Mexican Food & Drinks, Saying No Thank You to Certain Foods, Golf Carts, New Gym Location

Hi Friends!  Hopefully you’re having a nice day.   It’s still super hot here, low 90s, but a cool front is supposed to move through tonight so it will get cooler.  I love hot weather, but as I mentioned, I have a cold and I just don’t enjoy being sick, and hot.  Not really too fun.  But I’d rather sweat than freeze, any day, so I can’t complain too much.

On Sunday, late afternoon, we went out for Happy Hour and some appetizers.  I was at the height of succumbing to the worst part of a cold fighting off my cold.  Some may say that having a drink is the worst thing one could do, but it sure tasted great to me.

It was the Tea Bag Sr.  Made with the Sweet Tea Vodka I raved about

I had been thinking about this drink since Last Week and it hit the spot.

We had a few chips and homemade salsa and guac

Skylar loves chips & salsa!
 A party in her mouth, no doubt

Scott and Skylar split a cheese quesadilla

They said it was really good.  I honestly have no interest in “bar food”.  BTDT, early 20s.  Could care less these days.

Our waiter brought us a blow-up monkey for Skylar, which she proceeded to “feed”

We were going to walk back home but I decided I’d rather be in public feeling pretty miserable with my cold than at home laying around in the 94F heat feeling miserable.  Go figure, but I didn’t want to go home and lay around, I wanted to be out.

So, we walked over to my favorite sushi place in San Diego.

It’s funny as we were leaving the Mexican restaurant, I noticed they had a “shuttle”

A 6-person Golf Cart!  No need to drink and drive, or drink and walk.  haha!  Actually the neighborhood is so walking-friendly, but I think it’s cute that you can bar/restaurant hop, “shuttle” style.

You’ll have to wait for tomorrow to see Round 2 of our Night Out & the Sushi Fest.  This post is already picture-heavy and long enough!

From yesterday’s post about working out when you’re sick, most of you said you workout in some capacity unless you’re absolutely dying.  You think the sweating is helpful.  I tend to agree. 

Glad you liked my Pumpkin Uses and Recipes

And it was great hearing what you do when you’re sick.  Your favorite remedies and strategies.  Most everyone said, among other things, sleep!  I should try that more…haha!

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No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls with Extra Protein Option
When Are You Making These?

1. Have you ever been on a golf cart or owned one?
When we used to live in Myrtle Beach, I owned a golf cart.  We had a pimped out golf cart with rims.  Not kidding.  Our house was about 2/3rd’s of a mile from the beach.  Just far enough that in 95F heat and humidity, with beach gear, towels, coolers, you name it, it was just on the edge of walk-able when loaded up with gear.  So, we had a golf cart to cruise down to the beach with.  Since car-parking places are at a premium, golf carts are what the locals used to be efficient.

We also used the golf cart to go the 1/2 mile to the grocery store and throw the groceries in the back seat.

We used our car very little and were a one-car household back then, too. 

When we moved to San Diego, I sold it to my realtor.  I miss that golf cart though!

2. Do you like Mexican food?  If so, what do you love?
I like Mexican food but it does not really like me.  Anything fried, heavy, or baked, just really doesn’t agree with me very well.  I do love salsa and guacamole though.  And tequilla in small doses!

3. Do you ever see food and realize that for whatever reason, you probably shouldn’t be eating it or that you’ve had a bad experience with it in the past, but still eat it anyway?  Or have you learned, as hard as it is in the moment, to just say, No Thank You?

As I mentioned in the body of this post, I say no to bar food these days.  It’s not a vegan thing so much as it is food allergies.  Just looking at the cheese and tortilla with the gluten gives me a horrible stomach ache!  

I’ve learned that no matter how good it tastes going down, I will pay the price for days, if not a week, after the fact.  Nothing is worth having a stomach ache for days over, or living in the bathroom, or turning into a moody bitch.

See This Post for some of the things that happen when I eat my allergens.  Headaches, irritability, skin rashes, GI disturbances.  These are not normal.  These are food allergies or food intolerances.  If these things happen to you when you eat certain foods, keep track of what you think are the culprits and then stop eating them and see if the problems go away.   You’ll be so happy you stopped eating things your body was saying, No Thank You, to!

I also posted Here about Saying No Thank You when you’re being pressured by others to just have that one bite or this or that.  How to cope with and handle Saying No Thank You to pushy people.

What or Whom Have You Learned to Say No Thank You to?

4.  Have you ever had to switch gyms or if you are a member of a multi-location gym, do you go to the same location always, or do you mix it up?
I’m off to a new gym location, same chain, but this new one has longer kids club hours.  I can’t always make it there by 10am to get my workout in and done and that’s what it takes so I need a new branch with later hours!  I plan to do my Day 1 Workout SplitWish me luck.  Not on the workout, on navigating the new kids club!

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of our Night Out…

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