Eating the Rainbow Recipes

Eating the rainbow does a body good.  At least that’s what they tell us. Here are some rainbow themed recipes.

Red: Spicy Doritos Cheezy Dip


Orange: Roasted Sweet Potato Fries

Yellow: No-Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Bars (Vegan, GF)

The recipe uses mashed ripe bananas which seem to get ripe so fast in the warmer months.

Green: Cheater’s Guacamole

Blue: Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat Cakes

3 minutes to make, vegan & GF.

Purple: Ginger Roasted Potatoes

Coconut oil is great to roast veggies or potatoes with.  Have you entered my coconut oil giveaway yet?

Brown: Yes, brown is in my rainbow.

Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Cupcakes with White Chocolate Icing

I get my daily dose of Brown or Chocolate.

And speaking of Rainbows, I am excited because Pride in San Diego is in mid-July which will be here before I know it.  It’s such a fun weekend!

Lots of fun Pride Parade 2010 pictures here

From my last post Knock It Out & Pileups, it seems that most of you dislike the feeling of letting tasks and chores accumulate and pile up as much as I do.  It seems to invoke stress and anxiety in most of us when there’s more tasks and items to accomplish than time in which to do them.  But, such is life and the best we can do is try to remain calm.

I’m glad you’ve been knocking out some items from your to-do list lately, though.


1. Do you try to eat the rainbow?

Plants have so many vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and trace elements in them and I just feel so much better when I am eating an abundance of fresh, mostly raw, fruits and veggies.  I can just feel the goodness entering my cells.

If I am low on eating my rainbow-colored foods and am eating more, ahem white or brown foods, I definitely feel a difference in my energy, moods, and just the overall vibe and am reminded to get back to eating more rainbow-colored foods.

2. What rainbow-colored food or recipe have you enjoyed lately? What color is your favorite to eat?

I think reds and greens are my favorite colors to eat.  From juicy red fruits like strawberries and watermelon to red pepper and tomatoes, reds rock.

Greens are probably the most beneficial color for our bodies, in my opinion.  Everything from greens leafies, lettuces, kale, chards, cucumbers, broccoli, peas, green beans, sugar snap peas, peapods, and so many more; the green family is probably the biggest and the best for us.

3. Any non-rainbow colored foods or recipes you’ve enjoyed lately?

Half White & Half Dark Chocolate PB Cups with Chocolate PB Center

Not rainbow themed.  But that’s ok, too!
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51 comments on “Eating the Rainbow Recipes”

  1. I don’t really pay attention to colors as much the actual veggie. I am pretty sure I eat an overabundance of green though. From salads, kale, green beans, peas, zucc, cuke, brussels, broccoli, etc. Those are my staples. And then there are the peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes. I guess I’m low on the oranges. I’m not too worried though.

    Oh and I definitely eat my share of browns.

  2. i don’t really consciously try to eat by the rainbow, but i’m sure I eat pretty close to it! I love GREEN foods and orange foods, but especially green because it’s such a gorgeous color. :-)

  3. Really cool post!

    I try to eat a rainbow, It is not that hard if you have a plan of action. :) Purples are what I have the least of…only because I am not that stocked up usually. But they aren’t that hard to incorporate at all, eggplant, cabbage, etc. SO this is a good reminder for me!

  4. I LOVE stiry -fry because you can make it as many colors as you want. And with brown rice as a back-drop, you can’t go wrong :) I LOVE berries…so reds, purples, and blues <3

    Brooke Annessa

  5. I love eating the rainbow! The more colorful the food, the better it tastes! I love me some vibrant fruit! Today I cut open the ripest papaya; it was beautiful :)
    P.s. rainbow or not, those half white half dark peanut butter cups should be in everybody’s diet

  6. Ha! I love that brown is in your rainbow :) I try to focus on veggies more so than the rainbow, but I probably should more!

  7. Better rainbow foods than rainbow cake!! I love it! :)

  8. I love eating the rainbow! Especially in the summer when all of the colors are so vibrant and delicious. :)

  9. I love trying to get as many colours in one meal as possible (I like to have 3 different ones at least!). It just looks so much more appealing and better with more colours…maybe that’s why I always cook up a monster-storm of veggies when I am cooking them! haha

  10. Beautiful dahling! that dip looks un-real…. ohmygosh!!!!

  11. Totally giggling at your brown rainbow! ;)

  12. You bet I eat the rainbow! My favorite color to eat though, is purple. The darker the veggie/fruit, the better! Plus purple is just so beautiful.

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  14. YES, we do!!! That is the whole basis to my business (Color Wheel Meals) we eat like the color wheel!!! I go around teaching others to do the same!!! LOVE THIS!!!

  15. I love eating the rainbow and my favorite is GREEN!!! but red and orange are good too.

  16. Your pictures make eating the rainbow look so easy & tasty.

    I eat/drink a lot of green in my green smoothies and salads. Also enjoy the punch of colour & dazzle that reds, yellows & oranges give to my plate.
    Love the browns (chocolate) for dessert :)

  17. YES, I most certanly eat from the rainbow. I dont think too much about it though, since I eat so much fruits and veggies it just comes natuarly.
    My favorit is brown- chocolate and almond butter are both daily eaten :D And I love it!
    And you ginger roasted potatos looks so good!!
    Have a great weekend Averie :)

  18. I try to eat the rainbow, although I’m not the best at getting a wide variety within the colors. I tend to pick the same things for green foods, the same for red, etc. I just like what I like and the ones that I don’t like, I REALLY don’t like. My tastebuds apparently don’t understand moderation. lol

    I’m the best at getting red, most definitely. I love salsa, red bell peppers, strawberries, watermelon, red is delicious!

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  21. we definitely try to eat the rainbow….i keep track of our rainbow eating everyday….but one day it was all orange, nectarines, papaya, mango, carrots–didn’t mean it to be that way….but at least we consumed all of these fruits….i also try to include one leafy green and one cruciferous veggie a day…it’s a tall order, but doable!

  22. I love fruits and veggies, especially ones that are bright and vibrant. I try to eat the rainbow, and everything else under the sun!

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