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Happy 4th of July Weekend everyone!  What’s going on for you?  Today I had a very Domestic Day.  It was “Catch Up On Everything” Day.  My car was scheduled to have routine maintenance on it at the dealership today and so Skylar and I were car-less.  That was fine by me because I spent the day getting caught up on housework and projects:  Cleaned 4 bathrooms (yes, we have a 4 story house and there is one on each floor), changed sheets, made a new tofu recipe that rocks.  Will be posting that over the weekend.  Did some cardio outdoors because it’s a lovely day.  

72F, light breeze, not a cloud in the sky.
Photo of trees with blue sky

And then Skylar and I went for a walk around the neighborhood.  Here’s our street and the hibiscus flowers in front of our house.

Side walk with houses
Pink Flowers

We wandered into Cohabitat Home.  We smelled incense, looked at Ganesh statues and Indian home accessories.  It was fun.

 On the 1 long city block there, we passed 3 bars, 1 thrift store, 2 hair salons, 1 Thai restaurant, 2 sushi places, a dollar store, a Mini-Mart, and more.  We truly don’t need a car!  Trader Joe’s and WF’s are a mere 4 and 8 blocks away.   The neighborhood was jumping, too, in advance of the Holiday Weekend! 
Today I also bleached my teeth.  Once a month or so, I pop my bleaching trays in.  Not holistic, don’t care.  I like my teeth white.  And I’ve never had a cavity so I am not overly concerned.  And I also go the dentist every 4 months for cleanings because I like my teeth scrupulously clean.
Woman taking picture in mirror smiling
Skylar wanted to show off her Pearly Whites
Young girl in blue shirt standing smiling
Up close of young girl giving silly smile
Stay away from coffee my love, and you may not need to bleach.  haha!

My friend Kelli recently left this info in a comment and I wanted to pass along the great info:

here is a list of companies that still test on animals:

(know that i DO NOT look down on people who use these products still. i used them practically my whole life and still make some un-animal-friendly choices. just want to bring awareness to the topic, that’s all.=)

here is a list of companies that DO NOT test on our furry friends:

Moving On…
Remember these 8-Ball Squash I found at the Farmer’s Market?

Hand holding 8-Ball Squash

Skylar likes them as the “bread” of her Peanut Butter “Sandwiches”.  Here’s one of many snack plates from today.

Various fruits and vegetables on plate
Peanut butter "sandwiches"
Who needs Gluten-containing bread?
Side of one Peanut Butter "Sandwich"

I do the same thing with Zucchini, Cucumbers, anything I can cut flat and make a “sandwich” out of, I do.  She doesn’t “have to be” Gluten-Free but I try whenever possible to keep gluten out of our home and our bodies (I have to be GF) since Gluten causes inflammation in our bodies and is hard to digest in general.

From the Last Post…
Thanks everyone who chimed in on my last post about Public Displays of Affection (PDAs).  I had told a story about a makeout session I witnessed at the gym, between two men.  It was great to hear everyone’s feedback about PDAs and your thoughts.  It seems like most of us are on the same page.  Handholding, a peck or G-Rated kissing is fine, but anything more and it’s like, get a room!

I also think time/duration in a relationship does have something to do with how much PDA occurs.  Sorry, but after a decade, with Skylar asking me random questions and chaos about to erupt as it always is with kids, when I am in public with Scott, it’s more like, let’s just get this errand done.  The last thing I am about to do is makeout with him.  I applaud anyone who after 10 years + and a child(ren) still has makeout sessions with their spouse/parnter in public though!

And also age.  It’s fun to have R-Rated makeout sessions with your significant other when you’re 16.  When you get a little older, most of you said you prefer to keep some things private.  I agree!

Thanks for the great comments on that post, everyone!  I’d rather talk about that kind stuff than raw veggies.  What can I say, I need to keep things interesting and lively! 

Dessert is a Reminder to Make:

Close up of Raw Vegan Cheesecake
Raw Vegan Cheesecake in container with slice missing
Raw Vegan Cheesecake!  Super simple, super tasty!
Cheesecake batter spread over crust in clear containerCheesecake batter dolloped over crust in container
I hope you go check the recipe outImpress your friends at the parties this weekend!  Vegan, Gluten and Soy Free.  Does not use a slab of tofu like many raw cheezecake recipes do.
Top with Fresh Berries or….
Close up of strawberries in container
Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate Sauce in bowl with spoon

Yoga Today is Pincha Mayurasana (Feathered Peacock Pose)

Woman doing Pincha Mayurasana yoga pose
From this point forward all yoga pics are recycled and probably 6-9 months old.  I haven’t the energy or desire to take fresh pics.

Tip of the Day: My 18 Rabbits Give Away for 2 Winners!

Have fun everyone!  Thanks 18 Rabbits


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1. Do you like to have days at home where you can “catch up” on housework, emails, bills, phone calls, cooking projects, etc?
I do enjoy being on the go but today was so needed.  I got a ton accomplished!  Yay for that!  I need one day a week like this, minimum.  In Phoenix, I was always home.  Here, I am always on the go!  I love being busy but was glad for my car’s “routine maintenance” so I could get my homebody/catch-up day in!

2. How has your week played out and what’s in store for this weekend for you?
My week was super busy and I am thinking I may have some fun plans with Amber this weekend, a Girls Night Out, but not sure yet based on her schedule.  If that doesn’t pan out, I will be hanging out with Scott and Skylar and having fun, no matter what we end up doing!

3.  Do you have any non-holistic practices that you know are maybe not “the best” for you, but that you do them anyway?
Me = Bleaching my teeth!  And I use mainstream deodorant (contains aluminum but that’s what helps make deodorant work) and I use mainstream personal care products like shampoo and conditioner rather than the natural ones.

Just because I am a high raw vegan doesn’t mean I live in the back of a 1972 VW Bus with the Grateful Dead and The Doors playing and a cloud of smoke coming up!   I do enjoy the finer things in life.  Including good hygiene…haha!  People sometimes think all vegans are dirty hippies or only use “natural” everything.  I do my best but certain things, I have no desire to give up!  I need to reference the links I gave in the post though and see where I can improve.

I also clean my house with mainstream cleaning products for about half the things.  I do like some natural cleaning products but products need to work.  Some of the natural stuff isn’t quite up to par for me, so I use mainstream products, toxins and all.  

What do you do or use that maybe isn’t the most holistic or natural choice, but you like it anyway?   And really, we should not judge others’ choices and also not over-thinking our own choices and not stressing out could really be the most helpful thing of all for health.  Being more go-with-the-flow, and do-the-best-I-can and not stressing probably has more benefit anyway!

4. What made you smile or laugh today?
Skylar telling me she was making banana softserve with her play plastic food and was going to put it on “her blog”.   The child of a food blogger, I tell you!  haha!

Banana Softserve in four bowls
Close up of Banana Softserve in bowl

5.  5 Random Facts About You?
Me =

I get my teeth cleaned every 4 months 
I hate scary movies!
I always cut the tags out of my clothes so they won’t scratch me
I hate the smell of sunscreen
I get excited by a well-stocked produce drawer in the fridge

Stay Tuned For A Cookbook Review Post, Kombucha Progress, Weekend Stories…

Everyone have a Safe, Fun, Awesome Holiday Weekend!  Don’t drink and drive, don’t light yourself on fire with any firecrackers, and I’ll see you Back here over the Weekend with a Post!

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