Keeping a Sense of Humor, Pre-Thanksgiving Links

Hi Friends!  Tomorrow is the big day for those of us celebrating Thanksgiving!  I hope you’re excited about the day.   I have a really busy day today, and I’m sure most of you do, too.  Many of you are probably traveling, or in the kitchen busy cooking, or maybe you’ve unplugged and aren’t checking email and blogs.  Good for you! 

So rather than re-invent the wheel on this busy day, I encourage you to Check out my:

1. Thanksgiving Day Recipe Ideas post.  It took me a long time to compile, so for selfish reasons, I am re-linking it…haha!

For example…

 Ginger Roasted Sweet Potato Fries

 And Stuffing

Please Click Here if you need any ideas from The Recipe PostI have about 25 I shared. 

2. My Living With Gratitude and Keeping Life in Perspective Post
My list of things I am grateful for.  And, don’t sweat the smaller things in life is my theory!

3. And from yesterday, my Holidays with the Family: Blessed or Stressed Post.  Most of you told me that you enjoy limited doses of your family members and that way it’s not as stressful.  And that the holidays are a mixed bag of both blessing and stressing.  Lots of you said the holidays are a pure blessing time of year for you, which was nice to read.

4. Also check out my Pumpkin Recipes Post

Tons of Pumpkin Recipes.  For example, try this Pumpkin Recipe for those not eating turkey at your Thanksgiving Celebration:  

Pumpkin Honey Tofu   
If you don’t use honey, feel free to use agave or maple syrup

 If you freeze, then thaw, then press your tofu before baking, it will turn out almost like bread.

Almost like Pumpkin Bread
 Pumpkin Honey Tofu 

More Pumpkin Recipes Here!

Click Here to Read More about Vegan Mofo

High Raw Vegan Pumpkin Spice Donut Holes – 5 Minute Recipe    

These little Vegan Pumpkin Donut Holes are light and airy because they are nut and date-free.
Vegan Pumpkin Donut Holes


Vegan No-Bake Pumpkin Pie (Gluten & Soy Free, too!)

1. What are you doing tomorrow for Thanksgiving?  
I plan to wake up and get busy in the kitchen.  Later in the afternoon or early evening is when the food will be ready.

Unlike the Thanksgivings of my childhood where the food was served at a precise time, usually 12 noon because it was a daytime celebration, the food and meal I am making will be ready.  At some point tomorrow late afternoon.  Not exactly sure when it will be ready til it is and I shout out to the family: Food’s Ready!  haha!

2. Traveling or staying home?
Staying home and 100% thrilled not to be fighting the crowds with airport travel or the busy highways!

3. Cooking, or not?  Or just helping out a little?
I am cooking 100% by myself and happy to be doing so.  A far cry from the early 20something me.  But a decade has changed all that!

4.  Lastly, Do you think you have a sense of humor?  What do you find funny?

I do have a sense of humor and like to be witty and funny and make people laugh, but my sense of humor is very dry. 

I don’t usually find most comic strips funny.  I don’t find things like the Simpson’s funny nor do I find many comedians funny.  I give a half-hearted laugh like oh yeah, funny, sure.  Good one.  But I don’t really find the movies or tv shows that many people would laugh at very funny or blockbuster movies in theaters known as “comedies” to be something that just has me laughing like crazy.  Not that I am a stick in the mud, it’s just I don’t bust out of my chair laughing at the jokes usually.

However, satire, dark humor, even a bit of twisted humor, witty people, cynical humor, now those are the things I find funny.  Not in a HAHA oh that was SO FUNNY kind of way.  But more in a chuckle and then think about it and ponder it later kind of way. 

I guess for me to find things truly funny, it has to involve using my gray matter whereas things like potty humor don’t fill the bill.

How about you?  What do you find funny? 
I also find it funny that with a million things to do, I am blogging.  Bye, I’m off!

Pic from This Post
Have a wonderful Holiday!

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