Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron 5-Piece Cookware Set ($400 Value)


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I’ve teamed up with some blogging friends and we’re bringing you the opportunity to win this Le Creuset Signature 5-Piece Cast Iron Cookware Set!

It’s a $400 value and the winner can select your color.

Le Creuset

The participating blogs are below. Visit them and check out some of their great recipes!

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Averie Cooks
The Little Kitchen
Sally’s Baking Addiction
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Leave a blog comment below in response to the first question and follow the prompts for additional entries. Sometimes the widget is a bit slow to load, so please be patient. Open to USA and Canada (excluding Quebec), 18 years and older.

5-pc Le Creuset Giveaway $400

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  1. I just found your site while looking for a way to describe to my hubby how to pick watermelon. I’m from California and love this lifestyle, my husband from the east coast so we eat totally different. I have become disabled and have a hard time getting our kids to have good dietary habits. I’m hoping your yummy recipes will help! Thanks :)

  2. I’m always want to collect some exclusive and essential cookware sets. Thanks for proving such information on it.

  3. I love creuset but have never been able to afford it. We have one that was a wedding gift, but somebody dropped it and now it’s cracked. It’s too expensive to replace though. I love the red/flame so that it stands out from the rest of my cookware. :) Thanks for the contest!

  4. I have been looking for a beautiful cookware set and i think this le creuset is just what i am looking for. Like it.

  5. I would be so excited to add these pieces to my kitchen and would thoroughly enjoy using them!

  6. I don’t see a question, but I would love this set in Flame! I may or may not be having heart palpitations at the thought… ;)

  7. I just got my first Le Crueset this year. Such seriously amazing cookware. I’d love to have more!

  8. I have ALWAYS wanted my own set of le creuset pots. winning them would be like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day; thus, I would have to pick yellow :)

  9. I, too, cannot see the question, however I would love to win this! I’ve wanted a Dutch oven for as long as I can remember! I hope I win!!!

  10. FYI, I couldn’t see question or prompts either, and when I try to link to your participating blogs I get “Error 404: Page Not Found”. :0(

  11. I have been dreaming of getting a few pieces of le Creuset for years! This would be a dream come true. My color of choice – Caribbean, definitely Caribbean!

  12. Le Creuset Cast Iron Cookware in Orange has always been my dream, thank you for this fabulous opportunity!

  13. I’d love those. My favorite pan is an enameled cast iron pan my grandmother gave my mother. Some ancient french thing.

  14. I would LOVE the set in orange. My kitchen is a bit bland and the set adds a great splash to the kitchen – I wouldn’t have bother finding a space for them in the pots & pans cabinet :) Instant kitchen upgrade!

  15. We have a large dutch over that we use for pot roast and a great bread recipe. I remember hiding cookies for my husband in a small oval covered baker so that the kids couldn’t find them! It worked!!! More of this cookware would be wonderful!

  16. My boyfriend and I cook together all the time and have been dreaming of buy a le creuset set, but it is out of our price range. I would love this!

  17. I love my grandmothers 60 year old Le Creuset set she got in France. She has the classic red orange color so I would go with that. I also love the blue and yellow for super bright colors! Oh I want these so so badly as I love to cook.

  18. I also can’t see a question but I’ll answer the color question: I’d go with classic flame although I hope to eventually build a collection with lots of beautiful and vibrant colors.

  19. My daughter would love the crust set.
    And I love all the chocolate cookie recipes—-too much!

  20. I don’t see any questions Av.
    I would LOVE to win this, my frypans are toast, I still have no kitchen aid mixer. LOL So everything is still rustic.
    And we all know Le Crueset lasts forever! I am thankful to have one piece from them a 5-quart covered saucepan which I make my sunday sauce in.
    Cast iron is the ONLY way to go.

  21. The comment I would like to leave is that LeCrueset is the ultimate in cookware. Better, I think, than traditional cast iron cookware in its versatility and good looks. I have a large dutch oven in red. I purchased a knockoff and can truly see the difference in quality between them. I hope I win!
    Some of my favorite things to make in the dutch oven are: pork roasts, artisan bread, Guinness beef stew, pickle brine, salsa for canning and jelly/jam for canning! The non-reactive porcelain coating in the pan allow for soooooo many applications!

  22. I would love to win. I don’t have any kitchen things yet and would be thrilled to have these. Love your blog by the way

  23. No widget for me, just a link. Well, the link did say I’d successfully entered (easy click option), but no question. Judging by other comments, though, I’m guessing the question is what color I’d like if I won. And I’d say blue! Or black, but I don’t see that in anyone’s answers so I’m assuming that’s not a choice. ;)

  24. Love your blog – and am really excited about the giveaway. Fingers (and toes) crossed!

  25. The yellow pulled me into the post, and that’s the color I’d choose. Wonderful giveaway!

  26. In the same question boat as the others! Love your recipes tho’ my sons thank you for all the different cookies!!

  27. I couldn’t find the question, but I would love to win the Le Creuset set. I only have one pot and I’ve read about the versatility of Le Creuset’s cookware. Cast iron is so great. I would love a red-colored set. Thanks!

  28. I would love some Le Creuset pots again! I had one that I loved to make soups and stews in but unfortunately it was a lemon and didn’t last long! I love the Marseilles color but any color would be nice to win.

  29. I would love to win- maybe blue? I don’t know what the question is, but winning is the answer!

  30. I’ve been dreaming about a set of Le Creuset pots for so many years, I would love to win the drawing. I would choose red for the color and would christen them with making a batch of paella.

  31. I believe the blue would be my choice of color. Look forward to reading your blog daily, keep it up

  32. This is a great prize and a great giveaway. Have no clue what the question is, but I do love the recipes posted on Averie Cooks – save quite a few of them.

  33. Every click to Averiecooks.com is met with a beautiful photo. It’s usually gooey and mouthwatering. Today was an equally beautiful photo, but of cookware! What an absolutely amazing Giveaway. I would be thrilled to win this Le Creuset Signature 5-Piece Cast Iron Cookware Set!!!

  34. Did see a question but I would Love this. Have been looing for good set and these are the sizes I use m0st.

  35. Also having the same problem! But I love everything about your website. All the wonderful food and the photos. You are fantastic. And so is that cookware. :)

  36. How exciting! I have wanted new cookware… hmm…
    Anyways, there is no question to answer, but the widget worked!
    Love this site!

  37. Averie! What a fantastic contest; thank you so much.
    I am SUCH a fan of your blog.
    ::alas:: None to the Instagram entry buttons work (they just open a window that says – ominously! – ‘Forbidden’).
    So, I can’t finish my entry.
    Best of luck to ALL!!
    If I win I want the Cherry Red! ::just sayin’::

  38. There isn’t a question to answer here. So here is a question: What color would you choose? Answer: Cherry.

  39. Wow this is a great give away. I sure could use new pots and pans. I am also going to be checking out all these amazing blogs. My daughter is 14 and wants to go to culinary school. She loves looking at blogs of people that love to cook and share recipes. She is even starting a blog of her own.

  40. Averie Cooks has the best peanut butter recipes!!! I love them.
    As for the question – I think I would love the red set of Le Creuset!!

  41. I’ll just say that I’d love to win this, since I just made your coconut oil dark brown sugar cookies last night.

    (wasn’t working for me either)

  42. Some of the links aren’t worried, I liked the Cuckoo for Coupons Facebook page, but for some reason the confirmation check won’t load… :( …I’m still keeping my fingers crossed though…

  43. Same no question to answer but have wanted a Le Creuset dutch oven for ages so this was an exciting giveaway to see on my Bloglovin’ feed! And followed Averie Cooks on Pinterest (can’t believe I hadn’t been following you yet!)

  44. Wow! What a great giveaway…was able to get everything to load and entered, but also had no question to answer! Love your recipes and blog!

  45. Good morning – sorry for the bother, this isn’t about the drawing. I can’t find your basic sugar cookie recipe. I tried your search box/recipe box/etc. Would you mind posting the link in a comment? I wanted to make a simple sugar cookie to serve with tea for my mom/mother-in-law who will be visiting this weekend. I think you have a few, but this was just a really simple butter sugar cookie recipe I saw some time ago.


  46. I had some problems trying to enter, but such a fun giveaway that I hope I at least did some of the entries right :) And couldn’t find the question but I will second Kim’s comment :) Love Averie Cooks!!

  47. Hmmm, can’t get it to work either. Do you think my students can teach themselves for teacher appreciation month so I can keep coming back to this site to try to enter?

    Put me in coach, I want to win the yellow one!!

    And now we have reader appreciation days on a blog! What greatness =)

  48. I had the same problem. I usually can’t get anything to load but today it did but no question to answer either. What a great giveaway anyway!!

  49. I too tried to enter, and the widget has a check mark next to click to enter, but I didn’t see a question to answer anywhere. I love your blog and have made several of your cookies! We just finished up eating a batch of the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups, and they were a huge hit!

  50. I would love to enter correctly, but the links don’t work and I can’t find a question to answer. I’ll make up my own question: Why did you come to averie cooks today? Because she has THE BEST cookie recipes in the blogosphere and I need to make some molasses cookies this morning.