Messy Cook

I’ve had a busy day in the kitchen whipping up a light, fat-free, vegan dessert.  Kidding.

I also added lots of sugar and vanilla extract to the batter.  Which I proceeded to drip and dribble all over my coutertops. Oh well.  The final result is

Sorry to tease, but that recipe will not be ready for a few days so in the meantime, may I suggest a few other options that are similarly decadent to what I just made:

Creme de Menthe Bars (Vegan, GF, no bake)

No Bake Vanilla Cake Batter Chocolate Truffles

White Chocolate Blondies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting


And if that’s not enough to keep you happy or breaking out your fat pants, check out my dessert recipes, my chocolate recipes, or some dessert balls & bites recipes

I mean, life is short.  Enjoy desserts.  <– I do.

And yes, I cook with dairy now.

Thanks for filling me in on my last post about if you make returns or not.   Most of us are not fans of going back and returning things, but hey, don’t waste my own money is what I remind myself when I don’t want to do it.

And holy nut butter fiends.  But I expected that. Thanks for letting me know what your favorite nut butters are.  And if you’re a fan of the el cheapo stuff like I may or may not be.  Ahem.

The Bamboo Travel Skirt Giveaway entries are coming in, in full force.  Thanks for the team spirit.

The skirt is so soft.  You want this, trust me.  Enter.


1. Are you a messy cook?

I keep an extremely clean and neat house.  Like, messes really are not found in my house.  It makes me anxious and antsy to have things in a state of disarray, messy, out of place, and unorganized. I really cannot rest until things are neat, clean, and tidy!

When cooking, I am usually a fairly neat cook, and I tidy as I go.  I try to not let every single spatula, measuring cup, bowl, and spoon I own end up out of the cupboards just strewn about or dirty as many dishes as possible (my mother is famous for that!)   That visual state of disarray makes me cranky!

Of course, some messes happen.  Like when you know you have to drop your kid off at preschool but really need to get something in the oven, drips and dribbles happen when rushing.  But I cannot do anything else until I do the dishes.

I could never have people over and entertain and then go to bed with dirty dishes or a messy kitchen.  I could never even fall asleep knowing that was all downstairs waiting for me!

There are worse traits than wanting to be clean and neat, right?

2. What have you made today, this week, or lately in the kitchen?  Or anything that you’ve made recently that really put a smile on your face?

Prior to today’s creation, I made Dark Rum Caramel Sauce over the weekend that was splendid.

Have you made anything delicious lately?

Keep the bamboo travel skirt giveaway entries coming!

44 comments on “Messy Cook”

  1. Wow, can’t wait to see the recipe. And great dessert inspiration, the vegan bars especially speak to me.

    1. When I’m creating a new recipe – yes! I usually try/use different bowls and utensils for experimenting and dirty just about all the ones I have in the process.
    2. Curry lentil stir fry tonight that came out great.

  2. Oh, you tease, you! :P

    I am a messy cook–sort of. I clean up as I go along because I cannot stand the thought of dishes surmounting while I am cooking and then having to tackle the mess. I stop what I’m doing, wash it or put it in the dishwasher, and clean the counters as I go along. I HATE dirty counters. Crumbs or sticky stuff makes me pissy, lol.

  3. I am a SUPER clean cook. I do dishes all throughout, and I use as few dishes as possible. I am looking forward to seeing what you made!

  4. Im so excited to see the result of your baking!
    I always clean as I cook, so it is never messy when Im done :)

  5. No matter how much I try to “clean” up after myself while I cook, I always make a huge mess!
    Somehow though, the dough bowl always ends up (licked) clean…. :-)

  6. I am a messy cook. The opposite of my mom who cleans, wipes and puts away as she goes along. Can’t wait to see this new recipe!

  7. I don’t cook so much as bake (and ‘unbake’), but the kitchen does get a little messy. I like to keep a sink full of hot sudsy water where I can throw things when I’m done with them. Makes the clean up easier & faster.

    Lately I have made 2 great desserts:
    Strawberry Cream Pie – Gluten Free & Dairy Free
    Chilled Double Chocolate Torte: The No-Bake Version

    I’m thinking of making your chocolate snowballs next.

  8. I am definitely a messy cook. I don’t think I used to be…maybe I always have been. It drives Jason nuts ;-)

  9. I am a TOTAL mess all of the time. I wish I had OCD for housecleaning, I think.
    I just don’t!! With dogs, cats & my incessant need to create artwork in the kitchen, meaning artwork of kale juice splattered on the 70s wallpaper, I WISH to have an organized life like yours.

  10. I made your cake batter truffles for my friend’s bridal shower this past Saturday, and EVERYONE loved them! Many of the ladies said they liked the truffles more than the cake :o I told them about your blog, I hope they check it out!

    Thank you so much for sharing your yummy recipes! Keep em coming :)

  11. I can’t stand messes either. They make me anxious and cranky. That being said, my house is in total disarray right now. My husband has been home from work totally sick (poor guy, must have gotten it from me!) and he has thoroughly trashed the living room with his clothes, blankets, and God knows what else is out there. I’m hiding in our office pretending none of it exists. That is unless he needs water or some dry toast.

  12. The first line got me excited!! Guess I’ll just have to give the Creme de Menthe bars a shot :)

    I try to be a neat cook. Like you, my house is neat and tidy before I go to bed. I usually start off well with cooking, but when things heat up (pun intended) it gets a bit messy. But I never leave the mess for long!

    Right now I’m eating some TO DIE FOR oats, with almond butter, raisins, and chocolate chips!!

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