I went back to the farmers market over the weekendand saw some beautiful blue food.

Locally grown blueberries

And these blue baby artichokes just spoke to me.

Something about the teal plastic baskets, against the purple “tablecloth” with the blue artichokes in the basket, and the way the lattices of the plastic basket resemble the intricate folds of the artichoke tips, I just loved the layers of composition.  <—How’s that for over-analyzing?

But that’s how my brain and eyes see things.  And as a budding photographer, I try to see things even more so like that.

I think there’s a photo in almost anything.  And nature and food are always a great source of inspiration.

And although not technically blue, plums are pretty and in season.

And grapes are great to crunch on.

And they’re even better when they’re frozen.  Mmm, good. It’s the simple things.

And in honor of Blue (and purple) Food, how about trying:

Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat Cakes

Purple Rain Smoothie

Ginger Roasted Tri-Color Potatoes

Vegan Gluten Free Blueberry Streusel Muffins

Channel your inner Rainbow Recipe Eating and try some blue and purple food.  Or any other color.

Like Brown and White.

Thanks for the compliments on my Magic Eight Bars from my last post.  My new twist on Seven Layer Bars and yes, they are pretty magical. If you’ve never tried Seven Layer Bars/Magic Bars, you should try them.  Or my version with white chocolate chips and Heath Bar bits rather than nuts.

That’s the image that both FoodGawker and Tasteologie accepted.  I actually liked other images better, but that’s what they liked.  Go figure.



1. What was the last blue or purple food you ate?

Grapes, blueberries, and blackberries for me.

2. Did you celebrate Father’s Day Weekend?  Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

We celebrated but very low key.  Scott had to work much of the day Saturday, and I worked both Saturday and Sunday but we squeezed in some family time which was great.

And he enjoyed the gift Skylar made for him.

The best things about my weekend were time in the kitchen to bake, eating Magic Eight Bars, making photos and playing with my camera, and being outside.

And of course being with Skylar!

P.S. Taste of Adams Avenue Giveaway ends tomorrow.

46 comments on “Blue”

  1. Blueberries for me! :) And I have no idea why I thought you had more than one child?! I’ll re phrase to ‘a very happy child AND husband!’

  2. Those blueberries look so good and fresh. I had purple grapes on Saturday. Yum. I always forget how much I like grapes until I start nibbling on them.

  3. Hi! I’m new to your blog – your delicious looking photos drew me in!
    1. The last blue thing I ate was blueberry pancakes
    2. Celebrated Father’s Day by going to brunch. The best thing I ate this weekend was by far Strawberry Shortcake!

  4. Grapes and blueberries! I’m loving them right now!

  5. What beautiful blue food! <3
    The last blue thing I ate was either a blueberry or a blackberry, but I really want to bake some blue-corn muffins.
    This post reminds me of a book I just got called "Color Me Vegan". It's written in different (color coded) sections and features recipes that are color-based. It's such a fun book with lovely pictures. The philosophy behind it is if you eat lots of different colors you get lots of different phytonutrients :)

    Father's day was lovely! I went to the farmer's market with my dad & mom, and we got amazing produce & also some already-cooked food (including soy-free "tempha" which is like soy-free tempeh…basically fermented rice noodles…from a korean stall. so yummy!)

  6. Skylar is So Dang Cute! always so smiley and happy – just like mama ;)

    I had blueberries this morning! :) today’s came from the store, but I have six blueberry bushes that are hopefully ready soon… I look at them every day!

    have a great week!

  7. WOW! Great pics!

    Blueberries and Red cabbage for me.

    BUT Those Magic Eight Bars are next though. :) :)

  8. beautiful photos! :) and gorgeous daughter as always!

  9. I love how you pay such close attention to details Averie! Such a great photographer’s post with all these color references! :)

    I just started seeing plums out a few weeks ago and have been buying them every week since. One of my favorite summer fruits!

  10. I LOVE blackberries … and black raspberries (does that qualify as blue?). I didn’t do anything specific for Father’s Day, but did get to have a wonderful talk with my dad and tell him what a great father he’s been.

    Wow, Skylar’s growing up!

  11. I’m drinking a blue smoothie right now. Blueberries! Those baby artichokes look delicious. I want to find some now and stuff them!

  12. I cannot even remember the last blue food I ate! There are growing some blackberries in our garden though, so those will be next ;)

    Love your photos from the blueberries and artichokes! I think your photography improves day by day.

  13. I love those pictures of the artichokes! Seriously – so pretty!

  14. Blue is my favorite color! And I ate enough blueberries last night to pretty much turn blue :P
    Great photos, especially the artichoke one!

  15. Beautiful photos Averie!

    I ate blackberries fresh from my garden this weekend.

    No dad’s day here– we are a 2 mama household (I claim mother’s day and my partner gets her “own” special day every August) with 3 kiddos but we definitely enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend. Your pictures make me wish we had hit up our farmer’s market though!

  16. I ate a fig….definitely purple.

    Father’s day was low key for me—work, and visiting three separate parts of my family. Ended up eating lunch by the lake with my mom to celebrate my sister’s birthday/father’s day. A good reminder to relax once in a while!

  17. Beautiful artichoke pictures!

  18. Such beautiful produce!!!! I love, love, love summer-sweet blueberries!

  19. Blue foods = higher phytonutrients = healthy life! GO BLUE! All of the produce looks delicious!

  20. fresh blueberries! and they were on sale!
    i’ve never tried frozen grapes – must get on that for july + august…
    i really like that photo that foodgawker chose – what does it for me is the three-dimensional aspect – the squares in the tower seem to be coming out of the photo at you…right into your mouth, haha!

  21. Woah. Purple artichokes? Never seen any before! But I LOVE artichokes, so I will have to look for them…

  22. Oh my goodness now I really want blueberries

  23. I am a grape fanatic. I actually have a hard time not eating all of them in one go, which my stomach is NEVER a fan of!

  24. Great pics, did you get the artichokes? Never tried blue ones before, wondered what they taste like.

    1. Frozen organic blueberries in my smoothie this morning.
    2. Nope, it was a quiet weekend. My dad is not too huge into celebrating it, so I chipped in on a gift with my sisters.

  25. I bought blueberries today! They’re not local, but they were on sale foe $1.99 a pint. I’m making blueberry cobbler. :)

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