Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls


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How are you doing today?  I’m doing great and excited that there’s only one more day til it’s TGIF time!  Woo-Hoo!

Thanks for the props yesterday on the roasted veggies, the acai smoothie action, and of course, the raw vegan cheesecake.  Guess which one I like best?  Should be pretty easy to deduce.  Ahem. 

Today’s little recipe delight is somethin’ that I whipped up straight from my own head, entirely.  No books to help with this one.  I had about 1/4 c of PB in the bottom of my jar and wondered what I was going to do with it?  That’s when these little PB bombs were born…

Averie’s Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls
Combine these ingredients:

1/4 c PB
2 Tbsp of PB2 or Peanut Flour
4 Tbsp Agave
1.5 medjool dates (if your dates are skimpy, use 2)

Ingredients needed to make Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls in blender

Blend that up in the VitaBaller

Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls blended up with spatula scraping sides

And form into cute little dough balls.  I smartened up and used parchment this time as you may remember my Raw Vegan Macaroon nightmare that leaked all over 8 dehydrator screens and trays and at 1am yours truly was on cleanup duty?  Didn’t really wanna repeat of that.  So parchment to the rescue while I wait for some more pimp-n-legit lookin’ teflon sheets to arrive that I ordered online.

Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Dough batter in mounds on parchment paper
Close up of Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Dough batter

Put the cute balls into the Magic Box at 118F for 6 Hours.  (Note: if you don’t have a dehydrator, these will totally set up in the freezer or even fridge.  The dehydrator is gonna pull some of the moisture out of them so the resulting Dough Ball will be doughey’er and less like eating straight up PB, but roll with the freezer if that’s all you’ve got.)

Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Dough batter on parchment paper laying on dehydrator tray

Took em outta the box and what I ended up with was exactly what I envisioned: Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls.  Squishy, chewy, very dough-like yet they are not gloppy-n-sloppy.  You can hold these in your hands, careful there, Don’t Squeeze the Charmin, but you’re at least not gonna get sticky fingers.  Also, remember those candies called Bit-O-Honey?  Well, these have just a faint reminiscence of those, but much softer, and more peanut buttery and less honey tasting, since there’re no honey in my recipe.  But something about my recipe jogged a memory of those.

Close up of Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls

Insert into mouth.  Mouth rockin’ good times.

Close up of Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls

And place the rest in a container for later, if there even is a later with these bad boys layin’ around.
I just cut out around the parchment paper.  I felt like I was running a candy store and had made something special by leaving the parchment on the bottoms.  See’s Candy anyone?

Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls layered in clear container separated by parchment paper

Yoga is Tolasana, Scale Pose

Woman doing Scale yoga pose

Tip of the Day:  Contests!!!
1. Amanda has another great contest goin’ on!  Raw energy bars.  Nuff said.  Go enter!  (as you blow my chances now but I love ya so you can)

2. Danica is givin’ away Pumpkin action!  Go check it out!

Not sure if I will make it back this afternoon, so I’ll catch ya in the a.m. with more goodies to show you…

What kind of recipes do you want to see me make?  Are you sick of desserts yet? 

And thanks to all who weighed in on if you partake in Halloween candy or not.  Fun to hear whatcha all do on that.   For the candy eaters, what’s your fave store-bought candy?  I have to say, I love See’s.  What about you?

P.S. Does anyone else have a major delay in getting their posts to show up in Google Reader?  I never used to check up on it very much but in the past 10 days or so, my posts have a lag of anywhere between 45 minutes and 4 hours before they show up!  That seems a little nuts to me.  The morning posts seem even slower than the afternoon posts…internet traffic jam?  The only “fix” I have found is to go back into my post, edit, and then re-publish it.  Sometimes this does the trick and in 5 mins it show up in Reader but not always.  Any suggestions? 

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  1. Your fudge recipe is awesome! I made about half the amount, and just mixed it by hand in a bowl…incredible:) Thanks so much for posting it!

  2. Okay, those mint delights look awesome! I haven't had a Girl Scout cookie in years but I bet I could come up with a Raw Samoa cookie for sure!

    Thanks for the Lunar Cycle tip, is that why I was so crazy this weekend or was it the wedding? Hmmmm…….

  3. Thin mint?! WOW! I think you should start some kind of business. For real! Plus, that may help you find some new friends :D I love how no matter what, you stay true to yourself.

  4. did someone say thin mints? GIRLLLLLLLLLLLL those pups DEFINED my childhood.. I used to freeze mine and crumble in ice cream. Those were the days!

    p.s. thanks for offering your yoga guidance :) I've said it before and i'll say it again.. you.are.the.best!

  5. oh i have been waking up constantly, good to know its the moon and not me being stressed…wait the moon is stressing me out. No seriously I have felt off my rocker for a few days here.

    would you like to come cook or uh uncook for me, i think that would be great

  6. Hey this is the first time I am a checking out your blog and I love it! I especially love that you mention "astrology" on it =)

    I am a Cancer and have always been drawn to astrology etc =)

    Have a great day!

  7. YUMMY! My aunt has been sending us a dozen boxes of thin mints for years, every single year. YUM YUM YUM.

    I've only recently started to think more about astrology, so thanks for you insights!

  8. Oh, GOOD GRAVY!!! I just typed out a really long comment and it somehow got LOST!! In a nut shell, cookies look great(made my first raw cookies yesterday:), I want that (un)cookbook, falling behind in reading, spending less time on the 'puter is helping some though. Feeling a little more balanced with being on computer less. And YES, I felt out of sorts this weekend and had NO idea why! Couldn't sleep at all:(

    Okay, that about sums it up. Hope you are having a GREAT day!

  9. We used to keep out girl scout cookies in the freezer (maybe as a way to eat them less quickly?) I don't know.. but it didn't work!

    I haven't had one in years though. Girl Scouts need to hop on the health train and get to it! (Gluten free? Raw? Vegan?) For the lazy cook at least. For now, I'll just have to try this recipe!

  10. That is funny about the Girl Scout cookie and Brendan Brazier thing. Life is just full of coincidences.

    At least your post was fresh today. I did some rehashing, as the cookies were my first We Like It Raw post about 1 1/2 years ago and the camper's stew was around the same time.

    The brownies were something I made off and on as an alternative to a prepackaged energy bar. This is the first time I posted about them, though.

  11. This was such a great post – so much I want to comment on!

    First, I did NOT know that about peppermint extract. Noted, and thanks.

    Second, those raw thin mints truly like something I would shovel in to my mouth right now. As in, this very second.

    Third, YAY for starting Thrive, I think it will be right up your alley. What he says is so convincing. You're already there but I think it will just reaffirm for you that you doing all the right stuff.

    Fourth, Yes and YES I've got more things to read these than I can shake a fist at. No wonder there aren't more healthy living mommy bloggers out there – there just aren't enough hours in the day to do it ALL!

    Good luck at the DMV today – hope you took some of those THICK cookies along with ya for the wait.

  12. Oh wow, I've not had thin mints before – I honestly discover so many new and delicious looking foods when I visit your blog, it's a real eye opener.

    Hope you're well,

  13. Good morning chicas! So glad you're liking the post! Cind-cool.


    Devan-small vegan world :)

    Tale-Don't be scared, it's just peppermint :)

    HealthHapp-Thin Mints and freezer = happy mouth!

    VG-Welcome back my dear friend, how I have missed you. So glad to see you back! xoxoxo

    Erica-Thx for the link!

    Abby-DMV is such a lame place isnt it.

    Nance-Glad you're up to speed, thanks for stopping by!

    Lauren-Choc & PB or Choc & Mint…such a hard call, both are so good :)

    Michelle-Glad it helped and I'd love to taste one of your vegan thin mints from the book.

    If I can't reply to anyone else personally today, just know I totally appreciate all your support and love!!!! I am so glad & appreciative for all my friends here!!!!

  14. Thanks for the full moon information – helps make me feel a little bit better. I will look forward to your next post on that. I have made Sarma' thin mints as well – very tasty!!! Love them! Also, I have read Thrive and loved it as well! I liked the whole concept – explains everything very well.

  15. Missed the last post where you announced your new name, but it's very pretty! Has a nice flow. Congratulations…like the Native North Americans, one can choose.

  16. Delicious looking as usual, Averie! Oh my goodness, good luck at the DMV. If someone asked me what my own personal hell was.. it would be waiting at that place. lol (just had to go though all that with a name change myself!)Hope it's not that bad! :)

  17. LOVE your recipes, as always!

    And from one GS cookie lover to another, here's a link I found for making raw samosas, do-si-do's, and trefoils! Mmmm!

  18. LOOOVE the Thin Mint creation!!

    My favorite Girl Scout cookies were always the Tagalongs, Juliettes, and Samoas.

  19. Such a fun post Averie! I can tell you really enjoyed whipping these cookies up. They seriously sound SOOO good… definitely able to satisfy and Thin Mint Craving. And, yup, thin mints always used to be my favorite. I actually used to eat them out of the freezer. For whatever reason, they just tasted better that way! ;)

    Have a fabulous Monday!


  20. Those cookies actually look really good – I admit I'm a little afraid to work with mint extract! Although I don't really follow anything like lunar cycles, I really like learning a bit more about things like that, and I would absolutely love if you posted a little bit now and then about all things good and alternative! :) -Eve

  21. Those cookies actually look really good – I admit I'm a little afraid to work with mint extract! Although I don't really follow anything like lunar cycles, I really like learning a bit more about things like that, and I would absolutely love if you posted a little bit now and then about all things good and alternative! :)

  22. Oh. the guy who makes the Vega powders and bars grew up really close to my home town! I went to his families little cafe.. Zen Zero.. amazing. I used to go there literally everday when I lived there.

    that mint fudge sounds amazing!! i really want to try that recipe :D thanks!

  23. Thin mint 100%. Although those peanut butter ones are rad too. I had trouble sleeping last night- full moon ya think??! Argh!

    Your thin mint brownie really makes me want some now!!

  24. Hey Chica…I LOVE thin mints, and tomorrow when I have some energy I am going to look over that recipe again!

    I just wanted to say HI before I hit the sack!
    we had a fun time at the Air show and I am pooped!

    and I REALLY pay attention to the lunar cycles!
    I loved this post and in the morning I am going to really absorb it again!