Not Cutting the Line

I went into the kitchen on Saturday with the intention to use these type of ingredients

To make something more along the lines of, say, Deep Dish Double Chocolate Golden Graham Smores Bars (no bake)

But came out with this

Not sure how that happened

Ok, I know.

Because man cannot live on desserts alone.  But woman can.


I needed to make something hearty, savory, easy, and that I could get some planned leftovers from

It turned out really well.  And easy.  <– Name of the game.

The recipe is closest to my Salsa & Cheezey Baked Beans & Vegetables

or this Cheezy Vegetable Bake

Not exactly, but similar

You’ll have to sit tight on the recipe because I have the corresponding bean pictures to edit for the recipe

And before that, I have dessert pics to edit for another couple recipes

So whip up a Chocolate Covered Oreo Ball while you wait for the beans

Chocolate Balls are always better than beans anyway

Yes, I have a lineup of recipes and pictures in both my head and hard drive

And beans won’t be cutting the line in front of desserts

As I said earlier, I always prefer sweet to savory


1 If you’re a blogger, how much time elapses in between the time you make something and the time you post about it? 

For me, it could range anywhere from 1 day to 1 month.  Or sometimes even a little  more! 

There are some recipes I make ahead of time for various reasons and I have a lineup for them:

It’s seasonal/holiday-oriented and I want it ready for that season (i.e. 12 Days & Dessert Recipes of Christmas)

I am traveling and do a lot of pre-cooking/pre-blogging in advance of my trip (Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies)

I have free time and want to get a head start on a post (Many of my smoothie recipes are this way)

I have no time to write about something I made for quite awhile after the fact just because I am busy (White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bars <–worth the wait.  Perhaps my favorite dessert in recent memory)

Then some things, are just too good to wait on and I get a huge burst of excitement and energy and that recipe cuts the line because I was just so excited about it.   The last one this happened with was the homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe.

2. Do you have a lineup, work in advance or more just whatever you ate, you post about, and that’s that?

I have a mental lineup, and a lineup of pictures on my computer to be edited, and most recipes don’t get to cut the line.

I have a queue of sorts because after I develop the recipe, make it, sometimes re-test it, photograph it, edit the photos, write the recipe into the blog post, edit and proofread the blog post, then it gets published.

Lots of steps before it goes from grocery cart ingredients to kitchen countertop to table to mouth to blog.

That’s why my hat is off to the new-recipe-per-day bloggers.  I could never keep up that pace!

3. How do you decide which recipes to post? 

I have zero interest in documenting my “daily eats”.  Never did, never will.   Just not my style.

It’s a lot of work and not something I have a desire to to put my time and energy into.

I used to do a bit more of it, but frankly, these days I’d rather talk about shopping and photography than salads.

A lifestyle blog, not a recipe blog, is how I’d define things lately so the recipes I post are the ones that really excite me.  i.e.  Desserts!

4. Last question..I’m feeling chatty!  Do you say something or not bother if someone cuts in front of you in a line?

Sometimes people truly don’t know where a line begins and it’s an honest mistake.  Saying something very casually like, “I think the line weaves around this way but it starts over there” they usually say, Oh I’m sorry and they find the starting place.

However, there are times like security screening areas in the airport, or the entrance to stadium events, or crowded venues where there isn’t a clear-cut line or starting place, but that there’s enough order and semblance of a line that the person does know better.   They know exactly what they’re doing.

Do you say something to those people?  It depends on my mood and just how much of a hurry I’m.  We will all get there and through the line, eventually.  So what’s one more person.

Then again, sometimes you just have to call people out on having the chutzpah to do it!  Not always worth it and usually I just say nothing, take a deep breath, and wait my turn.

Have a great weekend!

36 comments on “Not Cutting the Line”

  1. If I make something I usually blog about it within the week.

  2. I mainly take the photos as I make the dish and then I’ll just choose a random one to post or if I read something on someone else’s blog that was on the same theme as a dish I have to post I post that dish and then link back to or reference that blogger, if that makes sense. For example, a blogger recently asked for ideas about quinoa and I had just made quinoa cakes the previous week and had them on the waitlist, so then I posted them a bit sooner because of that post I read. I don’t know if I’m making sense, lol!

  3. Very cool, can’t wait for the recipe.

    1. Maybe 1-3 days depending on if it needs perfecting.
    2. Depends, lately it’s been whatever I came up with that day since planning ahead has been a problem this month.
    3. Whichever ones were good. :-)
    4. Depends on the person and situation, if it’s busy mom juggling kids and stuff, than I can assume she probably just didn’t see me. If it’s a rude, aggressive person, then I’ll say something.

  4. I usually post recipes as soon as the recipe is where I want AND the photos are decent. Sometimes it takes awhile, sometimes it’s quick!

  5. I pretty much just post what I eat unless it’s not something I made (well, unless it’s a nice restaurant dish) or it’s nothing exciting at all. There really isn’t any time lapse, or I’d totally forget and it’d never find it’s way to the blog.

    And I absolutely am the person who says something to someone about cutting in line. No hesitation.

  6. The beans look pretty good, though… :)

    I definitely don’t post every recipe I make–and it can be that day or a week later (I’m about to post one in the latter category). I try to have some kind of overall plan but allow for things to ‘cut the line’ if they seem more relevant.

    When people cut in line, it totally depends what kind of space I’m in and what kind of energy I perceive from them. Sometimes, it just seems like something else takes me over and directs me to tell them; other times, it just runs off my back.

  7. Interesting post Averie!

    I blog about island travel & diving/snorkeling, not food. But I read several food, fitness and lifestyle blogs. For me, I often write 2-4 posts at a time (usually on a weekend) and post them over the following week. But then there are times when an idea strikes, and I will stop what I am doing and write a post immediately. Those usually end up being the most interesting posts.

    Oh, and the “queuing conundrum”….. Do I say something to a queue barger? It depends on when and where it happens. If it happens in another country, I first consider the fact that I might be the person who is queuing improperly. I would also refrain from saying something to a disabled person, a child or and elderly person. But when it happens here in NY/NJ, and the person clearly knows better, I will point them to the back of the line.

  8. i don’t blog so i wouldn’t have any answers…:) but i do enjoy reading your blog (and other bloggers) and grateful for taking time to make your blog beautiful! p.s. i can’t wait for that savory dish recipe!!

  9. I am all over the place. The only thing I do consistently is post every Monday and Friday – I’d like to get into a schedule of WHAT I post, a routine of sorts to have a recipe post, what I ate post, adoption post…some sort of method.

    I don’t know – hard to know what people like I guess…


  10. I am way too chicken to actually do anything more than glare at people who are intrusive like that. Although it’s funny you mention this because just yesterday I got in a very long line to spin a wheel to win free PF Chang’s. It was my best friend, her husband, and 2 of their kids with me. My husband and her two other kids were watching a dancing demonstration. When we got up closer to the front, she went and got my husband so that he could spin too. When she walked back with him and the two little ones the guy behind us said something like “any more families you’d like to have join you at the front?” I guess he was really pissed, but all I actually heard was my husband saying sorry with an apologetic shrug.

    I’m wondering what people think about that, because my family did that often when I was a kid. One person would wait in the line and then signal the others when it was finally time to do something.

  11. First off, yes I tell people if they cut in line — like you mentioned, I usually say “oh hey, the line ends back there” and they usually get the hint. I have full out yelled at people obviously cutting in line at theme parks — I take my rides seriously :) and if I have to wait 45 + minutes at Six Flags, so does everyone else.

    If I make something good to eat I usually post about it within a day or two — but I think there is a huge difference between blogs like yours and mine — you actually work on recipes :) and I just show a picture of a good/somewhat creative dinner that I make. You also edit your photos (I don’t) which I understand would take more time and thought before putting it all in a post.

    • I always like to know how people blog and their flow so thanks for yours.

      and line cutters at amusement parks/rides are THE WORST. Those people NEED to be told where to go! I wish the park operators wouldn’t even let them on the rides if they cut in!

  12. Hahaha…the line cutting! Yesterday, I was at a Starbucks in Manhattan, inside Barnes and Noble. A lady that works there tried to cut in line in front of me. It was *very clear* that she knew she was cutting based on her body language, and the way she was talking and behaving in general. I had already been waiting very patiently as the clerk and another employee finished a lengthy conversation. Then the guy left for a minute.

    This lady, instead of getting in the *VERY OBVIOUS* line, stepped right in front of me. I took a step forward and stood next to her, turned, and gave her an “I don’t think so…” look. Then, put my food purchase on the counter, and as soon as the guy came back from going to the back room I placed my order without waiting for him to ask me… The next person did the exact same thing, and also gave the lady a bit of a “How dare you” glare.

    But, I was at the post office a few weeks ago, where the line is *very clearly marked* and a woman, also seemingly knowing she was cutting the line, walked ahead of everyone and right up to the window where someone was *still doing business*. This wasn’t a woman who was told “Fill this out and bring it back to me” or anything like that. She just wanted to cut the line for whatever reason. But, she also was one of those people that seems a little unstable, and had this sort of violent energy about her. No way was I going to say anything to her… No one else did either.

    I usually have no problem saying, “Excuse me, but the line is over here…”

  13. It’s true, we can survive on sweets…I am always thinking about what to bake or treat to create whereas my fiancé is thinking and ‘what are we going to have for dinner before that’..I dunno…a green smoothie is good for me! :)

    Posted your pumpkin spice latte recipe on the blog…thanks for great inspiration and being a part of weekend winks! :)

  14. I post recipes sort of rarely, but when I do make them I try to get them up the next day. If I baked or cooked more often then I’m sure would be much more of a lag. I also do not post what I eat, I literally can’t imagine taking a picture of everything that goes into my mouth. With all the bites and dips and random eats, it would make it very difficult. I’m not necessarily a sit down to 3 meals kind of girl.
    And with life getting busy it’s hard to always have a blog post working in my mind for the next day. You impress me with your constant flow of topics and ideas! And that’s obviously why I always come back to read more :)

  15. It really depends for me. Sometimes I post the recipe the next day, sometimes a week away. On Sundays I usually think about what I want to blog about during the week, but I stay flexible in case it doesn’t go according to plan :)

  16. It really depends about posting schedules. Generally, I’ll have a lineup in my head about a week out, which is only 3 posts. Sometimes I’ve got photos of, receipes written, and everything else ready to go, but then I make something awesome or something else is just more fun to write about, so that will get bumped. I had planned on posting a recipe for something tomorrow, actually, but made a new treat yesterday that is going to bump it.

  17. When it comes to line cutting, I consider myself a defender of the meek and mild. If it’s just me and I’m not in a hurry, I don’t really care. But if there’s a sweet little old man or young mother in front of me who’s clearly being taken advantage of by a line-cutter, I’ll definitely speak up.

  18. I find I’m the same way with blogging – it could be an hour, or a month, before you see what I’ve just created – but you will see it eventually haha! Sometimes items ‘jump the line’ simply because of a question I’ve been asked, I’m excited out it, or it’s far more simple than the other recipes waiting for final edits. Either way, I don’t think anyone really knows – or cares – what order I post things…as long as I haven’t told them whats coming and they’re waiting for it haha!

  19. It all depends on what else I have to write about honestly. Most of the time it’s 1-4 days after I make it though:)

  20. If I have a free day, I seriously will do about 5-6 photo shoots with recipes because then I can write posts about them later. It’s just easier!

  21. I really liked this post, so interesting to “take a look behind the blog scenes”.

  22. Honestly, I never experienced queue jumping until I travelled. It just doesn’t happen in nz. Or if it did, the whole line would put that person straight. I accidentally stole a parking space that someone else was waiting for yesterday. She pulled up behind my car, told me she had been waiting 5 minutes, I went bright red, apologized profusely. Not that it went as far as me actually moving though…

    • Parking thieves are the worst..when they KNOW that someone is waiting and just steal the spot based on the way the angles/backing in/backing out work and they can “get” to the spot…oh drives me nuts.

      Inadvertent errors like yours are totally forgivable, plus, you moved and reparked…but sometimes in big cities ppl just steal the spot. And dont care!

  23. feeling chatty is good! fun stuff to read!
    i do not cook and bake as little as possible, so i can’t really share about recipes!…
    a food-only focus would bore me to tears, on my blog – i like to blog about anything and everything – a life-themed blog is what i enjoy.
    cutting in line: if i’m feeling zen, i would say nothing. i would think, this person must be so rushed, so unhappy that if they need to bud in to make their day, so be it. when travelling/tired/stressed i am much more impatient and would say, the back of the line is over there…happily, it doesn’t happen to me very often at all.
    sweets over savoury all the time – yes!

  24. I don’t know WHY it bothers me so much when people cut in line, but it does. Jason knows it, and he’ll look at me, watching for something to happen. I call him my soother ;) and he will often try to distract me when something like that is upsetting me. haa haa – I’m like a child! :D

    I have a sort of plan with my posts… since I have such a busy schedule, I have “blogging times” like right now! it’s 1:15am on a Saturday night, and I stayed in tonight – Jason is at band practice and I just finished writing a post… this particular post will not be published for a while, though – October 1st, actually! I don’t usually schedule that far out, but I try to have a couple things ready to go.

    I’m not a daily eats blogger either, never have been. I do a WIAW post on rare occasion, did several weeks in a row way back when, but since I learned LONG ago that People Do Not Read, I had to ignore comments like “that’s all you ate today?” or “you ate a lot today!” even though I would state that this post encompasses PART of my day, or several meals over the week? whatever. not my thing.

    WOW – guess I’m chatty tonight too! :D Happy Sunday, Averie!

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