold until I find another type of hot pepper jelly.

Cookie Butter Spread

I blogged about the national travesty the nationwide shortage.

I’ve been told thisfor a few months now that this is on its way back, but so far, it’s still M.I.A.

I’ve also seen that there’s a new Dark Chocolate Bar with Cookie Butter Spread inside of it, but that’s not really what I want.  I want jars of Speculoos Cookie Butter spread back.

I have high hopes to make more Cookie Butter Spread Ginger Molasses Cookies (No Bake, Vegan, with GF option).  I better locate some Biscoff, stat.

Whoopie Pie Pans are sold out now at my local BB & B San Diego Mission Valley store.  I bought the last two pans, but other stores may have inventory and you can order online.

Unfortunately, sometimes stores like BB & B or Target will have seasonal merchandise in the fall and early winter for the holiday baking season and for gifts, and then when those things sell out, they’re gone for good and not restocked.

I need to make another batch of Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookies with PB Cups & PB M&M’s in the whoopie pans.

You can make the cookies without a whoopie pie pan and on cookie sheets; they just won’t be deep dish.

Or try a muffin pan.

There were about 20 cans of Cafe Bustelo Coffee for sale at the grocery store when I bough it about 10 days ago, but after blogging about it and professing my love for it, it’s disappeared and is sold out from my local grocery store.

I need to check other stores in the area for it, but in the meantime, I found this Cafe La Llave on the store shelf next to the open space where the Cafe Bustelo is normally kept.

It’s really dark and even bolder in flavor than the Cafe Bustelo, with a bit less “bite”, and it was on sale for $5.99 for the 12 ounce can.

I’ve been brewing it up in my new coffee maker the last two days.

In that sense, the disappearing act of Cafe Bustelo had a silver lining because this was a nice find.


Have there been any items that have pulled a disappearing act from your stores?

This happens to me frequently as I mentioned at the bottom of this post.

I also mentioned here that items like my favorite Balance Bar to seasonal Victoria’s Secret body sprays to hair, makeup, and beauty products that are no longer being made.  Fall in love with something and watch it vanish.

Have you found anything as a replacement to replace what disappeared?  Is it as good?  Even better perhaps?

Sometimes disappearing acts force me to seek out new products that are even better (or just as good).  Gotta look for that silver lining.

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  1. I checked out your link, and I’m sorry to say that TJs is not selling a dark chocolate cookie butter spread: it’s a dark chocolate bar with the cookie butter spread inside it. Still, sounds good!

  2. Ug, that is the worst!!! My my heart breaking disappearing act was a Lancome mascara. I recently discovered the Amazonian Clay Mascara, and it is the bomb!!!!!

  3. The dark chocolate bar with Speculoos spread satisfied my craving.

  4. Eva @VegucatingMyKids Reply

    I am bummed by the ‘seasonability’ of red pepper jelly too! I was devastated–for me, I would mix it into tuna fish and serve in a red bell pepper–that was my go-to post workout snack

  5. So sad!
    I just bought the White Choc Chips at TJ’s on Wed, so let me know if you need me ot send some your way!

    BTW, I didn’t see any cookie butter and I have heard they have chocolate covered cookie butter which I can’t find either!

  6. I hate that! I thought I was the only one this happens to! It seems like EVERYTIME I find something AMAZING, *poof* what feels like moments later its gone.

  7. You should try to make your own Hot Pepper Jelly! My grandma used to make it when I was very young, I haven’t had it since!

    • I make chutney but not jelly. Jelly is different because there’s more involved than making jam, preserves, or chutney. For the price, TJ’s is such a deal, not to mention the time factor (and taste) …but…I may have to learn how to make pepper jelly. Wish your grandma was here :)

    • Makes sense! I’ll have to search TJs on my next trip! I love their Mango Chutney!

  8. I just moved to a town with a TJ’s and was soo excited to try Peanut Flour and Cookie Butter, among other things, only to find out that they had neither! Of course you already know the reason for the Cookie Butter, but apparently the peanut flour wasn’t popular so they stopped carrying it…I sucked it up and ordered PB2 online. I have Biscoff but was really looking forward to trying Cookie Butter! Would you say it’s better?

  9. You are so funny, but I understand! I can’t believe the pepper jelly is gone, thank god I have have a jar left in the fridge. From Trader Joe’s I used to love the milk chocolate covered almonds, and the cocoa powdered almonds, all gone! I know there is a few there that I love that is now gone. As for Victoria’s Secret, I love the Vanilla Lace lotions, ect… and they discontinued it. Loved it!!

    Oh I do think the Cookie Butter will be coming back soon, it was a hit!

    You can get Biscoff Spread at Cost Plus. I compared it to Trader Joe’s and I like Trader Joe’s so much better! Oh just read the comment above and yah, TJ’s got rid of Peanut Flour, I never even got to try it, wish I did!

  10. Those stuffed pastries are perfection! Beautiful photos, as always!

    I’m too fickle of a shopper to really notice missing products- I hope from brand to brand a lot, but I was DEVASTATED when my local grocers stopped carrying Newman’s Own/ Green Mountain Flavored coffees. Fair trade coffee is really important to me but I REALLY prefer flavored coffees. Oy. I’ve been hoarding them at my mom’s grocery store upstate and filling my suitcase to bring them back to NYC. :)

  11. I’ve seriously debated buying that chocolate bar just for the cookie butter spread inside. I’m not sure I should admit something like that but it’s the truth!

    • Had I known about the cookie butter spread situation about 1 week earlier, I would have packed a suitcase full of Dutch cookie butter spread on my way home from Aruba. The stuff is like $3 bucks for a huge jar and blows all other brands away. Darn.

  12. You are lucky to even have TJ near you. When I lived in Seattle, TJ’s was on a walking distance from me, now the closest one about 600 miles… :) Although, they are opening soon one in Dallas, TX which is only 250 miles! I can’t wait to go back to Seattle… Enough said, everything disappeared for me in this food desert. I don’t do shopping at WalMart, and finding a good source of natural and organic was a bit challenging. But I found Squash Blossom in Van Buren, AR and I call them “my little Trader Joe’s”.

  13. I’ve been having a hard time with stores not having La Tortilla Factory tortillas, anyone know what’s up?
    And I’ve been looking for the Cafe Bustela ever since you mentioned it but have yet to locate it:(

  14. I wish I had a TJ’s or a Whole Foods where I live here in Canada. I’ve always wanted to check them out and see what unique foods they carry!

  15. This happens to me a lot. Usually it’s because I like the quality version and they are more expensive/less popular and get pulled. A related issue is when I have a fave product and, for whatever reason, the formulation gets changed. A good example is apple sauce. Slowly, each brand started to appear with added flavour (grrrrr.). Also yogurt. A trend lately is for added stabilisers, even in brands that didn’t have them and, IMO, didn’t need it. So annoying.

    • I hate when they add chemicals or slightly alter foods that were just fine in their previous version or state. Case in point, one of the non-stick cooking sprays I loved, Pam Buttery Spray, was reformulated about 6 mos ago and went from great to un-useable.

    • I didn’t know if they changed the Pam recipe or were forced to list all the true ingredients, but I recently looked at the label to check the ingredients and I threw the Pam away. That can’t be good for humans, and I’m not a real fan of organic eating or anything like that. I’m going to use the pump spray oils.

  16. So many things that I can’t get anymore being in a small town. But, there are some things that I can get here, but couldn’t find anywhere else. You know, like potatoes. And any kind of sausage or cheese. ;)

  17. Hm, interesting – I wish certain things were around yearlong! ^^ As for the jelly – have you ever thought of making your own? Its really simple with just some salt, lime juice, sugar, water and minced peppers! ^^

    • I have but feel like it’s going to be more complicated that that. I make chutney but not jelly. Jelly is different; chutney and preserves seem more forgiving because they can retain chunky and don’t have to be strained and as precise..but I need to try jelly making. I have memories of my mom and grandma canning jelly and it was *serious* business with vats of boiling water everywhere!

  18. :( I hate when my favourite products go MIA. I’m very brand-loyal, and tend to stick to what I know and like. Thankfully it hasn’t happened lately. I’m still DYING to try that cookie butter!!

  19. Every time you post of your long lost tj’s loves i’m tempted to go to my local tj’s and see if i can stock up for you. I *know* I can get those white chocolate chips (since I just had a bag in hand yesterday but put it back because I have “too much chocolate I need to use before I can buy more” which isn’t true at all by the way, there’s never enough chocolate). Anyway if you’re in a true bind for them gimme a shout and I’ll be happy to send some to you ;)

    Right now my only “omg gotta have it every time” product is South River Chick Pea Miso Paste (totally random, I know but I go through that stuff FAST). Apparently it’s really popular because I frequently have to go to more than one Whole Foods/health foods store to find it lately. One time I couldn’t find the brand I liked and ended up going home with another brand of chick pea miso…mmmmm never again. It was great, though- I finally deigned to bring it home and when I got to the counter, the girl couldnt ring it up for some reason, so as is Whole Foods’s policy, I went home with it for free. So I didn’t have to pay for the product, and it’s good because I decided I wouldn’t buy it again anyway.

  20. Yeah, that happens to me often! Tonight, could not find one bag of dried chickpeas anywhere in the grocery store and have been to 5 stores looking for cans of our household’s favorite seltzer water. Screw it, I’m getting a CO2 tank, lol.

  21. I now must find that cookie butter!

  22. Averie, I have a hunch that everyone is reading your blog and then they go buy the items because your pictures make it look so good…
    …I’m seeing a correlation here!

    We’re supposed to be getting a Trader Joe’s in Knoxville in the coming year– it will be interesting to see whether these items come into the store…(I wish they’d hurry and build it!)

    • I was seriously thinking there are stealth San Diego readers who cleaned out the coffee in the last week from the grocery store. It was just too strange; like 50 cans…vanished but it could be a coincidence of course. I’m not crazy enough to think me and my little blog are that powerful or anything…haha!

  23. No TJ’s for me in NE Indiana which I am chronically bummed about! There is a TJ’s about 120 mi away so I hope they make it here someday. I have been able to find cafe bustello at Wal Mart and Kroger around here. Good luck getting re-stocked!

  24. oh man that’s so many items, I would be a bit saddened i think. Honestly I can’t think of a single product that that has happened with for me except when I was younger- quaker oats used to make a fun kids variety pack box of oatmeal with cookies and cream, apple cinnamon etc. and poof it was gone one day. I wrote to the company asking them why they removed it… when I was like 5 no joke ahhaa.

  25. trader joe’s cookie butter is the best invention ever. it’s dangerous. i think biscoff spread tastes pretty similar, just a bit more expensive!

  26. I just saw Biscoff last week at one of the health food stores around here. And generally hot pepper jelly is easy to find here, as well.

  27. Oh I hate it when I find something I love and then it disappears on me. I had found a running shoe I loved and then they changed the model and I could no longer wear the newer models. It’s kind of funny, I think about some products from childhood that I adored that you don’t ever see like those super extra crunchy O’Boisie (sp?) chips. Not that I “need” those mind you LOL

  28. That’s always my luck with Trader Joe’s and why it can be so frustrating to shop there for me, I never got to try the Cookie Spread because it was gone by the time I got around to looking for it. Oh well.

  29. No Whole Foods or TJs here, but my boyfriend and I have noticed lemon products seem to get the boot pretty quickly! :( He told me a few minutes ago that his family used to always get these lemon doughnuts from the bakery at the grocery store and then one day they just stopped making them. It sounded like it was a bit stressful! :P

  30. Whoopie pie cookies? Can’t wait to have these with ice cream!

  31. It is so frustrating to fall in love with a product and then have it completely disappear! I hope you’re able to find some good hot pepper jelly soon. I’ve gotta go stock up on all of the food should taste good chips for the super bowl next weekend. Even though they don’t make my favorite kind anymore, it did force me to try the other flavors!

  32. They discontinued my favorite white chocolate at Trader Joe’s – it was a bar, not chips and it was cheap and good! So bummed I can’t get it anymore. They do have the cookie butter at my TJ’s in stock, but I haven’t tried it yet since I’m still working through a stash of Biscotti spread in my pantry :)

    • That’s good to know that your TJs has cookie butter in stock (either they never sold out or it’s coming back!)…girl buy it. You could probably sell it for 3x the price, you know, in all your spare time on ebay or something. Lol

      And I have the hardest time finding white blocks of choc to bake with. I’ve heard that Walmarts of all places have a good selection but it’s not easy to find white bars (that aren’t like 20 bucks for a 1 pound bar or something)

  33. Ugh, I hate when products that I love become discontinued! I have had many favorites disappear off of shelves over the past few years.

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