Wow I had a busy day…

I went to the regular grocery store and re-stocked some fresh produce.

Bag of apples and package of tofu

Organic tofu was on sale for $1.50

3 pounds of organic gala apples were on sale for $2.99 making organic cheaper than conventional.   Gotta love in-store buys.

Three apples out of bag

Then I went to Whole Foods where I only buy VegenasieWalk in, do not look left, right, or anywhere but to the Vegenaise case and walk right out.  Do not browse or get sucked in! They changed the packaging on Vegenaise, too.

Jar of Vegenaise next to jar of Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing

I buy everything else at the regular grocery, TJ’s, occasionally farmer’s markets, or order online through Use code AVE630 to save $5 on your order.   Everything from nooch to stevia to protein powder is about 30-40% cheaper than retail prices.

But mayo wouldn’t ship so well, so I buy it at WF’s.  And I go through quite a bit of it because I am addicted to Vegan Slaw Dressing

Inside Jar of Vegenaise and inside jar of Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing

I made a fresh batch of Vegan Slaw Dressing, poured it over a salad

Salad with vegetables dressed with Slaw Dressing

And got to work on pressing my tofu for Mango Ginger Maple Tofu

Stacked Mango Ginger Maple Tofu

After errand running, grocery shopping, a 3 mile run and 20 minute streamlined at-home workout, it was time to go to paid work. Whew.

From my last post about Flying Away and Happy Places, thanks for the nice comments about our upcoming trip!  Yes, it was a totally spontaneous decision and sometimes, that’s a wonderful thing to not overthink, overplan, overanalyze.  Rather, just do it! Which is what I did on that trip.

I loved hearing about your happy places and why they make you happy.  Such great comments!  I love reading those kinds of comments.

My mention of the amount of sleep I get every night (4 to 5 hours) drew quite a few comments.  Once upon a time, I used to be a “I have to get 8-9 hours or I am a mess” girl.  But life changed and I adapted by sleeping less.

Am I tired?  Yes, but not necessarily any more tired than I was on 8 or 9 hours.  The human body adapts and one day I will get back to sleeping more, but for now, yoga and working out, a plant-based diet, keeping busy, and having a good attitude about life all keep me naturally energized.

Dessert: Raw Vegan Brownies

Close up slice of Raw Vegan Brownies
Easy to make, easy to devour. They just happen to be vegan, GF, and fast to make.

1. Have you found any organic is cheaper than conventional deals lately?

Frequently, organic baby carrots, certain organic salad dressings, and organic salad mixes (at TJ’s), are cheaper than conventional.

Much of TJ’s food, too, is organic and by default, is cheap and just happens to be organic, too.

At the regular grocery, organic or “specialty” chips and crackers are frequently marked down or on sale with an in-store promotion so they are nearly as cheap or the same price as regular type crackers or chips.

If your grocery store has one of of those “walled off” organic sections (which I hate because I wish they would just put the organic food on the same shelves next to the regular food.   I mean, do I really want to go to the organic section to buy cinnamon if I am in the baking aisle?  No!  Put the organic cinnamon next to the regular for side by side comparison)…but if you go into the organic “section” and look for things that are marked down, you can often find some great deals.  Like $6.99 salad dressing marked down to $2.99 or pricey chips marked down to the same prices as mainstream brands.

All that said, I am not married to organic, at all. I buy whatever is cheapest.   May not be your path or choice, it’s mine.  I would rather buy 3 pounds of apples for the cheapest price, organic is great, not a requirement.

I’ve posted about my Grocery Saving Tips, including why I don’t always buy organic before.

2. Do you think that grocery stores should mix the organic food in with the regular food, or keep it in it’s own little “section”?

I am all for mixing in.  I would be more inclined to purchase organic anything from coffee to crackers to sugar if it’s right next to the conventional so that way I can price compare.

3. Weekend Plans?

I have something amazing that I’m doing on Saturday.  I will be sure to blog about it afterward!

Enjoy your day!

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