Desserts Week In Review


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How are you doing today? It’s Sunday, it’s time to recap some of the yummy treats that I made this past week.  But before I do, thanks to the weekend bloggie readers for your comments about my Pesto Sauce & Peanut Sauce recipes yesterday.  See, I do make things other than desserts…Like the Raw Vegan Pasta-n-Pesto

Close up of Raw Vegan Pasta-n-Pesto

Or the Peanut Sauce Recipe

Overhead jar of Peanut Sauce

…but you wouldn’t know it lately with all my desserts, would you.  Anyone complaining? Get a load of the recap….

Sunday started things off with my remake of Girl Scout Thin Mints.  I made Vegan Thin Mint Fudge.

Vegan Thin Mint Fudge on tin foil

Monday I showed you my Vanilla Chia Pudding.  And yeah, it is space age looking.  I got a couple comments to that effect.  And yeah, it is dang good.  It’s like the raw vegan version of Tapioca if you want my take on it.

Close up of Vanilla Chia Pudding

On Monday I also made Raw Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies

Close up of one Raw Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookie on dehydrator tray

Tuesday I posted Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

 Overhead of Raw Vegan Apple Crumble in clear container


Close up of Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

Wednesday I also showed you my TropicOats.  Although a brekkie, good enough to call dessert.

Overhead bowl of TropicOats

Thursday I posted the Vegan Bananas Foster

Vegan Bananas Foster in clear container
Close up of Vegan Bananas Foster

Friday was the Grand Finale: Vegan (Almost Raw) Girl Scout Samoas Cookies

Vegan (Almost Raw) Girl Scout Samoas Cookies on dehydrator tray
Close up of one Vegan (Almost Raw) Girl Scout Samoas Cookie

I had a last minute burst of energy and Raw Vegan Donut Holes were born

Raw Vegan Donut Holes on white plate
 Raw Vegan Donut Holes

And then, I decided to make some Blondie Macaroons.  And I have extras that I’m giving away.  Have you entered my Blondie Give Away yet?

Two dehydrators full of Blondie Macaroons
 Close up of Blondie Macaroons

And if that wasn’t enough, in case you missed last week’s Desserts Recap, here was that postAnother half dozen desserts and recipes for your mouthgasmic pleasure to behold.

VeganMofo in the house today.
VeganMofo III logo 

Yoga today is Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose).  Otherwise known as The Full Splits.

Woman doing Hanumanasana yoga pose

Tip of the Day:  Give Aways!
First of all, my own!!!!!  Vegan Blondie Macaroonsget entered here!!! 

Michele’s Got an Amazing Kinda Contest going on…check it out! 
& Ellie has Yogurt Mania going on…check that out!

Award Time!
Thanks to Janetha for Awarding me with the Over the Top Blogging Award.  Sorry that I have not yet taken this little quiz, but muahhhh!!!!  Thank you for thinking of me My Sweet Hot Friend, you’re awesome!!!

Twitter Time!
Also I finally got up to speed with millions of the rest of you…. I got on Twitter.  For anyone who cares or who’s a Twitter user, my info is
I had been resisting using it but resistance over, I’m on it.

What’s your favorite dessert that I made this week?  I like to hear the faves so that I can make more things along those lines?

Random Question…Do you go to Halloween parties as an adult?  I haven’t been to a Halloween party in a few years but actually, I’d like to go to one I think.  It’s been too long!  Do you get dressed up?  Ladies, do you think that Halloween is an excuse to wear a costume that on the other 364 nights of the year you’d never be caught dead in it?  

Catch you all on Monday with yummy eats….

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  1. Aww, gorgeous flowers! And we totally need to meet up, especially since we're so close! I've just gotta find the time, haha. But it'd be so fun!

  2. The flowers are beautiful…I love getting flowers too : ) I have done all types of things for working out. And slowly finding what my body likes…yoga is something for sure I love to do! Also I am lifting less and less weights, actually I have not been to a gym in over a month, which is very weird for me, but just be fine with yoga and walking/running outside.

  3. Your man is so, so sweet. Sunflowers?! Seriously. How exciting for him to come home! The coming back part is the best part of separation (for me).

    Those macaroons. YumYUMYUM!!!

    Exercise is a pretty current subject for me right now… I'm going to post about it a little later once I've processed everything, but basically, my body keeps telling me I shouldn't be running but it's the only thing that really makes me feel satisfied or accomplished. I know that sounds a little strange. There are things I can do to be healthier about it, though, and I'm gonna have to do them soon if I want to keep these bones of mine.

    Sorry I've been a little MIA :-( Re: Minnesota- yes! I went to college in St. Paul! I had no idea you grew up there, too! Half of my family is still out there… I'm hoping to visit really soon.

  4. Awww yay for hubby coming home! And he is such a sweetie for those gorgeous flowers!

    Ooook, I need some macaroons! Those look delicious.

    I've been doing the same workout routine for almost 4 or 5 years now. I'm sure that's not the best for my muscles, but I really enjoy what I do (elliptical+weights for arms+mat for abs, lol)! I had a running stunt over the summer, as well as bikram (loved it), but my body did not enjoy running at all! Every day some joint was killing me.

    Anyway, I hope your reuniting with hubs is wonderful!

  5. awe those flowers are GORG! he is such a sweetie. i am sure you are missing him! i think you and shannon look spectacular in the photo.. arizona sunshine! giiirl you have some muscles. i could never do that position you showed us today. props!! such talent! i cant wait to go home and try a macaroooooon :)

  6. aw what a sweet hubby! he deserves TWO vegan chocolate macaroons :)

    I used to be on the *cardio to burn calories* aka LAME, path of working out. Now that I have incorporated yoga and pilates in to my life I have a profound sense of joy and desire to workout :) 'tis wonderful! as are you – so so wonderful!

  7. Great list of ingredients!!! I have a lot of those in my pantry right now….. but I thik I'd like to pick up a couple more just in case I feel like making a magic box concoction! LOL!
    Great question too…. as for working out, I was in the Military for 9 years. We focused on running and a few push ups and sit ups. I basically ran and did step aerobics forever (like 10 years)- but about 2 years ago I discovered weight lifting and it has truly changed the way I look at workouts. I was doing was too much cardio before. Now I do both and I feel so balanced and SO MUCH BETTER! I'm going out of town again tomorrow so if I don't talk to you- have a great weekend!!!

  8. Oh wow, that yoga pose is amazing, I adore your photo…you're an incredibly strong and inspirational lady :) xxx

  9. How cool that you were able to meet up with Shannon! It's nice to be around people that you share similar interests with.

    Those macaroons look very yummy! I make choco macaroons all the time, they are a staple around here : )

    I have been working out 6 days a week for over 7 years. It used to be 7 days but my hubby suggested I shave one off for sanity purposes : ) I now do cardio 3 days a week, weights 3 days a week and yoga 2 times mixed in there, love it!

  10. I frequent the Phoenix area a couple times a year, I will definitely give you a holler Miss Averie. The blogosphere has opened up a wide array of new friends and possibilities and I LOVE it. :)

    Thanks for your pantry item list, very helpful. And, I like to vary my workouts and fitness regimen, but I do feel my happiest and healthiest when I am consistently doing yoga.

  11. gah. love those macaroons!

    I love making raw deserts! yours always look SO awesome!!!

    I wish I was in Arizona to come chit chat!! That would be so awesome :) We can share all our makeup tips ;) tee hee

  12. uuuh MAMA those macaroons look A-MAZING!

    I LOVE YOUR smiley PIC!

    I have almost everything on that list…I am gonna check out Dates from TJ's…didn't realize they carried them…
    and my workout that's best for me is getting very CLEAR.

    I am actually IN LOVE with my current routine. It's really working for me and doable with a job and a baby…WOOT!

    I am so cracking up about your comments on lifting weights. my arms are getting toned and It has to be from A: lugging JJ around…and B;'s all the strenght training I do..and if YOGA is what keeps YOUR body toned and muscular like it IS…than baby..I am HOOKED FOR LIFE!

    Actually I love how Yoga tones my waist the most! I am getting back to my dailies (got lazy over the weekend) and this morning I got a goood LONG session in. I feel SO MUCH better than I did yesterday am!

    I tried the Revolved Triangle and fell over…my husband (who was still in bed) started laughing…it was pretty I am in the dark bending in odd ways and PLOP..there I go.

    OH WELL.

    I love today's Post AVERIE and NICE FLOWERS….way to go HUBBY!


  13. great tips on the pantry items. I am actually trying something new. I printed a blank calendar and I am going to see if I can plan dinners for the next few weeks. I feel like I am always buying new groceries when I probably have stuff buried in the back of the closet. Case in point, just bought 5lbs of almonds and guess who had some stashed away? Oh well, I can think of worse problems to have! :)

    I am trying to get more into yoga. I have been researching some places around me to start some classes. I want to make sure someone is making sure I do things the right way before hitting the dvds at home. I hate the whole gym thing and I think yoga will be more aligned with ballet which I love. Movement, grace, etc.

  14. Oooh…chocolatey balls of goodness….I'm jealous!! How fun that you had a blogger meet-up! You can bet your life that if I'm ever in AZ I'll be giving you a holler! Thanks for the list of ingredients you keep on hand – that was a great question from Abby.

    That was so thoughtful of your hubby to give you those flowers – it's nice to know you're appreciated. :)

    I'm with you – why lift weights when you can lift and support your own body weight??

  15. holy fun gifts in the mail on your last post. i am uber-jealous of each and every one :)

    your chocolate macaroons look heavenly!

    i honestly think you are my new yoga inspiration. seeing you in these poses makes me want to get my practice there too – i got your email about certifications. thank you! i have a couple questions to shoot ya right back.

    love you lady! xxxx

  16. OMG those are the prettiest flowers you are one lucky chicky!!

    the macaroons…um I need those NOW! thanks aves!

    what a great go-to list to bake all things vegan! There are certainly items that I always have in my house and then those that I dont ALWAYS have i do get them quite often!

    i do lOVE the rush I get from weight training. I love my cardio (running and spinning) as well but I am a weights gal!

    enjoy your day babe!!

  17. YAA for the shoutout.. you rock Averie. You are also a baking (raw dehydrating) machine.
    Your hubby is so sweet and I dont even know him. Nothing brightens your day like fresh flowers… the colors are beautiful!
    I totaly dont lift weights but do small exercises for my arms and legs daily. I attempted to lift a 6 year old child at school the other day when she hurt her leg and almost fell over.

    Have a super day! :)
    ps.. you need to update my blog URL on your blogroll girl (NOW) JUST KIDDING :)

  18. Beautiful flowers! Looooove the macaroons! Mmmm! I started working out a lot when I graduated high school, I work out about 6 days a week since then! :) I do a circuit training video so that is just about the only weight lifting I do. I also do yoga 2-3 times a week for muscle building.

    Anyway, sorry I haven't visted! For some reason an error box kept poping up whenever I would visit and then it would close the page. Happy it's working now!

  19. Love the flower pics. I try to post mine when I receive them, too. They make me happy :-)

    That's so cool that you got to meet up with another blogger, especially since her name is Shannon.

    As for growing older and working out, I think I've learned a lot over the years. I know what works and what doesn't. Choosing a workout style has become a no-brainer, even when I mix it up a bit.

  20. Oh myyy goodness! Your posts just drive me crazy with all the tasty pictures! Those chocolate macaroons need to get in my belly NOW!

    Awww lifting weights is my absolute favorite part of my entire work out! Sure, I love the cardio, but I am just rarin' to go when it is weight training day! RAWR!

  21. Awww, what a sweet hubbie! I'm sure it will be wonderful to have him back home. Make sure he spoils you to make up for his time away. ;)

    What a great list of ingredients to have on hand. I completely agree! Although, I tend to substitute maple syrup for agave in just about everything, so I don't tend to keep maple syrup on me too often.

    Thanks for the shoutout Averie! You most definitely deserve the award!


  22. I have always been an active person, mostly team sports as a child. As I went through high school, I was an intense swimmer. Swimming 2-3 hours almost everyday. I had bulky muscle for sure- though I was never one to lift weights.. After an injury, swimming tapered down and a few years later I started to do yoga. The difference in muscle tone is amazing!! I go through phases where I swim, and run, sometimes hike.. but yoga is my stand-by and I think it will always be that way. Sometimes it's amazing how you can do the same asanas each day- but they can be different at the same time.. that to me is interesting enough to keep me going! Have a great day- those Macaroons look so yum!

  23. i completely agree about the doing weights thing. yoga is all i need to build and maintain my muscle strength. and it feel so much more natural to do yoga than to go to a gym and lift some heavy iron. NO thanks!
    love the little treats you made.
    have a great day