Good Books, Making Time to Read, Chocolate or Vanilla/White?


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Hi Friends!  TGIF!  Well, it was a short week for those of us who were celebrating Labor Day and didn’t have work or school on Monday.  Just means the weekend is here one day sooner!  Good deal.

Earlier in the week I realized that Skylar had either outgrown or ripped the majority of her pants so it was time to re-stock.

Young girl holding stuffed animal in kitchen

I hit up Old Navy and got 7 pairs of pants, and 2 pairs of socks, for $40 bucks, after tax for her.  Mothers that pay designer prices for kids’ clothes, sorry, I don’t get it.  Put that money into their educational fund, not their wardrobe at age 3!

Children's close laid out on countertop
Close up of three pattered pants
Patterns are great for covering up spills and stains, and little tears and rips are camouflaged
2 of the pairs were $1.97 each.  Including a pair of white capris.  Not super practical but cheap and will be great on our Aruba trip, too.
Price tag showing sale price of $1.97
In the mail for me was a book I ordered on the recommendation from a friend
Strand Piece of Paradise Book
Close up of book description and author name
It’s pretty long and not a light read, but I am excited to read this.  Another thing that will have to wait for our Aruba trip is my pleasure reading. 
I also plan to bring my ACE Personal Trainer materials.  Katie, have you ordered yours yet?  Wanna be my study buddy?
Ace Personal Trainer Materials on countertop
Close up of Ace Personal Trainer Manual
This “project” of mine totally fell by the wayside, but I will be reading this on my Aruba trip too.  

From yesterday’s post about Re-Usable Water Bottles, thanks for your recommendations and glad you most of you seem to not use throw-away plastic bottles.  The landfills and the planet thanks you.

intak Re-useable water bottle

And I’m glad you liked all my Recipes that Use Stevia.

 Muffin in muffin liner

Reader Kelly Marie told me she already has my Granola Recipe with the Stevia substitutions in her oven and her house smells great.  I love to hear stories like that!  

Stacked pieces of Homemade Vegan Gluten & Soy Free Granola
 Just replace part of the brown sugar with NuNaturals Baking Blend if you’re interested in using stevia rather than sugar

Thanks for telling me if you’re into stevia or not.  Many of you dig the stuff.

Multiple Stevia Products on countertop
As I mentioned, I’m into itThat’s an understatement..ha!

Seems that most of you all like a good surprise, too!  Like Kelsey who still makes her mom wrap all her Christmas presents just so she can be surprised. 

Hand holding open red envelope

Dessert: No-Bake Vegan Maple Flaxseed Cookies   
If you have any flax seeds you need to use or want to incorporate more flax into your diet, make these.  Super fast and easy!   3 Ingredients and you’re Done!

Flax seeds in blender
Four No-Bake Vegan Maple Flaxseed Cookies on white plate
Close up of one No-Bake Vegan Maple Flaxseed Cookie
Garnish with Raisins & Maple Syrup optional, but everything’s better with a little maple or agave drizzle, right?

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1. What’s on your agenda this weekend?
I have to work Thursday-Saturday, so nothing too extraordinary is planned but I want to soak up as much time with my family as I can.  Today I made a quick Trader Joe’s run for some of their $1.99 bagged lettuce, can’t beat that stuff.  And took Skylar to the park again and want to make time for more of that over the weekend.

2. Do you prefer Chocolate or Vanilla/White?
Such a hard call for me.  I like white cake over chocolate, generally.  But chocolate trumps vanilla in the protein powder department for me.  Ice cream?  Not really a big enough fan to care all that much, but I will take vanilla ice cream (vegan vanilla softserve) over chocolate.  However, between dark chocolate and white, no contest, dark chocolate.  In home decor, I have a chocolate couch with white accents.  In terms of scents, I adore vanilla.  As you can see, I am split down the middle!

3. Do you have any good books that you’ve read lately? 
I haven’t read a real book in so long that it’s embarrassing.  That’s all I will say.  

4. What kind of books do you usually like?
I generally enjoy fiction that’s fluffy, lighter, funny, witty, love stories, life stories, life journeys or reading about someone’s path, even if it’s fictional.  I don’t usually go for heavy, deep, non-fiction, historical, religious, or anything too serious.  I like to be transported away into another place and usually I have an easier time doing that if the material is light.   I have a hard time getting motivated to read really cerebral, head-ey stuff.  But I am open to all suggestions!

5. Do you make time to read?
Sadly for me, no, I don’t but I want to change this, very badly.  Reading others’ blogs and commenting on tons of blogs, as well as my own blog, managing it, creating it, and keeping up with the emails and behind the scenes workload it generates has cut into my pleasure reading, and pleasure tv watching, time.  

I need to find more time to read.  Real books.  Not from a screen.  My shoulders, neck, and eyes will thank me.  Not to mention, I just want to zone out more!

Have a great weekend everyone!  
Woman in white shirt and skirt waving on sidewalk
It’s gorgeous here and I want to soak up the sun and great mid 70s, breezy, perfect weather!

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