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How has your Monday been flowing?  Mine has flowed quite frantically, actually.  I went to yoga this morning, and got my heated power flow going.   And I’ve been busy with this and that, phone calls, errands, lots of cooking and kitchen time, and of course taking care of the Birthday Girl (her official birthday date is tomorrow Tuesday, Feb 2) and she will officially be 3!!!  What have you been up to?  How was your weekend?  Anyone get snowed in?  Hopefully you’re safe and sound and warm!

Thank you for the overwhelming and awesome feedback regarding the Vegan White Chocolate Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cups!

Vegan White  and Chocolate Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cups on plate

Some were All White with Chocolate PB Centers

Vegan White Chocolate Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cup on brown plate
White Chocolate Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cup split in half on plate

And Some were White and Dark Chocolate Outers with Chocolate PB Centers

White and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup on plate


Split and stacked White and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
They really hit the spot and I may or may not have made many more batches since I posted them.

Thank you also for the feedback about What You’re Doing For Valentine’s Day and also What Kind of Gift You’d Like to Receive in the MailLots of you said my homemade goodies would be very welcome, so that was really sweet to hear….Muah!!! Thank You for Your Kind Words!!

And thanks for the compliments about my cutie pie and for the Happy Birthday Wishes For Her!

Young girl wearing birthday hat and necklace

As promised, here are more pictures of the big party we had for the three of us…haha!  Sometimes smaller is better.  Not often, but it does happen.

I strategically placed decked the house out in pink steamers

Countertop decorated with pink streamer
Patio door decorated with pink streamers

Got the Tables Set:
Big Person’s Table

Birthday Party Plates and hats on table

Skylar’s Table

Childs Birthday party table with plate, hat and napkin

Complete with Kazoo, Hat, and Place Card for all

Birthday Hat and Kazoo
Hand holding Childs name place card

The Gift Stash included raiding the Target One Dollar Bins.  Everything here was a buck each! 

Various gifts on countertop

First a $1 Dollar Tutu, a $1 bracelet, and beads.  Perfect!

Pink tutu on hanger
Pink and purple bracelet and white beads

And some socks, books, hairbrush, complete with Princess Card & Gift Bag.

Various gifts on countertop

A forgotten about Christmas Gift for Bitty Baby.   I wonder if these Twins started wearing their baking outfits at a young age?

Twins Baking Outfit in box

And I wrapped it all Up in a Princess Bag

Princess Gift Backed with Present inside
Overhead of gift bag

And then My Princess Came Home and Was Pleasantly Surprised!

Young girl opening birthday presents

 She loved her new books!

Young girl holding book with wrapping behind her
Young girl wearing beads holding book on floor

 She wasted no time organizing & meticulously straightening her loot. Wonder who she gets her compulsive organizational tendencies from?

Young girl playing with purple small teddy bear

The Ballerina Tutu Goes On and Dancing Begins!

Young girl dancing in kitchen wearing tutu
Young girl dancing in kitchen dancing in pink tutu

Is she carrying herself like a natural Ballerina or am I just a primadona stage mother?

Young girl posing in tutu, beads and holding teddy bear

Definitely Not a Stage Mother:  Just A Grateful & Blessed Mother

Woman and child smiling together
Woman and child looking at birthday card

 And Happy…

Young girl and woman smiling at camera

…for the mutual adoration this little girl and I have for each other!

Young girl looking up at woman smiling
And the Birthday Girl requested Cupcakes
Decorated cupcake on plate with a large number three candle

The ironic thing that I mentioned yesterday is that she’s never had a cupcake.  Maybe Barney tipped her off that they exist! 

Close up of cupcake on plate
So, the Birthday Girl got her Wish, and White Cupcakes with White Frosting & Sprinkles it was.  
Young girl eating cupcake

This is My Favorite Photo of the Day of Her:  When we were singing Happy Birthday to Her.  I love this picture because she genuninely appears to be blown away with happiness and wonderment that all this Was For Her!

Young girl wearing birthday hat and beads

While holding Daddy’s Hand and Grinning Ear to Ear

Young girl smiling wearing birthday hat holding mans hand

We laughed and she ate cupcakes.  And if I didn’t react to dairy like I do, you better believe that the buttercream frosting looked so stick-your-finger-in-it-and-start-lickin’ good!

Woman and child in birthday hats smiling
Young girl eating cupcake with woman behind her smiling

And We Mutually Adored some more

Woman and child looking at each other smiling
Woman and young girl looking at each other smiling

And after her cupcakes, she still ate her fresh fruit.  And then we ran off to dance ballerina style in her room!

Close up of young girl eating cupcake
Young girl in birthday hat smiling and eating
She loved every birthday moment!

And so did I!  I can’t believe she’s 3!!!!!!!!  It sounds so cliche but they really do grow up so incredibly fast.  Kiss them, hug them, hold them, because in just a few years she may think I’m lame and won’t want to be caught dead next to me.

After all the festivites, a big green bowl of veggies was just the thing.  Brock, tomatoes, and…
Bowl of raw vegetables
Close up of raw vegetables with homemade slaw dressing

 ….tons of Sugar Snap Peas with homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing

Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing in jar
Raw Vegetables in slaw dressing

Today I was Hard at Work in the Kitchen after yoga.  I made Vegan Fudge, which is setting up now and I will post it later this week.  But in making the vegan fudge, I had about 3/4th’s of a can of coconut milk leftover, so I made Vegan Coconut Milk Kefir with it.  I have posted about this before both Here and Here.

Today I simply took the opened can of coconut milk (I used TJ’s Light), poured it into a glass jar and added about 3/4 cup of water to it.

Jar with coconut milk and water

Added the Starter

Hand holding kefir starter

Stirred.  Don’t use metal utensils, the bacteria don’t like metal.

Kefir started added to jar with spatula about to stir

And am letting nature’s friendly bacteria go to work for me on my countertop for the next 18 hours.  I wish something or someone other than bacteria would go to work for me but hey, I’ll take what I can get.  Need info on vegan or water kefir grains or starter?  Here or Here.  I sometimes get mine from this place.

Jar full of Coconut Milk Kefir

Today after yoga I also made
Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs

Overhead of Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowball in bowl
Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs in bowl

Yes, it was time for a fresh batch for Scott.

Multiple bowls filled with Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs

Some of you have written that you’re having issues with them forming into balls…just add more maple syrup and/or coconut oil.  Don’t be scared of the liquid, the coconut flakes and the cocoa powder will absorb it.  Hope that helps those who have written in!  These are Scott’s Dessert Love.

Close up of Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowball

My Dessert Love was a few Vegan White Chocolate Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cups!

Vegan White and Dark Chocolate Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cups on brown plate

Yoga Today is a Side Crane, aka Parsva Bakasana.
For those of you who are regular readers, you know I’m a yoga teacher and have been since 2001I am frequently asked how to do this pose.

The easiest explanation I can offer is:
Squat down with your feet close together.
Then point your knees all the way to one direction, let’s say the right hand side.
Make a table with your arms, and lean forward and up onto the back of your arms.  
The pose is much more about center of gravity and weight distribution than it is about strength.  Core strength, in this pose and in all of yoga, is fundamental, but once that’s established, just try to find the Sweet Spot, so you can lift your crane off the ground.  Hopefully that explanation helps a bit!

Woman doing Side Crane yoga pose

Here’s Another Angle. Just have fun and you’ll get there! 

Woman doing Side Crane yoga pose

Tip of the Day:

Two Questions:
Well, first is a request.  For the bloggers who use word verification on your comment forms, please consider and re-evaluate if this is something  you believe is really useful.  I don’t use word verification and get a fairly decent number of comments on my posts.  I would say I get, maybe 2 spam comments per month, maybe.  I really don’t believe word verification does anything other than slow down the commenting process for 99.9% of your commenters.  If you are on auto-pilot with that one, like you signed up for it ages ago and never took it off, please consider taking it off.  Sometimes I have to re-key words two and three times and it takes up precious time.  If you feel it really serves a purpose and you want to keep it, then I can respect that, too!

Next, is there something about me you’d like to know that I haven’t blogged about?  I was thinking about creating and “About Me” Tab and am not sure what it is About Me that you’d want to know….haha!  I get a lot of private emails asking me all kinds of things, some of which are completely inappropriate, so please, keep it tasteful, clean, and respectful, my friends, but I may do either an About Me Section or a Reader’s Ask and I Answer type of post.   And if no one care’s a rat’s bootay “about me”, I can totally & completely understand that too!  ha!

Last Question:
At what age do  you think celebrating a birthday with a big party and gifts and the whole she-bang is played out and one should tone it down a little?  Age 12?  18?  21?  25?  30?  88?   Or, You’re never to old to have a huge she-bang!  How old were you when you had your last amazing birthday party or celebration?  I was 24, living on the beach in NC with Scott, we did sunset yoga on the beach, he had a cake made with hot pink and purple frosting, we stayed up all night drinking wine, swimming in the ocean and laughing and having a ball.  So when was your last amazing birthday party or celebration?

Stay Tuned For Oats…

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  1. i have been reading your blog from sometime and i must say you always maintain good consistency,hence i always enjoy reading your blog.

  2. You really can do a lot with coconut oil huh! It appears you can sub it in for any fat you would normally use, like butter, olive oil, etc.! How cool! It sure makes those roasted veggies look delicious!

  3. I already posted but it said that an error occured (too many people posting at the same time- I guess a lot of people want to win this coconut oil, lol)

    If I had coconut oil, I would use it to make raw coconut balls/babies. I know you have a macaroon recipe and Katie from CCV has an raw 'baby' recipe ;)

  4. If I had a gigantor tub of coconut oil I would roast and sautee all my veggies in coconut oil, make oodles of coconutty raw desserts and slather the oil all over my body after a bath!

  5. I want to make some of those coconut snowballs…drool. Also, I love to stir-fry in coconut oil, and make pilafs. It lends an interesting flavor to plain rice and veggies.

  6. I use coconut oil as salad dressing (with a fresh squeeze of lemon or lime juice), I use it as a beauty treatment for my skin, I use it like lotion, I use it on my lips, I use it in my bath, I use it in recipes, I use it on my hair…

    I LOVE coconut oil – especially Tropical Traditions!! :-D

  7. I love roasted veggies! I use coconut oil already for everything because it just makes everything taste better!

    (Though this isn't your pancake post, did you cook the coconut flour pancakes in coconut oil?)

  8. I actually would love to do the same and jsut roaste up a ton of veggies with some coconut oil. That just sounds so delicious!

  9. Huge fan of coconut oil and fat here. :) Love the Garden of Life brand myself.

    I'm all for preventative medicine, but when that cold hits hard, I say pass the Nyquil.

    Happy Belated Birthday Skylar!!!

  10. Heart painted pottery- did that quite a bit in the 90s. Samantha still has a bowl I painted her. :-)

    Knock on wood, not sick in forever (now lightning will strike me!). I usually just muddle through it and let it take its course if it's a virus. Sometimes I'll take a decongestant.

    Coconut oil- not yet. Love the taste of the butter though.

    Your splits are awe inspiring!

  11. Ohmygosh, I know I say this a lot, but Skylar is downright precious!! Although, I bet you know that already ;)

    I love painting pottery!! That's what I did for my christmas gifts this year and it was more of a gift to myself to get to do it :)

    As for sickness – I only ever get sick when I'm lacking sleep and feeling run down. Guaranteed, if I get a few nights bad sleep, I'll get a stuffy nose. If I don't rest up then, then it turns into a full-fledged cold or flu (like I just had!!)

  12. Hi, Averie!!! Thanks for another fun post. The roasted veggies are just yummie looking, and I'm trying them tomorrow. Root veggies are so delish.

    Your baby is so CUTEEE!!! She looks like she's having fun, too.

    When feeling under the weather, I fast and drink alot of water and raw fresh veggie juices. I never get sick anymore since I went high raw vegan. It's the best diet for sickness prevention, I think!! Bye for now!

  13. Great pictures! Ever since I started eatng vegan, I have not had any sickness (besides RSD, of course) in close to three years. The juicing is a BIG help, but also, stress management.

  14. LOOK how FLEXIBLE you are!

    I don't fear the fat either. We love good healthy fats around here — especially for all my lean little vegan kiddos!

    I try natural remedies at the first sign of illness here (lots of rest, extra liquids) but with so many wee ones, the germs spread quickly 'round here and there's no saving me :)

    Skylar's birthday mug will be such a treasured little pink keepsake :)

    Your girl is super-cute!

  15. If I'm getting sick/cold flu? I IMMEDIATELY run, not walk to my Chiropractor. Sometimes if I'm fevery, I get a few ajustments PER DAY to get my nervous system kicking my immune system into high gear! It really is my failsafe.

    The other thing I do is take Oscillococcinum by Boiron (or FluBuster by HomeoCan). I've heard that some folks work well with herbs, others with homeopathy and I'm the latter. One round of those little babies and a great adjustment and the illness is moving on out.

    Thanks for all your fabu recipes Averie!

  16. Skylar is looking so much older all of the sudden! It must be the big 3 thing : ) How fun to paint pottery for her birthday, such a good idea!

    Mmmm, yummy treats for sure! I've been having to cut down on those a little because I ramped up my workouts which causes me to gain a few pounds. I know it sounds backwards but I start lifting pretty heavy weight which makes the muscles huge! Next week is yoga week, yeah! It all slims right back down : )

    You know those pictures of various pb cups are NOT helping my resolve!

    Probiotics, on my list! Love coconut oil! If I feel like I'm getting sick, I get some sleep. It really helps!

    Miss chatting. In person, soon!

    Hugs and love,


  17. What fun for you and Skylar! Love the little keepsake you made!

    We are eating Tropical Traditions coconut oil these days. As a matter of fact I just received my order of two gallon buckets of it! ;-) We're not going to fear the fat. =)

    Love your idea of putting some fresh raw food on your roasted veggies. We're having roasted veggies tonight (I haven't been able to stay 100% raw), and I'm going to do just that. =)

    I'll be back to blogging again tonight or Sunday. My photographer has had a rough week at school so I didn't have pics. =(

  18. Everytime I come to your page I am so hungry!!!!!!!!!! Love it though!!!

    Oh you need to open up your own vegan bakery, Skylar would be your little helper!!!

    Love the pottery creation she made, so sweet! She is a good painter!!

    I believe in healing naturally when I am sick as well! I dont get sick often because of being so healthy, I just dont believe in putting meds in my body when Im sick unless it has to go that route!

    Love ya girl!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  19. To sum my extreme negative feelings towards some "specialists" and the amount of meds they seem to push, about 5 years ago i was told to take 4 months of anti-biotics for a "parasite" that i was thought to have contracted in Peru. Not only did it ruin my immune system at the time, but it zapped my energy, destroyed white blood cells, and lead me into anemia. Fortunately i have built all of my iron stores, and white blood cells back up, and feel better then ever before! I intend on looking into all of the probiotics you have posted because i believe STRONGLY, like you, that 95% of illness can be properly handled in a natural, nutritional manner! Great post, and i will try and post pics today of my no-bakes i made last night! Didn't turn out quite as planned but will definitely eat them again. I guess i need to jump on this coconut oil bandwagon as well! What is the kind to buy?

  20. Aw, that painting looks SO FUN!!

    If you make a Superbowl app, I *highly* suggest this one:

    It is FREAKING AMAZING!!! I made it for Thanksgiving and everyone flipped out (including myself) – and again for a party my parents had in December, and even the die-hard meat-eaters were asking me for the recipe. I add a lot of spinach to mine for Spinach Artichoke Dip. (Great, now my mouth is watering.)

  21. I'm late (sorry!!) but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to your little dollface! Glad she painted a coffee mug – you're raising her right ;)

    Love those roasted veggies!! They look so tasty! When it comes to feeling sick, I just try to take it easy. Luckily I only get minor bugs thoughs!

  22. Skylar is adorable! What a fun birthday idea for kids and adults alike. :)
    I have been meaning to get some SunWarrior protein powder for the longest time. I am on a mission to find brown rice protein that actually tastes good!

  23. I just totally impulsively shopped…for probiotic pills. I've been hearing about probiotics for a while and I read this post and just went for it. Sounds like the supply will last a long time and I'm all for cleaning myself out, if you know what I mean. So thanks Averie!

    PS Skylar is ADORABLE and looks so much like you! Painting pottery is such a fun activity.

  24. Girl- both you and your daughter are so gorgeous. What a fabulous family you have :) I hope to be just as lucky some day ;) For now..I have franky ;) Thanks for the shout out!! Which housewife is your favorite is a very important question…I take on the heavy hitters ;) Love that you guys went and painted pottery- how fun. And the roasted carrots and potatoes look just delicious. Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend filled with yoga and veggies.

  25. Your flexibility just blows me away! I can barely do a crow pose without falling flat on my face. I am insprired to improve!!

    I have not tried coconut oil but I have heard so many good things about it that I really want to give it a try.

    As for natural remedies I absolutely believe in them! I haven't even had a tylenol in 4-5 years. I take probiotics every day, flaxseed, and flaxseed oil. I feel much better these days.

  26. hey love!! I used to love paiting pottery in fact all throughout HS my job was helping out at a store called "the kids place" that was paint yoruself pottery. They had bday parties for little kids and it was the most fun, easiest job! I loved working there (besides all the crying and nagging of the little ones of course hehe)

    I cant get enough of yoru food!! I have been looking for a great energy/granola bar to make and i am going to go back to your other page on oats to find one! if you have a suggestion PLEASE email me with your favorite!!!

    When I am getting a cold (just like I am getting over now) I have to admit I start taking the meds right away first is cold eeze which is packed with ZINC to get rid of it before it starts. If that doesnt work then I do take the day and nyquil and drink SO MANY FLUIDS! I pee every 5 minutes, I kid you not!! lots of tea and theraflu and my grandmothers recupe of fresh ginger, lemon, cayenne pepper over hot water-yummmmm (j/k)

    lovee ya!!!

  27. Thank you for the info on probiotics! I just mentioned them on my blog the other day and was wondering what people think of them.

    Your daughter is so cute!

  28. Oh yes we love our coconut oil…we had roasted veggies with coconut oil poured all over them : ) And a some nutritional yeast too!! YUM!

    Love Old time pottery store!

  29. oh man, thank god i'm not the only one who reuses plates. my mom always goes= WASH IT WASH IT but i'm like it's FINE.

    and yeah, either that or cookies to pawn off on my coworkers! =D

    Bleh. i miss crunchy!

  30. As always your foods are making my mouth water! I'm so jealous of your sun warrior protein powder I get the natural one which is good but I so wanna try the vanilla and chocolate varieties but as stevia is not allowed in the uk I can't :(
    I have not yet tried coconut oil but I keep meaning to I shall have to get on that! x x

  31. Hi,

    I love reading your posts, you're inspiring me to get back into a lapsed yoga practice (I started at 18, then at 29 kind of let it slip due to a stressful job, bad idea I know!).

    If I feel a cold or flu coming on I do most of the things you suggest, I also sometimes use a neti pot (filled with warm water and a little himalayan crystal salt), have you tried one?

    I have gallbladder problems, so have to be careful not to have too much fat, I find coconut oil very light and easy to digest though, as are flax seeds and hemp seeds, all of which I eat every day :)

  32. I haven't been sick once in the 3 years since I became vegan. And Cody, who has been a vegan all this time too, has only been sick once or twice, and both times were just mild cases of the sniffles. I chock that up to the fact that he drinks coffee, which depletes the immune system, and I do not.

    But whenever I've been over extending myself and pushing myself too hard, and begin to feel run down and sluggish, like I could maybe get sick, I pump up the green juices A LOT, and I take an off day, if possible, where I skip the hard work out and take an easy walk, and try not to run any errands. It's worked every time! Yay for veganism!

  33. I LOVE roasted veggies and salad. It's one of my faves.

    Like you I treat colds naturally and hit those little viruses hard at the first sign by eating loads of chilli, ginger, vit c foods etc. I rarely use pharmaceuticals unless I've got loads of shifts on the ward- can't afford for my immuno-compromised patients to catch my cold :) xxx

  34. Holy splits! Sweetie, if I can actually get down to the splits in 60 days like you claim, I will split a whole case of gum with you! That is so impressive!!

    When I feel a cold coming on, I try to relax and sleep more,was my hands a LOT, use the neti pot, and drink hot tea with agave and lemon. I always take my probiotics because I'm a big fan too, but I never thought about upping the ante on it. The majority of the time, if it seems like I've caught something that people traditionally treat with antibiotics, I'll research if it's necessary. So far, everything has said antibiotics may speed up the time but aren't necessary, so I avoid them. I don't want those heavy hitters in my body if they aren't really needed.

    I found the coconut butter CCV loves so much, but I also plan to try plain ol' coconut oil for some recipes as well. I may have sampled some of the coconut milk as I made my soup recipe because it tasted so good!

    Another about me question: What's a typical day in the life look like? Are you a morning person or a night person?

  35. I have a question? do you take the 5 millilon probiotics every day? seems like a lot.

    I couldn't agree with everything you said today 100 percent.
    love the coconut oil…you know I do. and natural remedies and food to nourish your body before Nyquil…Amen sista.

    having a long day! have a great evening!

  36. nice splits! such a fun way for skylar to celebrate her special day. i love that you doctored her mug up a little bit, snazzy! those places are so fun! every time is see your raw cookie dough balls i die a little bit inside (in a good way, haha!) i'm a huge proponent of holistic medicine, i've considered becoming a DO (osteopath) because i am such a believer in alternative medicine! granted a lot of stuff including much of the herbal remedies are kind of scams, they don't actually help and are marketed by people who just want $, but sooo many natural remedies have been used for thousands of years and it's because they WORK. that being said i believe in western medicine too, and think we should all do whatever we need in order to be healthy!

  37. What a neat idea for Skylar's birthday! That mug is simply adorable.

    I definitely load up on all the nutrition-dense fruits and veggies when I feel a cold coming on. And I TRY to get more sleep! ;)


  38. Love your new coffee mug! Of course miss Skylar chose pink and purple. Will you be using it tomorrow morning? (If you haven't all ready.)

    Coconut oil on those roasted veggies, NICE! Great idea. Lovin' the coconut oil these days. Especially that Cacao Bliss stuff. Surprised to see you using some heat….glad to hear the fam loved the roasted veggies.

    What do I do when I start to feel icky….what I always do. I still workout daily (a bit less intense) & try to get to bed a bit earlier. Thankfully I tend not to get sick too often. The only thing that really puts me out is a throw up kind of bug. In that case I need to ride it out and pray that my hubs takes care of the kids.

    Yes, I too am into the probiotic thing. Sooooo important to have that good gut health. When thats not working, nothing is. I am a big fan of the Ayurvedic herb blend Triphala. xxoo

  39. Great post!
    Actually coconut oil would be great to have during a cold as well. It is antibacterial/fungal/viral!
    It is also the most natural way to re-balance gut flora as it tames an overgrowth of candida albicans. Something to do with the lauric acid!
    I love that you said 'Do not fear the fat!' Low fat diets are the worst dietary measure!

  40. Awww Skylar! I get SO overwhelmed when there are too many choices – colors, food on a menu – and usually end up with something predictable in that way.

    I've never tried coconut oil. I was thisclose to picking up a jar the other day at the health food store but I put it back for some reason… I'll go back and get it. I've been dying to try it after seeing it on all these blogs I love but I just haven't yet.

  41. Hey sweetie! That pottery painting time looks like so much! What a cool bday idea!

    Really cool idea about roasting the veggies with ginger and coconut oil. And topping with some yummy salad and slaw dressing! I love how roasted veggies goes so well with crunchy cold veggies. What a great combo of flavas you got going on there hon!

    You are so teasin me with those amazing pics of the chocolate cups;) they are on top of the immediate to make list! Looks fantastic!

    I really honestly believe in more natural and holistic remedies. Ive had some amazing experiences with them. When I was a kid I would get these really painful stomach issues. Nothing the docs could give me would help but my mom found an herb that is suppose to relax the muscles of the stomach. It was my saving grace! It was the only thing that I found to work. Luckily I grew out of it. But still. Plus I really believe in being proactive in our health as oppose to all reactive but thats a whole other topic!;)

    When I start getting sick, my go tos are tons of water and a massage. I really think massages cleanse the body and help to flush out toxins. Its always helped me. Oh and plenty of sleep! I find if I crash out for awhile I can usually kick what is lurkin.

    Have a great night hon!!

  42. Adorableeee mug! I love painting pottery!!

    Love all your yummy treats! I always am hungry after I read your posts, hehe.

    <3 jess

  43. Can't wait to see how the mug turns out! Did I tell you that I used to manage a Paint-Your-Own place? It was in LA with tons of celebrities – super fun!

    I'm a total coconut oil convert! I don't use a ton so I'm only on my second jar but, like almond butter, I don't know how I could live without it!

    The splits – you are the yoga QUEEN!

    i swear it helps w. my migraines!
    i LOVE that pic of cute skylar at the top too-she is one HAPPY girl, just like her momma!

  45. I'm still trying to make my way through all the yummy oat-filled goodness you posted! So far those raw oatmeal raisin cookies are calling out to me.

    I might try that 30-60 days to splits idea, but are there other asanas that would support that process by opeing up the connecting muscles and tendons?

    As for natural remedies, I'm a huge proponent. It's the only thing I use, it's what I studied formally (I'm a Certified Herbalist), and it's the only way I can treat my body due to chemical intollerence and auto-immune issues. To your list of herbs for the cold and flu season I would add Osha Root and Black Elderberry tinctures.

    I love coconut oil! Here's an old post with a recipe using it and one of my favorite vegies.

  46. You are going to have a blast with that coconut oil. It looks like you already are :-)
    A g-free, vegan theme-worthy snack… If you could make a vegan bleu cheese dip with cashews and lemon, and serve that with celery and hot sauce, that could work

  47. ahhh i love those places where you can go an make pottery slash paint them :) i want to have my birthday there this year!

    btw i wanted to ask you what the difference is between white chia seeds and regular chia seeds.

    and my question is that IF you were stuck on an island for the rest of your life and you could only listen to 5 songs what would they be?!

  48. AWW I used to do pottery with my mom. What an awesome birthday activity. You rock!!

    Standing split pose?!? I think I pulled something just lookin at ya. Amazing!! ;)

  49. What a great thing to do with your daughter for her birthday! I took a pottery class a few years ago and it was so much fun!

    FYI – I tweaked your peanut butter cup recipe and posted it today. SO. GOOD. I can't stop eating them, or staring at them. ;)

    Anytime I start to feel sick, I drink fluids nonstop, including water, tea, and emergen'c. I also take vitamin c, and make sure to eat especially healthy (though I do that every day)!

  50. Have never tried coconut oil…

    ALSO, my husband and I are going pottery-painting on Saturday!

    And I'm coming down with a cold right now. I feel it in my forehead and upper chest.

  51. skylar makes my day everytime i come here and read! this girl is the most precious child i have ever seen. and your vegan lifestyle seems to fill that girl with so much joy and happiness!
    i look up to your mother skills averie! no joke ;)

  52. I didn't even know the superbowl was going to be down here until today! I'm so out of the loop.
    Looks like you guys had a fun day :) So creative!

  53. Woo hoo for fat!! ;)

    And also woo hoo for another looooong, entertaining post from Averie! I dunno how you do it, miss superwoman!

  54. That mug (and Skylar) is so adorable! Love it!! :) And I do love coconut oil – I love all things coconut.

  55. my husband LOVES potatoes too. he also loves chocolate like me. that's a good thing to have in common. :-)

    my thoughts on herbal remedies are that i am into them. the times where they don't work as well are the times when the cold has gone a bit too far. then you just need to let it ride out. my ND is not that into colliodal silver. but she said if you do use it, to use probiotics because it kills the bad bacteria too.

    i like coconut oil! you are so right, the brand is so important. yucky brands are no good at all.

    question: is your husband vegan/vegetarian or he is just vegan-friendly? which is cool too. just curious because he seems so happy to eat your vegan foods.

  56. I LOVE painting pottery! I go about once a month. Love it. Skylar looks so cute in her little apron!

    When I feel a cold/sickness coming on: I rest. drink lots of tea. take vitamin C.

  57. No fear of fat here! I eat coconut oil by the TBSP and I eat avocados like apples ;)

    I swear by L-glutamine. I haven't been sick in 3 years.

  58. THANKS so much for the link back!!! I have an order from iherb of maca, lucuma, and flax oil arriving tomorrow, I used your coupon code =)
    Each time I see those white choc cups I think of these white choc starfish (shaped) with raspberry inside that I used to get from Godiva, have you tried any fruit fillings before?
    I love going to those pottery painting places, looks like you two had lots of fun!
    I really enjoy using coconut oil for food and as moisturizer for my skin and hair.
    Like Gabriela, when I feel a bug coming on I get as much extra rest as I can, drink echinacea tea, and make miso soup.

  59. What a great mug! I love that kind of stuff. I look at it and remember what the kids were like at the age they made it :)

    We do mostly preventative medicine. I am still nursing my youngest so lots more nursing for him when he starts to get sick. For the others its eating more and resting more. If there is an ear ache we do garlic ear oil. Hot baths and really resting as much as they want. I make an electrolyte drink with sugar or honey, lemon juice, salt balance (just a pinch) and lots of water. Sometimes I will sneak in some sodium ascorbate too. I like to cook with garlic and ginger when a bug seems to be going around.

  60. Painting pottery is so fun- looks like Skylar had a great time! Loving the roasted veggies, my favorite way to eat them! My best remedy for a cold is SLEEP…I hit the hay at the first sign of sniffles!

  61. Do all probiotics contain casein? I have some probiotics and I ran out to the frig to see if they were like the ones you take…when I noticed it states it contains trace amounts of casein. I am so trying to be dairy free!

  62. Wow, that standing splits pose is amazing! You are flexible! Wow.

    And oh my, those treats you made looks fantastic… but they always do! I can't read your blog if I'm hungry….