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Hi Friends!  TGIF baby!  Thank god the weekend’s here.  Not that I was counting the days or anything.  I’ve been working 4 days a week, and of course, also holding down things on the homefront and my #1 role of being a mom always keeps me busy.   I’m looking forward to the weekend because maybe I’ll be able to sneak off and do some jeans shopping, solo style.  I was hardly up for it myself yesterday but adding a 3 year old into the dressing room is just a recipe for disaster so I took a pass on that yesterday and we went to the park instead.

This morning I went for a lovely run outside and did some Lifting and Yoga Moves in my Home Gym, i.e. my garage.  The run was 20 minutes, the lifting/yoga was 25.   Done with my workout in 45 minutes.  Love it!  And Skylar was in the jogging stroller for the run of course, and rode her trike around the garage in circles while I yoga’ed and lifted.  Dizzy much?

It’s been so gloomy here, and fall is definitely upon us so I picked Skylar up a new winter coat.   Note: fall WAS upon us.  It’s mid to high 70s and warm today!

New Pink Winter Jacket

And while we were at Target, I couldn’t resist these knock-off pink Ugg boots.

Pink boots on countertop
 So fuzzy inside and she loves the!
Fuzz lining in boots
Perfect for stroller rides to keep her tootsies nice and cozy!

Now that we have the winter gear purchased, watch, we’ll get some Indian Summer days.  And we are.  Not that I am complaining, at all. 

Young girl wearing new jacket and boots


Close up of young girl smiling jacket
Dancing in her boots!
Young girl dancing in new jacket and boots

From yesterday’s post, thanks for the compliments on my first ever Crock Pot and first ever Vegan Chili attempt.  I enjoyed hearing what you like in your chili and soups, too.

Two bowls of Vegan Chili
Close up of Vegan Chili in bowl
I was pretty proud of the Vegan Crock Pot ChiliAnd that Scott ate the beans!

Dessert: High Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs
Super fast, one bowl + spoon + 5 minutes to make.  Coconut flakes + cocoa powder + sweetener = you can never go wrong!

Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs in container with scoop taken out
Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs in white dish
Close up of Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs in white dish

1.  What are your weekend plans?
Im working and spending some time with the family.  Looking forward to it!  The family time, not the work time so much.  And I also want to pick up some jeans.  My paper thin yoga capri pants are not going to cut it for much longer. 

2. When you were a kid, do you remember getting new boots or a new coat or new fall clothes for school?
I totally remember back to school shopping with my mom every year.  Let’s just say, it was probably the highlight of my year getting to stock up on new duds!  Anyone else get excited to see what the latest fall clothes from Esprit were?  Or Guess jeans with zippers on the ankles?   Yes, I was totally a child of the 80s.  Who took my hair crimper?  haha!

3. Do you like boots?  Do you wear them?
About 5 years ago when Ugg boots really hit the scene, I got a few pairs.  I loved putting my bare feet into them at 6am and heading out the door on chilly winter mornings to warm yoga classes.  Easy on, easy off.  No socks needed.   Loved them for that purpose but I don’t wear boots very often lately since my yoga practice is 99% at-home.

I also have cowboy boots that I never wear anymore.  I covet Madeline’s Frye’s!  

And I have knee-high black sassy going out boots, again, those don’t see much use these days.

But I love boots!  I just don’t wear them much, lately.  

4. We are off to the mall.  I need to replace a few MAC makeup items.   Do you have any MAC favorites?  I am also turning in a lot of my empty jars and for each 6 empty’s you bring back, you get a free lipstick or gloss.  Tip: save your old MAC empty containers because they’re worth something.   And of course the environment loves you.
I love their glosses and sparkly shadows!  The richness and depth of color and not having to use half a jar to get the depth of color and coverage to achieve the look I’m going for is wonderful.  Love their sparkly jars of pigments.  Their liquid eyeliner is awesome,  and I adore their pressed powders.  And pretty much everything else in the store!
Any MAC or other make up fave items that you just have to have?

See you tomorrow!

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