How are you doing today? It’s Sunday, it’s time to recap some of the yummy treats that I made this past week.  But before I do, thanks to the weekend bloggie readers for your comments about my Pesto Sauce & Peanut Sauce recipes yesterday.  See, I do make things other than desserts…Like the Raw Vegan Pasta-n-Pesto

Close up of Raw Vegan Pasta-n-Pesto

Or the Peanut Sauce Recipe

Overhead jar of Peanut Sauce

…but you wouldn’t know it lately with all my desserts, would you.  Anyone complaining? Get a load of the recap….

Sunday started things off with my remake of Girl Scout Thin Mints.  I made Vegan Thin Mint Fudge.

Vegan Thin Mint Fudge on tin foil

Monday I showed you my Vanilla Chia Pudding.  And yeah, it is space age looking.  I got a couple comments to that effect.  And yeah, it is dang good.  It’s like the raw vegan version of Tapioca if you want my take on it.

Close up of Vanilla Chia Pudding

On Monday I also made Raw Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies

Close up of one Raw Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookie on dehydrator tray

Tuesday I posted Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

 Overhead of Raw Vegan Apple Crumble in clear container


Close up of Raw Vegan Apple Crumble

Wednesday I also showed you my TropicOats.  Although a brekkie, good enough to call dessert.

Overhead bowl of TropicOats

Thursday I posted the Vegan Bananas Foster

Vegan Bananas Foster in clear container
Close up of Vegan Bananas Foster

Friday was the Grand Finale: Vegan (Almost Raw) Girl Scout Samoas Cookies

Vegan (Almost Raw) Girl Scout Samoas Cookies on dehydrator tray
Close up of one Vegan (Almost Raw) Girl Scout Samoas Cookie

I had a last minute burst of energy and Raw Vegan Donut Holes were born

Raw Vegan Donut Holes on white plate
 Raw Vegan Donut Holes

And then, I decided to make some Blondie Macaroons.  And I have extras that I’m giving away.  Have you entered my Blondie Give Away yet?

Two dehydrators full of Blondie Macaroons
 Close up of Blondie Macaroons

And if that wasn’t enough, in case you missed last week’s Desserts Recap, here was that postAnother half dozen desserts and recipes for your mouthgasmic pleasure to behold.

VeganMofo in the house today.
VeganMofo III logo 

Yoga today is Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose).  Otherwise known as The Full Splits.

Woman doing Hanumanasana yoga pose

Tip of the Day:  Give Aways!
First of all, my own!!!!!  Vegan Blondie Macaroonsget entered here!!! 

Michele’s Got an Amazing Kinda Contest going on…check it out! 
& Ellie has Yogurt Mania going on…check that out!

Award Time!
Thanks to Janetha for Awarding me with the Over the Top Blogging Award.  Sorry that I have not yet taken this little quiz, but muahhhh!!!!  Thank you for thinking of me My Sweet Hot Friend, you’re awesome!!!

Twitter Time!
Also I finally got up to speed with millions of the rest of you…. I got on Twitter.  For anyone who cares or who’s a Twitter user, my info is
I had been resisting using it but resistance over, I’m on it.

What’s your favorite dessert that I made this week?  I like to hear the faves so that I can make more things along those lines?

Random Question…Do you go to Halloween parties as an adult?  I haven’t been to a Halloween party in a few years but actually, I’d like to go to one I think.  It’s been too long!  Do you get dressed up?  Ladies, do you think that Halloween is an excuse to wear a costume that on the other 364 nights of the year you’d never be caught dead in it?  

Catch you all on Monday with yummy eats….

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