Curried Ginger & Raisin Lentils


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Today I made a one pot, gluten free, vegan meal that was ready in less than 30 minutes.  It made planned leftovers, is very budget-friendly, is hearty and satisfying, and used up some things in my cupboard.  And for a second made me think I went to Southeast Asia without leaving San Diego.

Curried Ginger & Raisin Lentils in white dish with fork



Curried Ginger & Raisin Lentils


1 c dry Green Lentils (green lentils are much heartier and firmer than red which turn to mush much easier)

1/2 c Raisins

1.5 Tbsp Garam Masala seasoning

1 Tbsp Ground Ginger

1 Tsp Cumin

1 6-ounce can tomato paste (a 4-oz can or a fruity salsa would also work, or omit entirely) + add 1/2 c water or more to desired thickness

1 c diced Vegetables (I used carrots and broccoli stalks)

2 Tbsp EVOO (or coconut oil)

1 Tbsp Salt (optional)

1 Tbsp Sugar (optional)


Cook 1 cup dry lentils with 2 cups water on stovetop (Bring the lentils and water to a boil, then cover and reduce heat).  Simmer for about 15-20 minutes, or until about 85% of the water has been cooked off.

Add the remaining ingredients.

Stir, cover, and cook for another 10 minutes.

Serve (and optional garnish with raisins)

Yields: Dinner for 3, plus leftovers that will serve dinner for 3, again. Planned leftovers save lives.


Here’s a Visual Guide

Ingredients needed to make Curried Ginger & Raisin Lentils

After cooking 15 minutes, 85% of the water was absorbed

Lentils in pot with water

Then add everything else

Chopped vegetables on cutting board

Remaining ingredients added to lentils in pot

After stirring and simmering another 10 minutes the meal was ready

Stirred up Curried Ginger & Raisin Lentils

Plated Curried Ginger & Raisin LentilsGarnish with raisins if you want to get fancy

Curried Ginger & Raisin Lentils in white dish

The flavor of the garam masala which includes cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg, plus the additional ginger, combined with raisins worked wonderfully with the acidity of the tomato paste.  For my palette, with lentils being somewhat “earthy” tasting, I find they can use plenty of flavoring and doctoring up.  And flavored and doctored up is exactly what this recipe did, without being over-powering.

Fork scooping at Curried Ginger & Raisin Lentils

Close up of plated Curried Ginger & Raisin Lentils with forkIf you wanted to eat this in a pita pocket, on a bun or on bread, or use as a thick dip with chips, like pita chips or bruchetta-style bread rounds, it would definitely work.

Curried Ginger & Raisin Lentils in white dish close up with fork scooping up dish

Planned leftovers are a dinnertime salvation when I am gone and Scott has to heat something up and fend for himself and Skylar without me.

Forkful of Curried Ginger & Raisin Lentils

Leftover Curried Ginger & Raisin Lentils in clear container

Close up of leftovers in clear container

Curried Ginger & Raisin Lentils

If you like the looks of these lentils, I’ve been on a lentil kick the past week.

Try the Chipotle Salsa Lentils with Mixed Vegetables

Chipotle Salsa Lentils with Mixed Vegetables

By using different spices you can take the flavor of lentils from Southwestern and smoky to Eastern/Asian and exotic.

From my last post about about my meetup with my friend Amber, I am glad most of you seem to get together with your friends regularly, too.   It’s so important for the mind, body, and spirit!

And thanks for filling me in on your Valentine’s Day plansOr lack thereof.

If you need something sweet to wash your lentils down with, try a Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Snack Bar

Three Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Snack Bars on white plate

Close up of one Microwave Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Snack Bar


1. What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

I ran errands, worked, cooked, blogged about it, was a Mommy, and life carried on as usual.   There was nothing “special” about the 14th.  But it was fun hanging out with Skylar and seeing her excited.

Young girl with hair down standing smiling

2. Do you like lentils?

I know I asked this before, but lately I’ve been on quite a kick.

3. Any recipes you’ve made or had your eye on with lentils?

Other lentil recipes I want to try

The PPK’s Original Snobby Joes

Sloppy Josephines (Both those recipes seem similar but I have yet to try either and would like to because I loved sloppy joes as a kid.  Actually, I loved Manwich and I will admit to it.)

Angela has a lentil loaf

And Jenn just made lentils

Christine has sprouted lentils

So many lentils, so much fiber so little time.


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  1. So I’m a little over a year behind on this one but WOW! It came together quickly and was so full of flavor. My GM was a bit spicy so this ended up being that way too but in the best way possible! I seriously am so in love with all your, “I have hungry family members to feed asap” meals…even for us single folk, they make life easy!

    1. Thanks for the great feedback and comment, Kait! Glad you liked this one and things like this that you can make ahead of time, freeze individual portions, you have your own “tv dinners” after work or on busy nites when cooking isn’t happening easily!

      1. You’re welcome…and good to know about the freezing! Once I”m in my own place and a student again I have a feeling I’ll be doing that pretty often. :)

  2. I LOOOOOOOOVE lentils! They make my favorite sprouts, and I’ve been eating veggie lentil soup that I made for almost a week now. I love finding new ways to use them. :-)

    Those sloppy josephines look awesome!

  3. How funny! We must all have a psychic thing going on or something because I just ordered a 1lb. bag of organic green lentils from today (only 3.99/LB.)! Can’t wait to try some of those recipes. I’m thinking maybe something fake taco-“meat”-ish in a taco shell? I feel like I recently saw a recipe for that on a blog somewhere but now can’t remember where….

  4. I am always looking for a new way to cook lentils (and Indian spices are a favorite). Ive bookmarked this and will definitely be trying it.

  5. I found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later.

  6. Averie — you combined my favorite things (curry, ginger, raisins, and lentils) into one fantastic dish! I’m definitely going to have to try this!

  7. I haven’t had lentils in so long but I would def be up for trying some lentil meatloaf or the recipe you have here.
    For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend got me flowers and we went to a restaurant called Bertucci’s (Italian)
    It was a fun-filled weekend!

  8. YUM! I love lentils, as you’ve seen! :D

    There’s a recipe for them that I’ve been dying to try: Lentil lasagna. Instead of noodles, you use lentils. Everything else stays the same. Of course you could vegify it by using tofu instead of ricotta. I <3 legumes :)

    Thanks for the linky love!!

  9. This looks DELICIOUS!! I am bookmarking this!! :D

    I love lentils! I just had a lentil stew for dinner- delish! I always have green lentils too cos I prefer them and they contain more fiber :)

    Have to make those chocolate PB bars of yours soon too! They look amazing!!

  10. i love this! i’ve been on the hunt for garam masala forever! why does no foodstore near me carry it. i guess it’s going to go on my whole foods and rape my wallet list haha.

    glad you had such a wonderful valentines day filled with LOTS of love from your hubby bubby and your gorgeous daughter :) love you girl!

  11. I just made a roasted red pepper and lentil soup!

    I didn’t do anything for valentines really just hung out at home and read The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest lol.

  12. I like lentils a lot. Indian dahls are a favorite. The most recent thing I made with lentils was a sprouted lentil dish: recipe in the book Becoming Raw. It was a Mexican salad, with lots of veggies in addition to the lentil sprouts and it was very, very good. I will make again.

  13. I have to say, my injury appetite is MUCH different than what it was pre-surgery and meds. All I crave now are plain foods, fatty proteins and simple sugars. But this is usually a dish I’d be all over!

    Angela has lentil walnut burgers that I made last week that I’d also suggest! I didn’t eat them as burgers though, but crumbled on top of salads :)

  14. I love the looks of that one pot meal!! Yum!
    Thick, stew-like beans and veggies are always welcomed in my house:)

    Skylar looks so happy..and love the outfit!

    I love lentils big time – cooked in stew, made into burgers, sprouted, it all!

    I love the PPK snobby well as Vegan Dad’s version

  15. I made a lentil bake the other day with green lentils and sweet potato that was amazing!! I love that you used a whole can of tomato paste here… I love that intense tomato flavor! :)

    1. yeah i didnt realize just how THICK an entire (little!) can would make them….could have done with less, but it all worked out :)

  16. I ♥ lentils and they pack such a great nutritional package! They’re super filling and just super healthy. I made mama pea’s sloppy Josephine’s and they rocked my socks! Of course, I put my own spin on it though ;)

  17. That recipe looks great! And I like how adding raisins to something makes it taste Indian. I love lentils and I’ve been eating a lot of lentil soup lately.

  18. Oh! Another lentil recipe I must try. I’m currently sitting here eating a bowl of your chipotle salsa lentils. YUM! :)

  19. Love lentils! They are so versatile and I’m trying to use them more and more :)
    Nothing for Valentine’s Day for us, we don’t *do* v-day so it was thankfully just another Monday!

  20. Valentine’s meal my hubby made was awesome. I finished it up by making your PB Marshmallow bars with Choc Frosting. Yum! Followed by watching a movie by the fire.

    I still haven’t tried the green lentils, but it is on my “to try” list.

  21. Wow, getting creative with lentils! This recipe looks wonderful, but just about anything with curry does to me. :-)

    1. Had a fun gift exchange and dinner out with hubby.
    2. Yes.
    3. Quite a few, lentil quinoa chili, butternut lentil stews, etc.

  22. Ok – I’m loving your one pot meals, as they all look SO amazing! This one especially – And, I really like the addition of the raisins. :) Weird timing too, as just yesterday I started bookmarking ‘lentil’ based recipes – I don’t know what it is, but I just started craving them all of a sudden… Hmm, looks like I know what I’ll be cooking this weekend!

  23. Averie!
    I am so excited to finally come out of hiding. I LOVE ….LOVE your new layout. Firts and foremost because it looks amazing and it is very neat but more selfishly….I can get your website to work! I was stuck keeping you in my reader…
    Anyways, I want to thank you for making me smile every day, for making me want to live and eat better and giving up awesome recipes for doing just that. I also have NO idea how you do it all, woman! You have super powers I swear.


  24. I’ve never prepared lentils, but when I go to my favorite vegetarian Indian restaurant, they use lentils in almost everything. And I love them! The lentil donuts are my favorite.

  25. I LOVE lentils. This is the type of dish that I would love but my husband would say, “Nice side dish–where’s the main course?” Do you ever have that issue with Scott?

    If you loved Manwich as a kid (I did too) you have to try my vegan sloppy joe recipe–very Manwich-like, much more than the PPK recipe. Oh, I use barley instead of lentils, though. I like the texture barley gives. I hope you don’t mind me leaving the link here in case you are interested:

    1. thanks for the link. if it’s closer to manwich than the ppk recipe, im all ears!

      where’s the main course…well, 10 yrs ago, yes that would have been an issue but over the past decade+ meals have been transitioned. Here’s the thing, I am doing the groc shopping and the cooking and it’s not like i went from meat and potatoes to lentils all over night. It’s been…10 years. But now, it’s like, i am not going to spend money to buy meat for him or make him something else 90% of the time. He’s gonna get what i eat, or a version of what i eat, to minimize the short order cook issue.

      Eat it or go hungry is also another approach :)

  26. You made Indian food!!! I remember you saying you needed to try it. I think garam masala with tomatoes is a match made in heaven.

    I know I said i am not a huge lentil fan, but the Snobby Joes are truly delish. I used to make them at least once a month. I took out some of the maple syrup, because they were a little sweet for me, but I think you’d love them as they are. Especially if you loved manwich. That brings me back. Wow.

    1. well i left out CURRY, garlic, onions…which is key for me :)

      thanks for LMK about the snobby’s. Not reducing the maple, kind of manwich, etc…i am so there!

      I knew you’d have had manwich. It’s gotta be a staple in MN and WI i think!

  27. I love dishes like this– adding raisins to Indian-style lentils is always SO tasty! That combo of sweet and savory really gets me!

  28. I love lentils! You should definitely try the snobby joes. They’re my favorite “sloppy joe” style recipe. I’m sure they beat manwich (although I’m not sure I’ve ever actually had it ..)

  29. You’ve really been rocking the one pot meals recently! Love it. I like lentils, though I forget about them. I’ve always wanted to make a lentil loaf. Maybe I should try Angela’s?

    Have a good Tuesday!

  30. I worked (boo!) then drank wine and had dinner with the hubby (yay!) and watched “When Harry met Sally” for the first time (loved it!).
    i do like lentils – i think it has something to do with my love for indian food! Aarti from the food network has a great soup recipe – butternut squash, coconut and lentils (or split peas?) – so easy, one pot, can serve with or without rice – super tasty :)
    Skylar’s hair is getting so long and she looks so grown up! so cute as always <3 everytime I think i'm not ready for kids yet, i see her smiley face and re-think. haha!

  31. I told my hubbie no gifts but he surprised me with a card, my favorite salad that I haven’t had in 3 years, grilled apple and arugala, yummy! It is our anniversary too. Other than that Vday was work and mommy like normal. Thanks for another easy, fast, and healthy recipe, those are the kind I am loving lately. My family has totally been rockin your recipes lately…. if I can cook a meal while tending a 7 month old and a three year old its a keeper. We love your no bake protein bars, you are making my life easier, thanks for blogging!!!

  32. I love Skylar’s long long hair! Wow!

    I don’t eat many lentils, but I wish I did, they taste good and their nutritional stats are great! I just never think of buying them at the grocery store. I love this dish though, especially because it contains raisins and I love raisins!

    V-Day was fun, but nothing super special — we had dinner (like we do every night!) and exchanged some gifts — but other than that it was like any other day!

  33. My mom ended up coming over last night to deliver goodies to the girls. Other than that, I wanted to call it an early night…our family (with the exception of myself and first born) have been sick :(

  34. This recipe looks delicious! I have to try this soon! I just posted about my Vday, my boyfriend took me to NYC to a vegan, organic restaurant. It was delicious and very sweet for him to surprise me with such a nice date! Skylar’s hair is getting so long! She looks like repunzel with her gorgeous blonde locks!

  35. Can you believe i’ve never cooked with lentils?! I order it out….eat beans/peas almost every day, and completely neglect the poor little lentils! This looks like a great recipe-love the addition of raisins, totally unexpected!

  36. I love lentils! We sprouted them before and I loved the crunch they gave to things. I like them in burgers, stews and salads! I am so glad you guys had a good day yesterday! Skylar looks like she enjoyed the day! I hope today is a good one for you!

  37. I love anything with curry and ginger, so despite my irrational fear of cooking lentils I feel like this would be delicious!

    I had a girls’ night for Valentine’s day. Me and Mike’s date was Sunday, and then yesterday was cupcakes and Indian food. I’m not a big Vday person, but it’s nice to have an excuse to hang out with the people you love and eat dessert!!

  38. I love lentils!! And girl, you know about my obsession with raisins…why did I not think of cooking with them?! Shame on me….

  39. I love Skylar’s outfit in this picture! She dresses WAY better than I did as a child (mostly 4th-generation hand-me-downs from 1980 haha)!
    I adore lentils. They’re probably my favorite legume. Sprouted lentils are amazing, pretty easy to make, and a great salad topper!