I’ve been busy.

Aruba beach

Real busy.

Aruba beach

I hope your day has been as productive as mine.

I was productive in the kitchen, though.

  I made something along the lines of Puppy Chow

Vegan Chocolate PB Chex Mix
And boy.  It’s really good.
Vegan Chocolate PB Chex Mix

And really addictive.

And uses these.

White chocolate chips in pot

Recipe to follow.

For now, I need to refresh my cocktail.  Or whatever you want to call it.

Taste of the Tropics Smoothie


Have you been productive today?  This week?  This Month?

I find the December is a time to be insanely busy yet seem to actually accomplish very little.  Or far less than you’d like.

Unless you count baking projects as accomplishments.

Most people seem to have “so much to do” this time of year, yet I suspect aren’t as effective in getting it all done.  Maybe that’s because everyone else is already in holiday/vacation mode but they’re still at work pretending they’re working but have already mentally checked out.

Not to mention, going anywhere like the grocery store, Target, just simple errands seem to take forever.  The roads and stores are crowded and everyone’s out and about doing something.  Not sure if they’re productive, but they’re sure out there in full force.

Glad I’m on the Equator away from it all.  But in about one week, half of New Jersey and New York will be down here and the quiet, calm little island won’t be quite as calm.

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