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The highlights of my weekend include:

1. Ordering this white Hemnes Cabinet fom Ikea.

White Ikea Hemnes Cabinet with many shelves

I have run out of storage space in my kitchen-living-dining room (it’s all just one big connected room) to store anything. Urban living and no storage at its finest.

Black yoga mat on top of hardwood floors

I literally have cereal boxes, nice dishes, yoga mats, camera lenses, and spatulas crammed into nooks and crannies, random drawers, stuffed in various closets and things are a big disorganized hodge-podge. Not to mention, things are getting smooshed and could break (gasp, Anthro dishes) and more storage is needed. Period.

I ordered this storage cabinet in the hopes to get photography dishes and bulky dry goods like bags of flour and sugar into one area, which will free up the cupboards to put the every day dishes into them which will free up the nooks and crannies which will make things organized and neat and pretty again.

Let’s hope my plan works because rather than stepping foot into Ikea on a weekend (nightmare), I ordered online with a hope and prayer it’s going to be fine and I’ll like it. My item will be delivered in about a week and an assembly company is putting it together.

Glass. Shelving. Tall unwieldy structure. Sounds like a recipe to break my arm, slice my fingers, or file for divorce if we tried to put it together ourselves.

White Ikea Hemnes Cabinet with many shelves with things inside of it

2. Spending time here

Coronado island path overlooking ocean and bridge

3. Being with my family and listening to Skylar laugh and play her version of “Name That Tune” with us. She hums a tune and asks us if we can guess the song. We never can.

And we all bust out laughing.

4. I made food for Scott that made him happy and we had a low-key Father’s Day. The weather was picture-perfect on Sunday and we savored it.

5. I made some Special K Bars because I wanted something chocolatey and gooey and peanut buttery and no-bake.

My grandma’s recipe always hits the spot.

Special K Bars
Special K Bars
Caramel Bottom of Special K Bars

What was the best part of your weekend?

Do you have any Ikea purchases you love? Or storage solutions you love?

We did Skylar’s room from Ikea and have been very happy. For the price, functionality, and look I’m going for, it’s perfect. Both her room (and hopefully) my storage case.

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  1. I love that cabinet! I hope it works out for you. I am running out of space too, but my problem is getting rid of clutter!

    1. I de-clutter and donate all the time, I just have run out of room in an urban condo with 3 people…tight quarters here!

  2. Great Ikea find! I keep my camera and lenses in the pantry too, easier access. :-) We have a few of the Ikea Expedit shelves in our office, gym, and bedroom with tons of baskets, filers, and drawers for storage.

    1. I keep them on the counter far too close to the stove because the pantry is full. With dishes.

  3. Love that picture of Coronado! When I lived in SD I worked in Coronado, such a beautiful place to go to work everyday! :)

    1. It’s amazing you made it into work and got anything done – I’d have been outside :)

  4. Best part of my weekend was that the play I’m in unally opened and sold out both nights do it looks like it’ll be a good run!
    As for ikea, my mattress from there is quite comfy:)

    1. Skylar’s mattress is from there and she’s never once (knock on wood) had a bedtime power struggle with us. So I’ll say it’s the mattress :)

  5. Love, love, LOVE that cabinet!!! Super cute and versatile. You’ll have to post pics once you have it set up! :)

    And holy moly. Those Special K bars look irresistible!!

  6. I understand that in terms of matching the other colors would have fit the color scheme in your house, but I always love a pop of white color. I think that will look great in your house. Actually, I like it so much that I am going to go look at it in white myself!! It’s not available online anymore! Boo! :-(

    Those Special K bars look so good right now!! :-)

    1. that’s super weird….I just clicked on it and it *is still* available online for me. Now that’s a mystery…maybe b/c the distribution center in CA is diff than where it would be for you? Weird. Call and order though…they’ll always take your money over the phone :)

      1. After you posted this, I tried again and now it is available! What the what?? I love it! My only dilemma..where to put it! :-)

  7. The cabinet is nice! I have a small house and I could use a cabinet, all my stuff is sitting on a table in my front room!

  8. i recently bought octopus hangers from ikea for hanging my cloth diapers and i love them. And they were only 4 bucks each!

  9. Best part of my weekend? My Grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary (wow) and .. pumpkin caramel pie (recipe on my blog today). It contains ‘golden syrup’, which I think is a burnt sugar syrup – it is like liquid toffee. Can you think of an American substitution for that? I’d love to know if there is something similar.

  10. I love the look of Ikea–so contemporary and clean looking. When it’s time to re- decorate or update, I’ll be checking it out. I had a productive weekend getting things done that needed to be done and having time to enjoy my hobbies. My husband was able to get Sunday off, so we spent a little time together after all. Sounds like you had a very nice weekend!

  11. Hi there, it’s been a little while!
    I love your choice, the space looks very clutter free in the photo, but I’m assuming you chose a right angle to shoot the room? :P
    I love white, especially for a living space. I would rather have lighter color than bright ones like red except for an accent. I think it’s less stressful & more relaxing to be around :D

    1. my house is 100% clutter free (visible)..I hate clutter and I either donate or throw away as needed! but with my collection of dishes and food/pantry stuff, just have to get something additional.

  12. Love the white cabinet! I have almost all the matching pieces to that set :-)

  13. The first thing I thought when I saw that cabinet was “I hope she sprang for the assembly company” and you did—smart cookie! Your special k bars are haunting me…!

  14. I have a gorgeous red china cabinet from Ikea. It is such a statement piece in my apartment and I love it! My dishes are white and red so I just display them stacked up right in there. Glad you had a great weekend!

  15. I have the hemnes living room set (TV console, side table, coffee table and one cabinet) and you cant get better furniture for that price! I love my set!

    1. do you have the cabinet I got? Glad to hear you have other pieces in the line and love them. You’re right, for the price…it’s fabulous!

  16. Those Special K bars look amazing (printing the recipe now!). BTW, I totally own that red confetti mixing bowl from Zak designs. I broke the orange one in our nesting set, so I had to buy the XL.

    1. I love the Special K bars and growing up in MN (and you in WI) they are such a midwestern-ey food. Good ole bars. And you broke the orange? That’s some heavy duty cooking!

  17. You read my mind! I need to get a storage cabinet for my kitchen too. I was thinking about looking online at IKEA, but I am hesitant to order without seeing it first. I also want a butcher block topped kitchen island and I don’t think i have room for both. Ahhh….decisions…

    1. I would NOT get the island but that’s me b/c they block off the flow of walking and energy but it does also depend on your room orientation. I’d fill in with a wall/side of house piece like a chest, stand, etc and then if you need more, get the island. My .02 of course

  18. That is a beautiful cabinet! Unfortunately no…I don’t have any IKEA but hopefully someday!

  19. Averie, That cabinet is great, I had something similar from IKEA when we loved in Seattle for a very same reason you do. I loved it, too bad I couldn’t take it cross country, I could use some extra nice storage here too. I am sure you’ll love it.
    Our weekend was supposed to be a low key, quiet time with friend… turn out to be wild time with friends. I think we haven’t had this much fun and relaxation since the time before kids! :)

    1. Ive had things in the past and in various moves, have had to let them go…and now, in this house, this layout, they’d work again. But they’re long gone.

    1. YES! It’s like the bargain version of West Elm in many ways which works for my vibe!

  20. Glad you had a great family weekend Averie! I worked some but also had a blast healing my mom with a yard sale and got some sunshine squeezed in there too.

  21. Ikea holds a special place in my heart – and is all over my apartment!!! I love the cabinet you ordered, it’s classically beautiful, and looks like it will hold a lot!!

    1. I think it will…have seen other blog posts from google images with people who have it and yes, i plan to stuff that baby full!

  22. I love that cabinet! I’m on the hunt for a cabinet or hutch this summer and if yard sales don’t do the trick than I’ll probably give in and go to ikea :) I need more prop space!

    1. Well hopefully this one does the trick and I tried the yard sales routine but figured for the price and that this was going in the main area of my house, I wanted it as clean and “pretty” as one can get…from…Ikea :)

  23. our entire bedroom is the Hemmes line lol. Actually, the majority of our house is Ikea. The decor of the newly married couple right?

    1. the majority of mine is West Elm (been married 11 years, so I upgraded :)) But the Ikea cases are bigger and more practical than West Elm or any others that I’ve seen. I need function, too :)

  24. A graduation party, the naked bike ride in Portland and Father’s Day. How does one pick the most fun thing? And no I wasn’t naked ;)

  25. That Ikea cabinet is GORGEOUS. I think you’ll like it in person– I always hesitate to buy some things online – like furniture or clothes (from a store I’ve never shopped at before). I wish I had a storage solution I loved… my kitchen cabinets are full of SO MUCH baking supplies and ingredients. And yet, I still have to make almost daily trips to the store for more ingredients lol.

    1. It’s b/c I buy a little of this, a little of that and I need 1/2 cup of M & M’s for cookies and have a 2 lb bag. Repeat x50 with everything else. Not to mention regular food…cans of beans and corn and granola bars and jars of this and that…takes up so much room! And the dishes..don’t even get me started!

  26. I love Ikea! They’re Hemnes line is so cute. And those special k bars get me every time!! thanks for sharing!

  27. I was just at Ikea yesterday and we bought the Hemnes entertainment center set and we were going to buy those same cabinets (in grey brown) but Jason told us to hold off. We also got into a mini argument yesterday about how I just wanted to buy one single cabinet like you bought to put in the kitchen area for all my props..he said no and how it’d look tacky and told me to just put in the buffet we have in our hallway :( wahhh I want to display my cool props and fabrics! haha

    1. That’s interesting that you just bought it..yesterday (ent. center) !

      I almost bought the black AND the gray-brown. Was worried in person the gray-brown wouldn’t be pretty and with really needing to SEE what’s in the cabinet with “clean eyes” and not have it be color-tinged, I opted for white. Stylistically, black or gray-brown would have been prettier in the house but functionality, white. And tacky or not, I just HAVE to get this crap organized. Literally I have stuff falling out of the cabinets. Must change.

  28. I have restaurant metro racks for my storage, they are sturdy and I love how they look – stainless steel. at our new place, the formal dining room off the kitchen is my photography and storage area, convenient and can be hidden by a pocket door if needed.

    hope you like the cabinet when it arrives! :)

    1. Girl that’s the best use of a formal dining room..ever. Who really uses their formal dining room all that much if you already have another kitchen/eating area and that’s perfect for it! And the racks….I need those too, but don’t own so can’t be mounting tons of stuff.

  29. Love that cabinet! I’ve never shopped Ikea. Our house is really old and we are lacking in storage to the extreme. I would love to be able to redo the kitchen with sneaky cool storage. Sounds like you guys had a nice weekend together. Love the scenery!

    1. sneaky or not sneaky, storage needed to happen. Hope you guys find a solution, too. For the price, it’s a good find and it’s functional <-- key