I Really Shouldn’t


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I really shouldn’t…

Buy these dishes from Anthropologie

dishes from AnthropologieBut how cute are they?


Spend time on the B & H Photo website or any photography or camera gear website

Canon cameraI could drop thousands on photography stuff from lenses to camera bodies in no time flat.  The Tsunami in Japan has effected the worldwide supply of many lenses and camera bodies with very indefinite ETA’s for them being re-stocked.   That just feeds my buying desires.


I really shouldn’t eat too many of these Caramelized Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Chickpea “Peanuts”

Caramelized Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Chickpea “Peanuts”

They are so good.  But beans + my stomach = a very low threshold of compatibility.  But they taste so good going down!


Go into Victoria’s Secret right now.

Their semi annual sale just started and buying lingerie and comfy clothes that I didn’t even know I needed, sounds fun.  You know that feeling of just because it’s “on sale”, all of a sudden I feel this urge that I “need it”.  You all know that feeling.  The outlet mall shopping phenomenon: You never wanted it til you saw it and it was marked down. From bras to roasting pans, anything marked down just makes me happy.

I really shouldn’t make cream cheese frosting just to eat.

Cream cheese frosting on beater blades

But I might.

Adding a brownie along with a bowl of frosting is entirely optional.

Nutella Brownies with Cream Cheese Frosting on plate

From my last post with the Caramelized Ginger & Olive Oil Roasted Beets, I am glad you liked the recipe and that maybe you’re feeling inspired to try beets now.  Yes, you really should.

Beets in pileAnd I enjoyed hearing how the beet lovers enjoy eating beets.


Fill in the Blanks:

I really shouldn’t___________________.


I will probably_________________ anyway.


Me = I really shouldn’t survive on fours hours of sleep many nights in a row, but I probably will did anyway.


P.S. The Taste of Adams Avenue Giveaway is still open

Pink and orange flowers

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I really shouldn’t take 2 graduate classes in the fall while working full-time.


    I will probably do it anyway.

  2. I really shouldn’t… have made myself cookies and milk last night at 9:30 pm. But I’ll always go for dessert anyway!

  3. I shouldn’t spend so much time on the internet looking at blogs…im am addicted!! I love finding new ones!! Yours is awesome. :) oh and I shouldn’t eat so much ice cream, but I do….im obsessed about it too.

  4. oh dang, Averie! the chickpeas look sooooo delicious! And I agree~the plates are so pretty. I really shouldn’t work out too intensively today b/c I’m sore from working out after Lasik recovery, but I think I still will. I guess I won’t fuuuuuulllly listening to my body today hehe. have a beautiful Saturday girl!

  5. Sometimes its wonderful to do the things you really shouldn’t ;). Right now I’m thinking about taking a long freaking nap…..but I feel like I should really do the 8 million other things I should do. We’ll see what wins!

  6. I really shouldn’t keep indulging in all of your dessert recipes, but….oh who cares? They rock!

  7. I still have yet to go to Victoria’s Secret! They just opened the first store in Canada, about an hour drive from my house. I need to run by there one day.

  8. I love browsing through Anthropologie, but I haven’t purchased anything yet for some reason. Those dishes are totally cute! So true on photography gear or any techie gear for us!

    For me – I really shouldn’t be browsing vegan shoes on DSW and Zappos, but I could use a new pair for work and damn, those wedges would be fun on weekends. :-)

  9. i really shouldn’t spray tan, because i think it’s equally unhealthy for my inner body, but i do anyway because i’ve been thoroughly scared of being in the sun without 70+SPF and i still like to have some color on my skin–albeit a slight orange hue (even though they say it looks natural)

    ps i’d buy those plates too, but i know how expensive they are…your $1 find pink bowl and plates are equally gorgeous! i am a big thrift store person…

  10. I really shouldn’t have eaten all those gf cupcakes yesterday, but I did (they did have zucchini in them). Now I am thinking I shouldn’t go to VS or Anthropologie. I probably won’t but I really want to. If I had the time today I probably would go to VS. Since I just threw a bra away I could make that a “should” right?

  11. This plates are sooooo fun! I am addicted to Anthropologie everything.
    Not for want of much right now – – always on the hunt for more time in the day though ;)

  12. I really shouldn’t be online right now but I probably will comment on anyway because I love your blog!
    The dishes look awesome.

  13. Ha ha, Averie, you are too cute ;) THANK GOD I am not the only “freak” out there who makes frosting J-U-S-T for the true, divine pleasure of eating it. Or baking cakes/cookies just to devour the MUCH-better-than-the-baked-stuff batter, lol ;) Enjoy your weekend!
    Much love, Maria

  14. Oh man…I’m trying to get RID of stuff now that we know we’re moving into a much smaller house. I did NOT need to see those anthropologie dishes :-)

  15. I really shouldn’t go shopping today. But, I’m bored and kind of in a funk and buying myself some pretty things is always a sure-fire way to cheer myself up!

  16. I really shouldn’t go to Starbucks for my caffeine fix every morning, but I probably will go anyways… if just for the steamed soy toppers. ;)

    Those dishes are so pretty! I know for a fact that you’ve gotten dishes for dirt cheap at thrift stores, so a splurge now and then is totally acceptable. I think it’s all a little give and take – if we never bought or did something we maybe “shouldn’t”, we’d be denying ourselves of things we truly love and enjoy that make us happy, and a lot of amazing experiences with some of our best, treasured memories. :)

  17. Those chick peas look incredible and I really shouldn’t skip the gym today but I Probably will!

  18. Its tough to pick just one, but here’s mine:

    I really shouldn’t Hog on Pizza,
    I will probably eat them anyway!

  19. LOVE anthropology! I probably shouldn’t have, but I DID cart a set of really cute glasses all the way from the anthropology store in NYC to back here to Cyprus! :) I also probably shouldn’t have eaten those last few cookies yesterday but I definitely did! :D Great post!

  20. You definitely SHOULD by those plates – they are STUNNING! I want them SO much! I love things decorated with horses, and these are really spectacular.

    Hmmm…today, I probably shouldn’t…..watch a million episodes of Big Love, but I probably will anyway!

  21. Ok, that was a really sinful post! So many GORGEOUS things all in one post? really?! Lurve that camera :-)

  22. I probably shouldn’t eat a chocolate almond chewie after going to frozen yogurt with a friend, but I will. :)

  23. I really shouldn’t go to VS tomorrow, but my sister wants to go to the mall and you remeinded me of the sale and I have a VS credit card, so I probably will. If my mom lets me out of pre-party cleaning duties for long enough. It’s my party, right?

  24. Those are some of the cutest little plates I have ever seen. They just scream ‘tea party’ & ‘dessert’ & whimsy. :B
    I love Anthropologie. It’s such an addictive place to shop at…oh my!

    I really shouldn’t make so much dessert…because we have too much food in the house already…but I did anyway…and I will probably make more tomorrow. :)

    1. I baked 3 things this week and I have plenty of stuff in the house. :) I think it’s the process I enjoy the most, and the raw dough.

  25. Having worked for Bath & Body Works (which is owned by the Limited Brand), I got employee discount at Express and Victoria Secret. All 3 stores were next to each other so come semi-annual sale, I got first dibs… It was dangerous. I really didn’t “need” any of it, but where’s the fun in buying things you “need” all the time? Like my justification? hehe .. It helps me sleep at night
    P.S. freaking adorable plates! you SHOULD definitely buy them :)

  26. I know what you mean about beans + tummy = incompatible. Man, do I KNOW! They’re just so yummy, though. :)

    I really shouldn’t… look at the animal shelter web site for available pets for adoption, real estate sites, or go to the grocery store hungry. But I do all of the above anyway.

  27. Just commenting on the disgusting-ness of many Victoria’s Secret models. I thought one of them had a deformation because of the angle shot at her ribs. Anyway, I really shouldn’t be up this late when I’m going 11 hours to Maine tomorrow but oh well :) Those plates are gorgeous btw!

  28. i really shouldn’t have gone to the anthropologie website after seeing this post! We have the same style.

  29. I really shouldn’t let Averie encourage me to make lists of things I shouldn’t be doing
    I will probably end up indulging myself on something sweet, something short on ice, and something I don’t need ‘but look how much I saved’ anyway. ;-)

  30. Ooh I love this :) I really shouldn’t be sitting around, watching TV, and blogging when I have a whole house of boxes to unpack, but I’ll probably just keep reading my fave blogs anyway. The boxes aren’t goin’ anywhere. ;-)

  31. Those dishes are so beautiful! And I feel you on the frosting account… It is just so darn tasty! I probably shouldn’t go to the farmers market for fruit more than once a week, but I will probably meander down and check it out, almost every day. SHAME!

  32. Bahaha I LOVE this post, Averie – and you should do ALL of that…speaking of VS, I need some dang push up bras for these little itty bitty titties. Excuse my inappropriateness but it’s true – their bras are the ONLY one’s that gimme the boost I need :)

    Pass the chickpeas, please ;)

    Love you!

    1. aww, you are the best and I saw Gabriela show you some love on her site today and I agree with everything she wrote about you :)

  33. I really shouldn’t be online right now because I have so much hw to do, but I will probably find some other way to procrastinate anyway :)

    Doesn’t anthropologie have the cutest kitchenware?? I want it alllllll!

  34. That cream cheese frosting looks dangerous… I really shouldn’t spend the night watching SYTYCD and eating chocolate chips from the bag, but I probably will anyway – and enjoy it!

  35. I really shouldn’t be stressed about a potential job phone call I have to make on Monday, but I probably will stress!!

  36. Oh yes, I already took advantage of the semi-annual sale at VS :D

    I really shouldn’t be nervous about the upcoming dance competition, but I probably will fret over it anyway.

  37. I really shouldn’t be so nervous about my new job, but I will probably cry anyway. On a happier note: I really shouldn’t go to another farmer’s market tomorrow, but I will probably buy another metric ton of greens anyway. :)

  38. I’m the same way with chickpeas! I can literally eat a whole can for a snack. So yummy!

  39. I really shouldn’t have a bowl of ice cream after eating 4 slices of homemade bread already tonight, but I probably will anyway as I watch LOST on Netflix :)

    Buy the plates! super cute!

  40. Those plates are SO cute. Even just for decoration on their own…they have great stuff there. I really shouldn’t be looking at used DSLRs because I’m a full time law student living 100% on student loans…but I am anyways… :P

  41. Yes, the tsunami is having a serious impact on getting camera gear in stock! Nikon is not in good shape and I’m lucky I could get my new camera when I did :X Not good for the shop, either. Big bummer. (…which sounds selfish, because us not being able to stock Nikon is minor compared to what residents over there are going through.)
    sales…yep. i have to remind myself that I don’t need something JUST because it’s on sale or JUST because i have a coupon!

  42. I probably shouldn’t skip out on school work to drive to the mall tomorrow since you reminded me of the VS sale…but I plan on it anyway!

  43. haha what a fun post! I probably shouldn’t go out to a bar with friends for the 3rd time already this week, when I have to waitress a double tomorrow morning. But…. your only young once, so I will anyways haha!

  44. I really shouldn’t be sitting here watching those crazy Orange County Housewives. But I will probably leave it on while I clean the kitchen and start dinner… ;)

    1. I love the HWs and OC are my faves. No shame in proclaiming that loud and proud :)

  45. I think I need those chickpeas…. Let’s see, I should not lay out in the sun tomorrow, but I know I will (with my overloaded spf to make me feel better LOL).