Public Displays of Affection, Chips and Dip, Vegan Vanilla Softserve

Hi Friends!  How are you doing today?  I am so happy it’s Thursday and that the weekend is almost here.  And for US readers, a holiday weekend at that.  Yay!   Today I went to the gym, did a quick fill-in grocery run since my farmer’s market produce stash wasn’t going to quite hold us until Sunday when I can go back to the market.  But, nothing is every “quick” with a 3 year old in advance of a holiday weekend.  Both the regular grocery store and TJ’s were bedlam!  I think people fear  never having food again because they stock up like crazy before holidays.

After we came home, I gave Skylar a few Brad’s Raw Chips with some of my “Spicy Doritos” Cheezy Dip

 They have way too much sodium for me.  And there’s garlic.  
I prefer my
 Raw Vegan Kale Chips
My Raw Vegan Kale Chip Recipe

Brad’s Chips

With my “Spicy Doritos” Cheezy Dip that dare I say makes everything better
 I actually prefer this dip on these veggies.  I do prefer veggies to crackers in general, though.
Skylar loved the raw chips and raw dip combo, though!
 “Spicy Doritos” Cheezy Dip

I made some Vegan Vanilla Softserve since it’s Scott’s favorite

 There’s so much to say.  But I won’t.

 4 Servings.  Freeze what you don’t eat immediately and save for later.  Texture changes a bit but when it comes back up to room temp and melts a smidge, it’s fine.
 Vegan Vanilla Softserve 

Check This Post for Sundae Ideas and Other flavors like Chocolate and Coffee

From Yesterday…
Thanks for letting me know how often you replace your shoes.

Many of you don’t replace them very often.  Madeline our resident athletic gear and footwear expert recommends 500 miles or 6 months.  Which ever comes first.  Both she and I concur, our bodies tell us at 500 miles on the nose!  Aches and pains central!   

And glad I am not the only one who sees Fireworks as a bit boring.  I always wondered why people clamored and raced and arrived hours early to stake out the “perfect spot” at the venue where they were going to be watching fireworks because for me, if I am “late” and only catch 10 minutes of them, that would hold me until next year.  For sure.

And if you missed it, I provided dozens of links to what I think would make for good 4th of July or Summer Party Food.  If you need ideas for easy Dips & Spreads, Crackers & Chips, Entrees, Wraps, DessertsClick Here to See my Suggestions for easy crowd-pleasing recipes.

Vegan GF Crackers, i.e. Homemade Mary’s Crackers

Raw Pasta & Marinara
Spring Rolls!
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls and all the Recipes Here

Gym & Weights Workout Today From This Tab: Chest & Arms. 

 Recent Progress Pics Here

Here’s my Gym

And here’s the elevators we ride into the parking garage

All these steps and work just getting to the gym are why I get a little anxious if something goes awry with the on-site childcare and I can’t get my workout in.   Thankfully that hasn’t happened.   Almost though!

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Today’s Hot Topic: Public Displays of Affection (PDAs)
There is a guy at the gym who is in great shape.  And he’s huge.  His biceps are bigger around than my waist.   He pumps some serious iron.   I was doing my deadlifts and minding my own business when all of a sudden, Mr. Big Guns drops his weights and ran up to another guy that came around the corner and Big Guns squeals, “Hi Handsome!”, and plants a huge kiss on the guy!   Full on tongue and warm 60 second embrace.

I was chuckling to myself because I did not expect this big, tough-looking guy to get so excited to stop lifting mid-set, shriek with delight, and then go kiss this other guy!  Whether it was a gay or straight kiss really was irrelevant for me.   It was the random and surprising nature of seeing this PDA in the gym in the free weights area.

1. How do you feel about PDAs?  Are you a PDA person?
I am not into it for me.  Holding hands and a peck is about my limit.  There are some things that, for me, are better left at home.   I admit, when I was younger, hadn’t been married nearly 10 years-haha! or when drinking, I am far more lovey dovey in public.  Aren’t we all!  But totally sober, in broad daylight, I am not really into makeout sessions in say, the grocery store. 

2. Do you care if people are doing PDAs in front of you?  Does it make you uncomfortable?
I don’t care per se.  I also don’t stop and watch.  There are times it’s hard to avoid, like in the cramped free weights area of the gym, but if I am on the beach and a couple starts getting hot and heavy, I watch the waves, not them.  In a way I am happy for them that they are so into each other and free-spirited and uninhibited.

3.  Do you draw the line anywhere?  Like kissing is fine but anything else and it’s like c’mon, get a room?  Trust me, I have been in bars and nightclubs and even restaurant bathrooms where I have walked in on people and seen it all.   I don’t care, doesn’t phase me, but I go somewhere else!

4. Does it matter to you if the PDAs you observe are gay vs. straight?  I’d like to think there’s not a double standard but I’d love to hear what you think!  I could care less one way or the other.

5. Feel free to chime in with any crazy PDA stories you’ve observed.  Or participated in.  May as well keep things exciting around since the next holiday has to do with Fireworks, anyway.  haha!

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