Product Review, Give Away Winners, Hair, & More Yoga

How are you doing today?  I’ve been doing really well, but really busy!  In the past few days I’ve taught yoga classes, taken a few yoga classes, and today got hired at another yoga studio!  I’m up to 5 now!  The only downside is lots of driving around and as I’m learning, Phoenix and the Valley is super sprawling and spread out, but hey, I’m employed, no complaints!

I also went and got my hair highlights touched up.  You may remember my last trip to two hair salons trying to find the right stylist in a new cityKinda like trying to find a new dentist.

 And no, I don’t stay for a 45 minute blow-out.  I leave with wet hair and therefore it dries hippy wavy style, not sleek-n-smooth.  As if I have the luxury to have someone brush and blowdry my hair for 45 minutes with this little peanut in tow.

 Who’s been sick.   Life’s tough when neither your bananas, saltines, nor your mini Twix bar are workin’ for ya.

So I’ve had the normal busyness of life in pre-holiday running around like a crazy woman mode!  What have you been up to?

I am really glad you enjoyed both my Give Aways!  I had 500+ entries for the two give away’s combined…thank you for all your support and entries!!!!!!!!!  Give Away season is far from over and I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve, so stay tuned!!!

For the Kay’s Naturals GiveAwayClick Here to see the winners if you missed it.

And Click Here to see if you won the Amazing Grass Chocolate Superfood Give Away!


I still have a few Give Away tricks up my sleeve so Santa may still be coming to your house early this year!  Stay Tuned for More Info!

And I’m happy you enjoyed the Vegan Guiltless 5-Minute Vanilla Hot Cocoa Recipe, too!  Yummmmm and sure warms you up when it’s chilly out!

And those pants were sure a hit…glad you enjoyed my hippy tie-dye action as much as I do! 

Today I ate a grapefruit to keep my Vitamin C levels up with the Germy Kidlet near.  I need to ward off the sickies for myself!  And even if some people don’t love them…just playing with ya girl :)
I happen to love a nice grapefruit.  But I sprinkle sugar on it.  Shhhh…don’t tell SugarBusters!

For a snack there was a nibble of a Kettle Corn Pro Bar

Not for the dieting crowd at 400 calories for a small square.  This is where it’s handy to have a ravished toddler to help share this bad boy.

But definitely really tasty, chewy, moist, with that coveted sweet-n-savory thing going on.  

Good stuff!

Dinner Entailed Kale, Brussles, Tomatoes, and Cauli with my Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing

Dessert was a Raw Vegan Gingerbread Cookie

And a Few Gingerbread Cookie Dough Balls.


Speaking of which, The Fitness Freak sent in her lovely photo showing how she made my Raw Vegan Gingerbread Balls!  Part of what she did was as follows: “1/2 cup each of almonds and walnuts with the 1/4 cup of flax seed then added 1 tsp. cinnamon and 1/2 tsp. cardamom. I added the agave as the processor was going until it stuck together then scooped them onto a plate to refrigerate”
Thanks for sending the pic, Nicole, you know I love you!


Yoga Today is Parivrtta Trikonasana (Revolved Triangle)

Great for opening up the hips, hamstrings, and lower back. Runners especially, take note.  But everyone is just so gosh darn tight in the hips, hammies, and back, we can all benefit.

Tip of the Day: Making Pretty Cucumber SlicesSheri asked me how I get my cucumbers to look so pretty?   

 Easy!  Peel the cuke, then run a fork down the cuke, encompassing it vertically, then slice it as usualYou’ll end up with “Pretty Slices”!

Random question….do you tip your service professionals or even waiters/waitresses extra during the holiday season?  I was going to tip extra today, on top of what I already tipped, at the salon, but I confess, I didn’t.  With my old guy in San Diego, I did tip more in December because I saw him all year and it was like his bonus or gift from me, but for someone who I’ve only seen twice, I didn’t.  What do you do with tipping in general and with the holidays?  Do you overtip?  Undertip…yikes, I hope not!  Talk to me about tippin’!

Stay Tuned For More Raw Vegan Holiday Cookie Recipes…

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  1. One thing I LOVE about you Veggie Girl is your no-nonsense attitude…people like you are few and far between in this world. Thanks for staying true to who you are!!

    I love that picture of you by the way.. :)

  2. Great post VeggieGirl!!! :) You rock!

  3. LOVED this guest post veggiegirl-you are such an inspiration to EVERYBODY on the blog world..its so beautiful

    averie-have a BLAST!

  4. Great post! I HAVE to try that sweet potato concoction.


    get in touch with your roots.. from your families, and from the ground;) perfect!

    Love You BOTH

  6. vegggggie girl is the best :) great post~ i agree.. you are such an inspiration to us all!!

  7. p.s. averie i hope you are having FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. HI Averie! Hope you are getting all settled in on your trip after a long day of traveling!

    and Hi Veggie Girl!
    I SO ADORE sweet potatoes or yams with coconut butter on it. it's a treat for sure!

    I love that pic of you as a toddler and your family! so sweet!

  9. Thank you for the opportunity, Averie; and thanks to everyone above for your generosity and kindness! :)

  10. Veggie Girl – that sweet potato bowl looks so good. It seems every raw foodie is recommending sweet potatoes now that it's getting chilly.

    Averie – I saw one of your recipes in the Crazy Sexy Life newsletter. Congrats girl – you're everywhere!! ^_^

  11. Great post and good luck!

    Bee Happy!

  12. You both rock, Veggie Girl and Averie!

    Happy weekend to you both! :)

  13. Veggie Girl is my favorite for her no-nonsense self!

    She's awesome and her comments are always so sweet. :)

  14. Vg- that photo of you is so elegant- love it= nice to see it blown up rather than a tile icon where we can't see just how pretty you are!

    Love that coconut butter- I need to break it out and start using it again! Thanks VG!

  15. Great guest post! We love Artisana Coconut butter ; )

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