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I’ve had a busy day in the kitchen whipping up a light, fat-free, vegan dessert.  Kidding.

cream and eggs


I also added lots of sugar and vanilla extract to the batter.  Which I proceeded to drip and dribble all over my coutertops. Oh well.  The final result is

baking tools and ingredients

Sorry to tease, but that recipe will not be ready for a few days so in the meantime, may I suggest a few other options that are similarly decadent to what I just made:

Creme de Menthe Bars (Vegan, GF, no bake)

Creme de Menthe Bars

No Bake Vanilla Cake Batter Chocolate Truffles

No Bake Vanilla Cake Batter Chocolate Truffles

White Chocolate Blondies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting

White Chocolate Blondies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting


And if that’s not enough to keep you happy or breaking out your fat pants, check out my dessert recipes, my chocolate recipes, or some dessert balls & bites recipes

I mean, life is short.  Enjoy desserts.  <– I do.

And yes, I cook with dairy now.

Thanks for filling me in on my last post about if you make returns or not.   Most of us are not fans of going back and returning things, but hey, don’t waste my own money is what I remind myself when I don’t want to do it.

And holy nut butter fiends.  But I expected that. Thanks for letting me know what your favorite nut butters are.  And if you’re a fan of the el cheapo stuff like I may or may not be.  Ahem.

Dark Rum Caramel Sauce with apple slices

The Bamboo Travel Skirt Giveaway entries are coming in, in full force.  Thanks for the team spirit.

Blue Bamboo Travel SkirtThe skirt is so soft.  You want this, trust me.  Enter.


1. Are you a messy cook?

I keep an extremely clean and neat house.  Like, messes really are not found in my house.  It makes me anxious and antsy to have things in a state of disarray, messy, out of place, and unorganized. I really cannot rest until things are neat, clean, and tidy!

When cooking, I am usually a fairly neat cook, and I tidy as I go.  I try to not let every single spatula, measuring cup, bowl, and spoon I own end up out of the cupboards just strewn about or dirty as many dishes as possible (my mother is famous for that!)   That visual state of disarray makes me cranky!

Of course, some messes happen.  Like when you know you have to drop your kid off at preschool but really need to get something in the oven, drips and dribbles happen when rushing.  But I cannot do anything else until I do the dishes.

I could never have people over and entertain and then go to bed with dirty dishes or a messy kitchen.  I could never even fall asleep knowing that was all downstairs waiting for me!

There are worse traits than wanting to be clean and neat, right?

2. What have you made today, this week, or lately in the kitchen?  Or anything that you’ve made recently that really put a smile on your face?

Prior to today’s creation, I made Dark Rum Caramel Sauce over the weekend that was splendid.

Dark Rum Caramel Sauce with apple slices

Have you made anything delicious lately?

Keep the bamboo travel skirt giveaway entries coming!

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  1. The first line got me excited!! Guess I’ll just have to give the Creme de Menthe bars a shot :)

    I try to be a neat cook. Like you, my house is neat and tidy before I go to bed. I usually start off well with cooking, but when things heat up (pun intended) it gets a bit messy. But I never leave the mess for long!

    Right now I’m eating some TO DIE FOR oats, with almond butter, raisins, and chocolate chips!!

  2. I can’t stand messes either. They make me anxious and cranky. That being said, my house is in total disarray right now. My husband has been home from work totally sick (poor guy, must have gotten it from me!) and he has thoroughly trashed the living room with his clothes, blankets, and God knows what else is out there. I’m hiding in our office pretending none of it exists. That is unless he needs water or some dry toast.

  3. I made your cake batter truffles for my friend’s bridal shower this past Saturday, and EVERYONE loved them! Many of the ladies said they liked the truffles more than the cake :o I told them about your blog, I hope they check it out!

    Thank you so much for sharing your yummy recipes! Keep em coming :)

    1. Oh that’s great that you made them and that they were well-liked. Thanks for reading and telling your friends :)

  4. I am a TOTAL mess all of the time. I wish I had OCD for housecleaning, I think.
    I just don’t!! With dogs, cats & my incessant need to create artwork in the kitchen, meaning artwork of kale juice splattered on the 70s wallpaper, I WISH to have an organized life like yours.

  5. I am definitely a messy cook. I don’t think I used to be…maybe I always have been. It drives Jason nuts ;-)

  6. I am a messy cook. The opposite of my mom who cleans, wipes and puts away as she goes along. Can’t wait to see this new recipe!

  7. No matter how much I try to “clean” up after myself while I cook, I always make a huge mess!
    Somehow though, the dough bowl always ends up (licked) clean…. :-)

  8. Im so excited to see the result of your baking!
    I always clean as I cook, so it is never messy when Im done :)

  9. I am a SUPER clean cook. I do dishes all throughout, and I use as few dishes as possible. I am looking forward to seeing what you made!

  10. Oh, you tease, you! :P

    I am a messy cook–sort of. I clean up as I go along because I cannot stand the thought of dishes surmounting while I am cooking and then having to tackle the mess. I stop what I’m doing, wash it or put it in the dishwasher, and clean the counters as I go along. I HATE dirty counters. Crumbs or sticky stuff makes me pissy, lol.

  11. Wow, can’t wait to see the recipe. And great dessert inspiration, the vegan bars especially speak to me.

    1. When I’m creating a new recipe – yes! I usually try/use different bowls and utensils for experimenting and dirty just about all the ones I have in the process.
    2. Curry lentil stir fry tonight that came out great.

  12. I’m a complete slob in the kitchen…to make matters worse we have white linoleum and if we owned this house it’s the first thing i’d replace….and i’d get one of those automatic floor mopper things (like a roomba) because I hate mopping.

  13. Haha! I am a neat and clean freak as well. You are so right about having guest and not cleaning up afterwards. I am known to clean my kitchen in the odd hours as well (3 a.m to be precise).. LOLs!!!

  14. I’m sort of a messy cook…I rinse things as I go & throw dishes into the sink, but I ALWAYS spill something multiple times. It never fails. I clean the counters a million times but then days later i’ll find flour or sugar hiding in the most random places around my kitchen. Oops!

    I’m really excited for a sweet recipe I’m making tonight :) the recipe won’t be posted until Saturday though. I can hardly wait to share it!!!

  15. I <3 whipped cream! I love putting it on all kinds of stuff (and in my coffee). My mother-in-law, who only speaks German got me a huge coffee cup and a can of whipped cream when we went to visit:-) Can't wait to see what new creation you have made!

  16. I’m so like you with being tidy and clean. No dirty dishes left behind, no clothes on my bedroom floor… I sometimes get annoyed with myself that I can’t just not care for a night, but like you said there are certainly worse qualities I could have! Plus living with roommates has really taught me a lot about my cleanliness habits, but also has let me relax about them too! Learning experiences are key.

  17. I am a messy cook gone neat! I used to be an extremely messy cook, but my mom would get angry with me when she saw my mess while I was cooking, so now I clean as I go. Talk about multi-tasking!
    On Sunday, I made these delicious veggies burgers with sunflower and pumpkin seeds! Talk about a double whammy! :)

  18. i cannot work in a messy kitchen! i clean as i go along – makes me even slower in the baking process (i rarely cook so we’ll stick to talking baking!). i try to use as few dishes/utensils as possible, too. and i could NEVER go to bed or go do errands and leave a sink full of dishes.
    looking forward to seeing what you’ve whipped up now, averie!

  19. FYI – your link to the creme de menthe bars isn’t working. I clicked on it because that was the first Averie recipe I made, and I may have to make them for this 4th weekend!

    1. thanks for lmk.


      every once in awhile there is something that goes haywire with the old blogger links and linkbacks. Who knows. But thx for lmk.

      And yes, I remember when you made the C de M Bars. Blast from the past!

  20. I am a neat FREAK in the kitchen. The rest of my house is tidy, but the kitchen is spotless. My family has learned to accomodate me when they visit or I visit them. I just do the dishes. It becomes a contest to see who can get to them first now. Except my niece, she didn’t get that gene.

    I even have to do my dinner dishes before I eat. I am a freak show.

  21. I don’t think I am a messy cook, but I am sure the hubby would say I am. He is VERY clean.

  22. Messy cook is an understatement. I can’t make anything without completely wrecking my kitchen. Of course, in an apartment kitchen with limited counter space and no real cooking supplies (I own 1 saucepan, a cookie sheet, and no cooking utensils, mixing bowls or small appliances other than a toaster and microwave), it’s doesn’t take much effort to make a mess. Luckily, my husband is happy to clean up the kitchen if he gets a homemade meal out of it. ;)
    The one thing I’ve made lately that made me extra proud, I didn’t even get a chance to eat because it was for my husband: Pasta salad with fresh veggies, italian dressing, and cheese. I’ve really been on a comfort food kick lately (easy to digest, which is vital for me): mashed potatoes, applesauce, breads, etc.

  23. I’ve been baking cookies! It’s been fun playing in the kitchen again! You are such a tease with you mess in the kitchen. I’m a clean as I go kind of gal. I know who’s cleaning up the mess, so I try to keep it in control!

  24. I’m a pretty neat cook. I hate when you get to the end and look around you and there’s nothing but dirty piles of dishes and utensils all around you… just that thought makes me not want to cook. So I tend to clean as I go… As I sit eating, the dinner dishes are rinsed and ready to be washed. I just can’t leave dishes over night for some reason. Kitch must be clean! Speaking of those dishes… I made a super simple stir fry over a bed of quinoa. Drizzled with a tsp of sesame oil & topped with lots of sriracha.

    1. “look around you and there’s nothing but dirty piles of dishes and utensils all around you… just that thought makes me not want to cook”–yes!

      that’s how my mother cooks and that’s probably why i ‘hated cooking’ until i was an adult and could do it my way!

  25. I used to be SUCH a neat baker/cook. I’d clean as I go, dirty the least amount of bowls possible, etc. I wouldn’t say I’m super messy now, but if I’m baking something that’s bound to be a little messy (lately I’ve been making a lot of things that require rolling out on countertops!) I just kinda…let it all add up until it bakes and then I clean up :P I’m still good about using the least amount of tools possible, though – and when I’m cooking something I’m really good about cleaning as I go!
    And, gosh…those creme de menthe bars are seriously calling my name…i want!

  26. The dark caramel sauce sounds and looks awesome!! Don’t worry about being messy, I don’t think anyone ever cooks neatly (I wouldn’t know, since I don’t cook) :P

  27. Really wanting one of those Creme de Menthe bars right now. I’ve been having this mad crazy chocolate craving today and those just look SO good right now. Looking forward to the new recipe in a few days!

  28. TOTALLY feel you on not resting ’til everything’s in its place–i even usually prepare a meal, do the dishes/wipe down the kitchen while it cools, and *then* sit down to eat. it’s the only way i can truly enjoy my food!

    the best smile on my face today came when i my horse trotted through the foggy field to the gate to greet me this morning. it was straight out of a movie! love animals.

  29. I’ve gotten better about not making a huge mess–when I did chef work, I was forced to! I can’t stand dirty dishes in the sink and have to get them done immediately. Other than that, I’m really way more clutter-tolerant than I think would be optimal. On the other hand, it’s probably good that I’m that way, as there’s two of us, neither one particularly neat, in a tiny space and it’s very easy for papers, etc, to pile up.

  30. *sigh* I am an extremely neat cook. (I’m not bragging…) I love to have others cook in the kitchen with me, but sometimes get agitated if it’s getting out of control messy. ;) a nice cocktail or glass of wine while cooking helps with agitation. :D I like a clean house too.

    I just have to say again how great your photos are, how much improvement there has been in a short time! even your first “kitchen mess” photos are good! :D

    1. aww, thanks hon!

      and I know, it’s not a badge of honor to be neat and clean; it just IS. It’s just one of those traits I have too. Sometimes it would be easier to just be like wtf, who cares, be messy. But that’s not me!

  31. yes! im messy but I hate to walk out of a dirty kitchen so I always make sure to clean up!

    ive never tried the natural JIF! good to know its one of your favorites!!

  32. Anticipating this recipe :D

    I LOVE jif natural, i must admit…i have three jars of it downstairs. Yum! But I love all peanut butter.

  33. I can’t wait for the new recipe!! Anything lots of sugar and vanilla is bound to be good!! You sound exactly like my mom, she absolutely cannot do anything unless the kitchen is completely clean. And yes, I would say I’m a messy cook, at least according to my moms standards.
    And that dark rum carmel sauce looks absolutely amazing! I want some. Now. :)