Disappearing Acts

If I mention a product on my blog, it’s because I really like it and most of the time, it’s because I love the product or item.

Unfortunately, many of my favorite products have recently pulled a disappearing act.  All I need to do is blog about something, profess my love for it, and then poof.  It goes out of stock, becomes sold out, temporarily unavailable, or permanently discontinued.

These White Chocolate Chips

They’re seasonal in San Diego, although I have been told by readers that some Southern Trader Joe’s stores carry them year-round.


Now that I know the seasonal situation, I buy a dozen bags or so in December because by December 31, and many times sooner, they are gone for the year and they’re my favorite white chocolate to bake with and the price is also a steal.

Hot Pepper Jelly is gone, too.  I’ve been told it’s seasonal.

And I’ve been told they’re just having a hard time keeping it in stock.

Either way, they’ve been out since before 2012 at my store and in surrounding stores, because I’ve checked.  Hot pepper jelly and cream cheese makes a great dip.

My next plan was to make a hot pepper jelly and cream cheese stuffed puff pastry appetizer like the Avocado, Cream Cheese, & Salsa-Stuffed Puff Pastry, but that plan is on hold until I find another type of hot pepper jelly.

Cookie Butter Spread

I blogged about the national travesty the nationwide shortage.

I’ve been told thisfor a few months now that this is on its way back, but so far, it’s still M.I.A.

I’ve also seen that there’s a new Dark Chocolate Bar with Cookie Butter Spread inside of it, but that’s not really what I want.  I want jars of Speculoos Cookie Butter spread back.

I have high hopes to make more Cookie Butter Spread Ginger Molasses Cookies (No Bake, Vegan, with GF option).  I better locate some Biscoff, stat.

Whoopie Pie Pans are sold out now at my local BB & B San Diego Mission Valley store.  I bought the last two pans, but other stores may have inventory and you can order online.

Unfortunately, sometimes stores like BB & B or Target will have seasonal merchandise in the fall and early winter for the holiday baking season and for gifts, and then when those things sell out, they’re gone for good and not restocked.

I need to make another batch of Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookies with PB Cups & PB M&M’s in the whoopie pans.

You can make the cookies without a whoopie pie pan and on cookie sheets; they just won’t be deep dish.

Or try a muffin pan.

There were about 20 cans of Cafe Bustelo Coffee for sale at the grocery store when I bough it about 10 days ago, but after blogging about it and professing my love for it, it’s disappeared and is sold out from my local grocery store.

I need to check other stores in the area for it, but in the meantime, I found this Cafe La Llave on the store shelf next to the open space where the Cafe Bustelo is normally kept.

It’s really dark and even bolder in flavor than the Cafe Bustelo, with a bit less “bite”, and it was on sale for $5.99 for the 12 ounce can.

I’ve been brewing it up in my new coffee maker the last two days.

In that sense, the disappearing act of Cafe Bustelo had a silver lining because this was a nice find.


Have there been any items that have pulled a disappearing act from your stores?

This happens to me frequently as I mentioned at the bottom of this post.

I also mentioned here that items like my favorite Balance Bar to seasonal Victoria’s Secret body sprays to hair, makeup, and beauty products that are no longer being made.  Fall in love with something and watch it vanish.

Have you found anything as a replacement to replace what disappeared?  Is it as good?  Even better perhaps?

Sometimes disappearing acts force me to seek out new products that are even better (or just as good).  Gotta look for that silver lining.

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57 comments on “Disappearing Acts”

  1. I just saw Biscoff last week at one of the health food stores around here. And generally hot pepper jelly is easy to find here, as well.

  2. Oh I hate it when I find something I love and then it disappears on me. I had found a running shoe I loved and then they changed the model and I could no longer wear the newer models. It’s kind of funny, I think about some products from childhood that I adored that you don’t ever see like those super extra crunchy O’Boisie (sp?) chips. Not that I “need” those mind you LOL

  3. That’s always my luck with Trader Joe’s and why it can be so frustrating to shop there for me, I never got to try the Cookie Spread because it was gone by the time I got around to looking for it. Oh well.

  4. No Whole Foods or TJs here, but my boyfriend and I have noticed lemon products seem to get the boot pretty quickly! :( He told me a few minutes ago that his family used to always get these lemon doughnuts from the bakery at the grocery store and then one day they just stopped making them. It sounded like it was a bit stressful! :P

  5. Whoopie pie cookies? Can’t wait to have these with ice cream!

  6. It is so frustrating to fall in love with a product and then have it completely disappear! I hope you’re able to find some good hot pepper jelly soon. I’ve gotta go stock up on all of the food should taste good chips for the super bowl next weekend. Even though they don’t make my favorite kind anymore, it did force me to try the other flavors!

  7. They discontinued my favorite white chocolate at Trader Joe’s – it was a bar, not chips and it was cheap and good! So bummed I can’t get it anymore. They do have the cookie butter at my TJ’s in stock, but I haven’t tried it yet since I’m still working through a stash of Biscotti spread in my pantry :)

    • That’s good to know that your TJs has cookie butter in stock (either they never sold out or it’s coming back!)…girl buy it. You could probably sell it for 3x the price, you know, in all your spare time on ebay or something. Lol

      And I have the hardest time finding white blocks of choc to bake with. I’ve heard that Walmarts of all places have a good selection but it’s not easy to find white bars (that aren’t like 20 bucks for a 1 pound bar or something)

  8. Ugh, I hate when products that I love become discontinued! I have had many favorites disappear off of shelves over the past few years.

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