Mixed Berry Clafoutis

If you have no idea what the heck a clafoutis is, don’t worry.  It sounds complicated and fancy.

But it’s easy and only seems fancy.

Clafoutis:  cla·fou·ti or cla·fou·tis (klä-f-t)  n.  A baked dessert composed of a layer of fresh fruit topped with a thick batter.

Typically it’s made with cherries and dusted with powdered sugar.

I used mixed berries and put extra sugar in the recipe compared to other recipes I had browsed, as well as the dusting of powdered sugar I used on top.

You can never have too much sugar. Or cream. Or butter.

Or oozing, luscious, juicy baked fruit.

I didn’t know what a clafoutis was until I was pregnant with Skylar and watched lots of Food Network while trying to forget about how sick and miserable I was for about 38 weeks or so, but I wasn’t counting.

I was so intrigued by an episode similar to this one with Dave Lieberman where he made a blueberry clafoutis that I actually made one.

And I’ve spent five years remembering how good it was.

And after making this one, I have no idea why I didn’t make it sooner!

Probably because French desserts scare me off because they seem so fussy to make, but this clafoutis is neither tricky nor fussy.

And tastes wonderful, creamy, sweet, and glorious going down.



Mixed Berry Clafoutis

2 c berries (I used one 12-oz. bag of frozen mixed berries, i.e. raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries; but use fresh or frozen berries or other fruits, really any combo you like and have on hand)

2 eggs

1 c white sugar

1 c heavy cream

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/3 c all-purpose flour

2 tbsp powdered (confectioners) sugar for dusting


Layer the berries in the bottom of a greased, sprayed, or foil-lined square baking pan (i.e. 8×8 or 8×10)  Take all remaining ingredients (except powdered sugar) and either whisk by hand to combine or add all ingredients into a food processor, blender, or Vita and blend until incorporated (took 30-45 seconds in the Vita).  Pour mixture over the berries.  Bake at 350F for 40 minutes or until top is golden brown, puffy, and has a firm center that is fully set and that bounces back when lightly pressed.  Let the clafoutis cool slightly before dusting with powdered sugar.  Slice into pieces and serve semi-warm is traditional.   I store the leftovers in the fridge (or freezer) and allow them to come to room temp before eating.



The ingredients

Add all the ingredients to a Vita, blender, food proc (or simply mix by hand) and blend until combined

This is the 30 second batter.  So.Easy.

Pour batter over the berries



Slice and serve

Rich, decadent, creamy, sweet.  <—Everything a dessert should be in my book.

I firmly expect to make another clafoutis, and much sooner than 5 years from now, which is how long it took between clafoutis #1 and #2.

If you’ve never had a clafoutis it’s somewhere on the richness and density spectrum with things like a dense custard meets bread pudding

…or creme brulee meets raw vegan cheesecake

You know, real “light and airy” desserts.  Kidding.

The heavy cream, vanilla, and sugar in the recipe creates a dense pudding-ish, custardy texture + sweetness + creaminess

It’s pretty much heaven in your mouth with sweet, baked cream and juicy berries exploding in your mouth with every bite.

I think you will impress anyone you serve this to.

And just in time for 4th of July, Red, White, and Blue! I guess I’ve officially turned food blogger when I create seasonally-appropriate and holiday-themed recipes, huh.

I should add this to my Red, White, & Blue Recipes

It doesn’t have to be 4th of July to enjoy this rich slab of goodness, though.

If you happen to have any leftovers, hoard them for yourself store them away from hungry family members in the fridge or freezer in an airtight container.

This is almost all gone.  I always said I love leftovers!


From my last post, thanks for the compliments on my new camera strap and oh yes, we all seem to love Etsy!  And it was fun to hear what your ‘signature’ colors are that you gravitate toward.


1. Have you ever tried a clafoutis?

As I mentioned, I had only had the one that I made five years ago when I was pregnant.

It’s about as easy as making pancake batter but with far more amazing results than pancakes!  But don’t take my word for it, in 5 minutes, you can have the batter made and then just pour and bake.  And enjoy.

2. Do you have any fancy tasting or fancy sounding recipes you’re fond that actually aren’t fancy or fussy at all?

I pride myself on being able to take complex recipes, and break them down, removing all but the key and absolutely essential ingredients because when I see a recipe that’s more than a half dozen ingredients or has a many steps and makes tons of dirty dishes, I am instantly turned off.  Skip it.  Next.

I am picky choosy when it comes to desserts.  They must be stellar and decadent and fabulous, or they’re not worth my chew.  And never “healthy tasting”Why bother.

So my recipe for success with desserts is: fancy & decadent tasting + very user-friendly & easy to make + commonly sourced & inexpensive ingredients = at least 95% of the recipes on my site.   And not only desserts, but that’s my overall approach to recipes.

What are your taste fancy and fussy but really aren’t recipes?

Don’t forget about the Shaklee Giveaway and Happy 4th of July!

95 comments on “Mixed Berry Clafoutis”

  1. My grandma used to make something like this….only she called it “My Favorite breakfast” because it was her favorite!

  2. funny you posted clafoutis today bc i was just on foodnetwork website last nite looking for apricot recipes (we harvested our 1 apricot tree yesterday!). they are so tasty, sweet and juicy. and i was hmm…clafouti..interesting…you think putting using apricots would work?

  3. Thanks for posting this–and awesome that it’s even season-themed.

    I’m allergic to too many of the ingredients, but there are several people around here that I know that would _looove_ this, so I may have to make it for them!

    I think most ‘fancy sounding’ recipes that I’ve tried turn out not to be so intimidating or difficult after all.

  4. I made them today after seeing your recipe and they are DELICIOUS! Thanks!

  5. Ohhh I’ve only tried it once and that’s when I made it a while back after getting julia Child’s book!! It was sooo good! :D So light and perfectly sweet.

  6. I just found the dessert for my picnic this monday. That looks so good!

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  8. how pretty and playful! I think I’ll try to veganism these sometime soon –> they look too good for me for me not to :-)

    • I thought you were using eggs/dairy now?

      See above comment replies of mine for vegan tips I had for a few other readers :)

      • I am eating eggs again, but I’m actually allergic to dairy so that’s not an really an option. I’d like to keep my egg consumption to just eating them in their usual form (I.e. Just as they are). Vegan baking is still my favorite kind of baking and the suggestions you made seem like they’ll definitely make a tasty dessert! Skylar is lucky to grow up in such a tasty house! :-)

  9. I know you said you don’t like healthy tasting desserts or healthified desserts; but I really recommend Chocolatecovered katie’s deep dish cookie pie. I was afraid to take a bit of the cookie dough when I was making it, but it was delicious! Definitely something worth trying once at least. :) I made your chocolate chip cookie dough balls, very good :)

  10. I watch a ton of food network and I still had no idea what a clafoutis was. So glad I read your post! haha
    Looks delish!

  11. averie – we are on the same page this weekend, I made a clafoutis yesterday!! :)

    I have a few desserts that are really easy but seem so elegant, and like they’d be complicated or time consuming…

    your clafoutis looks awesome!

  12. Pretty pictures!! This dessert looks delish Averie. Even with the very fancy name ;)

  13. YUM! How beautiful- so perfect for the fourth. Love it. I’ve never had a clafoutis. I like making risotto. It always seems so fancy and complicated, but its not…just lots of stirring!

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  15. Meringues are probably the fanciest sounding dessert I make. But they are actually really easy to make. And they only have four ingredients – sugar, egg whites, salt, and cream of tartar. Simple is ALWAYS better.

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  17. I love clafoutis! <-such a strange word, eh? :) I think I like that the batter seems *almost* under cooked which is a texture that I really like!

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  19. Just found your blog and am absolutely loving it, Averie! This dessert looks amazing. Yup, now I’m craving a bite of it. :)

  20. My mother said this is her new favorite dessert of all time. This was so easy and wonderful as a 4th of July dish, thanks for the recipe! :)

  21. This looks awesome! I’m going to try to veganize it if you don’t mind :)

    • just use coconut milk, almond milk, hemp seed milk…

      maybe a little margarine for thickness if you think it needs it

      and for the eggs, I’d suggest egg replacer or chia/flax eggs and use nut milk rather than water (if it were me) b/c you want it thick.

      lmk what you end up doing!

  22. Hi Averie, I made your Mixed Berry Clafoutis for Thanksgiving! Thank you for a great recipe. I booked marked it long ago because it looked so scrumptious. I used my Vita-Mix too and it made prep time so fast! Everyone was very impressed. My other dessert was pumpkin pie with pecan and Biscoff cookie crust. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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