Aruba Bound

I just wrapped up an enormously big project, or wrapped up the bulk of it, and Monday night I am getting on a plane to go to my house in Aruba.

For the month of August.

Scott and I had discussed a trip, for approximately how long we’d stay, and he was like, Babe just do whatever you want.

Whatever I want? Okay.

Surprise, family, we’re going to Aruba for a month.

Since he and I can both work from anywhere with phones, an internet connection, computer, camera, and I need a few extra things like mixing bowls and some sugar, I figured what the heck and booked the trip.

Plus, this is the last month of summer vacation with our ‘baby’ who is starting first grade in September. Sniff. So we’re taking a long family vacation and Skylar’s been talking nonstop about it nonstop since I spilled the beans. She’s so excited to see our neighbors there, her teddy bears in her room there, and her friends there.

Yes, I will be blogging daily.

In fact, I may be churning out more recipes.

There is only so much equator sun anyone can handle before you have to step out of the sun, and into the kitchen.

The last time we were in Aruba

I made everything from

 White Chocolate Peanut, Pretzel, & Chocolate Chip Fudge

to Pineapple Banana & Coconut Cream Smoothies

to White Chocolate Vanilla Peanut Butter Puppy Chow

to Creamy Cookie Butter White Chocoalte Smoothies

There will be no shortage of smoothie-making and sweet and no-bake recipes coming.

For some reason I crave white chocolate when I’m there, so if you like white chocolate, you’ll probably be in luck.

This is our running and walking path.

We need it after said baking projects.

There will be no shortage of these types of pictures in the next month.

Flowers and palm trees.

I hope you can handle a month of it.

And tons of blue sky + blue water pictures.

They make me happy, relaxed, calm, tranquil, and I could stare at blue sky and water forever.

Aruba is my happy place.

It’s not called One Happy Island for nothing.

Do you have any vacations planned or have you done any trips or little getaways this summer?

Not only am I excited and grateful to be going to my happy place, but I am so excited to be able to spend ample time each day with my family without much on our agenda. I’ll let you know if I’m still cum-ba-yah’ing over all that family togetherness after being awake 36 hours on the redeye tonight. Wish me luck!

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  1. I will be living vicariously through you. And wishing that I was by your side!!

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