Do you know what this is?

Shelves of stacks of donut formation pansJust a couple doughnut pans that Bed Bath & Beyond has

I have been wanting a doughnut pan for ages and finally picked one up last night.

Stacks of mini doughnut and doughnut pansI got the regular size (yellow) which is still not going to make “huge” doughnuts.  I didn’t need the mini size because I personally don’t have the patience to fill up all those little holes and be all neat and tidy about it.

Plus, I got something else…

I have been coveting the Babycakes products for years and decided to go for it.

Babycakes press pans for cupcakes and cake pops and doughnuts

I got both a Donut Maker and a Cake Pop Maker

Babycakes donut maker, cake pop maker, and cupcake maker

They were each $19.99 at BB& Bb ut I had $5 off coupons for both, so each item cost me a whopping $14.99  I can handle that.

That’s why I thrift shop for dishes.  And it sounds like many of you do, too.  Thanks for the info about the Corningware dish from my last post in the comments.  A 70s favorite is seems.

I also hoard BB & B coupons because they never expire.

So now I can get busy Donut making

and Cake Pop Making

I didn’t buy a Whoopie Pie Pan but I was tempted.

Whoopie Pie form panI think I have plenty of new toys to play with but how fun do Whoopie Pies sound?

I don’t have any donuts or cake pops or whoopie pies around right now, but I do have these

and these Peanut Butter Oatmeal White Chocolate Cookies to tide me over til I can make some donuts and donut holes, i.e. cake pops

Peanut Butter Oatmeal White Chocolate Cookies stacked


1. Donut or Doughnut?

My fingers type Donut easier than they do Doughnut.

Donut is usually preceded by the word Mini.   Mini donuts remind me of everything good and right from my childhood.

So I vote Donut.

2. Have you ever made donuts?  If so, please share your fave recipe.  Same with Cake Pops, i.e. donut holes.  Recipes please.

There are so many recipes and it seems that donuts are the next really hot foodie trend and everywhere I turn, I find more recipes.  Overwhelming!

I want moist, rich, not super cakey, and not dry donuts.

Flavor?  I am open.  From vanilla to chocolate to pumpkin spice.

And anything goes with glazes and frosting, too.   Countless combinations.

I love personal stamps of approval so hopefully you’ve tried and made some winners.

3. Do you have a donut pan, a donut maker, or a cake pop maker?

If you don’t have a donut pan, for about 7 bucks you can get one.

And for 14.99 with a coupon at BB & B, you can snag the other Babycakes items.

And in the meantime, I have read that most donut recipes will work just fine in muffin tins.

Or you can pipe a donut shape onto a cookie sheet from a corner that’s been cut off from a Ziplock baggie filled with batter.

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