Thanksgiving Plans: Recipes & Meal Ideas

Hi Friends!  How is your week going?  Mine is going along just fine, but super busy and jam-packed.

Can you believe in less than one week  it’s going to be Thanksgiving?  What, huh?  Feels like I was just cooking Thanksgiving Dinner.  But it was Last.Year.  Wow.

As I posted the other day, life is really moving at warp speed!

The other day at TJ’s I picked up a few Thanksgiving meal items

Scott is not vegan.  I’ve discussed our different dietary paths many times in the past.   He’s a vegan at home, and a whatever he wants when out.  See Here for more info on our different dietary paths if you’re interested.  Someone always asks so there’s the link.


For Thanksgiving last year, I  made a turkey breast, stuffing, and traditional Thanksgiving fare and he loved it so much that I am planning on doing it again.

Here’s what I made Last Year: 
Well, I made almost all of these things except not each potato recipe I am linking and made pie, but not all 3 desserts.

Ginger Roasted Sweet & White Potatoes

 Ginger Roasted Sweet Potato Fries

Ginger Roasted White Potato Wedges

 Ginger Roasted White Potato Wedges

Roasted Tri-Color Potatoes

Roasted Tri-Color Potatoes

Sweet Potato Fries

 Sweet Potato Fries

 Curly Sweet Potato Fries

  Curly Sweet Potato Fries



A salad with Vegan Holiday Spice & Orange Vinaigrette

Lemon Pepper Seasoned Turkey and Homemade Gravy 

Scott said it was awesome and thanked me profusely!    Which is why I’m doing it again.  I love him and if this makes him happy, then one day a year, I am happy to cook for him this way.
 Homemade Gravy 

All together now:  Turkey & Gravy, Sweet Potato Fries & White Potato Wedges, and Stuffing

All Vegan Dessert Line-Up:

Vegan No-Bake Pumpkin Pie (Gluten & Soy Free, too!)
Is really easy and in case you still have an extra can of pumpkin puree laying around, that recipe will help you use it right up, for sure.

Raw Vegan Apple Crumble 
Totally a fave of mine.  I love that dessert!

Especially the slurpy cinnamon-infused agave juice that I love to drink sauceUhhh-huhhh, love it!

Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

High Raw Vegan Pumpkin Spice Donut Holes – 5 Minute Recipe    

These little Vegan Pumpkin Donut Holes are light and airy because they are nut and date-free.
Vegan Pumpkin Donut Holes

Thanks for the compliments on my Cinnamon Sugar Peanut Buttery Chickpea “Peanuts” with Peanut Flour from yesterday.

And for telling me about errands you used to run with your parents as a kid and your memories.  Fun to read!

I hope you make these because they are easy and delicious!

Cinnamon Sugar Peanut Buttery Chickpea “Peanuts” with Peanut Flour

1. What are your Thanksgiving Plans?  Are you traveling or staying home?
We’re staying home because we have a Big Trip coming up very soon!   And I will cook for Scott.  I may do most of the cooking the day/evening before.

2. Are you cooking either at home or helping to cook at someone else’s house?  Or sitting back and staying out of the kitchen?
If you asked me this in my early 20s I would have laughed that I would be the one cooking.  And that I would cook a meal that I probably wouldn’t “love” myself, but that I was cooking it anyway.  And that I would be happy to do it!

3. What do you plan to eat?
I plan to eat a salad, lots of veggies, maybe some Sesame Ginger Maple Tofu or Pumpkin Honey Tofu.

I don’t plan to “recreate” a vegan version of turkey.  No lentil loafs that are supposed to taste like turkey, no Tofukeys, no soy-based “meat” products that are supposed to taste like turkey.  Nope.  It seems like a lot of work and effort for someone (me) who really doesn’t want turkey anyway.

Of course there will be dessert for me!

4. What are you making or your friends/relatives going to make?  Anything that’s “special”, unique, or just a signature dish you can’t live without?  Or do any relatives/friends make a dish that just screams Thanksgiving to you and you can’t wait to have it again?
When I was growing up my single, bachelor uncle would host Thanksgiving every year for about 20 people!  It was amazing what this man could whip up for all of us and pull it off, year after year.  That is a childhood memory that I will always cherish.  Being together with my family at his house.  The food was always great and there was always plenty of amazing things to eat.

5. Any weekend plans so far?
I’m working, parenting, and in major busy and scramble mode.  That about sums it up ’round here for me.

TGIF Friends, Enjoy Your Weekend!

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