Cinnamon Sugar Candied Cashews


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Cinnamon Sugar Candied Cashews — Make the fancy store-bought kind at home! Salty-and-sweet, ready in 30 minutes, and so good!

Cinnamon Sugar Candied Cashews (GF) - Make the fancy storebought kind at home! Salty-and-sweet, ready in 30 mins & so good!

Easiest Candied Cashews Recipe 

You’ll never need to buy those extremely over-priced fancy candied cashews again. The kind that are so good you can’t stop eating them. Like, $20 dollars worth in 20 minutes.

Never again. You can make your own. This is best and easiest recipe for homemade candied nuts I’ve tried.

The recipe is adapted from my Classic Candied Nuts recipe and I made it even easier.

Everything is mixed in one bowl and they’re ready in 30 minutes. Can’t beat it.

Cinnamon Sugar Candied Cashews (GF) - Make the fancy storebought kind at home! Salty-and-sweet, ready in 30 mins & so good!

They’re salty-and-sweet with just the right amount of cinnamon to add great depth of flavor. Add a pinch of cayenne for extra shazaam.

Although almonds seem to be a cult favorite, I’ve never been as big of an almond fan as either cashews or peanuts. I could eat honey-roasted peanuts all day long, and the same goes for these candied cashews.

Cashews are softer and more buttery than almonds, which I prefer. I use them in vegan desserts as a butter replacer.

Cinnamon Sugar Candied Cashews (GF) - Make the fancy storebought kind at home! Salty-and-sweet, ready in 30 mins & so good!

The cashews have the perfect amount of satisfying crunch, thanks to the cinnamon sugar coating. It’s crunchy and really bakes in rather than just falling off, which is all too common with homemade candied nuts.

The secret? An egg white. It serves to coat the nuts before they’re tossed with cinnamon and sugar so it adheres. And while baking, the egg white binds and solidifies the coating onto the nuts.

Between the salty-and-sweet factor along with the crunch factor, I went to town on the cashews immediately as they came out of the oven. The scent in your house while they bake is just heavenly.

They make excellent easy, inexpensive, and impromptu gifts, but because they’re so addictively good you may not have any left over to give.

Cinnamon Sugar Candied Cashews (GF) - Make the fancy storebought kind at home! Salty-and-sweet, ready in 30 mins & so good!

What’s in the Candied Cashews?

For this easy candied cashews recipe, you’ll need: 

  • Egg white
  • Water
  • Cashews
  • Granulated sugar
  • Light brown sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • Kosher salt
  • Cayenne pepper (optional) 

Cinnamon Sugar Candied Cashews (GF) - Make the fancy storebought kind at home! Salty-and-sweet, ready in 30 mins & so good!

How to Candy Nuts

First, you’ll want to whisk the egg white and water until frothy. This will take about 2 minutes. 

Then, stir in the nuts and the remaining ingredients. Transfer the nuts to a parchment paper-lined baking sheet, making sure they’re in an even layer. 

Bake the cashews for about 30 minutes. The coating will appear bubbly and soupy and wet in the center of tray even when nuts are ready to be pulled from oven.

It will seem like nuts should bake longer so the coating dries out more, but it firms up dramatically as nuts cool. 

Cinnamon Sugar Candied Cashews (GF) - Make the fancy storebought kind at home! Salty-and-sweet, ready in 30 mins & so good!

Can I Use Another Type of Nut?

Yes! The recipe works with almonds, pecans, walnuts, macadamia nuts, and peanuts, although you may need to adjust the baking time slightly.

Can the Egg White Be Substituted? 

No, not to my knowledge. The egg white helps bind the sugars and spices to the cashews. 

How Long Do Candied Nuts Last? 

If stored in an airtight container (like a jar) at room temperature, the candied cashews will last up to 1 month. 

Cinnamon Sugar Candied Cashews (GF) - Make the fancy storebought kind at home! Salty-and-sweet, ready in 30 mins & so good!

Tips for Making Candied Nuts 

I used whole roasted, lightly salted cashews from Trader Joe’s. Their nuts are the best value for me. I don’t have room to store Costco-sized quantities of things. I prefer using already roasted rather than raw nuts because they have more flavor.

The cashews firm up and get crunchier as they cool so waiting an hour — or even overnight — is best. But I couldn’t.

I highly recommend adding a pinch of cayenne to the spice mixture for a salty-sweet treat with a kick of spice at the end. Delicious! 

Cinnamon Sugar Candied Cashews (GF) - Make the fancy storebought kind at home! Salty-and-sweet, ready in 30 mins & so good!

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Yield: about 3 cups (1 pound) nuts

Cinnamon Sugar Candied Cashews

Cinnamon Sugar Candied Cashews

Make the fancy store-bought candied cashews at home! Salty-and-sweet, ready in 30 minutes, and so good! Add to salads, granola, and more!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Cooling Time 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes


  • 1 egg white, whisked to very frothy
  • 1 tablespoon water
  • 3 cups cashews (I used 1 pound bag of roasted, lightly salted; substitute with almonds, pecans, walnuts, peanuts or a combo)
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup light brown sugar, packed
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons cinnamon, or to taste (I used 2 heaping teaspoons)
  • 1 teaspoon Kosher salt, or to taste (salt will vary based on preference and if you’re using salted or unsalted cashews)
  • 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper, optional and to taste (reduce to 1/4 teaspoon for milder heat)


  1. Preheat oven to 300F. Line a baking sheet with a Silpat or parchment paper. Don’t skip lining your baking sheet; set aside.
  2. To a large bowl, add the egg white, water and whisk vigorously until very frothy, foamy, and bubbly, about 2 minutes by hand.
  3. Add the nuts and stir to coat.
  4. Add the sugars, cinnamon, salt, and optional cayenne, and stir to coat evenly.
  5. Turn nuts out onto to prepared baking sheet, spreading them in an even flat layer.
  6. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes (I baked 28 minutes); don’t overbake or nuts can burn. Coating will appear bubbly, quite soupy and wet in the center of tray even when nuts are ready to be pulled from oven. It will seem like nuts should bake longer so the coating dries out more, but it firms up dramatically as nuts cool. As always, use your judgment and let your nose and eyes be your guide to doneness.
  7. Allow nuts to cool on baking tray for at least 30 minutes. Ideally, leave nuts on baking tray and exposed to air to cool overnight; this helps them get extra crispy and crunchy.
  8. When nuts are cool enough to handle, break apart large clusters.
  9. Transfer nuts to airtight containers or jars.


Storage: Nuts will keep airtight at room temperature for at least 1 month.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 246Total Fat: 16gSaturated Fat: 3gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 12gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 401mgCarbohydrates: 24gFiber: 1gSugar: 14gProtein: 6g

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  1. Is there any reason not to mix the sugar and seasonings into the egg mixture before adding the nuts? I was thinking that would ensure even coverage, especially since I’ll be doubling the cayenne.

  2. These are to die for good! Making them again for Christmas get together with family. Didn’t change a thing! ❤️❤️❤️

    Rating: 5
  3. Just made these for Thanksgiving – had to make a second batch because the first one disappeared too fast! The cayenne is definitely a great touch. I’ll confess I replaced the water with a tablespoon of bourbon!

  4. Gosh these were good. First batch was perfect, second batch I got greedy and tried to double on pan,…not as good because I think the nuts were too crowded (still good but not as perfect as the first batchJ. Third batch I used vanilla extract instead of water, loved that way too. Great recipe. Thanks.

  5. My husband bought some candied cashews recently and I knew I needed to make them at home. I just tried your recipe and can’t believe how amazing these turned out. So easy too! We both like them better than store-bought (it’s the cayenne I think). Thanks for sharing this recipe! We’ll be making them again soon! (Your comment cracks me up about them lasting 1 month. These will be lucky to see tomorrow!

    1. Thanks for trying the recipe and I’m glad you love it and that these turned out better than storebought!

  6. As another commenter mentioned, you might want to check at the 12 minute mark. My first batch burned at 15 minutes. I’m waiting for these to cool so I can safely toss these and try again. I might reduce the temp a tad too. The few I nibbled on were a great baseline though for endless flavor combinations :)

    Always too afraid to give these a try, this is a great simple recipe!


    1. All ovens vary, climates, etc and with nuts they can sometimes surprise you with how fast they cook. Glad this is a good baseline recipe for you!

  7. So I’ve made this recipe a bazillion times and my friends LOVE them. However…. this year I have a few more friends who’ve gone paleo…. could I use maple syrup instead? And if so, how? Thanks!

    1. Not sure if that would work because it’s a liquid and this recipe uses dry sugars. You could experiment and see what happens. LMK!

    1. Sometimes baking a bit longer can help and/or drying out in the open air, provided it’s not humid where you live. Cashews aren’t a super crunchy nut to begin with compared to an almond for example, but as long as the flavor was great, that’s good to hear.

    1. Thanks for trying the recipe and I’m glad it came out great for you! They’re very easy to get addicted to :)

  8. I know I’m a bit late to this post, but I just had to say that this nut recipe is de-licious!! I made the recipe with walnuts and pecans as they are currently in season, and followed the recipe as stated. SO good, Averie! Thanks for yet another keeper ?

  9. Well I made tusing the egg wash mixed in the nuts then the mustar along w/tsp. ginger and 20 min. in oven and cooling right now but they taste mighty good and your right to wait the next day as they are even better. Ill be doing more at a later date and use cin. and ginger.
    P.S. Ill be adding them to popcorn also. TKS FOR A GREAT RECIPE AND CAN BE VERY VERSATILE.

  10. First time making these as I have a LOT OF CASHEWS OMG these are soooo EASY and only took 20 min in oven as I kept an eye on them. Cant wait till morning to try then but my next batch im goin to do cin. and ginger but maybe half cin. and half ginger????????? what is your thought on that combo as I dont want to mess that one up.I also would like to try using pineapple honey mustard but not sure how to use that. Any sugg. would be helpful. TKS

    1. half cin. and half ginger = sounds great to me, I’m a huge fan of both!

      Rather than tossing the nuts in egg, you could try tossing them in the pineapple honey mustard and/or a little egg (maybe half an egg) and then coat/dredge them…not sure how that will all play out but it’s worth a try if you have tons of cashews. Keep me posted!

  11. I made these this weekend and after burning a batch of Buttery Captain Crunchies to beyond recognition, (note to self “put glasses on to set oven dial!”), I was afraid of burning the nuts (I used peanuts). So I took them out after 20 minutes. They were yummy but didn’t harden up. In fact, when they cooled and I tried to break them apart they were total goo in the center of the baking sheet. So I reheated the oven and popped them back in for 12 more minutes, checking each 4 minutes. When they cooled the second time they were nice and crunchy! Yay! My husband gave them his highest praise “These are damn tasty!” Thanks for another great recipe. :)

    1. Glad they came out great for you after the 12 minute stint back in the oven. With things like this, you just have to watch them like a hawk and bake until they’re not gooey. Glad they got the husband’s seal of approval :) And sorry about the glasses/Capn Crunchies situation…that sounds like something I would do!

  12. Candied nuts are my favorite. I cannot stop myself once I have some in front of me. The expensive prices are built in self control. High prices I can resist. Candied nuts I cannot. These are dangerously divine!

  13. That salty/sweet combination is the best, I could probably finish off a whole batch of these if left unattended.

  14. I’ve never made my own sugar-spiced nuts before, but I need to get into it! Totally pinned!

  15. I’ve made candies pecans but never candied cashews. I LOVE cashews so I need to try this soon. Really digging the addition of cayenne pepper into your candied nuts. I enjoy a little heat in my food. Great recipe, Averie! Pinned!

  16. Oh my gosh, candied nuts are my weakness! I love snacking on them, sometimes a little too much haha. I love that I can make these at home and that way I’m not devouring a whole ginormous Costco-sized jar :) Love the gorgeous pics – pinned :)

  17. Averie, this is just too perfect — cashews are my mom’s favorite and I’ve been wondering what to give her for Mother’s Day! I love how easy your recipes is compared to others (I’m always scared of burning them on the stovetop, which is how I grew up making candied nuts), and the egg white tip? Brilliant! Now all that’s left is a trip to TJ’s… And a month of waiting for Mother’s Day. ;)

  18. These would be dangerous to have around. So addictive! I go through so many nuts that I do buy them at Costco and they are of a surprisingly high quality.

    1. I have no doubt the quality is good. I just don’t need that many nuts on hand. Way too much cardio to do :)

  19. I saw these in the morning today and couldn’t wait till weekend to make. I wasn’t sure if they would be loved or not, so I tried it with just one cup of peantuts and they disappeared in no time! Mom and dad are with us and they LOVED the crispy and sweet peanuts. They didn’t wait till five o’clock tea time, we all ate them right from the baking tray! They got angry because I made just 1 cup. I know I will be making these quite often! Thanks so much Averie for these addictive snack!

  20. OH! I’ve done almonds, walnuts, and pecans before but never cashews…these look fabulous!! :) Great idea!

  21. I need to go and buy my weight’s worth in cashews because I need these candied nuts in my life stat! Averie, your photos are beautiful and I can tell just by looking at them how fabulously crunchy and flavourful your cashews turned out. I adore candied nuts and can’t stop eating them once I stop. I have a feeling I’ll need to keep these under lock ‘n key to prevent myself from eating them all in one go!

    1. I had to rehome some of these since lock and key wouldn’t work…I know where I keep the key :)

  22. Well these look suuuuper good. I’ve been wanting to try and make some candied nuts for awhile (if I could master them, I am pretty sure they’d be a welcomed add on to Christmas gifts this year :) ) Your recipe looks great! Thanks for sharing!

  23. OK. I know what I’m having for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks. Love these cashews Averie! Pinning now :)

    1. Thanks for pinning and over some of your lovely cocktails you’ve been posting, these and those would be perfect together :)

  24. I love candied nuts (and fruits, too!), these look delicious! It’s nice that you get to know exactly what’s in them if you make them yourself, too. What a lovely treat snack!

  25. OMG. You have no idea how much I want to make these RIGHT NOW. But then I’d eat the whole batch and be sick and have a raw mouth. But it would be worth it!!!

  26. As if cashews weren’t addictive enough already…these look deadly! Can’t wait to up the ante with these for my next nut binge!

  27. 20 dollars in 20 minutes – how did you know that was me? Like, I really cannot stop eating good candied nuts. I have to limit how many batches I make lol! I’ve never tried candied cashews (I got them for some dairy subs) but since they are so buttery and rich, I bet they would taste amazing covered in this spice blend!

    1. They are so buttery and rich, exactly! And glad you can understand the $20/20min situation too :)

  28. I would eat these all in like one minute.

    On the heels of my nut post – yes to the roasted and not raw, to cashews being FAR superior to almonds, and to not buying in bulk!

    1. The funny thing is that I had this post shot and written for like 4 weeks. I needed something fast before my trip as a just in case post. Never used it there so here it is. So when I read your post the other day, I knew I had this baby lingering all along. Great minds :) This coating would be amazing on pistachios too. Although I need to COOL it :)

  29. Theses candied cashews look delish! I actually just made some cinnamon sugar almonds, but haven’t tried that with cashews yet, so this is next on my list!

  30. haha, put DOWN the giant box of expensive nuts at Costco, and make these instead!! I’m on it :)

    1. Girl I know. Not to mention, when you have THAT many in the house, it’s just, well….too dangerous :)

  31. My kids adore cashews. I bet they’d go ‘nuts’over these. :)
    Have a beautiful Monday Averie!

  32. I looove cashews, and I know I’d love them even more when they’re coated with cinnamon sugar goodness!

  33. I love candied nuts! Perfect for snacking on during ball games in the summer. At least that’s one of my favorite times to take them along! Plus cashews are definitely one of my favorite nuts – so much flavor! Pinning :)

    1. Thanks for pinning and snacking on nuts during games or DVR’ed TV shows is like my fave thing ever :)

  34. Oh I LOVE candied nuts! I never make them as often as I really should—I love that you chose to use cashews for your candied nuts. What a fun twist! I like cashews better than almonds too. ;) I can’t believe how amazing your photos look when you’re working with such a hard subject! You nailed it. :) pinned.

    1. Thank you for saying that about the images. I was telling someone else small brown objects with a weirdly-textured coating, not exactly super camera-friendly so thanks for the compliments & pin!

  35. Ha, no more begging for free samples of roasted candied nuts at the fair this year.

    Will totally make these. Why didn’t I think do make something like this before? I don’t know….that’s why I read food blogs I guess =)

    1. You’re so sweet :) And I know what you mean about the free samples..ha! Totally have done that!

  36. I made some honey mustard roasted cashews a couple months ago and they were absolutely addicting! I know these would be too!!!

    1. Honey mustard roasted cashews sound out of this world good! Honey mustard is one of my fave things! I’ve been scared to use honey for fear it would burn but guess I need to experiment!

  37. I can almost smell these…and festival season is coming so they really pop up everywhere. I totally agree about using the egg white so spices adhere. I’ve made my share of seasoned nuts only to have the seasonings end up in the bottom of the bowl! I’ve thought about trying this for more of a savory spice mix too.

    1. You could totally go more savory with these but you know me, I will always take my sweets, first :) And that frustrating feeling of the coating all falling off, gah. I know it. But not with this method!

  38. Oh man, I am obsessed with candied nuts! Especially those ah-may-zing ones that come on top of restaurant salads! But now I can totally eat them at home by the mouthful! Pinned!

    1. They’re exactly like those kind. That they give you like 5 and you cherish them like gold :) Thanks for pinning!

  39. I love sugar nuts too! Unfortunately I can not make them too often as I always eat half the batch before they are completely cool!

    Great pictures, I can almost taste the spice and crunch from Australia.

    1. Thanks for saying you like the pics! It is nearly impossible to take pics of little nuts with coating on them that’s not exactly pretty and have the pics turn out at all as good as what the food TASTES like :) So thank you!