Raw Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Hi honey bunches of oatsHow are you doing today?  I’ve been flying around today to Trader Joes, the bank, the post office, and taking care of Skylar and am en route to teach a 5:30 heated power yoga class so this is going to be a snappy post!

I am really glad you enjoyed my All Things Oats Post Yesterday!  Bowls of Oatmeal and Recipes that have Oats in them!

I forgot to mention one of Scott’s Favorites:  Butterfinger and Banana Oats!

And I just posted the Give Away Winner!  Did you all Remember to Check and See who Won the $50 iHerb.com Shopping Spree?

After we got our TJ’s shopping done, we swung through the post office and dropped off my Secret Bloggie Valentine Gift!  Remember when I asked about what you’d like to receive in the mailWell, I think my Valentine is going to be happy!  A mix of homemade goodies and some of my favorite things like Amazing Grass Bars, Bora Bora Bars, Vega Products, and well…I’ll post photos of what I sent after V-Day!
The Vegan White Chocolate Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cups were included:

…as well as lot of other goodies in this box that I mailed.

After our big errand morning, Skylar and I…

…made some high Raw Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Today!

No icky ingredients, and no waiting around for them to bake…they’re ready in 5 minutes.  As soon as you can get them out of the food processor or Vita!

Check the Recipe Out Here!

It’s always fun cooking with my lil pumpkin!

And after her natural sugar rush from the dates & raisins, she was dancing around the kitchen!

Yoga Today is Seated forward bending in Paschimottanasana.  If you’re a runner especially, you really need to think about stretching your hamstrings in a seated forward bend or standing forward bend where you’d fold over at the waist and touch your toes.  Running shortens your hamstrings, and forward bends will counter that and helps to lengthen them back out.  And doing so will help you prevent injuries. 

For the non runners, this pose also helps to stretch and release your lower back and since we all spend too much time sitting at our ‘puters and not doin’ our backs any favors, forward bends will help your back out, too.

And with the traditional ashtanga style toe-hold

Tip of the Day: Sale on Amazing Grass Bars!

Save 20% on our Chocolate and Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars now through 2/8/10. Use Promo Code ‘chocolate10’ at checkout.

But, if that’s not in your budget and you want your bars NOW, Make Your Own No-Bake Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars!

 And of course you can use your fave protein powder in them!

They’re No Bake, Gluten & Soy Free and delish & fast, and so inexpensive to make at homecheck these out!

Do your friends or family eat in a similar fashion as you?  Such as vegetarian/vegan or gluten-free, or dairy-free, or what have you?  Sometimes, just being more mindful and conscious of the choices we make regarding processed foods, and finding healthier alternatives to “traditional food” like making Superbowl Appetizers healthier, that type of thing, are you viewed as strange but they accept it anyway?  Or, do they totally think you rock and you’ve actually helped show them a healthier path and brand new options and ways of eating healthier?  Do you care what they think?  
I personally don’t care if anyone thinks being a gluten-free vegan is strange or weird.   I do it for health reasons and because of my food allergies & intolerances, and of course, the social and ethical impacts of veganism are great, but I do it for my health because this is the path I feel best on!  If people think I’m weird, oh well!   

Superbowl Plans?  Do you have any?  Any Recipes that are healthy, crowd pleasers and don’t involve a slab of bbq ribs and a case of Bud?  I’d love to hear if you’re doing anything for the Weekend and if you’re making/bringing anything to any parties!


Stay Tuned For Roasted Veggies, Cute Pics from a Fun Day, and Cool Grocery Finds…

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