Hi Friends!  TGIF!  What’s everyone doing for the weekend?  I hope you’re up to some fun things and have some good things lined up for your free time.

Yesterday while I was out at a local San Diego area Marshall’s store picking up some socks, I was recognized by a woman who reads my blog while I was standing in the checkout line.  She asked me if I wrote the blog Love Veggies and Yoga, and I said yes.  She said she loved it!

I said, “You recognize me?!” because I was truly shocked to be recognized.  Not to mention totally caught off guard and looking pretty bummy and ratty with a slightly under-the-weather Skylar in tow.  The woman smiled and said yes she recognized me and walked away, smiling brightly, and it was a classic case of the whole thing happened so fast that I didn’t know what hit me.

It was my turn to pay and I didn’t want to hold up the line but after she walked away and I was left holding my socks, I wished I would have been able to chat with her, but she was gone.  

So, to my Marshall’s-Checkout-Line Reader, thank you for saying hi!  If you happen to be reading this I am not always that shell-shocked….mind you, working on less than 4 hours of sleep as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, is partially to blame.

Here are my socks to wear around the house that I bought

Three pairs of socks from Marshalls
Close up of fuzzy socks
 Warm, soft, cute.   The essentials of any wardrobe item for me.

Does anyone have the munchies for some crackers or chips?  And dips?   I think weekends are a time for chips-n-dips!

i.e. Homemade Mary’s Crackers! 
Stacked Vegan GF Crackers
Hand holding one Vegan GF Cracker
 Vegan GF Crackers i.e. Homemade Mary’s Crackers!
Hand holding one Kale Chip
Stacked Kale Chips in container

The other day I mentioned I was going to get together with my friend Jenny.  I had a great time catching up with Jenny.  Her two kids were both napping.  Lucky!  Skylar played a little bit, but hung out with Jenny and I while we had girl talk on the couch.   It was fabulous seeing my friend !

Woman and chid sitting on brown leather couch smiling
Woman and child on leather couch smiling
Skylar is such a little woman.  She’s rather listen to what I’m talking about than play with legos.  haha!

From yesterday’s post about my mailbox finds and organic clothes, I am glad that some of you have been lucky enough to buy a few pieces of organic clothing.  So soft.  Definitely worth it if you can swing$ it.

Woman wearing long sleeved grey dress

I enjoyed hearing about your latest and greatest product finds and the items and things you can’t live without.

Mostly though it was refreshing to read what you do when Stress Hits.  Thank you to everyone who chimed in, and for new commenters and those who de-lurked for the first time and commented on my post yesterday.   Thank you to everyone for understanding that my life is going in a different direction now than it used to be and I have to make changes and adapt accordingly, for my own sanity, health, and the well-being of my family.  I knew everyone would understand but it was really nice reading the comments and seeing your support in black and white.  Thank you.   I can’t blog about my life if I am not out there living it!  

Breakfast As Dessert: Overnight Chia Seed-Coconut-Mango Soaked Oats 
Pour this in a bowl, pop it in the fridge, and eat it tomorrow morning.  And if you can’t hang with room temp oatmeal, nuke it for a minute or two before you eat it.  The mango and coconut make it so tasty, sweet, and tropical.  

Overnight Chia Seed-Coconut-Mango Soaked Oats  in green bowl
Close up of Overnight Chia Seed-Coconut-Mango Soaked Oats 

1. Have you ever been recognized because of your blog or for any other reason?  That someone knows who you are but you don’t know them?
I have been recognized in other situations.  For instance, I’ve been a yoga teacher to a large class and someone 6 months later will come up to me and say they took a yoga class of mine.  Or, I’ve been walking down the street and someone will stop me and say, hey do you workout out at Xyz Gym because I think I’ve seen you there. 

I’ve actually had women in the grocery store stop and ask me, hey are you the woman who runs along Abc Street with her jogging stroller and you wear a such-and-such colored hoodie, usually about X time of day?  And I will sheepishly say yes, and they’ll say, oh I thought that was you!

So I have been recognized plenty, but I believe yesterday was the first time specifically from my blog.

2. Do you think the weekend calls for any “special” kind of food?
I jokingly said chips & dip in the beginning of this post.  Sort of joking.  Hah!  Is there ever a time when chips and dip is bad?   Nope! 

But on the weekends, I generally don’t eat anything too different than what I normally do: lots of fresh produce, prepared simply, close to the way nature intended; not complicated, just fresh, good, mostly raw foods, are what I like best.  Basically I have found my food groove, not a rut
and I don’t deviate much from it as this is how I feel optimally; both physically and mentally.  I go a little batty if I can’t eat fresh green food, right Madeline, who’s in the midst of a cross-country move with little access to fresh food.

I know some people like to cut loose with their food choices on the weekend.  They give themselves permission to “go wild” on the weekends.  Because you know, calories and trans fats and HFCS don’t count on Saturdays and Sundays.  haha!  

If you’re a weekend indulger, that’s cool.  Enjoy it! 
If you’re not, that’s cool.  Enjoy it! 

We’re all different and we all need to do what works for our body and life path.

3. When you were a kid, did you like to be with the other kids or be with adults?
I admit, if I could have eavesdropped on all my mother’s conversations when I was a kid, or socialized with the parent’s of my friends, I would have!  I was more interested in what they were saying than watching Scooby Doo and playing with dolls.  Not that those things weren’t fun, but I just liked what the adults were doing better!  But they usually kicked me out encouraged me to “Go Play”.  Now that I’m a mom, I can understand how even mom’s need a half hour break to have some gossipy girl talk every now and then!  But sometimes that doesn’t happen, and moms just have to roll with it.

4. Do you like wearing cozy socks around the house?
I do and I hate it when my feet are cold!  We have wood and tile floors and nothing says brrr! like bare feet on cold tile.   Eeek, no!

5. Any plans for the weekend?
I’m working, spending time with the family, and I need to run errands, grocery shop, the usual.  Oh and workout.  I will be doing lots of at-home workouts since I have no time to hit the actual gym on the weekends.  Too busy with life.  So my garage/at-home gym works.

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