I went into the kitchen on Saturday with the intention to use these type of ingredients

baking ingredients

To make something more along the lines of, say, Deep Dish Double Chocolate Golden Graham Smores Bars (no bake)

Deep Dish Double Chocolate Golden Graham Smores Bars

But came out with this

Vegetable and Bean bake on foil lined panNot sure how that happened

Ok, I know.

Because man cannot live on desserts alone.  But woman can.


I needed to make something hearty, savory, easy, and that I could get some planned leftovers from

Scoop taken out of bake on panIt turned out really well.  And easy.  <– Name of the game.

The recipe is closest to my Salsa & Cheezey Baked Beans & Vegetables

Salsa & Cheezey Baked Beans & Vegetables in foil lined pan

or this Cheezy Vegetable Bake

Close up of Cheezy Vegetable Bake in white bowl
Not exactly, but similar

You’ll have to sit tight on the recipe because I have the corresponding bean pictures to edit for the recipe

And before that, I have dessert pics to edit for another couple recipes

Broken Oreos in bowl

So whip up a Chocolate Covered Oreo Ball while you wait for the beans

Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls

Chocolate Balls are always better than beans anyway

Yes, I have a lineup of recipes and pictures in both my head and hard drive

And beans won’t be cutting the line in front of desserts

As I said earlier, I always prefer sweet to savory


1 If you’re a blogger, how much time elapses in between the time you make something and the time you post about it? 

For me, it could range anywhere from 1 day to 1 month.  Or sometimes even a little  more! 

There are some recipes I make ahead of time for various reasons and I have a lineup for them:

It’s seasonal/holiday-oriented and I want it ready for that season (i.e. 12 Days & Dessert Recipes of Christmas)

I am traveling and do a lot of pre-cooking/pre-blogging in advance of my trip (Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies)

I have free time and want to get a head start on a post (Many of my smoothie recipes are this way)

I have no time to write about something I made for quite awhile after the fact just because I am busy (White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bars <–worth the wait.  Perhaps my favorite dessert in recent memory)

Then some things, are just too good to wait on and I get a huge burst of excitement and energy and that recipe cuts the line because I was just so excited about it.   The last one this happened with was the homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe.

2. Do you have a lineup, work in advance or more just whatever you ate, you post about, and that’s that?

I have a mental lineup, and a lineup of pictures on my computer to be edited, and most recipes don’t get to cut the line.

I have a queue of sorts because after I develop the recipe, make it, sometimes re-test it, photograph it, edit the photos, write the recipe into the blog post, edit and proofread the blog post, then it gets published.

Lots of steps before it goes from grocery cart ingredients to kitchen countertop to table to mouth to blog.

That’s why my hat is off to the new-recipe-per-day bloggers.  I could never keep up that pace!

3. How do you decide which recipes to post? 

I have zero interest in documenting my “daily eats”.  Never did, never will.   Just not my style.

It’s a lot of work and not something I have a desire to to put my time and energy into.

I used to do a bit more of it, but frankly, these days I’d rather talk about shopping and photography than salads.

A lifestyle blog, not a recipe blog, is how I’d define things lately so the recipes I post are the ones that really excite me.  i.e.  Desserts!

4. Last question..I’m feeling chatty!  Do you say something or not bother if someone cuts in front of you in a line?

Sometimes people truly don’t know where a line begins and it’s an honest mistake.  Saying something very casually like, “I think the line weaves around this way but it starts over there” they usually say, Oh I’m sorry and they find the starting place.

However, there are times like security screening areas in the airport, or the entrance to stadium events, or crowded venues where there isn’t a clear-cut line or starting place, but that there’s enough order and semblance of a line that the person does know better.   They know exactly what they’re doing.

Do you say something to those people?  It depends on my mood and just how much of a hurry I’m.  We will all get there and through the line, eventually.  So what’s one more person.

Then again, sometimes you just have to call people out on having the chutzpah to do it!  Not always worth it and usually I just say nothing, take a deep breath, and wait my turn.

Have a great weekend!

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