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Happy Sunday to all my friends!  How’s the weekend been so far?  Hopefully you’re chillin’ like a villain and keeping things low-key, mellow, and you’re getting some R & R time in.  My visit yesterday with my sister that I had mentioned previously was nothing short of awesome!  It’s sad that she’s in Chicago and I’m in Arizona so our time together is really infrequent but hopefully we can work on that.

Here’s a pic of us

And here’s us trying to reign Skylar in while we captured the happy moment

As for the Kale Chip Recipe I posted….yay, so glad you’re liking the looks of them!  Report back and tell me if you make ’em. They are really crunchy and super flavorful from the nooch and the red pepper.  My very non-vegan and non-raw sis and bro-in-law were really impressed!  Try ’em!

Oh and for anyone who’s wondering if you can do these without a dehydrator…I would give a cautious yes on that one.  As low as your oven goes, and watch them like a hawk.  The smell of burnt kale is quite disgusting so you don’t wanna do that, and I would maybe flip them over and check on them frequently, but give ‘er a whirl and fill me in!

I know I post alot of recipes and in the spirit of consolidating the past week’s eats, I thought I would continue my Sunday Recaps.  If you missed either of my past two recaps, which were really dessert heavy, you can check This One or That One out. 

Let’s get started….

Raw Vegan Donut Holes5 Minute Recipe

Raw Vegan Chocolate Donut Holes5 Minute Recipe

Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

Vegan Chocolate Macaroons

Kale Chips

Things today were brought to you in VeganMofo spirit.

In other matters, I must be the Give Away winnin’ queen because remember yesterday’s post about me winning Naomi’s Give Away?  Well, I did it again because I won Sherri’s Give Away!  I almost didn’t enter Miss Green & Crunchy’s Give Away because she had hundreds of entries.  But, so glad I did because Glass Dharma hooked me up with a $30 gift certificate! 

I chose 1 straight glass straw with chic black glass beads

And 2 bendy straws and a cleaning brush.  I already own 1 other Glass Dharma Straw so now I have 4 in my collection and I love them.  Thank you to both Glass Dharma & Sherri!!!! 

I was also lucky enough to get my hands on a few new-to-me raw food products from Macro Life Naturals.  First some raw food bars.  You know I love all things chocolate and the fact that this is raw, organic, and chocolate, and really tasty, too?  These are a big hit with me!

Nutritional Stats on the Chocolate Raw Bar

And I also tried some Macro Life Naturals Macro Greens & Miracle Reds Supplements

Facts about the Greens

  • Boost energy & metabolism
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Detox and cleanse gently
  • Promote wellness
  • Improve digestion
  • Calm down food cravings
  • Lose or maintain weight naturally

  Facts about the Reds

  • Anti-aging
  • Super Antioxidants
  • Maintains Healthy Cholesterol Levels
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health
  • Boosts Energy
  • Packed with raw food power
  • Bursting with Berry Taste !

I’ve been enjoying the boost to my body and overall wellness with these handy little Macro Life Naturals raw food finds!

Yoga today is Pincha Mayurasana (Feathered Peacock Pose).  I think this is my all-time favorite pose because it feels great when I balance my body on my forearms.  The slight curve my spine makes when I am balanced feels awesome in my lower back.  Plus, I get the rush and clarity that inversions are known for.

Tip of the Day:  If people are being lame in your life, move on.  I have spent years trying to “fit in” and conform to what others would probably like to see me do or have me be, but whenever I try too hard to fit the standards and ideals of others, I find myself antsy, anxious, and unhappy.  So rather than continue to try mold myself into what they would like me to be, I just don’t continue hanging out with them anymore.  Life is too short to have to fake it!  Surround yourself with people (or things or hobbies) that make you feel happy and warm-n-fuzzy inside!

And check out this Give Away the Happy Herbivore has!

So tell me if there’s been a “friend” or acquaintance that you decided just wasn’t really that worth it and you just moved on?  How did it come to be?  Not returning a phone call or two and the distance just naturally happened or did you actually tell the lame person, ya know this ain’t working for me.  I know we’ve all had so many of these “friendships” where you give wayyyyy more than you get.  For me, I just let time and space take care of it because I am very non-confrontational that way but tell me about yours!

Stay tuned for a vegan, gluten & soy-free banana bread cake recipe that’s bangin’…

38 comments on “Highlights of the Week”

  1. if you could send me some of those muffis, I would love that thannks :) hehe

    I love seeing pics of what people ate and also LOVE product reviews I have to say I have tried my fair share of food from good detailed food reviews!

    I also loveee recipes, when I see a good one I print it right away!! (all of yorus yes!!)

  2. those muffins look fab :) i think everyone should do what they want with their space!

    i find it hard to keep up with multiple posts/day, but i love seeing pics, recipes, product reviews, etc. the length doesn't matter to me, i get behind the message/feel :)

  3. The muffins sound so good! Sweet, moist, and healthy… LOVE 'EM!

    Awww, you are such a sweet mother. American Girl store??? I'm so jealous!!! They didn't have that store when I was into American Girl dolls! :)

    About the blogs, I like reading a variety of topics… food, recipes, daily eats, fitness, daily life, etc. As long as the blogger enjoys his/her topics, the reader will enjoy reading them.


  4. i love your blog :)

    I enjoy reading about new products, review,s, etc. and i LOVE your raw desserts. Recipe or no recipe !!

  5. I like posts that make me laugh and leave me smiling. Sounds cheesy? Well, I like to laugh, it's like exercise for my organs. Once that make me laugh out loud or at the very least smirk with some witty commentary are my favs! ;)

    I'm loving how flash back Friday has caught on. I love the "before I was a blogger" pics, so fun!

  6. Aw, she is adorable! Well, when the whole family makes trips to Tahoe again, you know who to look up :)

  7. I found the question… :)

    I don't think your posts are too long – you add a lot of pictures and it's not as if you are rambling – unlike some people I know *cough* ME *cough*. I agree with everyone else – this is your blog and you should write however you choose to write. I LOVE that you keep it real.

  8. hey.. the flashback pup photo won't show up for me! blarg. but i love the snow bunny one :) come to SLC and go to the mountains with me!!

  9. i love papillons! they are the cutest. you are gorgeous averie! congrats to the naturally nutty winners :). i realy like having a hodge podge of blog styles on my reader. to be honest i love quickie posts when i'm in a pinch, but i love content heavy ones that are chock full of pics and recipes (like yours always are!!)

  10. oh my gosh I won! Thank you =) Loved seeing your throwback photos, Tahoe is on my list of places to visit. I like all different types of blog post formats, like everyone else I do enjoy being able to 'see' the blogger's personality. I do make sure that I read yours when a have enough time so I can absorb all the awesome content.

  11. These look d-i-v-i-n-e! :D

  12. Looking at all of your recipes!

    Can you substitute something for flaxseeds??

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