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Yesterday my iHerb.com order arrived.

Nutritional Yeast Flakes, Jarro-Daphilus EPS probiotics, and Vanilla Stevia drops

And thank goodness the order arrived just 48 hours after I placed it (and I didn’t even pay for expedited shipping because anything over $40 ships for free with standard shipping) because I was out of nooch.  Oh, the horrors!

empty can of nutritional yeast flakesLooking into the empty can was giving me panic attacks. What would I ever do without nooch?  Pay retail WF’s prices?  Oh, the horrors!

I order my stevia, probiotics, nooch, bulk spices like cinnamon and anything that’s a shelf-stable dry good or supplement from iHerb because their prices are so much cheaper than paying retail!  Like 30-40% cheaper, I find.  For those new to iHerb, use code AVE630 to save $5 off your first order.

And that was making me nervous because I love diving into a big bowl of popcorn with nooch, cocoa powder, stevia, cinnamon, coconut oil and chocolate chips as a snack most evenings.

Chocolate Cheezy Coconut Oil Popcorn

Chocolate Cheezy Coconut Oil Popcorn

May look like an interesting combo but I promise, it’s so tasty.  Don’t knock it til you try it.

And I love popcorn so much, I have popcorn recipes because I enjoy getting creative with my toppings.  Everything from chocolate protein powder to ginger to maca.

Chocolate Cheezy Coconut Oil Popcorn in steel bowl

If you’ve never tried nooch, are curious what it is, or needs ways to use your big container…

Nutritional Yeast Flakes in can

Check out this post with about 15 nooch recipes

such as Cheezy Veggie Bake

Cheezy Vegetable Bake

and Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cups (nooch is optional but just gives the filling a slightly more authentic taste)

Peanut Butter Cups

I don’t just live for nooch.  Fresh veggies and salads also make me happy.

salad with snap peas with cucumbers, carrots, and cabbage

Top it with a little Sweet & Nutty Un-Chicky Salad Nut Pate and I’m set

Sweet & Nutty Un-Chicky Salad Nut Pate

No, actually I would not be set until I had some chocolate.  Like Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls

Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls

Did you know that Oreos are veganI did not!

In order to veganize my recipe, simply use a vegan cream cheese, such as Tofutti, and you’re set!

From my last post on Refunds and Sunshine.  I’m glad most of you have filed your taxes and aren’t working up to the deadline to get them in the mail.  Whew! Also glad to see that you liked my strategy of a small refund even though it doesn’t sound as “good”, it’s better than letting the government hold onto your money all year, in my opinion anyway.

And spring weather and sunshine, hopefully everyone gets some of that soon!  Maybe in time for the weekend.


1. Have you ever tried nooch?  If so, did the blogosphere happen to turn you onto it?

As I said when I posted about my Fox News interview, I have tried many products because of the ‘sphere, nooch included in that category.  Right along with maca and chia seeds.

2. Did you know that Oreos are vegan?  Do you care?

I didn’t and it hardly seems possible but hey, Peta probably has really studied all the products on this list that are ‘accidentally vegan‘.

Since I’ve started consuming small amounts of dairy, I am not really that hung up, but it’s good trivia, right?  And good in a pinch in case you need to satisfy a vegan’s sweet tooth with some store-bought Oreos.

Other food trivia:

Mangoes are part of the latex family of foods

Keeping the pit in a sliced avocado will slow down the oxidation process and keep it from going brown as fast

Putting a piece of bread in with brown sugar will reduce sugar clumps

Botanically speaking, tomatoes are considered a fruit, not a vegetable

You need to grind flax seeds in order for the human gut to derive full benefit from flax.  Need flax any flax recipes, check this post.

Alton Brown and all his food trivia makes me happy.

Do you have any food trivia or tips?

3. Weekend plans?

I am working, working out, taking care of Skylar, carrying on, business as usual, but I’d like to spend plenty of time outdoors enjoying what should be a really lovely day on Saturday (80F and sunny) and possibly the farmer’s  market on Sunday morning.  If I can wake up in time!

Enjoy your weekend!

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  2. I’ve got my order in for some Nooch, but will have to wait until it is in stock again.

    Oreos: No idea they were vegan. Haven’t gone near one since going GF.

    There is a latex family of food? Holy crap!

    Weekend plans: getting the paintball field ready to open; spending time with family

  3. No, I have not tired nooch. I am excited to try it and your recipes. I did order form I-Herb and they are really quick with delivery.

  4. Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read anything like this before. So nice to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject. realy thank you for starting this up. this website is something that is needed on the web, someone with a little originality. useful job for bringing something new to the internet!

  5. Do you have any food trivia or tips?


    First of all I would like to add that this website is designed very creative and also your blog! Wow!! Have you ever tried to mix nooch with vanilla and berries to get a delicious & rich antioxidants shake?

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I love food trivia and tips. Like all of the various things that have “nut” in their name that aren’t actually nuts. Or things that people think are grains, but are seeds, stuff like that! Makes me feel smart ;)

    I bought some nutritional yeast a long time ago to make a “parmesan cheese” type thing, but I forgot what I did with it and then never ended up using it.

  7. Yeah I can only imagine my kids believing me when I tell them oreos are vegan. They get onto me enough for some of the things I eat and that wouldn’t fly

  8. Being out of nooch would be a major emergency! :-) That almost happened to me last week. Great nooch recipe inspiration, thanks. The Orea balls look great.

    1. Yes and I got through a lot of it too. Not the blogospere actually, but it did provide more inspiration with it. I initially heard about it at a raw recipe class and the importance of it at the Raw Health Expo/
    2. Yes I did know Oreos were vegan from Melisser Elliot’s book. Not that I ever eat them, but I’ll consider them to make recipes for my nieces and nephews now knowing they are vegan. I also learned Red Vines are vegan which is great, they’re one of my favorite over-priced movie snack. And Skittles weren’t vegan until a few years ago when they removed the gelatin from their recipe after pressure from vegans.
    3. Possibly the asparagus fest if the weather holds, computer shopping with my mom and grocery shopping.

  9. OREOS are vegan!?!?! woah- would not have expected that.. esp with the creme filling!! but no.. dont care- rather make my own! i do love nooch! but i need to use it more creatively like you!

  10. You should try looking in the bulk section at Whole Paycheck :) Here, the nooch is only 7.99$/lb–which makes it cheaper than iherb. We have an amazing bulk section that is a life saver.

  11. My weekend plans? Finally making your chocolate covered oreo balls that I have been wanting to make for a while. Vegan style!

  12. I’ve just discovered that iHerb ships internationally!!! What would you recommend I buy? Do you get any protein poweder from them? There seems to be a feeling that NuNaturals stevia is the best, should I get some of that? :)

    1. I use Sun Warrior Brown rice protein powder but honestly I am not that much of a PP girl. But it’s the one I use if i use it.

      Nooch and yes nunaturals stevia is the best! I love it, it blows everything else away IMO.

      Probiotics, supplements, my god…go crazy girl :)

  13. I LOVE nooch, I’m not sure what I’d do without it!!

    And oreos are vegan YES! haha I just ate some the other day and they surprisingly didn’t hurt my stomach, which means they are dairy free too!! YAY!!

  14. I love trivia, especially food trivia!

    And yes, I love nooch! We bought it in bulk (like, 8 pounds) last year since we can’t get it here in Saudi Arabia, so it would have to last a year or more. And it is lasting…barely! I love to put it in soups and stews, and of course on top of popcorn! It’s a necessity!

    That cheezy vegetable bake looks SO good! I’ll be coming over for dinner. ;-)

  15. So funny- I JUST bought some today and was looking for recipes! Hooray for this post!!

  16. I tried nooch after seeing it on blogs, and I have only ever used it in one dish – Angela’s vegan Alfredo pasta.

  17. I find it absolutely hilarious that oreos are vegan! They’re so known for the creamy white center, you would think there would be at least some powdered milk in there or something….

  18. I learned so much from other blogs including that both tomato and avocado were considered fruits!

  19. Oreos are vegan??!! I had no idea! They may be totally unhealthy, but they’re still totally delicious and I’m glad to know that I can have them if I’m so inclined. Thanks for that wonderful info!

    I do use nutritional yeast pretty frequently. And, yes, I did learn about it from blogs. I believe originally from Gina at http://fitnessista.com.

  20. I first found nooch at the health food store when I was a vegan. The store clerk (erroneously) told me it was a good source of B12. But even after I figured out she was wrong, i’d gotten attached to that weird salty, nutty, crunchy flavor and now I have a huge jar and use it all the time, even though I’m no longer vegan!

    1. i had a psychic thought about you on a run I was on…and 20 mins later, came in, and you had just commented. Surreal but true :)

  21. I won some vanilla stevia in a giveaway from HEAB a while back and love it (in fact, I am drinking tea with it right now), but don’t know what I will do when it runs out! IHerb to the rescue! your picture made me think of them, and I bet it is a decent price. Thanks for the reminder!

  22. yes!!! I love nutritional yeast!!! My kids and I use in kale salads and it is our fave meal…we just ate it today!!! I need to try it on popcorn for sure!!!!

  23. I first learned about nooch in 2002 when I lived in Hawaii with a really smelly hippie. We called hippie dust. I hated it. :)

    Squash, bell peppers, and anything with seeds are fruits also. And strawberries and pineapple are called “multiple fruits”. They are actually many many tiny fruits together. Oh, and avocado is a fruit too.

    I love fun trivia. I’m a nerd.

    1. hippie dust. omg. i bet there are TONS of stories. I would love to have been there!

  24. 30-40% cheaper than retail? Why have I never shopped at iHerb?! I love bulk items! :)

    And yes, I did know Oreo’s are vegan; I read PETA’s list of vegan snacks once and it’s on it, lol.

    I did discover nooch from a blog, though, I have no idea which one now! I LOVE IT! It’s so good in so many things. I’ve never had it on popcorn, but you know it actually SMELLS like popcorn to me, LOL.

    I actually knew everything on Alton’s list, LOL. Golly gee, am I a nerd or what? :D

    1. they were actually my factoids, I just name dropped Alton b/c he’s the king of food trivia :)

  25. OUT OF NOOCH! haha i would die and probably order “same day delivery” haha obvi i’m kidding! i miss my nunaturals! i feel like its been forever since i’ve had the liquid drops even though i still have like 10 tons of baking blend in my garage

  26. I don’t know how I’ve never seen your cheesy veggie bake before! looks delish!

    This weekend just relaxing with my boys (husband and pup) and hopefully enjoying some nice weather! Have a good one :)

  27. Tomatoes are considered a fruit because they have seeds… So, botanically speaking, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, beans, corn, eggplant, and sweet peppers are also fruits!

  28. Ha! I forgot your noochy popcorn, glad they had a comeback :-). This must be the third time this week I see Alton Brown mentioned! I trust your judgment, so I’m checking this guy out right now :-)

  29. You are killing me with these oreo balls…..what the heck?! They look divine!!!

    I am a huge nooch lover and sprinkle it everywhere ;)


  30. Thank you for recommending iHerb! I just went on an online shopping spree on their site, let’s say I have spent waaay more than $40… :)
    Have a great weekend!

    1. I have no problem spending wayyyyy more than $40 either :)

      Glad you found the site and some good deals, I’m sure!

  31. I absolutely LOVE nutritional yeast! I use GOBS of it every single day and usually by pouring it over my salad. I can’t get enough of it. I have been eating it for years, before I entered the blog world.

    I did know that Oreos are vegan and yes, I DO care. We fast on Wed/Fri from dairy/meat products every week because we are Orthodox and my boys LOVE that oreos are fair game…hahaha!

    Weekend plans…hang with my family and do some downtime stuff. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Hope you have a great weekend, Averie! :-)

    1. Did not know you are Orthodox and that is quite a fast….Wed, Thurs, Friday! Glad the boys have their “fair game” food.

      1. Actually, just Wed and Fri; not Thursday. However, all of the other fasts during the year: Lent, Nativity fast, Apostles fast, etc. make up for that Thursday where we don’t fast. :-)

  32. Soft Batch Cookies and Papa John’s pizza crust and garlic dip are vegan, too….or…at least they were when I was vegan in college.. Cause that’s what it meant back then.
    It’s actually not surpsising that many packaged foods don’t contain animal products when you think about it..cause most of the ingredients aren’t real! LOL.
    Love your nooch posts, as always.

  33. i had never even HEARD of nooch til i started reading blogs (then it took me a bit to realize that nutritional yeast = “nooch!”). and i do believe i can credit your blog and gabriela’s for that first introduction!
    also got the avacado pit tip from blog-reading!
    you know, i’ve never ever really liked oreos, even as a kid! give me a chips ahoy any day instead! so oreos, vegan or not, doesn’t matter to me…
    your popcorn ideas are awesome!!!
    this weekend: working working tons of working. and a meetup with an old friend.
    hope work goes well and that you can get to the market!

  34. I started using nooch a few years before I discovered the blogosphere. I discovered it via my first vegan cookbook, VCON.
    I don’t care that Oreos are vegan. They are just chemical food–I prefer real food, whether it’s vegan or not.
    This weekend we’re going to a surprise bday party for a friend. I hope the rest of the weekend will be able to be spent outside! :-)

  35. Yes, the blogosphere turned me onto nooch – specifically, you! So thank you, I LOVE it! I knew that oreos were vegan, I love watching people’s faces when I tell them. Although, considering they are mostly chemicals, I don’t really eat them (unless of course it’s a chocolate emergency, which happens).

  36. I love nooch on popcorn!! best way to have it :] i’ve been craving it lately, too – must need my b12s ;) the ‘sphere definitely turned me on to it. and for that i am grateful :P

  37. I’ll probably get thrown out of the blogosphere for this, but I’m not sure what I think of nooch yet. I tried it after seeing it on about 28 blogs, but I dunno. I think I was expecting it to taste more like cheese. I haven’t had cheese for a little while because I found out I have a dairy allergy, so maybe I should give nooch a second chance. That cheesey veggie bake looks good!

    1. I dont “love” almond butter. In fact, I would rather have nothing than have AB. So yea, not all foods are for everyone.

  38. The fact that a cookie containing a “Cream center” is vegan is highly disturbing to me. I don’t even want to know what is in them!

  39. So neat about the Oreos – never heard that one! And when you mentioned the mangos being in the latex family before, I had no idea. My fun foodie fact? Mentos actually spark if you bite them without sucking on them first! 6th grade Science class. ;)

    1. love 6th grade science class projects…haha!

      “Mentos actually spark if you bite them without sucking on them first!”…how does one even see this? Like bite down with your two front teeth and just watch in a mirror?

      1. We turned all the lights off and then all bit down at the same time and looked around the room… I think it worked better when we were able to get it to the back teeth without getting it wet, but yes, the concept is the same in front or back teeth. ;)

  40. oh i adore nooch and use it when I make my kale chips…I have to say thats the most I use it but i also have kale chips about 4 times a week LOL…I need to get that CRUNCH from somwhere ya know?!?! I cant wait to try the more exciting recipes using nooch like the vegan mac and cheese, popcorn! oh i just can’t wait!!

    thank you so much for all of your help with my suits!! :) I will be sure to snap a pic when i finally get it!

  41. I’ve never tried nooch before, but I want too! I saw it at my Whole Foods the other day too. I’m definitely mad at myself for not buying some!
    I never knew Oreos are vegan! I guess that goes to show you that not all vegan food is healthy, contrary to most beliefs. Either way, I love Oreos! :-P

    1. “I guess that goes to show you that not all vegan food is healthy, contrary to most beliefs. Either way, I love Oreos!”–

      Yes, and yes me too :)

  42. I did not even know what nooch was a few months ago but the blogosphere has taught me all about it! Do you like that probiotic supplement that you bought? Have you used it for long? I’m on the market for one and would love to know what you think!

  43. I am ordering nooch from there next time. I just bought some at a local health food store and it was 3-4 dollars more for 200g less than the one on iherb. I like to save wherever I can so I’m a bit mad that I actually bought that without checking. Do you keep your nooch in the fridge? The store I was at had it in there but I don’t know if I should or not. I love nooch in stuff… and I am liking it more and more. I made Mama Peas Mmm sauce and we all loved it and it’s got nooch taste for sure. When I first tried it I just stuck my finger in the bag and licked it. Ewww! Haha. And yes, I’m pretty sure I was turned onto it by you actually :D
    I don’t care that oreos are vegan. I’m not gonna rush out and buy them because they are. Same with organic. Organic junk food is still junk, vegan junk food is still junk. Doesn’t make a difference to me.
    Luuuucky! Our farmers market doesn’t start for a while yet. I cannot wait, it’s like the highlight of my week, I love it. My only plan for this weekend is to get some sun :) And maybe look into what it takes self host my site but if it’s sunny everything can wait.

    1. “Organic junk food is still junk, vegan junk food is still junk. Doesn’t make a difference to me.”— YES!!

      No, I don’t store it in the fridge. Cool, dark cupboard seems to work for me.

  44. Looove nooch. Love, love, love. It’s definitely not “real” cheese, but the taste that it DOES have is amazing and flavorful. Yes, the blogworld turned me onto it- and it’s been one of the best discoveries for sure!!

    I learned recently that Oreos are vegan, and I can’t say I’m that surprised…I mean, it’s not that hard to make food out of chemicals :) I kind of get annoyed when people talk about foods like Oreos being vegan though, because for some people it’s an excuse to eat them. “Oh, they’re vegan, they’re healthy, so I can eat ten.” Who cares that they’re vegan if they’re still full of junk? Give me a non-vegan cupcake full of butter and cream any day :)

    1. I totally agree..I’d rather eat a non vegan full fat, full buttercream frosted cupcake than processed chemicals and frankenfood. But every once in awhile, some Oreos hit the spot…for me at least :)

      It’s like the “fat free” craze of the 90s. People ate tons of fat free food. It was just filled with 10x the amt of sugar to make up for the loss of fat.

  45. I love nooch and yes… I have to blame you for it!!! while I’m writing this I’m eating Cheesy Veggie Bake, I also love making One Pot Mac and Cheese, Doritos Dip, Kale chips, etc etc…
    I love the taste of it and if I know it’s good for me the more I like it!
    I didn’t know Oreos were vegan, what I do know is that I’m going to the store to buy things to make Oreo balls tonight. They look so yummy, do they compete with Vanilla Cake batter ones? we’lll see…
    weekend plans, working out, spending time with family, hoping the weather gets better so I can get out!
    BTW, have you tried the BR workouts yet? I’m telling you, you’ll love them!

  46. Yes I bought nooch a few weeks ago and I got the idea from your blog! I have the same brand as you, although I probably paid much more for it in the store than online. Now I know where to get it next time!

    Oreos are Vegan — I definitely didn’t know that! I thought for sure there would be some dairy in that “creme filling”. I love Alton Browne too. Food is really interesting!

    Plans — spending most of the weekend with my sister Kim who I don’t see very often (even though she lives 2 miles from us!)

    1. My sister lives like 2 miles from me as well and I don’t see her NEARLY enough. Isn’t it funny how that is sometimes?! :-)

  47. I love nooch now that we made up! I eat it almost daily! Oreos are vegan, but are contaminate with dairy due to the lines. So sad. Weekend plans are cleaning…lots and lots of cleaning. Have a great weekend Averie!