A few nights ago I went to a local photography event.   However, it wasn’t so much about photography as it was more about marketing and running a successful business.

Palm trees and purple sunset skies

The free talk was given by Jason Aten and he put on a workshop the following day but I wasn’t able to attend.

It was held in Little Italy, a pocket of urban San Diego that’s about a mile from the water, but up high, so the views are great.

And it was the perfect pre-sunset time

Palm trees and purple sunset skies

The event was held in the most amazing local studio

Inside of studio with wooden beams

Rustic, old world, with a vintage vibe.  Exposed wood and brick, a lofted portion with a curved staircase, and during the day, a huge floor to ceiling bank of windows on one wall.

Pretty much a photographer’s dream.  Or any artist’s dream to be able to work in a place like this.

And look at the spectacular views!

Looking out window of studio with sunset skies

I loved snapping a few pictures from my iPhone and would have had a field day with my real camera but didn’t want to be a total nerd.  Then again, I was in the company of photographers and they wouldn’t have batted an eye.

But I wanted to live the event, not just capture the event as I’ve discussed can happen when trying to capture “it all”.

Purple sunset

The focus of the event was a discussion on how to market your photography business and in doing so, marketing yourself.

Lines of chairs in studio

Do I have an “official” photography business? Not per se.  Sort of though.

Do I plan to have one? Yes.

Would this talk on marketing have been helpful for anyone?

Yes, most definitely! Even for bloggers.  Especially for bloggers.

The discussion focused on:

knowing your audience or ideal client

knowing what your own story is and who are you telling it to

what is that story saying and is it authentic

what do your clients want (hint: they don’t want pictures; they want memories of how they felt at the moment the picture was taken)

Just think about writing a blog, or doing any kind of writing, and all those points are applicable.

Also, running just about any kind of business from being a personal trainer to a restaurant owner, you have to know who your clients are, what they want, are you giving them what they want, and if not, what to do about it.

It was a really valuable evening and I met other local photographers and did some chit-chatting and networking

Didn’t do any wine drinking…

Food and chips on table…Thought about it though

I was able to just drool over the views of San Diego from inside this studio

Outside of warehouse with purple skies

Purple sunset skies and palm trees

Then, I had to get home and tuck someone into bed

Skylar smiling

And then I tucked into a White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bar

White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bar


1. Have you attended any professional speaking events, talks, discussions, or done any networking type events in your area, based on your profession or interests?

I’ve done plenty of photography workshops from Mexico City to Colorado to Los Angeles

to yoga workshops

And I feel there is such benefit to being with others who share your same interest, hobbies, profession or those aspiring to become a professional in that field.

Learning, growing, soaking it all in, making connections, meeting new people, it’s all great and so important.  Not only from a business standpoint but to keeping your energy and enthusiasm fresh and your creativity flowing.

2. How important do you think marketing is? If you’re a blog writer or a business owner or an aspiring business owner of any kind, have you thought about this?  Any action taken?

As I said in the body of the post, from writing a blog to being a personal trainer to restaurant owner, I think marketing is extremely important.

If you don’t market yourself, no one knows who you are.

If you market yourself incorrectly, the wrong people find you, yet the right people who you want to find you never do!

In terms of blog writing, growing your readership and audience, and how much or how little to “market” to your audience, I wrote a five-part series called Blogging 101 that many people have told me they found helpful.

I believe all of life is marketing; what you say, how you say it, how you deliver it, who you deliver your message to; in just about every aspect of life when you stop and think about it, marketing is invovled, I believe.

Tell me your thoughts.

TGIF friends!


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