Del Mar Race Track Pictures, Gambling, Everything in Moderation or Not?


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Hi Friends!  Hope your day is going well and we’re just one day away from Labor Day Weekend which is great.  Where did summer go?! 

Many of you wondered where I went yesterday based on my semi-secretive nature about it.  We went to Del Mar Race Track yesterday!

Outside of Del Mar Race Track

Military men lined up in front of track
View of the Del Mar Race Track

The Track at Del Mar is an amazing place and their motto is, Where the Turf meets the Surf as it’s a stone’s throw from the ocean in Del MarOne of the nicest zip codes in the country I’d have to say.  Old money much?

Anyway, the track was fabulous and we had great seats that I hand-selected.  Actually it was a trackside table right at the finish line.  

Table trackside at finish line
 As I always say, Go Big or Go Home.  I don’t want to stand on my feet all day with a kid who can’t see anything anyway unless you pay to get close to the action so our table was great.  And we had food and beverage service.   Key.

Back in the day, Scott and I used to have season tickets to the track.  Racing season is only 6 weeks a year, dark Mondays and Tuesdays, and so you have to make the most of it when the ponies are running.   We used to go every weekend and had a great table.  The margaritas flowed, quite well, back thenAhh, memories.

I was the designated driver today and Scott had two drinks.

Del Mar alcohol list
Del Mar signature drinks
  Nothing like drinks at $15.50 each

One does not go on vacation or to the track to “start a savings plan”.  This is hardly the time for saving moneyThat was yesterday’s post.  

First up, a Margarita

Margarita in glass that says Del Mar cool as ever

Next up, a Mai Tai.  Nothing like mixing your liquors. 

Mai Tai with orange slice and cherry

As long as he was on a roll with the drinks, Scott took part in something he never has at home: a burger.   He’s a vegan at home by virtue of my cooking and shopping habits, but when out, he’s a whatever-he-feels-like-eater.  Although he said he felt like sh*t all day after he ate this and regrets it.  Score one point for the plant based diet!  And I quote, “Babe, I think I do better with salads.”

Grill Favorites section of menuHamburger with chipsClose up of hamburger
Animal flesh and dairy.  Not what I would ever eat but he’s his own person and I am not about to try to “change him”.   Get off the soapbox and get on with living life and accepting your spouse’s and others’ choices is my approach.

Skylar got busy with chips.   Again, who cares, 10 chips is not going to change a thing in life, as a whole.  Parents ask me if I “worry” about her eating junk food.  No, not at all.  99% of the time, she eats fabulously.   If a couple handfuls of chips or candy throws anyone’s diet or brain cells for a loop, you really need to re-think your whole approach to life, not just your diet.  Life is short, enjoy it!

Young girl eating chipsYoung girl looking at camera eating chips
She loves restaurant chips, see here for her last chip feast.

Grapes and apples from home got eaten, after the chips.

Young girl sitting in green chair at table smiling

We taught Skylar the concept of Win, Place, and Show.  She seemed to grasp Winning.  And cheering for the horses!   There were lots of other kids there and Del Mar has various Kids Days and Family Fun Days which are usually packed with kids!

Young girl sitting and clapping
She’s 3 and the name of the game is having fun, and that we did! 

I carefully studied the race book and placed my bets after cross-referencing many horse experts’ theories and I evaluated which jockeys I liked and who I usually have good luck with.  Victor Espinoza and Corey Nakataki you failed me, big time, yesterday.

Del Mar Race Book
Two Track Tickets
Woman sitting holding two track tickets

Skylar had a little different strategy when it came to deciding on horses.  She asked us to place our bets by the horses names she liked or for horses who were wearing colors she liked.

Young girl holding track ticket
Young girl clapping while watching horse race
And there she is clapping and watching the finish line.  And low and behold, her strategy worked.  Mine did not.  Using my strategy we lost about $25 bucks whereas using her strategy we won about $5.  

She loved walking down to the paddock in between races to see the horses up close and in person.  They are huge in person!

At paddock looking at horsesClose up of man on horse
Young girl sitting on mans shoulders
When that big, gentle, giant came within feet of us, the pure joy and enthusiasm in her eyes was awesome to witness.

Oh and we walked into the gift shop and my little Purse Lover immediately swung a purse over her shoulder.

You girl standing in gift shop holding purse

And then the next race, there was a horse called Purse Luva.  We bet it per her urging and it placed or showed, I believe.  Lady Luck!  Or shall I say, Toddler Luck!

Close up of Race Ticket

We had a great day!

Woman and child sitting and waving
I think we have the same arm, elbow, hand and wave.  Genetics are so powerful!


Skylar is such a Daddy’s Girl, too! 
Young girl and man holding hands
It was an awesome day at the track!  We had a ball together as a family!
Woman and young girl sitting at table and smiling

From yesterday’s post about my Tips for Saving Money on your Food Budget, I am glad it was a hit!  I was sitting at the track with my Blackberry reading everyone’s comments and I was like, ok, glad to know they’re liking it.  It was fun to read your thoughts and tips, too.

Really, it’s about using common sense.  Don’t put yourself into debt buying groceries.  If organic, specialty, exotic, or “trendy” ingredients are going to do that, then don’tBuy conventional or what your grandmother used to buy or what you can afford and not stress out over.  That’s my approach!

And it sound like there are some Trail Mix fiends in the house!   

Homemade Trail Mix
Close up of Homemade Trail Mix
Glad you enjoyed my homemade Trail Mix rendition

Tip of the Day:  From the Vega Newsletter I subscribe to
“Smoothies can make a delicious whole food recovery snack. This recovery drink recipe has more protein than a regular sport drink, yet less than a full-sized smoothie – making it the ideal ratio to speed recovery immediately after exercise. Dates are high in glucose, which makes them the perfect natural choice to re-fuel your body. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, aiding in recovery and helping to keep any inflammation under control.

Ginger Papaya Recovery Drink
Ginger and Papaya for recovery.

And I am reposting this because I want to make sure you all to see it!

I am so proud to be included in this great piece of work that Alisa of One Frugal Foodie has taken the time to assemble.   I know that families all over, and even those without kids, will love the recipes everyone has contributed for this!

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Dessert Today: Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Coffee Softserve 

  It looks like a Wendy’s Frosty but tastes like a lil slice of coffee + chocolate heaven!
Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Coffee Softserve in blender
Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Coffee Softserve with various toppings
Close up of Vegan Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Coffee Softserve

1. Do you have any plans for Labor Day Weekend?
I’m working and spending time with my family.  I urge everyone to be safe, use designated drivers, buckle up, know where your loved ones are at or plan to be, don’t speed as the cops are out in full force, and just use common sense Holiday weekends can bring out the crazies so be smart and be safe!

2. Have you ever been to a horse racing track?  Do you want to go to one? 
As a kid, my parents used to take us to the track a few times a year.  It was fun eating stale popcorn, drinking Coca-Cola, and watching the ponies.  It’s one of those childhood memories I have and love!  That’s why I wanted to take Skylar!  If this isn’t your idea of fun, that’s ok.  Different strokes for different folks.

3. Are you a gambler?
It’s funny, I don’t even think of horse racing as gambling, because we’re betting $2 bucks per horse, and maybe make 3 or 4 bets per race.  So we spend $6 or $8 bucks a race.   Hardly hardcore gambling.  Not really a biggie.  Nothing like Vegas gambling on dice or cards where serious sums of money change hands very quickly on the roll of the dice or the flip of the cards. 

I work too hard for my money, as we all do, and work too hard in other aspects of my life to save money and budget and so it kills me to just lose money or waste it gambling.

With horse racing, at least there’s some “entertainment value” but with cards or dice, there is very little entrainment, it’s just push that chip into the circle and good luck on the next hand that’s dealt type thing.  Which is why I have a hard time playing cards unless I’m gambling with someone else’s money, which is always way more fun…haha!

I grew up in a Catholic home where Bingo, card games, raffles, and church carnivals were always present, but no one had any gambling problems or addictions.

Yesterday, just being outside watching the ponies, being with my family, that’s what it’s all about for me!  And placing a few bets is a total afterthought and not at all central to my enjoyment of the day.  I could have just watched and not bet and wouldn’t have cared, but I was there so I threw a few bucks down on a few races.   Everything in moderation.

How do you feel about gambling? 

4.  “Everything in moderation”.  How do you feel about that expression?
I could write a novel on this topic alone, but the nutshell version is that for me, in general terms, yes, it’s true. 

However, gluten and animal flesh, no, that is not something that “everything in moderation” applies to.

I guess a better expression may be, “Chill Out a Bit.”  Don’t get your undies in a bunch over a few chips, a cup of coffee, a little gambling, or falling off your exercise path for a few weeks.  Again, my opinions only and we are all free to make our own choices.  That’s the beauty of life!

Where do you fall on the Everything in moderation expression?  

Have an awesome rest of your week and I hope all of you have a great weekend lined up!  I will be trying to unplug and be with my family when I’m not working, and am looking forward to it!

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