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Now that fall is upon us…

Green park and graveyard

Apple season is upon us, too

Red and green apples

I go through times of the year where I am really into apples

Red and green applesAnd it helps that they’re cheap this time of year, too

Sometimes I eat them plain

Red and green apples

Sometimes I dip them into this

Natural JIF peanut butter

Or this

Sunflower seed butter jars

Or into homemade Dark Rum Caramel Sauce

Dark Rum Caramel Sauce with apple slices

Or I make Apple Crumble (Vegan, GF, No Bake)

Apple Crumble in plastic container
Apple Crumble in plastic containerI like it just as much, if not more than baked, traditional crumbles.

And I really, really love crumbles and crisps.  Well, okay, I love oats + brown sugar + cinnamon + fruit.  <–can’t go wrong

Red and green apples

And you can be a cheater and make a 1 minute microwave apple crumble (vegan, GF)

1 minute microwave apple crumble
1 minute microwave apple crumble

Or I dice apples into small cubes and combine them with blueberries and use them in Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat Cakes (Vegan, GF)
Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat Cake

You can omit the blueberries or the apples and just make a plain Microwave Banana Oat Cake, too

Microwave Banana Oat CakeOr smear it with PB

Adding diced apples to baked goods is always nice

They add flavor and moisture to recipes

Try adding a 1/4 c or so to Cinnamon Raisin Banana Oatmeal Muffins (Vegan, GF)

Cinnamon Raisin Banana Oatmeal Muffin ingredientsCinnamon Raisin Banana Oatmeal Muffin

 I use apples in the batter for Vegan Gluten Free Pancakes

Apples and seeds in blender
Vegan Gluten Free Pancake batter in blender
Vegan Gluten Free Pancakes with blueberries

Drinking apples in Spiced Apple Pie Smoothie with spiced apple cider and creamy yogurt.

Spiced Apple Pie Smoothie

So how ’bout them apples.  Versatile!


Are you an apple fan?  Favorite kind?

I know that honeycrisp are really popular among bloggers but I prefer Fuji.

I also like Gala, Braeburn, McIntosh, and all kinds of niche varieties.

I grew up near an arboretum and farmland where they actually created new varieties and hybrids.  Every year in the fall, we’d go apple taste-testing and sample the new apple varieties.  Such fun memories.

I like my apples

sweet (not a fan of tart or green apples)



thin skin

‘Red Delicious’ apples should be outlawed in my book because they are both mushy and have really tough skins.  A double whammy.

How do you like to eat your apples?

As I said, sometimes plain, sometimes dipped in things, and sometimes I bake or un-bake with them.

Plus you know what they say, “An apple a day keeps the chocolate monster away.”

Green and red apples

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  1. So glad I found this post! I just went apple picking today and got a half-bushel (aka A LOT – it felt like 15 lbs or so). I can’t wait to try some of these recipes!

  2. I love apples! My favorite is Fuji too! My second favorite is Gala or Honeycrisp. I’m not a fan of tart apples much either.

    All of those apple recipes you shared sound so yummy!

  3. Do you know how to make a vegan caramel that is thick enough to dip apples into and roll in nuts (for caramel apples). This is uber-important for proper Halloween festivities!

  4. Wonderful apple inspiration here, thanks. I adore apples, especially with a little cinnamon. And I can’t wait for some fun Apple Hill days here when fall gets into full swing with turning leaves, cooling temps, and pumpkin patches everywhere.

    1. Yes, fuji, red delicious, macintosh, pretty much any variety that’s not too tart.
    2. Fresh and raw, as apple chips, or in apple cinnamon smoothies and chia seed puddings.

  5. That 1st photo with the sun poking through the trees is so pretty. We love apples every which way…all year long. Love the look of your crisp & quick little oat cakes too :) xo

  6. this post made my mouth water. The photos are great, make the apples look so delicious. I live in the northeast (united states), and it’s apples a plenty right now. there are a bunch of orchards nearby. Honeycrisp, gala, pink lady, fuji are all awesome! i can’t stand red delicious either- it doesn’t seem like many people here like them either! we also have lots of hybrids we love like keepsake. and not to mention apple sauce, cider, juice, crisp, donuts… there is even apple wine here!

  7. haha there’s another saying about apples: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if the doctor’s cute, then screw the fruit!” :)

  8. You have given me so many ideas to work with apples!!! I must try each and every one!!

    I usually make single serving apple crumbles, but that was before I tried a cleaner diet. Can’t wait to try a gf and vegan recipe :)

  9. Cortland apples are definitely my favorite! And I love Macintosh. Granny Smith have a soft spot in my heart, but I agree, Red Delicious are THE WORST.

  10. I love apples of all kinds, especially in season and from the tree. I agree with you about red delicious–double whammy–and yet, I actually like them despite that! Granny smiths I can find a bit hard sometimes because of the super-tough skin and super-sourness–red delicious at least are sweet.

    Love that you grew up near a place where they developed new varieties–such fun!
    Oh, and glorious apple photos there.
    I’m not a huge fan of crisps and crumbles (never really had the opportunity) but Phil is, and now that I seem to be ok with gf oats, maybe I should give it another try!

  11. I am really excited to make some raw desserts with the apples that are rolling in! I am sure a raw crisp will happen one way or other, just like you! Apples in pancakes are always a hit around here as well. I love pink lady apples the most. I agree with your outlawing of the red delicious. To mealy! Yeck. But most other apples are awesome.

  12. Fujis are really my all time favorite. I love granny smiths too and pink ladies are my 3rd favorite. I’m an apple snob though. They have to be crisp or I want nothing to do with them.

  13. The secret to making any good apple pie, cobbler, or crisp is to use a variety of your favorite apples. That way you get a whole variety of flavors and different flavors in each bite.

  14. I love apples – and (almost) COMPLETELY agree about Red Delicious! I buy them for juicing because in organics, they are the cheapest and we go through A LOT of apples with juicing.

    My favorite apples to eat – I really like tart apples! Another new favorite is the Envy – wow are those tasty, and they’re HUGE! so good. Honeycrisp have been showing up in our stores and those are some of my favorites too.

  15. I am SO behind on my blogging/reading etc. but had to drop in on this post b/c I love apple season. I love picking apples, cooking with apples, you name it. Yum!

  16. I LOVE apples. In fact I’ve been eating one on the side of breakfast every single day for…over a year? I am definitely getting in my apple a day. Honeycrisp is awesome, but my favorite is actually Ambrosia. Pink Lady is a close second. But the only kinds I can find right now are Fuji, Gala, Red/Golden Delicious and Honeycrisp. And out of those Honeycrisp is the only one worth my time!

  17. Love, love apples. Honey Crisp, Cortland, Macs, Grannys, Fujis, Golden Delish….love! Red Delicious are the worst apple ever. I’ve never, ever, ever have had tasted one that wasn’t mealy. Raw with pb, apple (crisp) crunch, I used to eat caramel apples (on a stick) rolled in peanuts. I also love apples cut up in kale salad. I love going to an orchard, if I have time to pick great, if not a big bag comes home with me. Oh, I almost forgot…unfiltered, unadulterated apple cider!

  18. I have a Fuji sitting on my desk waiting to be eaten. I also like the tart Granny Smiths.

    I generally eat my apples plain as snacks. I do love apple pie and cobblers, but I rarely ever make them. Also, I love hot cider too!

  19. I absolutely love apples and we’re lucky here in BC to get some great home-grown ones. I love any that have a crisp skin and a sweet inside. Yum! I slather peanut butter on or eat on their own. But I love to do apple pies, tarts or crumbles. I just use sweet apples instead of the sourer cooking apples (Granny Smith or Bramley) and omit the sugar. I just load in spices for flavouring and then it’s a pretty healthy dessert. My other fave? BAKED apples. Yum!

  20. I love apples all year round. Honestly, every one of these recipes looks fantastic. I don’t know where to start.
    I really enjoy green apples just as much as red. My favorites are granny smith and crispin. In the red department I am also part of the honeycrisp bandwagon as well as gala and braeburn.
    I used to think I hated apples because I remember always getting red delicious at school lunches. I really do not like them at all – too mealy.
    Cheers to apple season!

  21. I can’t stand green apples. Too sour… the sweeter, the better! When i was younger I would literally sit with a jar of caramel and a bowl of apple slices and just dip and eat :) Now I just love them plain, but when it’s a little chilly out I love heating up the slices in the microwave with a bit of brown sugar (or stevia!) and some spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice). So easy and so good!

  22. Love the apple pics, gorgeous!! I LOVE apples, Fuji are my favorite! The best apples I ever had were in Ithaca, NY. They have tons of local orchards that produce the sweetest, most crisp and amazing apples ever!! I always dream about going back in the fall to see the beautiful foliage and eat those delicious apples!!

  23. I’m a huge fan of fall apples and all of your photos are making me hungry! Actually posting an apple pie recipe tonight:-)

  24. Yum yum to the apple post! I love Honey Crisp and Ginger Gold apples. I also love to make applesauce with lots of cinnamon!

  25. I love apple season, too! I got a bunch from my CSA yesterday, and my friend made a fabulous apple crisp last night. Yum!

  26. We’re so on the same wavelength..I barely ate apples all summer but suddenly autumn hit and I’m craving apples like no tomorrow. I love everything about apple season! I like my apples all ways-whole, sliced, diced, in stuff, dipped in stuff, juiced, cidered,donuted…you get the idea haha. I like gala apples the best. And we get these beautiful local apples in the fall, my favorite is a strain called winesap – they’re perfectly red outside and white and crisp and juicy on the inside, I always imagine they’re the apple from Snow White haha.

  27. My husband’s birthday was yesterday and he requested Birthday apple crisp instead of cake (!?) I happily obliged because it’s one of my favourite desserts. I went to University in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, which is known for it’s apples. I remember eating apples so huge that I considered them a meal! I prefer sweet apples too and will eat any of them except granny smith and red delicious :)

  28. Fall is just the best time of year. Period. I love it! Too bad the Floridians can’t experience the changing colors of the leaves and the crisp air. When I lived up north, I just loved it so much! Also, my friend up north had an organic apple orchard where we would help her pick apples. It took five people 4 hours to pick just one tree-there were that many apples on it. Then, we’d bring 3 boxes full of them home and have apples forever! Applesauce, homemade apple juice (liquid gold!), and our friend would make apple cider. Mmmmm.

    And yes, Fuji is my favorite, too. Crisp, sweet, juicy.

  29. I used to eat an apple every day but they weren’t doing my GI system any favors and were making me cramp and get really really bloated. Took me forever to figure that one out, but I rarely eat them now. I do like applesauce though. Ihave an apple tree in my yard, but they are mealy apples. If there is one thing I hate, its a mealy apple. No, thanks.

  30. I love apples — Honeycrisp are good but they are so pricey. I’m with you on loving Gala, Fuji and Jazz apples. I like them to crunch — if they are too soft they are no good.

    I like apples plain, or with PB or in a crisp/pie.

  31. I can get really sick of apple if I eat them too often. However, when I am running, I always have a “raw apple muffin” for breakfast. Just half of an apple topped with almond butter and raw sunflower seeds. It’s enough to get me through my run but not so much that I get weighed down.


  32. Apple season is my favorite – I love driving up to the mountains to pick them out and get some fresh cider. In fact, I have already made a trip! :)

    My favorite way to eat them is sliced with PB. I want to try out your caramel rum sauce next!

  33. I just did a post about apples too! You’re right- oats+apples really are the perfect combination. I bake apples and fill them with flavored oatmeal and maple syrup to make a yummy treat. Enjoy apple season!

  34. Love apples, but the must be super firm and crisp. I used to think that Granny Smiths were the ONLY apple there was. Now I enjoy Pink Lady and Honeycrisp. YUM. I love them dipped in PB also or I dice them up, sprinkle with cinnamon and vanilla stevia, nuke for 30 seconds and add to my oatmeal.

  35. mmm I’ve been loving McIntosh lately because they are cheap and delicious! And I HATE red delicious toooo! I’ll be going apple picking one of these weekends coming up, we have so many orchards around us.

  36. I LOVE apples. We always have a big bag of them in the fridge, regardless of the season. I’d have to say my favorite is gala. They are sweet, and not sour at all. Hate sour apples. We generally cut up 1-2 apples, sprinkle them with cinnamon + maple syrup and eat them before bed while watching TV. mmm so much better than popcorn!

  37. mrehhh…apples. haha. I could take them or leave them I guess! Sometimes they make my stomach feel weird, and other times, there’s nothing quite like a good, crisp (Gala!) apple! I do enjoy them much more in baked goods – chopped up in muffins/quickbreads, crumbles, or just baked plain!

  38. ahh love a good COOKED apple with cinnamon. I am not a fan of apples by themselves. Is that weird? I like them with cinnamon and and dipped in PB. Or in a desert, like your crisp, but by themselves I won’t do unless I am traveling. And yes, red apples should be outlawed!

  39. I LOVE apples… honestly, I often say they’re my favorite food. I don’t think there is a variety I don’t like, but my favorites are granny smith, fuji, and golden delicious. Can’t wait until all the fall varieties come out around here! :)

  40. I ALWAYS have apples – no matter what season it is. They are the only fruit I will honestly shell money out for when they’re so out of season. I <3 them!

    1. Agreed! I literally eat at least one daily. I just saw your post this AM too. You won’t have to shell out for apples anytime soon :)

  41. yes, fresh apples IS a good thing about fall!
    i am with you on loving crisps and crumbles and apple is my favourite. ok, i really love the topping part, only. i even tried making a crisp with no fruit, just topping! funny enough, it was just ok…apple crisp needs apples, believe it or not!
    i love fuji and honecrisp. anything slightly tart, crisp, not mushy. i eat an apple with pb at least once per day. love that combo and it never gets old.
    we are lucky in southern ontario to have plentiful local apples in the fall – i need to get to the market!
    have a great day, averie!

  42. Now I am craving apples!! I LOVE them. I could eat one or two a day sometimes even. I usually get gala but recently I’ve been in love with Pink Lady. They never have them in my store though! Not sure why. I usually eat them plain or with nut butter for a snack.

  43. so funny, I just did a post about apples! :-) Great minds think alike! I love apples, but m daughter is obsessed with them. She can’t really eat them, since she has only 4 teeth haha, but she loves to just chew on the apple!
    Such pretty pictures, you make those apples look so mouthwatering!