A Zoo Out There & Recipe Fails

I hope your weekend is off to a good start.  I ran a few errands including the post office.  Boy, that place seemed especially like a zoo on a Saturday morning.  And here I thought I was being smart and avoiding the crowds.  Then I carried on to the grocery store and Trader Joe’s for more jam-packed fun.

After fighting the crowds and praying for parking karma After running errands, I came home and nibble on some strawberries.  And polished off all the sale fruit Darn.

I also fired up the oven and made Roasted Sweet Potato Fries

I dip all fries in ketchup (not pictured).  I love ketchup. I could drink it.

And decided that Raw Taco Nut “Meat”

for a Raw Taco Salad sounded good

I bring this taco “meat” to parties and always impress the meat eaters because it’s hearty, dense, full of flavor, and filling.  And takes about 45 seconds to make.

Breakfast/Snack/Dessert:  It would have been a good morning to make some banana bread, but I ran out of time for that because I was in the kitchen creating something else. But try a loaf of Peanut Butter Banana Bread (Vegan, GF)

Easy and goof-froof and how could anything with all that peanut butter be wrong?

Or if chocolate is more your thing, there’s always Raw Vegan Brownies

From my last post about What Caught My Eye This Week around the ‘sphere, I’m glad all that food looked good to you!

And it was interesting to hear what kinds of blogs you like to read, what keeps you going back for more, and any new-to-you blogs you’ve found and are enjoying.


1.  Do you plan your errands so you don’t have to run them on the weekends?

It’s hard for me to get everything done that I want to during the week, so am forced (along with most of the working world) to shop on weekends and deal with crowded stores.  Plus, sometimes I just run out of produce or something comes up that I need to grab and I have to run out for it and can’t avoid weekend errands.

2. On my last post, it was all about great looking recipes I’ve seen.   Have you ever tried a recipe you’ve seen in the ‘sphere and it was a failure?

I have.  I sometimes wonder if the the author really tested the recipe or if their tasetebuds are just very different from mine.  Or maybe I goofed and made it wrong, entirely possible, of course.

Some things I see and know, right off the bat, that would not be up my alley.  Sometimes certain flavor combos don’t look good to me.

Other times it’s the ratios of flours + oils + lack of this or that ingredient, and I can almost “scientifically sense” that this recipe would be hard to successfully recreate or have it come together properly for me. 

But other times, I think, mmmm, sounds great! And then I try it, and the recipe doesn’t come together or work out.  Or, the taste isn’t up my alley.  And I am a little bummed, but hey, onto the next meal and next recipe. As I said yesterday, there are so many amazing blogs with so many great recipes, just point and click on over to the next one I have bookmarked.

3. Best thing you’ve eaten or done so far this weekend?

I spent some time in the kitchen, spent time with Skylar, and got a great streamlined workout in!

Enjoy your weekend!

40 comments on “A Zoo Out There & Recipe Fails”

  1. I’ve made some stuff that I might not consider a fail…but wasn’t exactly for me, either. I usually stick to cookbooks when I go for a recipe, though :P My biggest fear is someone’s going to try one of my recipes and think “what was she smoking when she made that?” for whatever reason, even though I’m pretty careful about measuring and such, haha. There was one recipe I made, though, that had tons of people raving that I just didn’t quite “get.” Maybe it was the few tweaks I made that messed it up, but part of me was wondering if people were just afraid to say anything :P
    UGH – Post offices are my nemesis. I try to print labels and such online whenever I can; but it NEVER fails that the time I don’t is the time there will be a line out the door. That I have to wait in.
    I hope you get some time to relax and enjoy your Sunday, Averie1

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  3. My husband and I are totally planning on trying your raw taco meat today! How funny. Personally I’m addicted to mustard. I used to LOVE ketchup, but when I stopped eating cheeseburgers for some reason I just don’t like it much anymore.

    I have made some major recipe fails, but I think the fault has usually been mine. I always change things because of my food intolerances and just plain taste preferences.

  4. Love all of your delicious food especially the taco meat I make one using beans, walnuts, and spices sooo yum!

  5. I try to fit my errands in on my 2 hour break for lunch.. though grocery shopping is saved for after work. No way I could get outta there in less than 2 hours most shopping days! Hahaha.

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