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Hi Friends!  How has your day been?  Well I had a super special and awesome day today!  Madeline was in San Diego today and she and I have had this little rendezvous planned for a few weeks, and I’ve felt like the cat who swallowed the canary because I’ve wanted to blog about how excited I was to see her, but didn’t want to mention anything!

For newer readers, Madeline was just about my only source of comfort during the 10 long, dreadful months I lived in Phoenix.  Sorry to rip on it, and it’s not really Phoenix per se either, the whole city, vibe, lifestyle, aura, whatever you want to call it, was just not a “fit” for me.  Nor would Alaska be a fit for me.  Not all places are a “match” for every one and Phoenix wasn’t a match or a fit for me.  And since being back in San Diego for 3 months, I realize even more how unhappy I was there and many of you have commented that I even seem happier in my posts.  Well, I am!  But I digress.  Madeline is my girl.   Love her to pieces and it was awesome seeing her today!

Two women and young girl standing in front of store front

Sorry, dark picture! 

We wandered around the Mall including Forever 21 where Skylar dressed up with plenty of cheapie jewelry and glommed onto a manicure/pedicure kit

Young girl holding purse wearing jewelry and holding a manicure kit
Close up of girl holding manicure kit
Jewelry and nails.  A chip off the old block!

And we made our way into Anthropologie where the big girls drooled over the clothes and the little girl played with some seeds and sand they had in a display

Young girl playing with spoons on displaySeeds in spoons

We left the mall and I showed Madeline my house.   And gave her a glass of my homemade kombucha.

Oak barrel of Kombucha on heating pad
Barrel tap with glass of kombucha
She gave it two thumbs up.  I was happy about that!  

Then we made our way to an outdoor cafeSkylar dug into the chips and salsa.  And when I say dug into, I am not kidding.

Chips and salsa on table
Young girl sitting at table next to chips
Young girl with hands on table with chips in front of her
 She’s a 3 year old who doesn’t fear raw onions and garlic in her salsa.  I happen to hate raw onions and garlic, but Skylar seems to enjoy them and it gave Madeline and I time to gab and enjoy the lovely weather!  
As a side note, many parents seem to predispose or “plant” ideas in their kids’ heads about what their child will and won’t “like”.  I always cringe when I hear parents say to their child, “Oh, that’s too spicy/salty/strong/etc. you won’t like that.”  Wrong!  Let them try it and decide for themselves!
The weather was perfect for sitting outside!
Woman sitting in chair on outdoor patio smilingWoman sitting at table holding up drinkWoman leaning towards child smiling

There’s a possibility Madeline and I may be seeing each other again soon, and let’s just hope we do!

Close up of women sitting smiling with drink


Maybe the Full Moon will bring some lucky energy to the mix!  During a Full Moon, the world is filled with excess prana, or life force energy.   Technological or mechanical glitches are notorious during Full Moons.   Computer problems, car problems, appliances breaking.  This month’s full moon my ice maker in my fridge broke and the next month my microwave broke!  And Alyson and Anna both had their computers break and glitch-up on them yesterday!

But full moons are not all about glitches.  Many people believe that Full Moons are a time of Good Luck and Good Fortune.  Here’s to that being the case for Madeline and to possibly being in So Cal a whole lot more! 

I’ve posted about the Full Moon and How it Effects Us

Everything from insomnia, sleep disturbances, irritability, moodiness, heated interpersonal exchanges, to computers and tech-related things going all glitchy and malfunctioning.  Click Here to Read Up On It! 


I also posted a Full Moon List of Things to Do or Try

From Yesterday…
I’m glad you enjoyed my Supplements Post and my thoughts on If We “Need” Supplements or not

Kroeger Herb Supplements

Many of you said that you take almost nothing or maybe 1 or 2 things, and not consistently.  Then others of you consistently take a half dozen things or less and you’re pretty consistent with them, i.e. Vitamin D, Fish or Flax Oil, Probiotics, Multi-Vitamin were common, and then a few of you said you pretty much take the kitchen sink and then some on a daily basis.  Ela and Amber included.   Amber made a good point: ” To get all my needed nutrients from food, I’d have to eat so many calories that I’d put on a LOT of weight, so I take the help from supplements where I can get it.”

There were lots of thoughts on it all, and you can read my breakdown and personal assessment on what I supplement and what I don’t here and why.

I enjoyed hearing your thoughts about Nut Pates, too, and if you like them or not.
Try Sweet-n-Nutty Un-Chicky Salad

Sweet-n-Nutty Un-Chicky Salad

Or Raw Taco Salad with Raw Taco Nut “Meat”  

Raw Taco Salad with Raw Taco Nut "Meat"  
And I loved everyone’s Fill in the Blank Answers About Mondays.   You cracked me up! 

Dessert Today: High Raw Vegan “Peppermint Patties”  

High Raw Vegan "Peppermint Patties" in paper liners before getting topped
Finished High Raw Vegan "Peppermint Patties" on plate split open
Bite taken out of one High Raw Vegan "Peppermint Patties"  showing filing

Gym & Weights Workout Today From This Tab: Arms/Back/Legs and Abs.   
Used my Home Gym/FreeWeights & Bowflex
Did Abs with my Exercise Balls from This Post

Tip of the Day:  Did you see Who Won My Tempt Hemp Products Give Away?

Click Here To See Who Won!

1. Have you ever been reunited with a long lost friend?  Or simply haven’t seen a friend in awhile and then had the pleasure of reconnecting with them?  Was it awesome?  Tell me about it!

I said when we left Phoenix and Madeline and I had our last meetup here, that it wasn’t goodbye forever, just for now.  And how true it was!  Hopefully she and I will see each other again soon!

2. Favorite thing about your day so far?
Me = Seeing Madeline, of course!

3. Do you ever have “Drink Envy”?  Or Food Envy?  That feeling that comes over you when you see someone walking down the street with a perfect iced coffee or hot coffee or other beverage and you literally want to rip it out of their hands and drink it for them?

Or when someone else’s food looks way better than yours does in a restaurant or even at home.  Your partner’s food always somehow looks better than yours and you have to have “just a bite”, right?  And all husband’s know that the answer has to be ok sure, honey, whatever you want, when their meal is “raided”.  haha!

I love iced coffees but never buy them because I am a “power drinker”.  I can literally suck a nearly $5 iced coffee down in 10 seconds flat.

Iced Coffee with Milk

First, it’s half ice, and second I love them so much that it’s very easy to do!  So I never splurge on them.  But I had tons of people walk by me over the weekend and the past few days with awesome looking ice coffees in hand and I had major drink envy!  And let’s keep it real, there are times out in a bar when you’ve seen someone else’s great looking drink and you think, why didn’t I order that instead!

Do you ever have food or drink envy?  

4.  When you’re in a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, etc. how do you decide what to order?  Do you stare down everyone else’s food and drinks or are you a menu reader?
When I used to go out to eat with Scott before Skylar, I used to not read the menu so much as look at other patron’s plates and ask the server what so-and-so had.  I eat with my eyes and if it doesn’t look good, no matter how good it sounded on the menu, I wouldn’t order it.

5. Favorite thing about summer?
Me = the awesome weather and being able to stroll around in a tshirt and shorts and feel the breeze in my hair and just feel so carefree, and not all bundled up in layers!

Stay Tuned For Shopping Finds…

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