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I went for a little run this morning in Aruba and here’s what I ran by.

Aruba street and palm trees

It was nice to be able to run with some sun out because since we arrived here on late Saturday afternoon, it had been raining steadily throughout Saturday night and pretty much all day on Sunday.

Lots of standing water and puddles but they seem to be drying out.

Puddle in landscape

My view

Sandy shores and landscape

If you can’t get into your Zen groove while running next to this, you never will.

Landscape overlooking the ocean

No iPod required.

Enjoy the tranquility.

Blue skies and sea shore

This is my happy place especially when it’s sunny.

Aruba sea shores

The water really is this color.  A perfect shade of turquoise-aqua.

Overlooking the ocean

The rain that we had here wasn’t all bad though because I put some of this white chocolate that I brought with me to use.

Bags of white chocolate chips

While I played in the big girl kitchen, Skylar played with her toys.  Maybe Santa will bring her one of these play kitchen sets.

White chocolate recipe coming soon.

Along the lines of White Chocolate Cookies & Cream Fudge

White Chocolate Cookies & Cream FudgeBetter plan for a few longer runs based on the ingredient list.  And worth every bite.

So were the Baked Eggnog Vanilla Donuts with Eggnog Rum Glaze

Baked Eggnog Vanilla Donuts with Eggnog Rum GlazeThey made it which made me happy than the donuts themselves.  Almost.

And now for some fun stuff.  Paying my property taxes at the bank.


1. What have you been running by?

Snow?  Holiday shoppers at the mall?  Running by a big sink full of dishes from all that holiday baking you did this weekend?   Do tell.

Hopefully you ran by some downtime and chill time over the weekend.

2. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

For me, just getting to Aruba was pretty much the best.  And being with my family.

Have a great day!

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  1. Jealous from NY!! Wow… you do realize all of the blog world is living vicariously through you right now, right?! :) Run a few sunny miles for all of us!

  2. is your place near the Divi? I stay at Playa Linda every July and got married at the Westin in 2008. It’s a magical place!!! I’m craving some Aruban sun and sand right now!

  3. I could probably run more often if I got to run with that kind of scenery! All I’ve got here is houses and traffic. Boo!

  4. I’m so jealous of your holiday and the weather! It’s freezing cold here and all I want to do is hibernate :)

    Hope you’re having an awesome time xxx

  5. Can I go visit you so that I can run with those sights! I am sorry about the rain, but today looks gorgeous … hope you are enjoying you vacation!

  6. Beautiful. I just got back from Jamaica a week ago and am almost forgetting the gorgeous scenery there. I just stare at my pictures and smell a pineapple. Almost the same thing…But I did enjoy snorkeling, wave jumping, hiking, and just walking around and taking in the sites, sounds, smell

  7. WHAT did you do with those pictures?? Can you pls make sure to send them a travel company?? I mean, SELL them? Wow!
    Glad to hear u made it there safe and sound!
    I was running by Tj´s Candy Cane Tea! (And I bought it, too ;)).

    1. Thank you….I thought for iPhone pics they turned out really well myself :) I did edit them but honestly, not tons. I guess my hands were steady, the sun was shining, and apparently my camera likes the Caribbean as much as I do :)

  8. I’ve been running by the Golden Gate bridge. It’s not too shabby. Everyday that the sun shines, the bridge looks so beautiful and red against the blue sky. As for eating, I think I ate sweets every hour this weekend. Including the Oreo Truffles I posted about. Greens are in my future this week :).

  9. This doesn’t look like a place where it could rain! Gorgeous pictures…I’m loving the colors :) I’ve been running in Phoenix…where it’s finally winter and big puffy clouds sit around the mountain tops. It’s my favorite time of year here…but I’d totally take a day at the beach still :)

  10. I’ve been running by pretty decent LA winter weather-not tooooo cold yet:)
    As for this weekend…I watched It’s a Wonderful Life for the first time with a friend and totally cried at the end!

  11. i love the pics so much i feel the need to comment twice. :)

    i’ve been running by some mud and leafless trees. but ive actually been running and setting personal records, so i guess i’m running by and surpassing self doubt.

  12. I am so leaving in the wrong place (Colorado Springs CO = -8 degrees) since I’m such a warm weather kinda girl. Made our flight reservations to Aruba for the end of April. Since this is our first trip to Aruba…..any tips/suggestions/must do?


    1. oh gosh…just get ready to put it in slower gear.

      Sun, the beach, there is shopping and there are things to do in terms of sightseeing but really, just do what you love…there’s not “a ton” to do when it comes down to things…just stare at the ocean. That’s my #1 must do :)

  13. Oh my gosh, your pictures are amazing!! That is like my dream vaca. I loooove the beach & blue skies! nothing like it :]


  14. Sounds like a wonderful trip so far, gorgeous pics. I’ve been warmer weather runs in Florida too, ran by a golf course this morning. Nothing really stands out food wise this weekend.

  15. That may be the best run ever. Who couldn’t want to frolic through that scenery?

    I just went on a new route near my house and I really liked it. Yay for new runs! ;)

  16. Averie, you have NO IDEA how much I wish I was in Aruba right now. It is FREEZING outside and I am shivering, and plugging in my car (cars in our province have block heaters built in under the hood).

  17. I don’t think I could ever get sick of running past water that looks like that! Best thing I ate over the weekend? My one, salvaged cake ball!

  18. What a view!!!! Don’t you just love that water color? It almost looks fake, it’s so pretty!!

  19. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty! I=jealous. Enjoy every minute. Love TJs chips- so glad you turned me onto them! I’ve been running in some pretty nice weather! Its been gorgeous in SC. Best thing I ate this weekend? Hmmmmmm Probably spicy TJs hummus. LOVE!

  20. Can I trade you places please!!!! Do you know of any rental places around that area? I think I’d like to come visit!! :)

  21. just poppin in to say hi!! i hope you are having the best time in aruba! so jealous! I would kill to be on a beach right now for REAL! I have been running by some crazy shoppers ALL OVER!! stores are packed…its that time of year! LOL

  22. I don’t run. unless I’m being chased. I bike. Its faster and more fun. ;)

    BUT, I’d walk along that beach forever and ever if I could.

    I’ve got 1/2 a bag of white chocolate chips sitting in my cupboard. Saving them for your next recipe. I’ve made two things with them already and I LOVE them both. They taste so much better after being baked too.

    1. Hi Morgan!

      I thought of our meetup already when I ran past the Marriott. Hope you guys are doing well!

  23. what camera do you use when running? i always want to take some pretty pictures, but i can’t carry my camera at those speeds haha!

  24. I love Aruba and your photos take me right back there. The water is so incredibly clear and beautiful. When I was there, I was floating on a raft and a fish jumped out of the water and onto my chest – just one of the many memories from that gorgeous island! Enjoy.

    P.S. Just saw one of your recipes featured in the premier issue of Foodie Crush Magazine. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks for LMK! I knew Heidi was maybe going to use a few things but nothing definitive and you are the bearer of this lovely news…thank you!!

  25. Beautiful!! I love the beach and ocean, of course and sunshine!!! We have been lacking that where I live. But I did enjoy my one day off from work, just hanging with the family. I did a little prepping but no cooking, I have been missing my kitchen!! Keep on enjoying that view!!

  26. Wow, gorgeous views. I just love the clouds. And the ocean, oh what I would give to be near the ocean right now! Except not in New England. It’s cold. Glad the sun came out! I spent a nice relaxing weekend with the boyfriend, it was exactly what I needed after a difficult week.

  27. Aruba is looking pretty amazing! Much better than the almost-in-the-30’s weather we are having hear in SD. My car seriously said 41 degrees this morning.

    1. Looks like we got out just in the nick of time, or frigid temps. Yikes! The last day or two before we left it was mighty chilly for my taste back in SD. Stay warm! And hope your West Elm demo went well or goes well…forgot when it will be. But have fun!

  28. oh my goodness, these pictures are beautiful!! makes me less than thrilled to be here in rainy, cold chicago :( i can’t be too upset, though… we are headed to florida in a week!

    the best thing i ate this weekend was a pumpkin cupcake with buttercream frosting that i picked up from my absolute favorite bakery (a 30 minute drive) for no reason other than i was having a lazy “me” day and thought i deserved a treat!!

  29. I love running when I’m on vacation! Even if it only allows me to go for a short loop several times. I’ve run in France, Switzerland, Italy, the UK, Canada, Spain, the U.S. and Cuba! I like to see things that might be too far away on a walk. Your run looks like it was fantastic! I need to get my butt to Aruba!

  30. What a super gorgeous view for a run! That is why I first started running a few years ago, because there is so much beauty just waiting to be viewed. If I have to run on city sidewalks, my ipod is definitely on, but if I’m more in nature – then it’s definitely off. I haven’t been running lately, but walking my dog lots – and I am seeing some rain and slushy snow. But it’s better than seeing nothing!

    You and your bar recipes are really getting to me. Sometimes they are the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning. I guess that means it’s time to start my xmas baking :)

  31. Your Aruba photos are fabulous, I love looking at pictures of the sea and sunshine, hope you’re having a blast on holidays.

  32. Lucky duck! I haven’t been able to visit your blog because my internet is down. I probably won’t get it back for another week or so :(
    I will look forward to your Aruba pics when I come back, though. Have a wonderful time!

  33. Looks absolutely beautiful! I actually went running as well this morning. The weather here is beautiful so I am getting some runs in while I can. I went running in the canyon among all the redwoods. It’s so beautiful this time of year because all the trees are that mossy green. It honestly looks surreal!

    I love your running view as well. The vastness of the ocean, ahhhhh! I am glad your getting some sunshine and vacation weather!

    Have a blissful rest of the day!

    Jackie :)