Chia Oats, BrekCookie, Green Plates, & Desserts

How are you doing today on this legal holiday (for all the U.S. readers)?  Columbus Day in case you were wondering.   All I know is that the post office and bank were going to be closed today so I had to scamper and get my biz-nass taken care of on Saturday afternoon.

Anyway onto a little weekend eats roundup….

First, some overnight Chia Seed-Coconut-Mango Soaked Oats
1/3 c dry oatmeal + 2/3 c lowfat vanilla almond milk + 1/4 c coconut flakes + 1 Tbsp Chias + vanilla stevia + dried mango slivers

The next morning?  Creamy, coconutty, mango-ey, chia-ey action

Also I’ve still been groovin’ on Raw Vegan Brekkie Cookies that I tweak up, inspired by Gina’s recipe.
I use: 1 smooshed banana, 1/3 c oats, 1 Scoop Sun Warrior Brown Rice Protein Powder (BRPP), Stevia, cinnamon, and a drizzle of agave for moisture.

Mixed up

And I refrigerate and 18 hours later top with fruit like mangos, plums, & grapes.  And I like it all realllllly cold so I freeze the whole thing for an hour before I eat it.

Dinners entailed B.S., brock, cukes & zukes, cauli, and tomatoes, on a bed of spinach dressed with the juice of 1/2 an orange, agave, and crackity blackity

As well as spinach, zuke noods, tomatoes, carrots dressed in peanut sauce.

Remember this Peanut Sauce?  Yeah, the recipe is right here.

Close up of the P-Sauce…slurpity slurp.

And Plenty of Desserts went down my hatchet…

I made my Raw Vegan Apple Crumble again.

That juice is a mixture of vanilla extract, agave laced with cinnamon and brown sugar (which you can omit if you want to be truly raw)

Damn.  Very good I must admit.  Not my Gourmet Magazine worthy photo, the dessert itself.  
Don’t you love my humility?  Kidding!

And, The Raw Vegan 5-Minute Donut Holes were really hittin’ the spot.  So much so that I created a chocolate version!  You’ll have to check back for the recipe…

VeganMofo in the house today.

Yoga today is Parsva Bakasana (Side Crane) on the leftWork your right and left sides equally so you don’t just keep getting stronger on your dominate side and weaker on the other.

Tip of the Day:  My Blondie Macaroon Give Away is going to end later Monday….so get your booo-tay entered NOW if you want a chance for some of these bad boys to arrive on your doorstep!

And Alisa’s also giving away Dairy Free Goodies! 

And a Glass Straw GiveAway over here!

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What did you do over the weekend?  Does anyone have off work today because it’s a holiday?  I went shopping for an hour alone Sunday afternoon.  It was divine.  I tried on some really expensive jeans and now I am kinda wishing I bought them.  I could always go back, but…Not sure if they are worth it?  Ladies, how do you balance being “responsible” with just wanting to buy the cute clothes and treating yourself?   Give me your shopping strategy!  To buy or not to buy….

Stay tuned for the Raw Vegan Chocolate Donut Holes…….

43 comments on “Chia Oats, BrekCookie, Green Plates, & Desserts”

  1. OMG u look so beautiful as a pre-momma and momma :D I want to take a stab with the chia oats but i always forget to keep a lookout for them when i'm out and about! Enjoy your chilll night A!

  2. ughh I want your abs…after a baby…so sad I can't get there yet.

    anyhow I was looking at all these different squash and totally not sure what to do with them…THANKS!!!

  3. OH! i am LOVING this post :D you were the cutest teeniest pregnant lady ever. i love it. and hahah, i wouldsa slapped that lady for sure! beer belly nothin! skylar is gorg. you are going to have to keep all the boys away from her!! <3

  4. What a beautiful baby belly you had! Even 9 months pregnant, you look toned and fit! Kudos to you for having natural childbirth…it's hard work! (I've done it a time or five myself :)
    The squash looks amazing as does the oats…love the goodies you crank out of Averie's Kitchen :)
    Skylar is an adorable tot!

  5. What a beautiful baby belly you had! Even 9 months pregnant, you look toned and fit! Kudos to you for having natural childbirth…it's hard work! (I've done it a time or five myself :)
    The squash looks amazing as does the oats…love the goodies you crank out of Averie's Kitchen :)
    Skylar is an adorable tot!

  6. HOLY MOLY LADY – i think i would have told you had a beer belly too, you are tiny!

    OMG she is soooo dang cute! i love the flashback pregnant pictures – simply adorable :)

    your overnight oats look amazing, as do those chocolate bunches of love. mostly though, your backbend. ahhhhhh…if i can get my backbend there someday…

    love you girl!!!!!

  7. Aww your belly and baby pics are adorable! Skylar is so beautiful.

  8. I'm a stay-in Friday night kind of gal. All I want to do is veg on the couch with CD by the end of the week.

    Skylar is beautiful Averie – totally adorable.

    I'm all out of Nuttzo. :(

  9. Your daughter is adorable! I can't believe someone said you had a beer belly! The nerve =P

    I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog, it's wonderful!

    On most Fridays we usually go out with another couple for dinner, drinks, and hang out afterwards. Occasionally, we will stay in and watch a movie.

  10. LOVE the flash back Friday – Mama Style! Why do belly pics and newborn baby pics make my ovaries hurt?

    Overnight oats is probably my most favorite way to eat oatmeal – love your combo, haven't soaked chia with oats yet.

    Hope you get a nice big mama break now that the hubster is home!

  11. awwww, Av!! this post bought an immediate smile to my face :) just gonna throw this out there — you are such a MILF! ;)

    ahh yay! isn't nuttzo the best?! what else can a NB lover ask for right?! I kind of want some now – hmm….

    enjoy your friday my darling!

  12. I just saw your pb cookie dough balls on PBJ's blog and have to get the recipe! They look SO GOOD!

  13. oh my gosh they grow up so fast it is sick.

  14. Your pictures are adorable- can't believe the beer belly story, some people are nuts!

    Your little girl is adorable :)

  15. Awww, your flashback Friday is so sweet! I love the pic of you in the hospital–I can see how happy you are :) And what a beauty she is!

    It varies each Friday if I feel like going out or staying in…most of the time it's staying in, making a nice dinner, and just recovering from the week!

  16. Look at how cute you are prego! Isn't it funny how presumptuous people can be? I only gained 11 lbs. my first pregnancy and people gave me a hard time too. It was probably the crunches I did that set them off ; )

    All of these new food goodies are making my mouth water! I so want to try that coconut creamer come November! My sister got the coconut yogurt and said it was divine!

    Friday nights are pizza and movie night at our house. I don't get to eat the pizza but Rawvolution has a fabulous pizza recipe that is better than the real thing!

  17. Wow! I never saw this post! You look great! I'm sorry for the mean lady that said you had a beer belly! :( She's just jealous of your prettiness :)
    Skylar is so cute! And good job on natural birth! You look really pretty in that photo! :)

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