No-Bake Honey Nut Cheerios Snack Bars

Growing up, Honey Nut Cheerios were a pantry and breakfast table staple.

I recently bought an economy-sized box that was on sale and needed to make something with them or else we were going to be eating them until Christmas.

No-Bake Honey Nut Cheerios Snack Bars - Fast, easy breakfast/snack bars at

These fast, easy, bars cost just a fraction of storebought bars to make, they’re healthier, and they’ve got fun, bright colors.

In the past I’ve used Golden Grahams, Special K, Chex, Rice Krispies and  many others in recipes, but never the classic O’s until these.

No-Bake Honey Nut Cheerios Snack Bars - Fast, easy breakfast/snack bars at

I have many other microwave and no-bake granola bar recipes. See the Related Recipes below. These Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola Bars (no-bake, vegan, GF) are my favorites for something that has the texture of a Quaker Chewy Granola Bar and are a cinch to make, while still staying in the healthy realm.

I wanted these to be a snack bar or breakfast bar, on the healthier side, while branching out from recipes I’ve already made or tried.

No-Bake Honey Nut Cheerios Snack Bars - Fast, easy breakfast/snack bars at

Normally I use corn syrup in my microwave bars because it’s cheap, and it makes an excellent glue to bind ingredients. Very little can escape it’s tacky grip.

However, for these I used honey to play up the honey flavor from the cereal. I will be honest, honey does not make as good of a glue as corn syrup. If I were to remake them, I’d use corn syrup.

At room temperature, the bars do get soft and loose, and you’ll need to store them in the fridge.

No-Bake Honey Nut Cheerios Snack Bars - Fast, easy breakfast/snack bars at

I stirred in raisins for extra texture, flavor, fiber, chewiness, and oomph. I know some people don’t like raisins, so feel free to omit them or use dried cranberries, apricots, or another dried fruit.

The recipe is very flexible and you could also stir in honey-roasted peanuts, sliced almonds, or a handful of your favorite trail mix.

No-Bake Honey Nut Cheerios Snack Bars - Fast, easy breakfast/snack bars at

I topped them with chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. If you have a Trader Joe’s in your area, don’t buy them unless you have really good self-control. They’re crunchy, chocolaty, and one step away from eating chocolate candy-coated sprinkles. So good.

They give a fun, bright pop of color to otherwise boring brown bars, and since I knew I was putting these in my 6 year old’s lunch box, I wanted them to be cheery. If you can’t find them in your area, no biggie. Just use another small seed, nut, or omit.

No-Bake Honey Nut Cheerios Snack Bars - Fast, easy breakfast/snack bars at

Between the honey, cereal, raisins, and chocolate-covered seeds, the are were on the sweet side. A sprinkling of Kosher salt cuts that and plays up the salty-and-sweet aspect.

I wish the Cheerios I ate as a kid were this fun to look at.

No-Bake Honey Nut Cheerios Snack Bars - Fast, easy breakfast/snack bars at

No-Bake Honey Nut Cheerios Snack Bars

These fast, easy, bars cost just a fraction of storebought bars to make, they’re healthier, and they’ve got fun, bright colors. They’re a texture lover’s dream between the cereal, dried fruit, and chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Use what you have on hand and enjoy. Almsot any dried fruit, nut, or seed can be substituted. The bars are perfect for quickie breakfast or snacks on the go.

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1/4 cup creamy unsalted butter (half of one stick)
1/4 cup honey (light-colored corn syrup may be substituted and will keep the bars firmer at room temp than using honey)
1/4 cup light brown sugar, packed
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
3 cups Honey Nut Cheerios (or similar storebrand cereal; plain Cheerios may be substituted for a less sweet bar)
1 cup raisins, optional (1 cup  honey-roasted peanuts, 1 cup chopped almonds, or 1 cup trail mix may be substituted)
about 1/2 cup chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, optional (I used Trader Joe’s)
pinch sea salt or Kosher salt for sprinkling, optional


  1. Line an 8-inch square pan with aluminum foil leaving overhang, spray with cooking spray; set aside.
  2. In a large microwave-safe bowl, combine butter, honey, brown sugar, and heat on high power for 1 minute to melt.
  3. Stop to stir. Mixture will be on the granular side, this is okay.
  4. Return bowl to microwave and heat for 1 more minute on high power. Stop to stir
  5. Return bowl to microwave and heat for 1 more minute on high power. Stop to stir. On this third and final burst, mixture will become quite bubbly and foamy; use caution when removing from micro because this is boiling hot caramel and can cause burns.
  6. Stir in the vanilla using caution because mixture could bubble up.
  7. Stir in the cereal.
  8. Stir in the optional raisins (or nuts).
  9. Turn mixture out into prepared pan, packing it down firmly with a spatula and smoothing the top.
  10. Optionally, sprinkle evenly with sunflower seeds and salt (the salt cuts some of the sweetness and I recommend it).
  11. Cover pan with a sheet of foil (to prevent fridge smells), and place pan in fridge to set up for at least 2 to 3 hours, or overnight, or until bars are completely set before lifting out with foil overhang, slicing, and serving.
  12. Bars will keep airtight in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks, or in the freezer for up to 6 months. I recommend storing them in the fridge rather than room temp because they soften and get loose.

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Are you a Cheerios or cereal fun?

83 comments on “No-Bake Honey Nut Cheerios Snack Bars”

  1. Followed this recipe exactly. Kids loved it and the chocolate-covered sunflower seeds!

    Rating: 4
  2. I’m doing a kindergarten no-bake class and I’m wondering if this could be done with 10 K kids in 45 minutes if I put in the freezer instead of fridge and cut at the last minute. Do you think they will harden up enough?

    • I really don’t know since I’ve only tried it the way I wrote it. I would test it out at home, no kids, and see what you think and if it’s do-able given all the parameters with the kids’ ages, the timing, etc.

  3. Can you make these without the brown sugar? You mentioned they ended up on the sweet side, so I am wondering if I can cut the sugar so I can keep the chocolate :)

  4. I’m  going to switch few things to make the bars gfdf and a lot of other frees, but I think that replacing the honey with pureed medjool dates would solve the softening at room temperature issue. I’m going to try a 1/4-3/4 mix….and dark organic chocolate chunks to avoid the dyes, organic cranberries and blueberries… cashews! What a yummy recipe!!  I can switch it around to accommodate the dietary restrictions in our house and still have grab’n’go healthier sweet snacks! 
    thank you!

  5. Can I omit the granulated sugar?

  6. Can I replace the honey with agave nectar? How well do you think it would work?

  7. Hi Averie! I tried these and they came out wonderful! They are a lot better than the store bought ones…and so easy and quick to make! Love it! :)

  8. I made these last night with corn syrup so that they would hold together, but even this morning after they sat in the fridge they are still falling apart so bad, it’s not even a bar really. Now I just have a bunch of goopy cheerios :/ Any suggestions on next time making the bars more solid – and even better yet, what can I make out of these goopy cheerios because I hate wasting food?

  9. My boys would love these-We will have to make them! Thanks for sharing :)

  10. My brother loves honey nut cherries, he’d flip for these!

  11. I’ve been totally digging no-bake stuff lately – it’s just so much simpler! And when it’s done like this, the results are just as, if not more, rewarding. Love those chocolate-covered sunflower seeds!!

  12. These are so fun, so cute, so colorful! I could just gobble them up all day long!

  13. You are seriously the master of homemade cereal bars!!! I love these, and am dying over how bright and cheery these are!! Great way to start any day!

  14. I love how colorful these are! Wish there was a Trader Joe’s here. These are so perfect for snacks and lunch boxes! :)

  15. These are so darn cute, cheery, and bright! I love those chocolate covered sunflower seeds. I haven’t bought them in awhile because I usually end up eating the entire container within an hour. Yeah – zero self control. Honey nut cheerios are the perfect match for them. And raisins! I love raisins. What a fun little snacky treat. I know exactly why Skylar loved these! The taste, the colors, and the fact that her mommy cut them so perfectly of course. Seriously, they look awesome.

  16. I used to love honey nut cheerios, too. To me they were the “real” kind. Who would want the dry stuff? Now I prefer “adult” cheerios, but honey nut are awesome for snacks like these. I love how colourful these bars are, so cute!

  17. I would have happily eaten these bars anyway, but the chocolate covered pumpkin seeds are like catnip to me. These are irresistible!

  18. I eye those chocolate-covered sunflower seeds every time I walk into TJ’s (aka at least 3 times a week), but I never buy them because I have zero self-control with any of their chocolate treats. Dark chocolate bars, chocolate-covered pretzels, chocolate-covered raisins, chocolate chip brownie & oat bars (my personal favorite!)… But they add the prettiest, perfect pop of color to your bars!

    • Their entire store of snacky stuff that you just mentioned…I have to go there not hungry and with a mission. Or all of it ends up coming home or I have these mental power struggles where I put into and out of my cart, like 4 times. Lol

      • I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I try to plan ahead and stick to my list, but on bad baking days where the cookies fail to spread or the brownie edges burn… Well, it’s harder to stay strong and keep those things out of my cart!

      • Amen girl. I was just in there today. Twice. Forgot something and had to go back. It was like torture, twice, b/c I was having a want-to-snack-all-day kind of day!

      • Ahhh that’s the worst!! What do you normally snack on when days like today hit? And I hate forgetting stuff at the grocery store. I’ve had to go back 3 times in a day, and I want that to stay my max!

      • Juice!! Or I wouldn’t be able to fit thru the doorway! :)

      • You’re so smart! I never think to DRINK when I’m feeling snacky or hungry. I’m definitely keeping that in mind for future snack-attack days! And no way would you balloon up wider than a doorway. Even with all of your decadent cookies, you have way more self-control with sweets than me!

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